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1. If I Could 2.

The Years

if I coul d the years betray me no w

give anything, I woul d they u suall y count
if my thou ghts coul d do you good su p posed to be getting b y
move along with time
if I coul d hel p you with wh y not this time
this part of life you’ve got to live
you coul d load you r weight on me at least, they shoul d make me feel
ho w long its been
if I meant to you hel p me to understand
what you mean to me what wasn’t real
woulddalalsosobebe and teach what all means
the greatest thing wh y, do not those years count
you coul d do for me
he was such a stranger then
if I kne w b y no w he shoul d be again
yourrpai nnbebeshi
pai ni
shi ng
throughgh it ’s too cra zy to tell that man
you I was in love, I still a m
no, I mu stn’t say I still love that man
if I ’dd been
things to u se the years shoul d make a change
and kno w ju st what to do make so meone out of me
they shoul d be here
one thing will I do to give a second chance
to never let you go, never let you go sho w ho w to change the wheel s
they shoul d b ring so mething real
Peter Korhonen ~ drums
Thomas Axelsson ~ bass Sophie ~ guitar
Rickard Nilsson ~ piano Thomas Axelsson ~ bass
Lars Halapi ~ guitars, maracas & glockenspiel Lars Halapi ~ guitars, drums, vibraphone & maracas
4. Ready 5. Interior Design

3. You Can Always Long For May my ne w love is you see Peter Korhonen ~ drums
tied to the dock and waits for me Thomas Axelsson ~ bass
don’t go after him please don’t go ol der than it a p pears to be Rickard Nilsson ~ piano
don’t go after him he doesn’t want you to saving one last trip for me Lars Halapi ~ guitars & tambourine
don’t go after him he doesn’t want you
don’t go to go his way rou ghl y treated with a b roken pole 6. Not With You
on ou r wal k today you can’t ask for him for love onl y it ’s been sol d
you were ab out to lift and stir he won’t let you in sa w the leak under the su rface and kissed b y the rain not b y you
against where he ’s been blo wing to but you can al ways long for May said hol d on we will sail again war med b y the spring not b y you
hel d in a ring dance not b y you
don’t get fooled b y him I ’ll b ring you r lovers here I ’m ready to head off with you touched b y a ghost not b y you
it isn’t him, its ju st May steal the m fro m every where
you feel on you r skin all lovers you might need my love ju st had enou gh hou rs on the shore not with you
its making love to you one to make you slee p onl y one o wner fro m giving u p illed b y the wind not b y you
as it didn’t kno w one to make you live but a ship wreck can’t in love be done long for the evening not for you
ho w love can make and one to make you b reathe in su mmer air and under a drying sun all those feelings not for you
ones sorro w gro w
please don’t go I ’m ready to head off with you I ’m here, I ’m here, I ’m lying
take me ho me again don’t be thinking of I might onl y miss one thing
I will lock you in until you will ind him who kno w s ho w long ou r love will last I ’ve sto p ped to tal k ab out
you’ve rested on the couch on the way I co me fro m a drea m but it coul d be drea m
I loved it yesterday he is gone, he’ll never co me and it fro m the past
you took me out to play but you who kno w s what it will do to me taking a pictu re not of you
but for every lau gh can al ways long for May when ro pes are loosed and waters free re me mbering times not with you
I hear a cry and a prayer love has nothing more to do
so when day is done Sophie ~ guitar Peter Korhonen ~ drums I ’m here not with you
you mu st be okay Lars Halapi ~ guitar & bass Thomas Axelsson ~ bass
Rickard Nilsson ~ piano Sophie ~ guitar
Lars Halapi ~ guitars & lap steel guitar Lars Halapi ~ guitar & bass
Tomas Ebrelius ~ violin Tomas Ebrelius ~ violin
9. It Knows 10. To Be Forgiven

