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America, year 2122

III World war ended after 2050.

After war, civil war in middle of America happened which left devastated, huge, waste space of
land with poor vegetation and lack of water. People who survived separated into two classes of
Although tragic it seemed, but so realistic.
Ones were calling themselves "Nobils" the opposite side were "Madronians".
Nobils as prosperous, wealthy, living on the ground, whilst forced to live underground
Madronian people survived. In times past, Madronians lived on the ground, as successful and
powerful as well.
There has never been presage that such destiny will befall them. Until Nobils used their weaknesses.
Inspite, they were less powerful and small, Nobils began war, killed Ilions Madrony II, Madronian' s
Thus, they have succeeded to conquer Madronians, pushed them under the ground or as the other
they could be slaves.As for the other social things, something changed in human understandig of
Religion was not familiar any more to people.
Their occupation or medfitation focused on wiseacring asd "Cadriot-mog" energy which one can fly
or float,
with obtaining a magnificent feeling to be satisfied with onself, increasing selfconfidence and faith
in life.

Ext. The planet Jupiter (universe).

The planet Jupiter which belonged to the sun system looked magnificent. Its land structure was
composed of chemical elements discovered as new. The highest effects were accomplished by
those elements that cured the human race against harm deseases and viruses. To the viewers,
Jupiter gave the unperceived dimension of the space and light shields. The light of the being
welled out of this planet.

Ext. of energetic shield.

There was a big fissure was called the "diamond passage". The energy similar to diamond shining,
with the light, very strong, blazed, so that the normal human being would become blind. With this
energy, the strenght of the norgoid green rays dominated on few spots in passage.

When the visitors entered into this passage, they would feel the freedom and the health in a level
unexperienced till that moment.

Ext. The scene of fragments.

When people use some fragments, then no any one bounds and any feeling of fattering. The
fragments of the Eliksir and Purus, incorporated in the ground of the fissure beamed providing the
clearness, health and the perfection.

Continually the spaceships flied into the passage absorbing the tanks with the propelling energy,
transforming into winding triangle.

Int. of passage.
Deeper and deeper the ships flied inside the fissure. Where did the path lead them to? On their way
the tunnels of the light energy were opening itself as the valves or the flower, one after another.
Therefore the spaceships quivered. The cause of the quivering was the sudden increase of the
Jupiter' s air pressure.

Next scene.
Ext. of Jupiter' s crystals.

On the exit, as they came out the visitors could see the Jupiter' s crystals, the real treasury of the
universe. The thousands of the workers from the Earth, Jupiter and Mars, also from Marion planet
building and securing the better life to the next generations.

The next scene.

Int. of clock in Nobil City.

The time zone has also been changed. Even so, one day did not last 24 hours any more. The climats
and sunlight itinerary turned one day to 36 hours and 103 minutes. The effection influenced on
people to sleep longer to live longer.

Ext. of hill in Nobil City.

A certain kind of energy shield streched like a rainbow from the hill over the Nobil City. These
beams endured superior. Glittering red to sky spaces above. What a misterious sight appearance to
watch. Background of these beams on the top of the hill there was a tower standing configurated
like a ball. Crystal ball (the symbol of the city) grinded off similarly as an adament.

Just for a moment to look at, it was a feeling to touch the sign of existence, gliterness returned from
somewhere out of darkness forever to give life.

The next scene.

Ext. of ball and her state.

The ball was transforming itself from crystal configuration to gold heated round mass, changing
alternately the colors from red to blue, from black in white.

Ext. of cosmic' s chanels.

The hundreds of the flying ships floated through the channels of invisible zones exploiting the real
opulence in the galaxy. It was the process that noone could stop or forbid. The brightness of the
beauty and the life on the Jupiter will last forever.

The clear configuration of the Jupiter' s surface was unique to recognize.

The next scene. Ext. of Jupiter' s areas.

In one part the dense shadow covered the planet called "The Great Diobos". Some explosion heard
deep down there. The detonations lasted for about thirty seconds. Until everything calmed down.
The dozens of the researching towers that observed the new elements were destroyed. The cause of
the accident was considered as the unknown.

Ext. Place of accident.

The numerous rescuing teams moved at once to the place of the accident. Dead bodies in the space
costumes that floated in the air, dismembered pieces of the bodies lying on the ground, the plants
with the highest technology instruments devastated totally.

The Jupiter had in their hands protective instruments. With the help of the codes they measured the
expansion of the explosion.

Int. of protective monitors.

On their monitors they were able to look at the circle picture of the explosion, circumference.

The chief co-ordinator of Jupiter was called Locus. His eyes shined out red, blue flashing color.
There were two gnarls on the top of his head, while his ears reminded of the squeezed hand. The
mouth were bloated, green -violet while few yellow spots were scattered on his face.

(looking in pictures and analysis)
This explosion is so weared !

The scientist Bony stood by him.

I would say the same thing.

Nine trihterias, that' s the circumreference of the explosion.

(looking in screen)
That means the complete explosion activated in that radius lenght.

Yes ! That' s it. Approximately, it made the effects in that circle.

(showing on the screen)
We should install the equipment to determine the reason for this accident.
It was very powerful. Everything is demolished entirely.

Locus give the order to the members of the rescuing teams, speaking on the monitor.
"Install the equipment!"

Next scene.
Ext. of flying cosmic paths.
Few of the flying ships were flying over the area setting carefully large boxes with the investigation
instruments. All of the procedure was carefully monitored and secured.

Turn the equipment.

The equipment for the testing had the shape of the reservoirs connected with the air channel with
the supplement of the casted energetic semi-ball.

The alarm was heard on one peak. The ground began to shake on that part. The location of the
disturbances was situated right beneath the examination channel .The automatic human voice began
to talk giving the precise information and details of the analysis made during the activity of the



(looking in transmittor)
I accept number three.

The second after he said his decision, the transmittor' s key turned on moving the process of the
energy activity. The ground slowly started to change the structure.

Ext. of ground.
The heat of the highest intensity began to stream through the area of the accident. More and more,
the ground was becoming the stable and compact mass. To form finally the area capable to resist the
mightiest earthquake .
We made it. Continue with the testing.
Our job is done.

Ext. of Jupiter.

Jupiter remained silent and clean, enchanting with the beauty.

The next scene.

Ext. of experts research experts.

A new team of experts came to continue the researches: Dr. Griffit, Dr.Welix, Dr . Estopolo, Dr.
Sondy and Dr. Kongor.

The researching equipment was placed randomly. The team of the scientists watched like in the
trans, what' s going to happen.

Dr. Griffit was 81 year old, with glasses on, wise and clever look in the eyes.

The screen would show graphically and written the changes of the condition.

The scientists came in the passage. Walking about thousands yards, they dashed on the large screen
incorporated in the wall.

They saw a big statues a miracle of architecture.

Dr. Griffit:
(looking in statues)
What a nonsense! Geometrical people.

Dr. Welix:
(looking in beautiful objects)
Geometrical people. What a beauty?

Dr. Kongor:
Well, that' s the sphinx, there is the
vase, and few other things.

The next scene.

Ext. of geometrical room.

The new message showed up on the screen.

You are standing on the teritory that
belongs to the geometrical people.

The statues -of geometrical people start to talk very alive.

