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Cartoning and Case Packing

Fo r Fo o d P r o c e s s i n g a n d P a c k a g i n g E n v i r o n m e n t s

Product Solutions
Whether you manufacture cartoning, case
erecting, case packing, case sealing or tray forming
machines, the requirements are the same... faster,
more reliable machines.
As the speed of your machinery increases, so does
the potential for costly jams. While you are
focusing on speed performance, let Altra assist you
with products, such as overload clutches, sensors,
and safety switches, that will enable greater line
efficiency as well as fault detection and recovery.
Ease your reliability worries and buy your speed
reducer from Boston Gear. Boston Gear offers the
industrys greatest variety of gear drive sizes
fabricated with the highest quality materials,
providing strength and durability.

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Boston Gear 700 Series Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Boston Gear offers the industrys largest variety of gear drive sizes, reduction
ratios, shaft options and mounting styles. The 700 Series design is fabricated
with the highest quality materials, providing maximum strength and durability.
With millions of possible configurations, there is sure to be a 700 Series to
fulfill your specific requirements.

Boston Gear Centric Clutches

Integrate Boston Gear Centric overload clutches into your machine and reduce the
damage and lost productivity that can occur due to equipment jams or loading
problems. Centric clutches provide a more accurate method of torque control over
thousands of trips with no operator intervention.

Boston Gear 800 Series Helical Gear Drives

Boston Gear's 800 Series contains a focused selection of compact, heavy duty
helical gear drives that offer long-life performance and simplified maintenance.
The 800 Series provides a functional interchange for SEW Eurodrive and other
European manufacturers' helical gear drives, making it uniquely practical for
replacement applications.

Warner Electric Sensors and Safety Switches

Warner Electric has many years of experience in applying sensors and switches in
motion control applications. Our broad range of innovative and technologically
advanced non-contact sensors, industrial limit switches, and safety technology
products offer our customers the exact solution to satisfy their sensing applications.

Other products for use on Cartoning and Case Packaging Machinery include:

Motors and Drives

Electro Clutch/Electro Brakes
Overrunning Clutches
Electrically Released Brakes
Shaft Mounted Clutches

For more information about the products above or our

comprehensive offering of power transmission solutions
for use on other types of packaging machinery, visit

Altra Industrial Motion

449 Gardner Street South Beloit, IL 61080
815-389-3771 Fax: 815-389-2582



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