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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

96 / Thursday, May 18, 2006 / Notices 28861

existing dam is owned by the City of competing application itself, or a notice party to the proceeding. Any comments,
Nashua. of intent to file such an application, to protests, or motions to intervene must
g. Filed Pursuant to: Federal Power the Commission on or before the be received on or before the specified
Act, 16 U.S.C. 791(a)–825(r). specified comment date for the comment date for the particular
h. Applicant Contact: Mr. David H. particular application (see 18 CFR 4.36). application.
Skilton, City of Nashua, 402 Main Submission of a timely notice of intent Comments, protests and interventions
Street, Nashua, Iowa 50658, (641) 435– allows an interested person to file the may be filed electronically via the
4156. competing preliminary permit Internet in lieu of paper; See 18 CFR
i. FERC Contact: Etta Foster, (202) application no later than 30 days after 385.2001(a)(1)(iii) and the instructions
502–8769. the specified comment date for the on the Commission’s Web site under ‘‘e-
j. Deadline for Filing Comments, particular application. A competing filing’’ link. The Commission strongly
Protests, and Motions To Intervene: 60 preliminary permit application must encourages electronic filing.
days from the issuance date of this conform with 18 CFR 4.30(b) and 4.36. s. Filing and Service of Responsive
notice. o. Competing Development Documents: Any filings must bear in all
All documents (original and eight Application: Any qualified development capital letters the title ‘‘COMMENTS’’,
copies) should be filed with Magalie R. applicant desiring to file a competing ‘‘RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TERMS
Salas, Secretary, Federal Energy development application must submit to AND CONDITIONS’’, ‘‘PROTEST’’,
Regulatory Commission, 888 First the Commission, on or before a ‘‘MOTION TO INTERVENE’’, ‘‘NOTICE
Street, NE., Washington, DC 20426. specified comment date for the OF INTENT’’, or ‘‘COMPETING
Please include the project number (P– particular application, either a APPLICATION’’, as applicable, and the
12628–000) on any comments, protests, competing development application or a Project Number of the particular
or motions filed. notice of intent to file such an application to which the filing refers.
k. Description of Project: The application. Submission of a timely Any of the above-named documents
proposed project would consist of: (1) notice of intent to file a development must be filed by providing the original
The existing City of Nashua’s 18-foot- application allows an interested person and the number of copies provided by
high, 258-foot-long Cedar River Dam; (2) to file the competing application no the Commission’s regulations to: The
a 2,000-foot wide, 700-acre later than 120 days after the specified Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory
impoundment with a storage capacity of comment date for the particular Commission, 888 First Street, NE.,
approximately 3,500 acre feet, and a application. A competing license Washington, DC 20426. A copy of any
normal surface elevation of 960 feet application must conform with 18 CFR motion to intervene must also be served
above sea level; (3) an existing concrete 4.30(b) and 4.36. upon each representative of the
and brick powerhouse which will p. Notice of Intent: A notice of intent Applicant specified in the particular
contain four proposed generating units must specify the exact name, business application.
with a total installed capacity of 850 address, and telephone number of the t. Agency Comments: Federal, state,
kW; (4) a proposed 60-foot-long, 13.8-k prospective applicant, and must include and local agencies are invited to file
V transmission line; (5) a tailrace; and an unequivocal statement of intent to comments on the described application.
(6) appurtenant facilities. submit, if such an application may be A copy of the application may be
The project would have an estimated filed, either a preliminary permit obtained by agencies directly from the
annual generation of approximately application or a development applicant. If an agency does not file
3285 MWh (Mega-Watt hours). The application (specify which type of comments within the time specified for
applicant plans to sell the generated application). A notice of intent must be filing comments, it will be presumed to
energy. served on the applicant(s) named in this have no comments. One copy of an
l. Location of Application: A copy of public notice. agency’s comments must also be sent to
the application is available for q. Proposed Scope of Studies Under the Applicant’s representatives.
inspection and reproduction at the Permit: A preliminary permit, if issued,
Commission in the Public Reference does not authorize construction. The Magalie R. Salas,
Room, located at 888 First Street, NE., term of the proposed preliminary permit Secretary.
Room 2A, Washington, DC 20426, or by would be 36 months. The work [FR Doc. E6–7547 Filed 5–17–06; 8:45 am]
calling (202) 502–8371. This filing may proposed under the preliminary permit BILLING CODE 6717–01–P
also be viewed on the Commission’s would include economic analysis,
Web site at http://www.ferc.gov using preparation of preliminary engineering
the ‘‘eLibrary’’ link. Enter the docket plans, and a study of environmental ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
number excluding the last three digits in impacts. Based on the results of these AGENCY
the docket number field to access the studies, the Applicant would decide
document. For assistance, call toll-free whether to proceed with the preparation [FRL–8171–7]
1–866–208–3676 or e-mail of a development application to
construct and operate the project. Availability of FY 05 Grantee
FERCOnlineSupport@ferc.gov. For TTY,
r. Comments, Protests, or Motions To Performance Evaluation Reports for
call (202) 502–8659. A copy is also
Intervene: Anyone may submit the Eight States of EPA Region 4 and
available for inspection and
comments, a protest, or a motion to Selected Local Agencies
reproduction at the address in item h.
above. intervene in accordance with the AGENCY: Environmental Protection
m. Individuals desiring to be included requirements of Rules of Practice and Agency (EPA).
on the Commission’s mailing list should Procedure, 18 CFR 385.210, .211, .214. ACTION: Notice of availability of Clean
so indicate by writing to the Secretary In determining the appropriate action to Air Act, section 105 grantee
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