We are the youngest civilization came out of the

geometrical war and the life without solution.
Our minds are the most intelligent treasury of the
universe. We are made of various material.
Our durability is unlimited.

Dr. Kongor:
Are you imortal?

Dr. Estopolo:
(looking in them)
How did you survive the accident on Diobos?

The sphinx:
Our appearance on the Jupiter happened purely coincidental.
The unknown creatures transported us from other planets to Jupiter.
We live underground. The accident on Diobos was caused by us.
Because our watching system caused the huge fast and disturbing the wind,
that destroyed your towers.

Dr. Griffit:
It wasn' t the wind after all!

The voice heard out of the pyramid.

We are the guilt partially, but considering the earthquake,

it caused the devastation on the other hand.

Dr. Sondy:
Still we were right.

The next scene.

Dr. Griffit turn the systems for the transformations.

Dr. Griffith:
We go in the area of the geometrical people.

Slowly the scientists began to turn in the light . Their bodies flew into the screen of the hologram.
All of bodies vanished for a minute and a half from the spot.

The next scene.

Int . of pyramid.

They found themselves in the misterious passages familiar from the Egyptian epoch. The numerous
mummies, the sphinks, vases, the statues of the famous historical personalties, were in this passages.
The scientists watched with special attention and mirth all of the antiques. One mummy started to


Dr. Griffit:
Thank you!
Most of these objects come from Earth. The mummies, sphinx from old Egypt.

Dr. Kongor:
(lookong in master-piece of world ' s culture)
Someone' s been here. Someone from Earth.
The starvation and the war ravaged through Africa.
The tribes would certainly destroy these structures.

Dr. Estopolo:
That ' s why they have been transported.

Dr. Griffit:
(asked to sphinx)
Can we continue with our researches ?

The sphinx:
Yes. You can continue your testings, with no limits.
We won' t to disturb you.

Ten torchs flamed in the passage. The illumination seemed to be idyllic, giving the romantic

Dr Griffit:
Let' s get back!

Dr. Welix:
A good idea. We won' t bother them so far.

Dr. Sondy:
Take the codes for vanishing.

Not even the fifteen seconds passed the bodies of the scientists vanished from the passage . The
geometrical people remaind still motionless .

Next scene.
Int. of energetic' s tube.
The scientists showed up in the cylidrical tube in front of the screen.

Dr. Griffit:
We have to establish if there are any new
elements and we ' ve done our job.

The power of the examination rays flew into the testing spot.

Dr. Kongor:
Increase the extent of the stroke focusing
the direction of the lines to the spot we chose.

Next scene.
Physical strokes alternated one after another with undiminished intensity, around the testing the
spot. After twenty intervals finally closing to the spot. The lines of energy were searching through ,
to indicate if there are any of the new elements . The centrifugal power activated repulsing the rays.
The red - hot sparks bursted out from the testing spot.

Dr. Griffith:
(worried look)
Too much sparks !Maybe we used the heat
more than it 's needed. The increase factor was
too high. It produced the field of the negative

Dr. Sondy:
Let' s try again. Now we' ll low the activity.

Dr. Griffith:
(looking in energetic field)
Let' s activate slowly with lowest allowed

Dr. Estopolo:
Let' s move again.

Next scene.

Ext. of light activity.

Out of the light codes with the lowest allowed pressure, the energy moved to the testing the spot.
Suddenly the sound of the alarm released out, the holnographic message appeared on the screen.

"On the Jupiter , there are following new

chemical elements: Volumex, Felihx, Yonium,
Metaxa, Wasta- Passe, and Hydor. All of these
elements are decisive for the surviving of the
whole universe, living creatures, comets, planetoids,
asteroids, stars of new civilization."
"The human life will last between 200 and 300
years, improving the health for 100%"
"Larger communication with people for 100%, while
the IQ was increased 1200, the creativity of the
brain and mind constantly was crowing. The human
organism will be strong and solid."
"The whole system would be protected from
maligmant deseases. These elements really
have the strongest beaming on this place. A
real precious discoverage!"

Dr. Griffith:
This report really impressed me!

Dr. Estopolo:
(looking on screen)
We found the magnificent cures in the

Dr. Kongor:
Let' s exploit them and we' ll be rich.

Dr. Griffit:
( looking in other scientists )
We have to behave humanistic. No wonder
we' ll make the fortune. This is a gold mine.

Dr. Welix:
Yes, the real discoverage. Jupiter is a
beautiful from the whole universe.

Dr. Griffith:
(looking in a code )
We have to call for a exploitation.

Dr. Sondy:
You mean, our teams? I' ll call them
by the sound code transmittor.

Dr. Griffith:
We finished our mission, very powerful
and completely. High precisely, above all.

The next scene.

Ext. of Great Diobos.

The flying ships were landing on the area of Diobos. The five scientists carried out the mission of
their lifes revealing something that will save and protect the mankind and the existence of other

Ext. of Jupiter.

On the smallish land area of Jupiter "THE DANGEROUS ZONE" existed. That was the very out of
the way place, like it was cursed. Many tales originated on the account of the "DANGEROUS

Analogous something similar existed on the Earth, known as the "Bermudas triangle". Something
else was considered as the horrible. The frightening voice heard out of the zone. The question was
could it be a monster or some wild living creatures or the spectre.

Another theory claims that its a modifying triangle which activates in a way, that when the flying
object approaches to the zone, it catches and destroys the object.
It is hard to beleive in any theory. Almost the twenty of the flying ships was sucked into that zone,
disappearing with no traces. Dense fume so as the fog covered the possible edges of the zone.

The next scene.

Ext. of big kettle.

The space became clearer and clearer. Finally the huge kettle could be seen in the whole size. The
kettle similar to the vulcan breathed like a living creature. Looking from the top of the kettle deep
down there nothing could be seen except the endless, dark abyss. It was a journey with no return.
What could possibly happen with the flying ships and other objects?
The flying large inscription on a big board stood in front of city "Delos - we are the strongest ". The
inhabitants of this civilization looked as the animals, wearing the costumes made of the crystal dust,
with the glass casks.

The Earthmen so as the other that were captured, accepted their life, staying in Delos. For the Delos
civilization didn' t allow them to go away.

The unknown flying ship was sucked into the kettle again, till the very bottom, until it landed on the

The kettle renewed the quantities of the magnetic power, prepared to swallow another object as it
appears nearby.

Moving away from the kettle the everyday traces of the cosmic flights could be seen because the
white fog would stay on their paths as they were flying. The peace and progress felt on the Jupiter.
On the recondite part of Jupiter the oasis of the peace streched itself . Few of the flying rooms was
here placed for the influential and powerful people to come and the rest. The most purest oxygen
spread itself to this concealed place.
The serenity of the tranquility and vivacity reached to this oasis.

The flash of the star light gave a wonderful view on this site.

Ext. of flying ships.

Flying away from the Jupiter the researching flying ships observed other planets galaxies and stars
all of the elements constituted the universe. Offering a fascinating sight. The planet Earth exceled
itself among others.
The spaceship "Eustaix" resisted to all of the powers of the resistance measured in testing ratios
capable to deal with the large burdening. The shape of the ship was a long test tube with the two
propeller levers at the end that moved the ship. The three kinds of the pressure impacted together on
the function of the speed.