7. I’m The Rain 8. Our Man I kno w where, it revives I ’ve got to choose a road with
it plays so dead many chu rches along
o pen you r eyes no w ho ww coul
ho couldd we
we say
say goodb
goodb ye
ye but I
but I kno
kno ww where
where I need to be forgiven
what do you see ho ww can
ho can we
we say
say goodb
goodb ye
ye it goes wil d before I can be moving on
isn’t the vie w different ho w make a song reach the sk y
it is to me ho w make you r song reach the sk y just
ju st let
let it
it be,
be, itit ’s still inside I ’ve got to ind those priests
the vie w of lovers pretends it ’s aslee p that can be looking do wn on me
so metimes change my angel
my angels,s, make
make the
the best
best ofof roo
roomm but I
but I knokno ww and tell me I ’m forgiven
so me put the sun there here co mes so meone where it
where it ’d
’d bbreak
reak out
out for every wrong I feel
so me make it rain you reall y ou ght to get to kno w
here co mes so meone yes I kno w where to go cau se other way is prison
if you are the sun beautiful fro
beautiful fromm belo
belo ww to make it sho w and there’s no place I wanna be
I ’m the rain it ain’t easy to watch him go but I
but I took
took itit there
look at the time no w far too many times I ’ve got to read so me cha pters
what do you feel a treasu re chest sinking do wn that ’s what it kno w s to teach me good and kind
don’t you have to go no w to the
to the bbotto
ottomm of
of the
the sea
sea it kno w s, it kno w s I need to be forgiven
a way fro m me its too dee p, its too high for the dark things in my mind
the time for lovers today it reall y hu rts to feel I kno w where
so metimes end it get
it get bback
ack its
its time
time cau se other way is prison
so me kinds can be staying for sorro w you can’t train the heart it feel s so ol d I can’t stay there all right
mine mu st leave again no w is when we all go under but I
but I kno
kno ww where
if to morro w co mes we will tal k it ’d get young I need to earn salvation
if you are the sun and re
and reme
mber you
you that can hel p me ju st to be
I ’m the rain as ou r man of thou sand wonders just
ju st let
let it
it be
be I need to be forgiven
don’t need to feel it no w before I ever can wal k free
Peter Korhonen ~ drums Lars Halapi ~ guitar & bass plays hide and seek
Thomas Axelsson ~ bass but I
but I kno
kno ww its
its ju
st the
the chil
childd Peter Korhonen ~ drums
Rickard Nilsson ~ piano Thomas Axelsson ~ bass
Lars Halapi ~ guitars & percussion Rickard Nilsson ~ piano Rickard Nilsson ~ piano
Lars Halapi ~ guitars, drums & bass Lars Halapi ~ guitars & tambourine
Words & Music by Sophie Zelmani.
11. Song Of The Night Published by Sony/at v Music Publishing Scandinavia a b.
Produced by Lars Halapi.
this mu st be Recorded at Whip-poor-will Studio,
my last song for you Valleberga, by Lars Halapi.
all of me is in there Mixed at Medley Studio, Copenhagen, by Ronny Lahti.
I ’ll call it what I ’ve been calling you Mastered at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm,
you’re the song of the night by Christofer Stannow.
Art Direction & Design by Lars Sundh.
nob ody kno w s that you are here Photography by Severus Tenenbaum.
in my mind A & R by Petter Eriksson.
I ’ve got to do so mething el se Management by Lars Rixon at
than let you take my time United Stage Managemen

you are the song of the night th a nk s to:

I ’ve got to fade out Lasse.
you are the song of the night Korre, Thomas, Rickard.
Tomas Ebrelius, Lotta Weber Sjöholm.
you kno w that you’re al ways here Ronny Lahti. Jakob Groth & Medley Studio. Christofer Stannow.
I ’ve spoken many times Sanna Persson Halapi & the House of »Kalleberga«.
with you, I ’ve al ways been sincere Skuggan, Mikael Nogueria Svensson.
thou gh the weight of you look s blind Dear people at Sony, Sony /at v & United Stage.
Petter, Lars-Gunnar, Mats, Patrik, Kattis, Rixon, Mia.
you are the song of the night Gadget, Stefan Wyss, Wizard, Pana Panagopoulos.
I ’ve got to fade out Lars Sundh, Severus Tenenbaum, Terez Gil.
you are the song of the night Paula Hellström. Love. Johan. Aja. Robert Qwarforth.
Family, friends, supporters & listeners.
Lars Halapi ~ guitar
i n m e m o r i a m : Pontus Olsson [1 9 4 8 ~ 2 0 0 9 ]
12. To Know You First time without you. Didn’t ever believe the last time’d
(Alt. Version Bonus Track) be so soon. You will always be a part of what we’ll ever do, like
you’ve always been. We will always hear your voice.
Miss you. Love you. Thank you.
1. If I Could

2. The Years
3. You Can Always
Long For May
4. Ready

5. Interior Design
6. Not With You
7. I’m The Rain

8. Our Man
9. It Knows
10. To Be Forgiven

11. Song Of The Night

12. To Know You