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Four Kinds Of Theories Of Leadership Management Essay

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Leadership is the leader for the realization of the objectives of the organization and
use of the right to its subordinate influence an act or activity. Its literal meaning that
refers to the leadership of leader noun; Verb leadership refers to the activities of the
leadership, and leadership activities is a leader in certain circumstances, to achieve
established goal, to be leaders in leadership and guidance of the behavioral process.
A combination of the two, the so-called leaders, is the leading verb leader noun, In
other words, is the leader leadership activities, led a group of people to achieve their
goals. Leadership theory consists of 4 parts, respectively is trait, behavioral,
contingency, transformational theory. This article will compare of analysis and
examples, these four types of leadership theories.

Summary of trait theory and example

Trait theory of personality is composed of a main theory while Leadership theory
refers to the leader from the special character, physical, mental and social factors of
special quality or seek leaders should have the quality of theory. However, Trait is
only the leader should possess the necessary conditions, trait theory of leadership
just shows what will have a greater chance of becoming an effective leader, the
restriction factor are also many. Qualities of leadership for its success to provide
some possible, Important or acquired learning and practice. On the other hand,
always neglect by the leader position and effect, the result will be different.

In order to have the highest level of leadership, and become a great president of the
United States is one of the important reasons. During the presidential campaign of
2004, emotional intelligence also played an important role, although many people
think that John. Bush is cleverer, more profound knowledge, in certain key issues,
are likely to do better, but he lost the election. Why? It is argued that Kerrey's
emotional intelligence more than bush. As one review staff said: "The 2004
campaign, Kerrey in a policy is more subtle, but Bush humanization in more subtle.

His campaign can bring more emotional resonance -- Speech clear, simple, full of
passion. Eventually he won. "

Summary of behavioral theory and example

Leaders are not innate, but acquired training, shaping and forming; it is based on the
effective leadership behavior and leadership style of study, according to a number of
well-designed training programs to the effective leadership behavior pattern in the
graft onto other people, to be an effective leader. Leadership and performance mainly
depends on the leadership style and behavior. Robert Black and Jane Merton and the
managerial grid theory into; Country Club Management, Team Management,
Middle-of-the-road Management, Impoverished Management, AuthorityCompliance. Behavioral theories of Leadership helps increase on a variety of
different types of leadership behavior understanding, pay attention to the behavior
model rather than the leadership traits, emphasized the importance of leadership
training. On other hand, Still belongs to static level research, focus only on behavior
without considering environmental factors, also only for highly complex process of
Leadership provides a simple view, only examines the leadership process
intensification factors, guide limited.
Bob is a sports store manager, this store mainly engaged in shoes and other ancillary
products. In the past five years every year in continuing to increase rate of%15
development. He weekly work up to 50 hours above are very enthusiastic to serve
every customer, infection each employee shops there. 10 employees, mostly part-time
college students, employees all like manager.

Summary of contingency theory and example

Contingency leadership theory mainly studies the leader and leader behavior and
environmental interaction, pay particular attention to different leadership styles and
a variety of the adaptability between the environments. Leadership activities in there
is not a universally applicable "best " or " not good " leading the way, any leader types
may be effective, may be ineffective, critical look at it and environmental suitability.
Leadership is a dynamic process, and leading the way with subordinate
characteristics and situational change, in order to obtain higher performance of
leadership. Pilot performance depends on the leader, by the leader, environment the
result of the interaction of three factors.

The romance of the Three Kingdoms "has many contingency theory of

leadership. One famous story is Ma military failure, Zhu Geliang had to adjust the
strategy. Si Mayi knows, thinks city has soldiers, and then led his troops back. Zhu
Geliang did not lose a corps artillery repelled the enemy.

Summary of transformational theory and

Transformational leadership is through a variety of mechanisms to improve the
morale of followers, incentive, and performance. Its definition is a method of
leadership changes in individual and social system. The first leader is an example,
connecting the followers sense of identity and self task and collective identity
of the organization: leader of the discovery and understanding of their strengths and
weaknesses, led them, improve their work efficiency, so the work of the greatest play.
China National Tourism Administration is Asia and even the world's biggest travel
agency, has a history of over thirty years. Transformational leadership is the main
theory of leadership. Annual tourism is facing from many different levels of tourist.
Transformational leadership through its unique way of behavior in four aspects:
idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and
personalized care, encourage employees to join the travel agency, and by the staff of
the trust, worship and follow, together with the staff to solve all kinds of problems.

More than four different directions of leadership theory can clearly tell us how to be a
manager. To rigorous attitude towards their own, often check, reflect on their own,
continuing to improve and perfect the self; to a tolerant attitude towards others, can
discovering the merits of others and give the affirmation, which is convenient for
mutual understanding, establish a relationship of trust, easy to work effectively. The
four theories are inadequate. Only truly understand, and to practice the four points
in order to become a qualified manager.

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