The relative askial and the speed of the right power, were the names of these speeds respectively
that allocated its activity through the cross section of the enigine.
The pressures themselves operated on the propeller levers at the end of the ship, producing the
gasses of the burning. The volume of the burning became constant, without changes.

Int. of spaceship.

Bellow the bottom of the ship the rocket system was placed comprised of the strongest contra blow
subsystems in the shape of the spirals, polysyllabic connected with each other.
The main controlling and co-ordinating part of the ship was situated in the center of the ship. The
three protective layers made of the impervious steel, of the highest firmness and light energetic
sand, that destroys the rust and stopps the missiles catching them in the net.
At the possible fights the energetic sand would form the net in a shield around the ship, catching the
missile and destroying it.

Ext. of robots.

The six robots conducted the ship. They were programmed to carry out any task in predetermined
time period. Their superior knowledge and unlimited mind control ensured the safe guiding of the
ship. The bodies were made of the high quality dazzling steel. The information were transferred by
the transmitting brain in their heads. With the movements of the head and the hands they determined
the affirmative or negative attitude concering the decisions they made.

The specific kind of the energy dominated in that control room. In front of them there was a screen
showing the expenses of the universe.

Ext. of informatic screen.

The other screen ranged the millions of the information about the course of the flight, forecast
planned itinerary supplies possible obstacles planets ahead.

Some vague messages appeared on the screen. Undefined waves disturbed the picture. A robot
watched the picture for a while. Until the whole picture formed sharpening clearly.
It looked like the teeth of the shark are ready to swallow something, while the fog waves flew into
the mouth.
The teeth of the shark closed in the mouth, making the net full of the the light splits through which
the ship could pass. It might never return to possible divergence take the ship.

The next scene.

Ext. flying ship.

It was a flying ship ahead. One of the robots asked a question, while the same sentence wrote on the



The systems for destroying were turned on. With the fast stroke for the six seconds the unknown
ship burst asunder into the billion of pieces. The strong fiery wave of the explosion appeared
moving towards the net, vanishing in it. The spaceship "Eustaix" continued its journey following
the red-yellow orbit that lead to the one of the gaps. Inside the space was broad and meandering. The
ship slowly flied into the gap. Suddenly the ship in the shape of the bird showed up hiting the
"Eustaix" with the dozens of the missiles. The robots teared in few seconds so as the whole ship.

The next scene.

The spaceship destroyed "Eustaix" belonged to the Vulcanian flying ships. Its name was "Rox"
equiped with the equipment of the superb intelligency , without the crew programmed to destroy the
targets. This kind of the ship almost never missed.

Int. of spaceship "Rox".

"Rox" was on its way to home to the basis on the planet Vulcan. Dynamically, the ship in the shape
of the eagle approached to the base. The flat red-brown platform opened the ship flied into it. Deep
down for few miles beneath the ground of the planet Vulcan.

Few hundred of the similar ships was stored in the special hangar checked by the controlling
instruments, everywhere around. Not one of the Vulcanians was present in this base. There was no
any need, the superb intelligency performed all the controls and repairments instead of them .
The Cybar space would appeared frequently in the Sun system . With the increase of the temperature
the pressure would be enormous . The energy from the space was very important for all the living
creatures on Earth so as for the other planets and civilizations . The inequality of the ions so as the
atomic and molecular structure influenced on the positive and negative shields in the Cybar space
as the whole .The three shields : positive, negative and neutral were functioning perfectly together
complementing each other .

Ext . of gasses .

The new discovered gasses of the future that the spaceships exploited for their engine supplies were
located right here within the Cybar space . Everywhere in the universe whereever the Cybar space
appeared the ships would stop and extrapolated the new sources of the energy .
The law of the transformation was worth inside the Cybar space.

Ext. of shields.

The negative shield could become positive and contrary . The neutral shield maintained the balance
between these two shields like the wall between two rooms.
It was very beautiful to watch the white stars , milcy fog in the surrounding of the blue universe
from spaceship.

Ext. of spaceship.

A flying ship looking exactly as pyramid consisting of red material appeared in the air flying above
the empty space hundred miles far away from Nobil City.

The name of the ship was "Nobily". On the top roof of the ship there was a control room with
Today the crew of the ship decided it ' s gonna be the pyramid. Nobody could guess or predict what
form it 'll take tomorrow, or in which area would it be. The choice ought to be made especially by
the crew. The colors equally need to turn in from red to green , from green to white etc.

Gordon Fisher the captain of "KDAR" about fifty years old, tidy, constantly prepared for dangerous
situation. The first controlman was Adam Kerry was watching the observation on monitor.
The other controlman was Grant Sijon. He noticed on his monitor the projection of Nobil ship.

That seemed like entering data , information ranged on the screen giving necessary details.

(focusing his green eyes on the screen)
Let' s destroy it !

It ' s moving with the speed of 14 Nobil ' s lenght.

Fisher :
(tightly )
Place the Korko missile on 17 mazonic longitudes.

The next scene.

Flying ship "Nobily" flied changing shapes and in part of the second bursted asunder the missile hit
the ship. Pieces of red material were spreading like dust all over through the air. Finally the peace
felt nothing left on the very spot seemed as "Nobily".

Fisher squeezed his hand with pleasure.

Yes we won it !Yes , you've got the gots guys!
Kerry and Grant smiling one to another .
"O, yeah we knocked them down!"

Ext . of building.

Large blue building made of precious sea materry, long about few hundred yards tall about a mile
glittered mixing its reflection with artifical light. The construction look like the same, like before a
hundreds of years. The buildings made of sea material and the windows were made from the most
wonderful quality glass.

Ext. of Nobil City.

The buildings were high over few miles, leaning one against another like the tower from Pizza.
Instead of illumination city glittered under profusion of kadriotic rays from planet Art .

When the Earth felt the lack of light , the scientists sent the messages through all the space that
someone could give them the light, since the Earth would stay completely without any kind of
energy some day . Soon the civilization of planet Art, few galaxies away started to provide the Earth
with artificially produced light .

This reflection lasted little longer the day lenghtened. The world left to live in year 2122 didn' t
know the electric power any more.

Dozen of thousands of people live there. In a little street flying statue of Frenk Geds , the leader of
the Nobils. Known as the criminal the Nobils liked him just because he killed Madronian king and
weaked Madronians. Long twenty yards made of white marble the statue presented the owner.
Face with same features . Long nose, sagacious eyes , bald , with few shags, body with stomach.
Pompous and expensive construction.

In other darken streets of night life , poor kadriotic rays successfully turned red , green , violet.

The sonoric wind that blew up from the hills decreased its strenght, so that population was not

At the night as they were going out the Nobils weared white clothes covered with kadriotic energy
which exceled as beaming shield. They were driving their cars in frame of frogs , dogs , pyramids,
rectangles , ellipsoide. All of these forms represented Nobil ' s vehicles able to soar above the land.

Ext . of crossways.

Flying policeman regulated the the traffic on the streets of the Nobil City. On the main square where
was no traffic, just strollers, a big screen called "Big terminal", showing the time and everyday
information, twenty five yards long ten yards tall . Full of sphere intelligency. Realising the
projection of light shined gleaming and talking.

It is 26 hours and 84 minutes now!

Every minute besides the exact time information about weather flew on the Terminal.

