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43722 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

148 / Wednesday, August 2, 2006 / Notices

Technology Procurements DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Procedure (18 CFR 385.211 and

385.214). Protests will be considered by
Technology procurement is an Federal Energy Regulatory the Commission in determining the
established process for encouraging Commission appropriate action to be taken, but will
market introduction of new products not serve to make protestants parties to
[Project No. 12581–001]
that meet certain performance criteria. the proceeding. Any person wishing to
DOE has employed this approach Cambria Somerset Authority; Notice of become a party must file a notice of
successfully with other lighting Surrender of Preliminary Permit intervention or motion to intervene, as
technologies, including sub-CFLs and appropriate. Such notices, motions, or
reflector CFLs. DOE plans to employ July 26, 2006. protests must be filed in accordance
technology procurement to encourage Take notice that Cambria Somerset with the provisions of Section 154.210
new SSL systems and products that Authority, permittee for the proposed of the Commission’s regulations (18 CFR
meet established energy efficiency and Que Pumped Storage Project, has 154.210). Anyone filing an intervention
performance criteria, and link these requested that its preliminary permit be or protest must serve a copy of that
products to volume buyers and market terminated. The permit was issued on document on the Applicant. Anyone
influencers. Volume buyers may include December 15, 2005, and would have filing an intervention or protest on or
the federal government (FEMP, DLA, expired on November 30, 2008.1 The before the intervention or protest date
project would have been located on the need not serve motions to intervene or
GSA), utilities, or various sub-sectors
Quemahoning Creek, in Somerset protests on persons other than the
including hospitals, lodging, or retail.
County, Pennsylvania. Applicant.
Demonstration and Performance The permittee filed the request on The Commission encourages
Verification July 14, 2006, and the preliminary electronic submission of protests and
permit for Project No. 12581 shall interventions in lieu of paper using the
DOE will develop valuable remain in effect through the thirtieth ‘‘eFiling’’ link at http://www.ferc.gov.
information from SSL installations in day after issuance of this notice unless Persons unable to file electronically
various field applications through that day is a Saturday, Sunday, part-day should submit an original and 14 copies
demonstration and performance holiday that affects the Commission, or of the protest or intervention to the
verification, including design and legal holiday as described in section 18 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,
installation issues and measurement of CFR 385.2007, in which case the 888 First Street, NE., Washington, DC
energy consumption, light output, color effective date is the first business day 20426.
quality, and interface/control issues. following that day. New applications This filing is accessible on-line at
involving this project site, to the extent http://www.ferc.gov, using the
Technical Information Network provided for under 18 CFR part 4, may ‘‘eLibrary’’ link and is available for
Working with key organizations and be filed on the next business day. review in the Commission’s Public
companies already involved in Reference Room in Washington, DC.
Magalie R. Salas,
There is an ‘‘eSubscription’’ link on the
providing technical information to the Secretary.
Web site that enables subscribers to
market on energy-efficient technologies [FR Doc. E6–12378 Filed 8–1–06; 8:45 am] receive e-mail notification when a
(such as energy efficiency organizations, BILLING CODE 6717–01–P document is added to a subscribed
electric utilities, state energy offices, docket(s). For assistance with any FERC
and energy consulting companies), DOE Online service, please e-mail
plans to establish a network through DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY FERCOnlineSupport@ferc.gov, or call
which SSL technical information can be (866) 208–3676 (toll free). For TTY, call
efficiently distributed to the market. Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission (202) 502–8659.
University and Professional Education Magalie R. Salas,
[Docket No. RP06–442–000]
Programs Secretary.
DOE will support development of El Paso Natural Gas Company; Notice [FR Doc. E6–12374 Filed 8–1–06; 8:45 am]
of Tariff Filing BILLING CODE 6717–01–P
training materials and curricula for
design professionals, including interior July 26, 2006.
designers, lighting designers, and Take notice that on July 21, 2006, El DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
architects. To support development of Paso Natural Gas Company (EPNG)
the next generation of engineers and tendered for filing as part of its FERC Federal Energy Regulatory
designers who will implement SSL, Gas Tariff, Second Revised Volume No. Commission
DOE will also support development of 1–A, First Revised Sheet No. 375, to be
[Docket No. RP03–433–004]
teaching materials and related effective July 10, 2006.
information on SSL technologies for EPNG states that this tariff sheet is Energy West Development, Inc.; Notice
universities. filed to establish rights and conditions of Compliance Filing
for TSAs subject to Article 11.2 of
Issued in Morgantown, WV, on July 17, July 25, 2006.
EPNG’s 1996 Settlement regarding out-
of-zone charges, capacity release, and Take notice that on July 13, 2006,
Eddie Christy, scheduling priorities. Energy West Development, Inc. (Energy
Building and Industrial Technologies Division Any person desiring to intervene or to West) tendered for filing a cost and
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

Director. protest this filing must file in revenue study to comply with the
[FR Doc. E6–12425 Filed 8–1–06; 8:45 am] accordance with Rules 211 and 214 of requirements of the Commission’s April
BILLING CODE 6450–01–P the Commission’s Rules of Practice and 2, 2003 ‘‘Order Issuing Certificates’’ in
Energy West Development, Inc., 103
1 113 FERC ¶ 62,214. FERC ¶ 61,015 (2003).

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