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A Value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged and a belief from

the customer that value will be appealed & experienced. Creating value proposition for
Miraaya is the part of successful business strategy. This is very much evident from the case
which states that Rajesh Jain, the Director of Miraaya thrived for product innovation that kept
the customers coming back & encouraging the brand to move forward. Right from the launch
period of Miraaya, the firm tried to bring in at least one innovative product every season for
its customers. For instance it introduced maxi dresses & jumpsuits much ahead of the trend.
They were first in the market to introduce Patiala salwars in knit cotton fabric, to provide a
pocket for mobile phones in salwar. Their product offering assured a good quality product,
providing value for money at all times and ensuring a feel good factor for the customer to
make a style statement without a hole in the pocket. As a result of their right product
offering, right product quality & good services at the store level it came easy for Miraaya to
achieve customer loyalty within a short span of its launch. Thus word of mouth for attaining
the credibility was the sign to Rajesh that they were progressing in the right direction to
providing value proposition to its consumers.
Hence Miraaya stood strong on the view point given by Kaplan & Nortan which stated that
strategy is based on differentiated customer value proposition satisfying the customer is the
source of sustainable value creation.

Band is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's
product distinct from those of other sellers." Brands are used in business, marketing, and
advertising. Brand building is done mainly through active communication in the media. For
Miraaya the success factors were many. The name Miraaya itself represented the character of
the great Meera Bai, a woman of strong values within, & independent on thought and action
having the confidence to uphold her believes besides remaining true to traditional Indian
values. The brand name Miraaya was chosen because it was catchy & meaningful to the
extent that if the brand had to go international, the name would denote Indianness. The
designing of the logo too had a traditional touch with a pink colour flower having soft round
edges, thus signifying feminity. The concept of the logo added to the attractiveness on price
tags & carry bags.
The entire attempt with the name, logo, etc was aligned with who is our customer. To
represent the brand Miraaya the face of the TV actress Kritika Kamra was chosen in pursuit
of her roles rooted to Indian values. She symbolized a modern, young woman with a
conscious of Indian Values & a symbol of Miraaya customer. To add to its brand building the
store ambience was planned to contribute to raising the perceived value of the product.
Customers were provided with clean, upscale interiors to ensure a feel good factor. Thus the
purchase of the brand Miraaya left the customer with the feeling of elation & happiness of
shopping with them.