"Today it' s gonna be fine or today it' s gonna

be bad weather !"

Immediately the big terminal announced.

"Don' t move, don ' t go out! Exposing to rain!"

"It' s dangerous!"

This seemed a real warning. Nobils strictly sticked to it. Not a living soul on the streets, the traffic
off. Hence for the protection there was a cure people with this rain felt nothing but spewing, if they
go out and smell it.

The next scene.

Now when the day lasts 36 hours and 103 minutes, people have more time unlimited for other things
and activites to do. No more bustle in life , restricted to 24 hours. People have more time to devote
to everything. Their physical, psychic intellectual marriage life was much adequate ability. The
prolongation of the time zone drew the longer life . So , the time limits of human life will be 200-
250 years. Man will look younger until he reaches 150, than he' ll be getting older. People finally
found their gift, their own vision of the world.

The causes of the changing the time zone are familiar. In the year 2049 on all of the continents,
there's been the change of the climate , the change of the weather tempest , the law of the balance,
material disaster, the changes of the positions of all the planets in the system. All of these events
caused the change of the time zone. The world found itself like the Earth.

Int . of time clocks.

The time clocks cracked. People started with construction of the new clocks. The lighting fire of the
future devastated the Earth. The day last 20 hours the night 16 hours and 103 minutes. People
achieved it with new technology, new construction spiritual renewal, they ' ve become the friends of
the alliens. If the time zone hasn ' t changed, the world wouldn' t stepp progressively not in a fast
way surely.

The absolute zerd line dominated inside what represented non-existence of any kind of the pressure.

The moleculas which activity was under the black body below the whole mass of the part of the gass
was situated.

Ext . of weapon in future.

Like new confrontations and new weapons that developed . The fact that was interesting , was that
the nuclear weapon doesn' t exist any more. The theory of radioactivity weaked. The nuclear weapon
from the Earth moved in year 2102. Only few effects left that caused the look of the human being
changed , as for the Nobils white complexion and black hair, for the Mazonikas the look of the ears.
Other effects reflected in weather.

People use energy weapon with mortal beams, which effect is very high.

Ext . of new energies.

Besides kadriot-mog energy other nine energies existed.

First among them was the energy "Korteza". Primarily represented energetic state of mind, when a
person finds itself in another time and space. People bring themselves into condition of the soul
some kind of trans. At the begining the body' s being stiffed, after the reaction of ball and light make
body turn in flame, igenous flash, little blaze body vanishing.

This process performed with the help of the crystall ball on the hill. Your mass and soul travels
floating through sky clouds. A person becomes the part of cosmic substance.

The second energy called "Orzon" was negative the energy of evil able to create a monster from a
human being. The energy' s being protected with electronic circles coriolit mass brought from
planet Korkon, to protect from yelow or blue rain.

Turning on to energy"Orzon" a human being looses its identity. The consequences were destruction.
Human kind falls in the state deeper then coma and most tragic death appeared.

Third energy was the energy of hope. Mazonikas the allies of Madronians possesed this energy
which produced the robots. Everything from the creation to disaster was contened in this energy.
The energy of hope was returned from Atlantid people once the most prosperous civilization the list
of all human sinfulness and defects through centuries .

This energy help many people which have a problems mental, nervous and other illness.

The fifth energy was"Jupiter". Situated in a ball of eternity, Madronians possesed it. The nature of
energy was cosmical. The inhabitants from Earth visited it very often. It cured them from dangeour
desease. The energy Jupiter operated changing the shapes.

The sixth energy"Kibi"determined Cybar space, the space of inconceivable frontiers. The seventh
energy would be energy of new world. It' s energy of human system. It existed as the vision of
something from where it all began and where it all ends not solving the problem. Every leap year
this energy appeared on "Orion"

Someone could see it the whole flashing while someone couldn' t see a thing .

The eight energy was the energy of power space. It appeared in the middle of red rain and some
huge tunderstorms.
Finally the nine energy was the"Eye of justice".

Human being move in the space of justice and change his moral characteristics on the positive.

The unknown message on terminal in Nobil City appeared.



Suddenly the explosion shattered the voice, the flightning light dissapeared and all of the
surroundings returned to normal condition. The eye of justice situated itself on the very frontier
between Madronians and Nobils.

Next scene.

The captain Gorison worked in the service.

Ext . of service.

On the big screen size three yards long and 1.5 tall. There was a tastature in front of it. He had black
rised up hair with deadly pale face, about thirty five years old, eyes fixed to the screen and on
information on it. On the screen it wrote with black letters on the green background .

"The flights are performed with 999% of assurance.

No difficulties for our flying ships. The planet Mars
in a distance of 2,5 billions of lightening years is our
destination for now."

We collided on to message in form of peculiar

letter. Also we noticed ceratain numbers one after
another. Could we understand them? We leave this
record to you to reveal the truth.

1005,999909 , 305687543 , 707 , 07 , 0000000000000

0000011345 , 23001, 500005, 7000007 , 900001 ,
5000005 , 50000001 , 435678 , 23001 , 6000000757,
8000000303 , 36015740001 , 1234008 , 54353637 ,
123457890 , 234567890 , 405105 , 45600000000321,
70751 , 803251 , 90251 , 10000000000000000001, 345
,64589 .

Other messages that we recorded where some kind of unusual letter. Can we discover the meaning
of this.

(looking very strange )
Peter this is weared. Look at the letter. Just the
number of figures, the way they ordered these
numbers. It must be telling something.

I never met this kind of the letter. I' ve found
that our assistant Kornie, who works on
examination could reach the secret . He said there is
no letter that can' t pointed out.

(looking in the screen )

Common I' ll prepare this letter for him, to

entertain for a while.

That ' s a small job for him .

Where is he at the moment?

Int. of scientific laboratory.

Kornie got the message for examination. He focused all his strenghts using the most modern
technology deep thinking with high concentration. He started to make researches from big energy
book with protective cadriotic shield.

Kornie :
(looking carefully)
Who could write something like that ?

After couple minutes the messages appeared. The result was the information.

The oldest space people of Arlons warned with this


That means:" The Nobils are the worst speices.

People conquered from underground, will return
what they lost. Frenk Geds will be dead."

(listlessly reacted )
Who would believe it? I' ve found every piece
of non-sense.

The next scene.

Int .of scientific laboratory.

Four scientists start to work on the project of 12th dimension.They putting the energetic cables and
make a energetic circle .

(looking with little wondering)
Bloody prophecy! Let' s go strongly. Push .

In a moment was happened a big tragedy , the screen caused the instalation cables fire around in the
lab. The screen blew up, four scientists were dead. The big explosion with the strenght of ultra
sound octans.

Ext. of flying ball.

The flying ball"Korkon" was qualitative construction with full level of assurance. Magic, special,
supernatural, super human power dominated inside the ball. It would be constantly rising up and
falling down sharing the respect. Nobils felt some kind of obligation.

The findings that scientists reached in their observations produced the opinion that the ball was the
product of the Sun system. The construction changed its characteristics. From gold heated mass
changed its colours from red to blue, turning to crystal at the end. The very configuration and
geometrical similarity changed.

In the ball the transformation heat energy beaming in spectrum of colors performed every color
beamed different kind of energy.

Ext. of Nobilian terminal.

