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Discrimination is dehumanizing. When you treat someone differently

solely based on race, gender, age, etc., you deny the value of who they
are as an individual.
Discrimination hurts. Whether discrimination is subtle or overt, people
know when they are being discriminated against, and its painful.


If you wish to join me in taking an active stance against all forms of
discrimination, here are some ways you can begin.

Never again say anything negative or derogatory about anyone as it

relates to things outside their control.
Be more aware of discrimination. When you witness it, ask yourself if
there is anything you can do personally to remedy the situation. Then do
Be intentional about giving favor to those whom you know are being
discriminated against.
Say the words and practice the behavior you want children to imitate.
As parents and teachers, we have a huge influence on our children and
their views.
Guard your thoughts and words when with those who make
discriminating remarks. Stand up for whats right.
Choose your friends carefully. People who discriminate are not friends
of mine. Remember that you are the average of your five closest friends.

Implement policies that prohibit discrimination in the workplace and

school zones. Draft key points that fight discrimination, set them in stone
and publicize them to employees and students. Such rules that fight
discrimination would include firing, suspending or expelling those that use
foul language, discriminatory jokes, name calling and foul body gestures.
Present meeting lectures and invite keynote speakers to talk about the
negative short term and long term effects of discrimination in the workplace
or school environment. Set yearly or monthly code of conduct meetings for
employees to attend.
Join the battle against discrimination though a variety of organizations
that fight discrimination together. Many websites and town organizations can
be joined to help fight discrimination. Join the organizations that fit your
personality best


Avoiding Social Discrimination
1. Think about the jokes you want to tell carefully before you say
them. Humor can lighten the mood, but it is often taken at anothers
expense. Many jokes degrade women, ethnicities and disabled people.
2. Learn another language, or be open to accepting that most countries
have citizens who speak dozens, if not hundreds of
languages. Promoting language education, rather than fighting it, can
decrease discrimination based on ethnicity.
3. Fight gender stereotypes in the home. Thinking of things as womens
work or mans work may lead to gender discrimination in the next
generation. As more and more families become dual-income
households, make sure both sexes are treated as partners.
4. Socialize with people outside your comfort zone. Join a club, group or
team where you have contact with people of different gender, sexuality
or race. People often get into routines where they arent exposed to
diversity in the community.
5. Be open to learning about other religions. Although you might be
devout, a little research can help you find the common ground
between another faith and your own. The next time someone makes a
religious slur, talk about the commonalities, rather than the
6. Request that clubs or groups that you join adopt a policy of equal
opportunity to people of different genders, sexualities, races and
physical health. Starting a conversation about creating an open group
may avoid issues based on these topics in the future.
Avoiding Discrimination at Work
1. Develop a set of qualifications and prerequisites before you
start hiring for a job. Judge the candidates based on these
professional parameters. If you fear a colleague is discriminating in
their choices, ask for a third party to judge the candidates without
seeing their names or faces.
Dont ask for additional documents related to work history just
because someone appears foreign or ethnic. Requiring a
person who isnt Caucasian to give you extra immigration or citizenship
papers is discrimination, unless you ask for this paperwork as a matter
of policy for all applicants.[
3. Look around at your work force. If you like in a diverse population
but your employees are all from the same race, you may be
inadvertently promoting hiring practices based on discrimination.

4. Develop a clear harassment and discrimination policy at

work. Post it in a common location and add it to your employee
handbook. Place a human resources manager in charge of complaints
5. Provide yearly staff training on discrimination or
harassment. Make it clear that there is a zero tolerance policy when it
comes to discrimination. Announce how complaints and disciplinary
action will be handled.
6. Keep a diary of all discrimination claims and how they were
handled. You can protect yourself and your employees by noting each
Take steps to ensure that your locations are accessible to the
disabled.Installing a ramp at a retail location or installing a sit/stand
desk for an employee with a chronic back problem helps you avoid
disability discrimination.