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Dear Robert Arnold,

I am responding to your assignment you have recently given us, Writing Reflection
Letter. In this letter I will be answering the prompt: Did peer review, class
activities/discussion, or conferencing help you revise your paper?
The class that you got us started on thinking about what we wanted to write about in
becoming literate was the same class you talked to us about writing rules previously learned.
You had us come up with rules we had to follow in high school to write a paper and then you
later shut them down and told us that most of those rules were ridiculous. Then you proceeded
with making us write down our writing rituals; how we got to the final draft of a paper, and at the
end of the class we were told to brainstorm different topics we were literate in that we would be
interested in writing about. This class helped to revise my paper and get to my final draft
because it had been a little over two months since I had written a paper and, frankly, when I
come back from summer break my mind cannot remember many things I learned, including how
I write my own papers.
The next class we had to come with the literacy topic we wanted or were thinking about
wringing about and it was time for us to brainstorm about our lightbulb moment to literacy,
conflict that led to literacy, and sponsors of literacy. Let me tell you, this class really got the
wheels in my brain turning. This class showed me how I wanted to start my paper and what all I
needed to talk about to make my paper successful.
The class before we had to have our first rough draft due was the class when we did
freewriting and looping as a way to give people ideas of how to be more descriptive and in depth
about the process of our literacy. This process, also, helped the students that had not met the
page requirement. Even though I already had my first draft done, this class helped me for my

second draft to go more in depth and tell more about how my sponsors to literacy helped in my
journey to becoming literate.
When we did peer reviews, it really helped to have the sheets that you had given us to fill
out as we peer reviewed other's papers because it had questions that I would not have thought of
if we did not do this exercise and showed me my peers perspectives on my paper that were not
literate in my subject. This helped with my second draft and final draft because when I was
reading back on comments that my peers had made it opened my eyes to see that not everyone is
inside my head and that I need to be more descriptive in my writing to let the readers understand
my thought and literacy process more.
In conclusion, I thank you for all of the help that you have offered and given us
throughout the past few classes to make our literacy narrative papers better than they would have
been if you had simply given us the assignment and prompt and had made it due the next class.
Caitlyn Cook (a thankful and grateful student)