The major sonoric terminal reported about uncommon occurence.



The bat shields produced the space transmission left as a gift protecting from harm beaming in the
rain considered as dangerous. From the dark shines of the shield, the spectrum of the colors created

Ext. Nobil City .

White murble house formed to look like the snail house. On front doors of the house, light
inscription shining red"Golden age", changed showing respectively every two minutes.

As the rain was falling drops fell on lily-violet rays doors. On the fence made of wood it was written
with the paint.


Fifty years old, fat, bald with moustaches, ominous in character, mighty. This is Frenk Geds- leader
of Nobils .

Int . of his house.

The entrance of the house could be valued as luxurious. Floating crystall table at the hall, monitors
located on every wall for guarding. A bar that automatically opens and closes, serving drink, red
doors that lead to the bedroom of Frenk Geds .

Hrrrrrrr! Hrrrrrrr! Hhhhhrrr!

Frenk Geds was snoring covered with white satin bedding. He squeezed his pillow. Evidently he
was passing through the nightmare, the moments when he killed Ilions Madrony II.

(yelling at him )
I' ll kill you. I want that for a long, long time.
The nightmare scene.

The Madronian king tall, dark man, longer hair about fifty years old was defending himself with a
big knife. Geds was stronger and stubbed his knife in king' s clust.

"Aaaaaaah! No! "

Geds woke up with a yerk took two pills and drank. He shakes his head.

Geds :
Oooh ! I feel a lot of better now.

He turns on the opposite side of the bed, falls asleep again.

What he didn' t know was that back in the darkness. Six year old boy the son of the king watched all
that happened without a shout silent.

Next scene.

Ext . of Madron City.

Underground Madron City.

Imagine tunels, passages long about fifty yards longitudinal accross with the illumination with
plenty of artifical kadriotic lustrous energy. Those passages could be entered with numerous of
gates, touch of Madron hand on which was imprinted the code. When the gate recognize the code
sealed on the hand, so as the features opened immediately. Noone else could have the access to
those passages, specially interesting those passages were for the subterrenean around frontier
between Nobils and Madronians.

Furtherly walking through underground halls till you can reach 160th where is the entrance to
Madron City.Remarkably poorer and much lower buildings. Inspite some kind of life moving
underground progress seemed not to be backward.

Ext. Madron square.

On the Madron square terminal was standing showing the time and proceed the information any

"Now it is 32 hours and 93 minutes. The yellow rain

comes down on us! "
"All the best, all the best for your health."

Thousands of people lived here in a small constructions comparing to Nobils looked bite as dwarfs.

Ext. Madron hill.

Nearby on little hillock floating sign "M" turned around transparenting the spectrum of colors to all
sides . At the beginning of every day Madronians used to bow to the sign meditating for couple
minutes. Terminal determined mostly and woked them up with a voice. This day yellow rain falls
down through the ground splits. Many Madronians go out of their lodgings in trans hugging each
other. The reason was the positive energy substracted from this rain.Very rarely the yellow rain
appeared. Once in a year enough to prove extending the lenght of the lifetime. To get wet in the rain
like this, meant two or three years longer to obtain for the living.

Ext. of Madron street.

On the pavement slept thirty year old Madronian unshaved, neglected, long dark hair, old clothes.
From time to time he woke up to drink the water from the well, the cure water. He supposed to be
the future king of the Madronians, but he couldn' t remember anything about who he was. He
frightened in a moment forgetting all, wondering with homeless surviving.

He didn' t know he was Ilions Madrony III. Sometimes the nightmare opssesed him, when he dreamt
certain dream, tried to think and solve, what it means.

In his dreams he heard the message.

"Son, my son, you' ve got to return the Madronian

glory, you must revenge our home. Son do that! We
are all proud. Do it, do it !"

Ilions woke up , searching for some bench around , to fall asleep.

Ext. of shields.

Violet shield was alternating from artifical sky, lightening up the hillock. The sky that was violet
color was actually the Earth shined with rays, which made the ground look like the sky. On the
slopes of the slopes of the hillock beautiful forest waterfalls.

Now withstanding the night time, some symbols lightened the city. Dazzling. It was the only
underground hillock. Somehow it represented a jewl of Madronian people, gaining the will to live
underground. These people survived and progressed with the help of the Mazonikas. Within 20
years beneath the ground they built their own town.

Ext. street of homeless.

The unknown king woke up in the street of homeless. The dawn showed itself in the artifical light.
However, there has been plenty of light, so people could experience the day, like it was natural.
Ilions III rubed his eyes, consumed few gulps of miracle water. Then he got up, start walking on one
side of the street, that was pretty dark. Though he looked tired, no sleep, despear, couldn' t be seen
on his face. He beleived in people, he never knew who he was, so as many people after Nobils
pushed them underground. Not the only case in last 25 years. There were thousands a like him, who
helped him srvive. He was the only successor of dead Madronian king. At the present , Madronians
didn' t long for or show any interest for a new leader. Ilions was wearing a neckless (gold amulet)
with engraved M I II III .

A gift from his father he was hiding it all the time behind clothes, because thiefs were stealing gold.
On his hand he had a black tatoo M.

Ext. of huge building.

He found himself in front of the huge building red long about fifty yards in the shape of the dome.
There he supposed it will be the last place to ask for the job. Every six months he was on the turn for
the job. Ilions passed to front entrance door, puts his arm on the light. The red signal turned on,
some voice said.

"Come in! The door opened!"

It represented something similar to medical examination. Ilions walked through red shield. At the
same moment he dissapeared and found himself in a room for unemployed . What he saw there was
a flying armchair. His name was Gregory Deyson. About 40 years old, bold, chased up,false
charming joker, but a man with principles pure mind.

Plenty of monitors arranged around with experiments in the process. Ilions just was staring around .

Deyson appeared pretty talkable .

In a moment when Ilions walked in, Deyson' s flying armchair has been circling around with
unbeleiveable speed. Crystal lustre denced for few seconds. Then the lustre took the original place.
All stopped and Deyson greeted.

Good day Sir !

Good day!

What kind of the business of the job are you
looking for?

(looking carefully in him)
I need a job for decent life. I wish to set up
my life a bit .

Sir, wouldn' t we all?

Probably. By the way, I need a place to sleep.

(looking in grasputor )
Everything is a full, except one home.

Deyson moves to the aparature of the computor machine called Grasputor- the monitor large as the
bigger TV connected with the bases of the information by cables. The bases of the information were
four square boards made of the material purposed for the satelite antenna. The energy run the
Grasputor was kadriotic-mog energy substracted from artificial light. Inspite of that, Grasputor
seemed to be a very progressive machine with the memory that connected all the possible
information about human past, wars, occurences, culture, music, constructions , discoveries in the
cosmos,the contacts with alliens, as well as the missing persons.

If anyone got the desire to search through the past could see all the pictures of the existence kinds on
the monitor of the Grasputor.

Deyson :
Your name, please !

I don' t know my name, I can' t remember it
for the last 25 years, since the war. You know. I
don' t remember anything ever since .

(looking on the screen)
In that case, I shall need your hand. Put it on
the screen, please .

Ilions pressed his hand on the screen. Green- red rays glimered out of the hand to the screen. Years
ago, such recognizing procedure carried out for the finger prints. The Grasputor was ranging the
names and persons, listing thousands of them in few seconds. After minute and a half, suddenly the
picture of the Ilions appeared with a sentence.

