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Robert Smalls International Academy

Title 1 School
6th Grade Mathematics
Mrs. Tiffany Reynolds
Ms. LeAnna OQuinn
Room J-11
Room M-9
Course Description:
The sixth grade math program this year will have as its foundation a new text book series. All students in 6-8
grades will use the Glencoe Math Common Core edition. This text is presented in a workbook format with 2 volumes.
As we transition from the Common Core Standards (CCSS) to the new South Carolina College- and Career- Ready
Standards. In 6th grade this year, we will offer three levels of math.
The mathematics standards development process was designed to develop clear, rigorous, and coherent standards for
mathematics that will prepare students for success in their intended career paths that will either lead directly to the
workforce or further education in post-secondary institutions.
You can access these standards online at www.ed.sc.gov
Grade 6: Textbooks
Math 6 (On grade level)-- Glencoe Math, Course 1 (CCSS)
Advanced--Glencoe Math, Course 1 (CCSS), supplemented for grade 7 standards
Accelerated-- Glencoe Math, Course 1 (CCSS) and Pre-Algebra (supplemented for grade 7 and 8 standards)
Math 6
Mathematics 6 is designed for sixth grade students working on grade level. This course is designed for students to
strengthen their understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. The Math 6 curriculum focuses on
learning experiences designed to relate mathematics to everyday life. The course is built around the Grade 6 South
Carolina College and Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics and incorporates technology as an effective learning
tool. In addition, basic computational skills are emphasized, practiced and applied to concepts including ratios and
proportions, fractions and statistical thinking through a variety of strategies as students develop the number sense
necessary for future learning.


Advanced Math is designed for sixth grade students working above grade level who desire a more intense challenge in
mathematics. These students should be committed to the increased workload, both inside and outside the classroom. The
South Carolina College and Career Readiness Mathematics Standards listed for Math 6 are covered at a pace that allows
for an in-depth exploration of additional math concepts from the Grade 7 South Carolina College and Career Readiness
Mathematics Standards including performing operations with rational numbers, proportional reasoning and solving
problems involving scale drawings of geometric shapes. Students enrolled in this course must meet the Beaufort County
School Districts criteria for advanced math placement.

The concepts addressed in Accelerated Math 6 have been carefully sequenced to provide a smooth transition from
arithmetic to algebra and geometry for those students who are working above grade level and prepared for the increased
demand in study time and homework. Reading and problem solving are emphasized throughout the course which is built
on the South Carolina College and Career Readiness Mathematics Standards. Heavy emphasis is placed on the real
number system, ratios and proportional relationships, as well as working with algebraic expressions, equations and
inequalities and finding area, surface area and volume of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. Students enrolled in this course
must meet the Beaufort County School Districts criteria for advanced math placement.

Mathematical Practices
1. Make sense in problems and persevere in solving them.
2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
4. Model with mathematics.
5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
6. Attend to precision.

7. Look for and make use of structure.

8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Course Requirements:
Every student is responsible for and expected to follow all of the rules and guidelines set forth in the Robert Smalls
Middle School Handbook and by their individual classroom teachers.
Classroom Expectations:
1. Students are expected to attend class regularly, be on time, and be prepared with pencils, notebook, textbook,
and homework. (No Pens Please.)
2. Students are responsible for their school issued Dell Tablet as outlined in the signed agreement.
3. Students will need a designated section in their 3-ring binder for Math.
4. Students are expected to abide by all classroom procedures.
(Locker Break)
1st period
2nd period
3rd period (Advisor)
4th Period
5th Period
(Locker Break)
6th Period (Lunch)
7th Period (A/B schedule Related Arts)

Grading Scale
A = 93 100
B = 85 92
C = 77 84
D = 70 76
U = 69 or below

Grading Policy:
Standards Based
Assessments/Ongoing Evidence
Daily class work
Exit slips
Specific checklist for content area
Journaling/Interactive notebooks (note taking)
Word Study activities (Not Spelling)
Vocabulary activities


Cumulative (Summative)
Unit/Chapter tests
Projects completed during school that includes rubrics
Performance assessment tasks with rubrics
Benchmark Assessments~
Fountas and Pinnell scores are recorded on all report
cards and updated 3xs a year;
Cold Writes- 3xs a year
MAP testing- 3xs a year


These assessments are not graded.

Homework Policy
1. Homework is given Monday Thursday and is due the following day in class, unless otherwise noted. Students
who do not have their homework assignment for the day.
2. Late papers will be accepted but with penalty points taken off.
3. Absent students are responsible for making up all missed work.

Intervention Procedure: Students who are scoring below 70 consistently on assignments, tests and quizzes will receive
support and/or intervention. No grades will be entered in PowerSchool that are below 60% without re-teaching and/or
intervention (multiple times if needed).

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