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UNICEF Senegal Country Office is recruiting:

Title: Immunization Specialist

Grade: NO C Level
Duration: 1 Year
Duty Station: Dakar
Purpose of the post
Under the guidance of the Chief of Section (Child Survival and Development),
accountable for formulation, design, planning, implementing, monitoring and
evaluation of expanded immunization interventions based on country analysis
and needs with a view to integrating equity and gender equality across all
aspects of the new country programme (2012-2016).
Major Duties and responsabilities
1. Data-driven and results-based management

Participate in regular data-driven situational analyses (including

epidemiological, gender equality and emergency assessments);
Provide technical and operational support to government and nongovernment partners with scaling-up Health interventions including
Monitor developments at decentralized levels.

2. Downstream activities

Provide in-country technical and operational support to ensure immunization

interventions (routine and campaigns) are well implemented;
Contribute to the implementation of sectoral work-plans for scaling-up
assigned and specific Health and immunization interventions;
Contribute to UNICEF country offices readiness to deliver on the
immunization-related CCCs;
Conduct regular field visits to monitor related programmes and participate
in periodic programme reviews with Government counterparts and other
partners with particular emphasis on immunization for hard to reach and
under-served populations;
Document lessons learned of scaling-up Health and immunization
Share good practices in gender equality programming, sharing good
practices at the national level.
Other duties as assigned by the head of the section

3. Upstream activities:
Provide specific technical expertise on health policies and immunization
interventions including advocacy in gender, equity and equality, emergency
preparedness and response, as appropriate and as defined by supervisors
Draft relevant part of the UNICEF contribution to policy such PRSP, National
CS plan and National Strategic Health Plan
Represent UNICEF in the technical inter agency coordination committee
Represent UNICEF in all inter agency working group on immunization

Other duties as assigned by the supervisors

4. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Collaborate with Health specialist to timely, efficiently, rigorously and

transparently monitor, evaluate and report on related Health programs;
Contribute to the preparation of relevant sections of the annual Health
sector status reports;
Submit transparent and timely reports to the chief of the Health section.

5. Accountability

Ensure related UNICEF, government and non-government staff comply with

UNICEFs financial rules including emergency fast-track procedures;
In close collaboration with Operations and Supply staff, regularly monitor
and report on use of related supplies and other resources donated to the
government and non-government partners;
Collaborate with the Operations Section and Government authorities to
maintain sound internal controls, supportive of specific Health interventions
as well as to ensure accountability.

6. Knowledge management
Document lessons learned.
7. Partnerships and leveraging resources
Maintain close working relationships with other related UNICEF sectors,
particularly nutrition, HIV, WASH, and communication;
Coordinate with related UNICEF Regional Advisers and HQ Officers to
ensure strategies are aligned with global and regional strategies;
Establish active and participatory partnerships with related Health sector
stakeholders (Government, WHO, other UN agencies, NGOs and bilateral
agencies) and interact with them at different stages of programme
Advanced degree in public health with demonstrated understanding of
immunization programs, including routine and campaigns and at the community
Work experience

At least 5 years of relevant professional work experience in

Health care management, project/program coordination and
administration, programming with focus on immunization at
national and district levels
Experience with behavior change communication (BCC) strategies
in support of immunization and health programs (interpersonal
and community level communications) including communication
for routine immunization
Sound understanding of health care delivery system and EPI
Ability to prepare presentations and articles and donor reports
Experience with proposal development
Familiar with conducting surveys and reviews
Ability to successfully influence multiple stakeholders
Awareness of the technical support required in health related
emergency and humanitarian preparedness

Developing field work experience

Ability to undertake field travel
Experience working in the UN or other international development
organizations or at high national level in public health with sound
experience in EPI training (supply, vaccines management)
Ability to develop TOR for additional expertise
Experience in monitoring gender inequalities and in programming
interventions that reduce these inequalities

Fluency in French, working knowledge of English, and local language
Desirable knowledge:
Knowledge of the latest developments and technology in related fields.
Analytical, negotiating, communication and advocacy skills.

Supervisory and managerial skills.

Leadership and teamwork abilities.

Computer skills, including internet navigation and various office


Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and

establish harmonious and effective working relationships, both within
and outside the organization.

Candidates must be national of Senegal and are asked to send their applications

A cover letter
A curriculum Vitae
A P11 form completed and signed (P11 Form will be uploaded from
Internal candidates should provide their two last Performance Evaluation

Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted and will be required to send

certified copy of diplomas and certificates.
Applications must be sent to: dakarerecruitment@unicef.org
Deadline for applications: Friday 25 September 2015
Female candidates are strongly encouraged, UNICEF is a non-smoking