He is a gone. He doesn' t exist. Try at the

missing file.

Damn, so you are nowhere. We' ll try once
again. Have a little patience .

Deyson searched through the missing file, where besides missing persons, were missing or stolen
things, something unexpected happened. He whisperly read.

Ilions Madrony III the only son and only heir

of dead Madronian king. The gold amulet on
the neckless is a proof of it, so as the
cutting on the hand .

Deyson couldn' t believe it happened to him. He decided not to tell Ilions before completely cheking
up on him. Ridlingly he smiled.

Ilions :
(looking in him)

What' s the problem?

Deyson turned around looked him straight in the eyes , seemed distanced than before searching .

Nothing! You got the job. Go to Avenue 73.
You will work on the frontier, at the covering
the passages.

Where I' m going to sleep?

In return you will get the food and place to sleep
in Ayerve passage 6 .

Thank you

Ilions started dissapearing with the help of morboid energy out of the building. His body was just a
million star dust pieces. He was vanishing completely. In a room where he was with Deyson nothing
left on the spot.

Ext . front of the building.

After few moments he found himself in front of the building with the kind of the sonar energy, he
turn in again in body.

Int. of Deyson' s room .

Deyson felt a certain kind of confusion, kept thinking what to do, in fact he was really shoked of
what he saw Grasputor. At first he drank somne fluency a blue pill containing the food to relax his
mind not to be tensed. Then he searched and searched seating in his flying chair for hours through
the basis of the Grasputor. Data and photos of the faces listed one after another (the Grasputor
posses the incredible power of listing data).

Finally, the picture of a little boy appeared with the following beneath it .

Ilions Madrony III born in Madron City, 2093, no

traces since. Presumption. He lives somewhere
underground or even in Nobil City, if he might be
alive. He was missing 2098. No traces since. Now
he would be at the age of thirty according, to the
decision of his father. He supposed to became a
new king. Do you want the hologram projection?
Deyson pressed the button.

Yes. I want that.
I wanna see him at the age of 30 .

The picture of hologram projection appeared, the picture of Ilions presently.

( shouted )
Yes, yes, yeeeeees! That' s him! What shall I do?
I know, I' ll call Larry.

Deyson pressed the button on the tastature which produced the sound signal.

Beeeeeee! Beeeeee! Beeeeeee!

Transferred through the Grasputor Deyson calls Larry. Only the person reffered to could get the
message. Larry Griffit was just about to put his glasses on. Seating also in flying chair. He received
the signal on the big TV- screen.

Who is it?

Deyson is here.

His picture showed on the screen.

(looking in him)
What' s up Deyson?

I dig out something, that you' ll be surprised of .

O. K. For about thirty minutes, I' ll come. See you.

The next scene.

Int. of Avenue 73 .

The Avenue 73 was in fact the number of the passage tunel underground, which was made to cross
the way to the frontier which was coming up to the ground for few miles. From Madron City this
shortcut was two miles far. The tunel proned to decay was constantly repaired. Many people come
to work here for food and lodging, to get rid of the homelessness. The tunnel was made of
reinforced concrete, so as all other tunels around illimunated by artificial light bulbs. Workers in
their working clothes made of red neolit mattery some were perforated, some were filling up the
holes, while the rest were controling the light bulbs in each one of the tunels. There were few dozens
of workers every day , could be compared with the ant-hill underground. While the day began Ilions
wearing the red working clothes, was approaching to Grant Michael.
He was inteligent foreman, with round white badge on his chest where the name was: GRANT F .
Ordinary workers where having on their badges: THE NAME W. .

Ilions :
(seriously look)
Good morning, I am new.

Come with me . You' ll work over that table,
monitoring the entrances. If something falls down
from the walls in the tunel you' ll inform
the warehouse. So that they send us the fixing
material. For now take this parts: number 76 and
99. Here is the control button .

Michael shows the button which was located on the white box of the monitor. All of the buttons
were alocated on the box around the screen, so there was no need for the tastature. The passages
number 76 and 99 were showing the present condition in picture, information about light, damages,
where are the possible decays etc.

Ilions carefully watched what Grant explained to him about monitoring procedure tried to remember
it. After Grant explained the details for work he spoke to him .

You are free at four hours closed after the dawn.
You gonna get your badge with C.

Ilions sat on the round table because there was no chair. On other tables in the other underground
passages were about ten controlers doing exactly the same thing he was doing, the monitoring

With the help of transforming energy Larry Griffit was dissappear in his office appearing in Deyson
's office.

( looking in him )

The missing son showed up today in amnesia. He
has no idea of his identity, he' s unbeleivably
soothed .

You must be joking. He is dead .

Deyson approaching to Larry' s face.

(seriously looking )
No he' s alive.

Now I beleive you. Here is what we gonna do.

Definitely. We ve got all the information in

(looking in Grasputor)
Deyson you' ll get a reward for this. Bring
the young man with you tomorrow and
message on the big terminal proceed as .
All persons without identity must be reported
to missing persons office .

I agree with you.

( explicitely )
Do as I told you, but first I wanna picture of
him. You creep .

(lunaticly smiling )
O. K. Deyson always a fool.

The place center for embelishments in Madron City.

Ilions just finished his work walking to the main square. He dropped by to the blue building called
"A PLACE FOR EMBELISHMENTS". The interior reminded of once existed cosmetic practise: the
face cleaning, shaving saloons and similar. Ilions had to shave and cut his hair. The money didn' t
represented the value any more on the Earth. With the nuclear war all of the sources vanished.

Int. of place cosmetic center.

No jewls, no silver, no gold except the silver or gold trimming only two or three diamonds existed
in the world in the hands of the people who couldn' t sell their ornamentation to anyone. These rare
samples were kept at the museums as the inheritage from the past.

People valued the energy as the substitute for the money. Reach people exchanged the sources of
different energy for them, the energy had the biggest value.
Without work they couldn' t even eat.

The rich part of population possesed the shares of the energy. The owners of these shares called
them"the power shares". Ridiculous, comparing with the time of the money ruled over the world.
Now this was reality. Ilions was in cabine.

Int. of cabine.

First he pressed his badge on which was written: NO NAME, C, to the monitor in the cabine small
about few inches to prove he' s been working. Without proof for the job, noone could obtain any
service not in Madron City, so neither in Nobil City.

After he pressed his badge pleasant woman automatical voice' s been heard.



Ilions turned to the left wall of this square cabine, pressed the buttons with capital letters S and H.
For couple of moments he' s been shaved and cut his hair with the help of the monitor that focused
the light energy on his face equally on his hair. The light rays were circling from the monitor
spreading operating, taking off the beard, so as the surplus of the hair up to the neck, while Ilions
was standing on his feet still.

After the procedure was over Ilions comes out of a cabine, directing to the exit, where the flying
cabs were parked. He takes one of them, the blue one gets in, directing to his new home Ayevre
passage 6, where he got his lodge.

Most of the flying cabs and cars were similar to the cars a century ago, except they were made of
impervious material discovered in the space, before the civil war between Madronians and Nobils.

After the civil war ended Madronians with draw some kind of the vehicles underground, meanwhile
the Nobils took over the factory, continuing and improving production every years.

