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52584 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

172 / Wednesday, September 6, 2006 / Notices

TA–W–59,769; Chapin International, Dated: August 28, 2006. that the subject firm did not separate or
Batavia, NY. Erica R. Cantor, threaten to separate a significant
TA–W–59,799; J.D. Phillips Corporation, Director, Division of Trade Adjustment number or proportion of workers as
Alpena, MI. Assistance. required by Section 222 of the Trade Act
TA–W–59,860; Project Service, Inc., [FR Doc. E6–14728 Filed 9–5–06; 8:45 am] of 1974.
Park Falls, WI. BILLING CODE 4510–30–P The petitioner’s statement regarding
The investigation revealed that loss of hours and wages does not meet
criteria (a)(2)(A)(I.B.) (Sales or the definition of partial separations,
production, or both, did not decline) DEPARTMENT OF LABOR defined as the worker’s hours of work
and (a)(2)(B)(II.B.) (shift in production have been reduced to 80 percent or less
Employment and Training of the worker’s average weekly hours at
to a foreign country) have not been met.
Administration the firm or appropriate subdivision
TA–W–59,783; Rodman Industries,
[TA–W–59,227] thereof, and the worker’s wages have
Marinette, WI
been reduced to 80 percent or less of the
The investigation revealed that The York Group Metal Casket worker’s average weekly wage at the
criteria (a)(2)(A)(I.C.) (increased Assembly Matthews Casket Division, a firm or appropriate subdivisions thereof,
imports) and (a)(2)(B)(II.B.) (shift in Subsidiary of Matthews International, as set forth by the trade regulations.
production to a foreign country) have Marshfield, MO; Notice of Negative The company official provided
not been met. Determination on Reconsideration information showing that the average
TA–W–59,545; Getronics Wang Co. LLC, wage rate, not considering average
Liberty Lake, WA. On July 12, 2006, the Department overtime, has increased during the
TA–W–59,607; American Truetzschler issued an Affirmative Determination relevant period. Additionally, as it
Inc., Charlotte, NC. Regarding Application on pertains to hours, no workers were
TA–W–59,695; Newell Rubbermaid Reconsideration applicable to workers placed on a reduced, less than 40 hours
Home Products, Centerville, IA. and former workers of the subject firm. per week for more than two consecutive
TA–W–59,759; Uniwave, Inc., The notice was published in the Federal weeks, work schedule during the
Farmingdale, NY. Register on July 25, 2006 (71 FR 42128). relevant period. Furthermore,
TA–W–59,857; Culpepper Plastics The Department initially denied
employment as the subject firm still
Corporation, Clinton, AR: Trade Adjustment Assistance to workers
revealed an insignificant percentage of
of The York Group Metal Casket
The investigation revealed that the separations, as defined by the criteria
Assembly, Matthews Casket Division, a
predominate cause of worker (a)(2)(A)(I.A) and (a)(2)(B)(II.A), during
subsidiary of Matthews International,
separations is unrelated to criteria the scope of the initial investigation;
Marshfield, Missouri, based on criteria
(a)(2)(A)(I.C.) (increased imports) and therefore, the group eligibility
(a)(2)(A)(I.A) and (a)(2)(B)(II.A) of the
(a)(2)(B)(II.C) (shift in production to a requirement was not met. If conditions
group eligibility requirements of Section
foreign country). change, the petitioners may reapply for
222 of the Trade Act of 1974, as
TA–W–59,690; Thomson Micron, LLC, Trade Adjustment Assistance group
amended, not being met: A significant
Ronkonkoma, NY. eligibility.
number or proportion of the workers in
TA–W–59,865; L.A. Dreyfus Company, such workers’ firm, or an appropriate Conclusion
Edison, NJ. subdivision of the firm, have become After reconsideration, I affirm the
The workers’ firm does not produce totally or partially separated, or are original notice of negative
an article as required for certification threatened to become totally or partially determination of eligibility to apply for
under Section 222 of the Trade Act of separated. The workers at the subject worker adjustment assistance for
1974. firm are engaged in employment related workers and former workers of The York
TA–W–59,664; Federated Logistics and to the production of metal caskets. Group Metal Casket Assembly,
Operations, Milwaukee, OR. The petitioner indicated that the Matthews Casket Division, a subsidiary
TA–W–59,677; Ray C. Smith, Beulaville, Department of Labor did not consider of Matthews International, Marshfield,
NC. the loss of wages and hours of the Missouri.
TA–W–59,729; Sanyo Energy (USA) worker group in the initial investigation.
The petitioner also indicated that the Signed at Washington, DC this 28th day of
Corporation, San Diego, CA. August 2006.
Department should request the
The investigation revealed that Elliott S. Kushner,
Affirmative Action Plan for 2004, 2005,
criteria of Section 222(b)(2) has not been Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
and 2006, thus far, from the company
met. The workers’ firm (or subdivision) Adjustment Assistance.
for the subject firm, specifying weekly
is not a supplier to or a downstream [FR Doc. E6–14725 Filed 9–5–06; 8:45 am]
production numbers and weekly hours.
producer for a firm whose workers were
The petitioner believes this Plan will BILLING CODE 4510–30–P
certified eligible to apply for TAA.
reveal that five percent of the workforce
None. was affected by layoffs and decreased
I hereby certify that the hours. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
aforementioned determinations were The Department, upon the request of
issued during the month of August 14 the petitioner, acquired additional Employment and Training
through August 18, 2006. Copies of information as it pertains to workers’ Administration
these determinations are available for hours and wages during the relevant
Investigations Regarding Certifications
inspection in Room C–5311, U.S. period. That data was not requested
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

of Eligibility To Apply for Worker

Department of Labor, 200 Constitution during the initial investigation. The
Adjustment Assistance and Alternative
Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210 Department also revisited the subject
Trade Adjustment Assistance
during normal business hours or will be firm’s employment numbers for the
mailed to persons who write to the relevant period. The additional data Petitions have been filed with the
above address. obtained from the company revealed Secretary of Labor under Section 221(a)

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