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Volleyball Study Guide

There are six players on an official team

Three hits are allowed on each side of the net
A ball landing on a boundary line is considered in-bounds
When it is a teams turn to serve, players rotate clockwise
The right back player begins the serve, and he/she can serve anywhere behind the end
line (yellow line in the gym)

The three types of hits used in volleyball are:

Underhand Pass or bump- Ideally the first contact used to receive a serve. It is used to pass
the ball high to a setter, you want to make sure you use your forearm between the wrist
and elbow
Overhand Pass or set Ideally the second contact. An overhand pass allows for the
volleyball to be spiked over the net. A set uses the pads of your fingers.
Spike- Ideally the third contact. A hard downward hit over the net to the opponents side of
the court. A spike uses a overhand motion when the ball is struck.
The two types of serves used in volleyball are:
Underhando For a right handed player:
The server stands behind the end line
The players left foot is pointed in the intended direction of the ball.
The weight is on the back right foot and the ball is held in the left hand.
The hitting hand can be in a fist or open and the ball is struck with the heel of
the hand.
Overhando Stand at about a 45- degree angle to the net, holding the ball in your non-serving
hand. Keep your serving hand on it for balance. The foot opposite your serving
hand should be slightly forward (left foot for right handed person). Center your
weight on your rear foot. The ideal toss varies in height according to the servers
o As you toss the ball, draw your hitting arm back, keeping your elbow at shoulder
level as your hand reaches about your ear. Also, as you toss the ball, step forward
and follow through.
Rally scoring: each team that wins a rally or their opponent commits a foul, will score a point
and the scoring team will get the serve. A point is scored no matter who is the serving team.
Games are generally played to 25 points. The server should say the score before every serve.
After a point is scored, the ball should be rolled under the net to the other team
You may not hit the ball 2 times in a row.

The ball may touch the net on a serve, and during play. The server continues until they
or their team makes a mistake.
The server may not step over the end line (yellow line in the gym) until after they have
made contact with the ball. It is called a foot fault if they do step over, and they lose their
Players may not touch the net while the ball is in play. If a player does hit the net the
point is given to the opposite team
If the ball hits the ceiling:
o It can not go on the other teams side of the net.
o It can be played if your team hits the ball and it comes down on your side of the net
and 3 hits have not been used.
o A serve can not be played off the ceiling.