Int. of cabine.

When Ilions got out of the cab the message announced on the terminal.

All the persons without identity must report to

the missing persons office !

The voice of programmed automatic machine repeated the sentence three times.

On the pavement in front of big terminal stood six foot tall man, age about forty, short bright hair,
blue lurking eyes in military uniform.

Ext. of big terminal.

It was the captain Alan Smith the informator of Frenk Geds. Alan Smith watched the sentence on
the terminal and tried to remember it.

Ext. of Nobil City .

Frenk Geds was seating in his office on flying sopha. He took the pills from the plate when he
finished, he took a big cigarette.

From his lodge in Madron City, Alan Smith transformed to show up in Geds' s office. Geds stared
his eyes seeing Alan Smith is configurating.

(upset )
Alan. Why on Earth you are here? I
warn you, this mistake not repeating .
Someone of your people could catch
the transformation on the terminal and
you are dead man. I can' t watch
Madronians without you man .

( humble )
I bring you some news, master.

(looking in him )
What now tell me, before someone

It seems to me that Madronians look for
someone important. Who could it be?

Geds :
Weared! Not dangerous for now,continue
spying. Vanish !

Smith vanished like a flash.

Ext. of Nobil City .

The sky opened. Green rain fell down, after it, the rain of darkness. The big terminal on the main
square enacted the pulsing and space change. From the rectangular shape changed its direction for
the resultant. The message was announced through the voice on the big terminal.


The rain was falling and falling. After twelve hours when there was a little hope it' ll stop. The new
message was announced on the terminal.



Ext . of Nobil City.

The night deeply began to reign in the Nobil City. The green rain was constantly falling, the thunder
could be heard with some burning fire all around.

People the Nobil City were hiding in a shelter of the mountain Art for the last seven hours, knowing
that the construction will protect them from harm effects, better than staying at their flats. They
were having fun, awaring to the fact. The rain will stop in a few hours.
The ice, rain and thunder beated like never before. The pressure and air humitidy lowed making the
cold night in Nobil City.

Ext. of flying bone.

A large joint bone existed in Nobil City with many purposes. First it represented the certain kind of
the path. Nobils were coming by flying cars to the bone twenty nine yards long to ask for the
combination of the numbers for their travellings to come to the destination in the safest way,
avoiding the areas notorious rains possibly could fall.

Regarding this answer the crew of the Nobil' s space ships, before their journies in the space to get
the advice of the travelling.

People standing or seating in their flying cars focused their mind to the destination they want to
beach looking at the whiteness of the bone. After about twenty seconds the spot on the bone where
they concentrated their minds, became transparent. The numbers began showing up respectively, one
after another, making the combination of the numbers precisely calculated for the routes to travel.

The second function of the bone was to produce the sonoric wind directing it where the rains or
thunderstorms appeared. All the cities in the world owned the exclusive right to use the sonoric
wind produced by the bone. That was one of the rare things the human civilization shared year 2122

The next scene .

The sonoric wind blew in different time intervals, with the strenght of nine"Shilts". The scale in
Shilts was located near to the bone, about ten yards beneath it, on the ground, because the bone was
positioned in the air.

The wind sounded like buzzing, some kind of unbearable storm sound .

The night ended, a day began. At last, everything calmed, the rain stopped to fall, everything seemed
so quiet. The citizens were coming out of the shelters, going home. For this rain will fall for five
years again. They knew this fact, therefore, they smiled enjoying in new day, though their faces
looked tired, inspite didn' t sleep the whole night long.

The inhabitants of the Madron City underground also were exposed to the activity of the green rain.

Ilions rested in his lodge .

Int. of his room.

The Madronians lodge for the workers represented a larger room with the shower, the bed a yard
above the floor fixed to the wall smaller Tv- monitor incorporated into the wall, the refrigerator in
the shape of little box. All of this furniture found its place in a room of 6*3 yards. The hundreds of
these size rooms were located in Ayevre passage. Ayevre passage was the one of the tunnels near
the place for work, intended for the men without families, mostly the categories of the population
that were homeless. Ilions was lying up on his bed, thinking how he feels good, comparing to the
period he was homeless. His thoughts were with other homeless, his friends who styayed sleeping
on the pavements. Some of them helped him since he was a child, providing him the food. Some of
his friends used the chances for the job, which appeared every six months as Ilions did.

Ilions felt sorrow for the rest that couldn' t get the job because the age or illness, dying on the
pavements. The wealthier people of the Madron City lived in larger lodges , the premises had the
same furniture inside, except they were larger in size.

Deyson' s been approaching walking to the lodge with number 6 on blue plastic door. He touched
the door trying to enter, but itwas locked.

Ilions heard someone' s at the door. He was very tired, exhausted, so he wasn' t willing to get up of
the bed and press the door to open.

(slowly talking )
Who is it at this hour? I' m tired. For the last
16 hours I just watched the screen. Please
come later!

On the monitor of few square inches that looked on the smallest Tv-monitors century ago, located
above the door inside the lodge. Deyson' s face appeared. Ilions could watch the face from the bed.

(smiling )
It' s me Deyson.

What do you want?

Why didn ' t you report yourself to the missing
persons office? It is my duty to warn you.The
persons who don' t come over to apply
within these two days, will be expunged from
the list of our community, with any rights
either to work nor to prove the existance.
You could loose your job!

Ilions carefully listened to Deyson' s words asking.

What' s the rush? There' s plenty of time
to do it.

Come tomorrow. Please contact Larry Griffit.

I will. Now live me alone.


Deyson lunaticly smiled. When he turned his back to the door, he said silently murmuring.

We' ll catch a fish.

Int. of Geds' s house.

Geds was sleeping in his bed, with his fiancee, La Verne. Atractive young woman, green eyes, black
hair beauty, oval face, perfect thirty year old woman.

Geds woke up, touching the plastic box built into the white murble wall. For a second the tray with
the breakfast emerged out of the wall. Geds took one of the pills served on the tray, picked up the
glass which was empty. He left the bed to go to a little fountain with miracle of water to drink it.
The fountain made of white marble was placed in the hall of the house, incorporated in the wall.
Geds took few glasses of this water. The scientists called this water"The miracle" for its mineral
healing qualities.

After he drank the water Geds come back to the bed and start to kiss La Verne.

(kissing her the whole body)
Oh, my dear love. You are so sweet.

La Verne:
Ah, darling. Don' t stop. I feel so

They make very strong the love. Geds touching and kissing the whole her body . It' s phantastic love

Next scene.

Ext. of building for"Missing persons".

Ilions took a cab to get to the "Missing persons office". He got out of the cab with the flying stairs in
front ofd building twenty yards long, about ten yards tall. The rest of the unidentified persons were
scattered through rooms, on each door there was a different name of the clerk.

Int. of Larry' s office.

