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Teaching profession nowadays is completely different as it is obviously

challenging and hectic routine. Previously, teachers only need to focus on teaching
in the classroom and preparing the teaching materials for the lesson. They can really
focus on what to teach and what to achieve within the pupils capabilities. However, it
is totally a big difference as teachers nowadays need to play a lot of roles in order to
assist and ensure that the pupils are receiving that they deserve for the future.
Recently, our new Malaysia Education Blueprint (MEB) 2013-2025 is a very
good and futuristic plan for our nation. This MEB is a holistic approach and long-term
planning on building up an excellent relationship and cooperation among the
teachers, community, parents, students, school leaders and ministry officials.
Ministry of education is aware that a holistic approach and cooperation from the
stakeholders is vital in ensuring that our education system is on the right track. At the
same time, the unity and awareness from the stakeholders also would be the perfect
catalyst to really boost our education system in nurturing the holistically develop new
One of the most vital roles of a teacher is as the agent of socialization. Agent
of socialization means,teacher as a catalyst in enhancing the good relationship
within the community and the school. At the same time, teacher also plays the role of
a middle-man in informing the pupils progress and achievement to the parents and
thus, working together and assists the parents in helping the pupils to improve and
succeed. How relevant is role of a middle-man in todays education world? At the
moment the parents got to know their childrens progress and potential, they would
be able to motivate the children. At the same time, teachers and parents can work
together towards the excellent.
As the agent of socialization, teachers need to show a good example in
socializing in a community. How can teachers bring the community to involve
together in whatever schools programmes? It is not an easy thing to do. Teachers,
as the agent of socialization first need to approach the community and understand
the community ways of living. For example, teachers spend time to be together in the
communitys events and programmes by involving all the pupils and teachers. Social
services, visiting old folks, and distribute aids for those in needs are some of the
examples. By doing so, the community would be able to accept the schools
community and welcoming the presence. Only then, teachers may invite the
community to join and be together in schools events and programmes. As the agent
of socialization, teachers need to aware that when we build a good relationship with
the community, the community will put the trust and would love to help the teachers
in return.

Previously, teachers are among those people that are being respected well.
The folks really appreciate teachers and put their trust on them. It is not that teachers
are not well-trusted nowadays but teachers need to do something to re-gain the trust
and confidence in the community to the highest level. The fade and wide gap in a
relationship among teachers and community is one of the factors contributing to this
problem.There are a few issues regarding teachers and the pupils that have been
exposed to the public widely. If these issues continue, how teachers can be a good
agent of socialization and thus effectively implement the new curriculum blueprint.
Malaysia Education Blueprint (MEB) 2013-2025 therefore highlights more on
bridging closer the gap between teachers, parents and community. Referring to the
MEB, there are five system aspirations for the Malaysian education system; Access,
Quality, Equity, Unity, and Efficiency. Focusing on Unity, explains that an education
system that gives children shared values and experiences by embracing diversity. By
relating to this five system aspirations, it is clear that playing the role of socialization
agent is vital for teachers in making this into reality. Teachers need to expose and
share with pupils the positive and good values. Living in a diversity community really
need tolerance, cooperation, integrity and honesty, so that all of us can enjoy
happiness and feeling safe. School is a big organization exists in a community.
Hence, playing the role of socialization agent effectively, will contribute to a harmony
and mutual trust diversity community.
As humankind, teachers also have the quality of dispersing the national
identity among the pupils and community in a very smooth and soft manner. Agent of
socialization can positively influence the community to uphold the principles of the
Rukun Negara. The sense of belongingness and togetherness will thoroughly
indicates that the community have their own identity and union. Living in a country
with cultural diversity does not mean that we have to eliminate the culture and
heritage from other race. Let the differences shows the real self, as difference is
something priceless and unique. It is not something easy to get regardless the
irrespective of ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status. Moreover, a strong sense
of inclusiveness is required to establish a true national identity.
Malaysian Education Blueprint drives Malaysia curriculum towards a
holistically personality develop generation and community. All the stakeholders;
students, parents, school leaders, ministry officials and teachers are playing their
roles effectively and walk towards success in future. MEB would produce students
with world-class knowledge and skills, strong moral values, and will be capable of
competing with their peers in other countries. With the new teacher career package,
they will enjoy more fulfilling professional development, improved career pathways,
and fair and transparent evaluation processes that are directly linked to relevant
competencies and performance. The school leaders will become excellent
instructional leaders, and act as agents for change. They will gain access to worldclass leadership training, as well as best practices from their peers in Malaysia.

In addition, the blueprint also will nurture the ministry officials to develop as
change leaders, with the skills and attributes needed to support schools. They will
become better managers, coaches, and supporters of school excellence. At the
same time, parents will see tangible and sustained improvements in the educational
experiences of their children. Parents will feel like true partners with schools in
facilitating their childs learning.
In conclusion, effective agent of socialization will influence the effectiveness of
the curriculum. All the stakeholders need to work together for a better product of
human capital in the future.