of the Commission. take, the Commission will consider all performance evaluation reports.
n. Competing Preliminary Permit: protests or other comments filed, but
Anyone desiring to file a competing only those who file a motion to SUMMARY: EPA’s grant regulations (40
application for preliminary permit for a intervene in accordance with the CFR 35.115) require the Agency to
proposed project must submit the Commission’s Rules may become a evaluate the performance of agencies

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28862 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 96 / Thursday, May 18, 2006 / Notices

which receive grants. EPA’s regulations They may be contacted at the above Floor, 77 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL
for regional consistency (40 CFR 56.7) Region 4 address. 60604.
require that the Agency notify the Dated: May 4, 2006. DATES: Comments must be submitted on
public of the availability of the reports A. Stanley Meiburg, or before June 19, 2006.
of such evaluations. EPA performed Background: The Dayton X-Ray Site is
Deputy Regional Administrator, Region 4.
end-of-year evaluations of eight state air located at 1150 West Second Street,
pollution control programs (Alabama [FR Doc. E6–7574 Filed 5–17–06; 8:45 am]
Dayton, Ohio. Dayton X-Ray Company
Department of Environmental BILLING CODE 6560–50–P
operated from 1939 to 1992, as a family-
Management; Florida Department of owned business with its principal office
Environmental Protection; Georgia and laboratory at this location. A title
Department of Natural Resources; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
AGENCY search revealed that Mrs. Joan Ruth
Kentucky Environmental & Public Sammons owned the facility since 1970.
Protection Cabinet; Mississippi [FRL–8171–6] Mrs. Sammons is the sole remaining
Department of Environmental Quality; Potentially Responsible Party and is the
North Carolina Department of Proposed CERCLA Administrative Settling Respondent in this proposed
Environment and Natural Resources; Cost Recovery Settlement: Dayton X- Agreement.
South Carolina Department of Health Ray Company Superfund Site The Dayton X-Ray Company filed for
and Environmental Control; and AGENCY: Environmental Protection bankruptcy and ceased operations in
Tennessee Department of Environment Agency (EPA). 1992. The Site was abandoned with at
and Conservation) and 12 local least several dozen 55 gallon drums and
ACTION: Notice; request for public
programs (City of Huntsville Division of containers, which contained hazardous
Natural Resources, AL; Jefferson County comment.
substances, remaining on site.
Department of Health, AL; City of SUMMARY: In accordance with section Approximately 20 of these drums were
Jacksonville Environmental Quality 122(i) of the Comprehensive outside of a building near a sidwalk,
Division, FL; Hillsborough County Environmental Response, and exposed to the elements, which
Environmental Protection Commission, Compensation, and Liability Act, as would lead to deterioration of the drums
FL; Miami-Dade County Air Quality amended (‘‘CERCLA’’), 42 U.S.C. and release of their hazardous contents.
Management Division, FL; Palm Beach 9622(i), notice is hereby given of a Mrs. Sammons performed the cleanup
County Health Department Division of proposed administrative Agreement for of hazardous substances from the Site
Environmental Health, FL; Forsyth Recovery of Past Response Costs pursuant to U.S. EPA Agreement Docket
County Environmental Affairs (‘‘Agreement’’), issued pursuant to No. V–W–C–637, and has already paid
Department, NC; Mecklenburg County section 122(h)(1) of CERCLA, U.S. EPA past costs in the amount of
Land Use and Environmental Services concerning the Dayton X-Ray Site in $12,000.
Agency, NC; Western North Carolina Dayton, Ohio, between the United States Under the terms of the proposed
Regional Air Quality Agency, NC; Environmental Protection Agency (‘‘U.S. settlement, Mrs. Joan Sammons will pay
Memphis-Shelby County Health EPA’’ or ‘‘the Agency’’) and the the U.S. EPA Superfund $20,955.62 in
Department, TN; Knox County following Settling Party: Joan Ruth U.S. EPA’s costs in overseeing a clean-
Department of Air Quality Management, Sammons. up of the Site by Mrs. Joan Sammons,
TN; and Nashville-Davidson County The proposed Agreement contains a plus interest in the amount of $178.90,
Metropolitan Public Health Department, settlement between U.S. EPA and Joan for a total payment to the Superfund of
TN). The 20 evaluations were conducted Ruth Sammons for the payment of a $21,134.52. In consideration of the work
to assess the agencies’ performance portion of U.S. EPA’s costs incurred in performed, past costs already paid, and
under the grants awarded by EPA under connection with the Dayton X-Ray monies to be paid the Superfund
authority of section 105 of the Clean Air Superfund Site. The Agreement requires pursuant to this proposed Agreement,
Act. EPA Region 4 has prepared reports the Settling Party to pay a total of U.S. EPA will forgive those Past
for each agency identified above and $20,955.62 plus interest in the amount Response Costs not collected pursuant
these reports are now available for of $178.90 into the U.S. EPA Hazardous to this Agreement. This settlement
public inspection. The evaluations for Substance Superfund. The Agreement between U.S. EPA and Mrs. Sammons
the remainder of the local governments also includes U.S. EPA’s covenant not to will resolve all outstanding costs of U.S.
will be published at a later date. sue the Settling Party pursuant to EPA incurred in connection with the
ADDRESSES: The reports may be section 107(a) of CERCLA, 42 U.S.C. Dayton X-Ray Site.
examined at the EPA’s Region 4 office, 9607(a), if Settling Party fulfills her Comments should reference the
61 Forsyth Street, SW., Atlanta, Georgia obligations under the proposed Dayton X-Ray Company Superfund Site,
30303, in the Air, Pesticides and Toxics Agreement. Dayton, Ohio and U.S. EPA Docket No.
Management Division. For thirty (30) days following the date V–W–060C–846, and should be
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: of publication of this notice, the Agency addressed to: Jerome Kujawa, Associate
Marie Persinger (404) 562–9048 for will receive written comments relating Regional Counsel, 77 West Jackson
information concerning the state to the Agreement. The Agency will Blvd., Mail Code C–14J, Chicago,
agencies of Alabama and South consider all comments received and Illinois 60604. Copies of the proposed
Carolina; Miya Smith (404) 562–9091 may modify or withdraw its consent to Agreement may be obtained from
for the state and local agencies of the Agreement if comments received Jerome Kujawa at (312) 886–6731 or e-
Florida and for the local agencies of disclose facts or considerations which mail at kujawa.jerome@epa.gov.
Tennessee; Russandra Brown (404) 562– indicate that the Agreement is FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

9064 for the state agencies of inappropriate, improper, or inadequate. Jerome Kujawa, Associate Regional
Mississippi and Kentucky; Mary Echols The Agency’s response to any comments Counsel, 77 West Jackson Blvd., Mail
(404) 562–9053 for the state agencies of received will be available for public Code C–14J, Chicago, Illinois 60604,
Georgia and Tennessee, and for the state inspection at the following location: (312) 886–6731 or e-mail Mr. Kujawa at
and local agencies of North Carolina. Records Center, U.S. EPA, Region 5, 7th kujawa.jerome@epa.gov.

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