Larry Griffit was seating in his armchair that floated a yard above the floor. Ilions passed through
the large gate, directing to the entrance door configurated as sixtuple polygon. He put his hand on
box modul close to door which function was to transform his body to Larry Griffit' s office. The
light started to shine out of the hand.
The mind played the main role to achieve the dissapearing of the body and its transportation to the
place where it recreate again. The alliens realized the vanishing with the power of the mind
concentration the point of the success is just to practise the more its possible.
For the Earth inhabitants the alliens left the boxes, throughout the world. With the touch of the hand
a person would imagine the name of the person with whom he or she wants to meet, the box
recognize this thoughts, the rest of the process realization vanishing was assigned to morbid energy.
Ilions' body appeared in Griffit' s office. Besides the flying armchair there was the Grasputor with
the tastature built in, as a component of the red walls. The bar with glasses medium size was fixed
to wall. In a moment that Ilions appeared in the office, Griffit was turned to the monitor of the
Grasputor watching the elephants existed once in Africa.

Griffit turned his chair, facing Ilions smiled and landed the chair to the floor , approached to Ilions
and welcomed him.

Good morning!

Good morning!

Ilions was surprised, that there was no any other candidate in the room except him for the report.

Larry bowed to Ilions on his knees he said:

I wish you all the best. You are our king .


The king! I am the king? How could that

be? I don' t understand. Please tell me!
I don' t know who I am.

Larry hoisted moved away the collar of Ilions shirt, which hided the neckless composed of black
rhomb shaped plastic pebbles. On the end of neckless right on the chest, was fixed the gold amulet
with engraving: M I , II, III.

Larry showed with his hand straight to the amulet.

That thing, the signs, one two, three. Can
you remember your father? Do you know
who he was?

(try to remember)
A certain male voice is following me in my
dreams. I see the face, but not clearly.
He have the knife, one long hair, the other
bold. I run away. That' s all I remember
from the past .

What you saw? The bold one is Frenk

It is assumed that he killed your
father. You look like him, though I
would say you' re more like to your

(closing the eyes )
You knew my parents ?

I was the friend of your father, one of his
closest associates. I thought that you were
dead in 2098. Oh, I' m so happy you
are alive to raise our people. You came at
the right moment.

(looking in Grasputor )
How my father became the king? It is so
extraordinary. I watch the programm, after
long time.

It seems to me that kings

existed thousand years ago, there' s not
one of the kind mentioning, currently.

It ' s long story. I' ll make it shorter.
You' ve heard the story of the nuclear

(confirmed )
The people mostly the elder, told me what
happened in disaster, when I was homeless.
They told me everything about, but not a
single detail about any king.

(reading with valuable papers)
I' ll be straight with you. Your father
was concieved as a child, between the
visitors from the planet Atlantide.After the
visitors left, the child was born, with the
cutting on their hands.

(looking at his hand )
That' s why I always wondered how I got
the scar. It looks like I cut myself with the
knife, but it never skinned over.

Let me finish the story. In the honour of the
visitors, the scientists decided to crown the
child, making him as a king, Ilions
according to your grand mother Iliona,
Madrony- to the Atlantidian word Madrona
which names the one who learns from others.

(listen to him carefully)
O.K. I' ve been listening to all you said. I
wanna know, what' s my name?

Your name is Ilions Madrony III. I ' m sorry
for your mother, she died in war too.

So! The faith destined me to become a king.
Four weeks ago, I thought I' ll die as
a homeless.

(looking very brave)
There was a possibility! In the case that you
couldn' t use your chance for the job, you
would never show up in Deyson' s office,
you would die unidentified, noone would
check up who you were.

Something else I have in mind.

I' ll arrange everything for you your

(looking fascinated)
Tomorrow I shall make a speech on big
erminal from this room. Can you
transmit me? I shall make a speech at
26 hours 102 minutes.

You can use the Grasputor if you like.

I don' t know how to use it.

(looking in Grasputor)
Someone of our teachers will learn you.
Your majesty before you leave take these
keys. They belong to the house of your
father on the ground. It is still in pieces
somewhere in Nobil City. I suppose
noone lives in it.

Very grateful! I have to go now to work.

(smiling )
You don' t need to Sir. I' ll inform Grant ,
thinking up something as of the excuse.
Noone will know about you till tomorrow.

Thanks! I have to ask you something.

Ilions' s face was smiling for the first time. He seemed happy. He changed his hard, serious voice to

I mean as a king, I get special treatment

Don't I? I want comfortable
lodge, that' ll give me some piece.

You can use my home. I ' ll find
myself another.

(thinking )
How do I get in?

I' ll programme the door on your hand
to open it.

The next scene.

Ilions came out of the building. Dozens of cabs were floating in the air, searching for potential

Ext. Nobil City.

The new day drew ahead in the Nobil City. The yellow rain was falling. Automatically the terminal
announced the happy news message.

"Go out everybody for your health and long life. The yellow
rain is falling."

Few thousands of Nobils run out of their constructions wetting their haires and clothes, believing
they' ll live longer. The joy lasted for ten minutes. Nobody wouldn' t miss this rain. People cried of
happiness. This peculiar emotion people showed frequently, beleiving it ' ll help them to increase
the body energy level.

Int. of the underground frontier.


The underground frontier between Madronians and Nobils.

The frontier included 16 tunels that lead to the ground by stairs. Behind these 16 tunels were the
guardians from Madronian side. On the other hand, just at the entrance to the stairs the control
platform with the soldiers in it was controlling the area beggining from the stairs, till the last tunel
they could reach underground. In fact they couldn' t break break through the walls further than the
tunel they called N 16.

In a trap on the other side the Madronians guarders would wait for them. The shooting started out of
the guns from both sides. Soon, after couple of minutes, the Nobils would with draw dead bodies.
Nobils wished to break through, the Madronians knew that, lying in ambush. The soldiers carried
the guns that reminded of MP 2 machine guns. The guns released the mortally activation light rays.
To protect from the rays, kadriot riot shield was produced on both belligerent sides, which didn' t
protect the whole body, just the front. Not watching all the sides of shooting the soldier could easily
become a target.

Ext. Madronian square.

A big terminal.

Many Madronians gathered on the square to see and hear the speech announced a day before. They
have no idea, they' ll see Ilions or who is going to speak. The speeches were important and rare,
hence, the Madronians payed attention to them.

Madronian woman weared two-parts green silk costumes, the children dresses. Adult man weared
long shirts up to the knees with trousers in different colors.
The collars of shirts were decorated with fancy- work stitched by various colors of the thread. The
materials of which the clothes was made represented the high quality products produced before the
civil war began. The Madronians withdraw some of the stores into the ground utilizing it.

On the terminal' s screen appeared Mark Geylon. A Tv-reporter vivid round brown eyes with long
eye lashes, brown short hair, about twenty years old.

( shouted )
Smile, smile! I wanna the smile on your faces,
today you' ll get the new leader. The lost son
of our dead king returned home. Listen to

Mark' s face dissappeared from the screen. Ilions' s face showed up. He was in mood, his eyes

"Brothern, now is the time, our people not to
live like a rats. To return what belongs to us.

Ilions raised his right hand. The cutting could be seen on his hand.

I' ll revenge the death of my father and your

dearest. Some day we' ll be back on the
ground. We deserve that. Keep the strenght.

The crowd clapped and approwed delighted Ilions continued.

The only way and path to us is better tomorrow.
Better life! We don' t know how the
world up looks any more. Brothern keep
together and win. Unite our strenghts and
efforts to realize our goal.

Ilions' s face dissappeared from the screen. The crowd was gone.
This was a speech promissing a lot of. Again Madronians have a new king. He represented the great
danger for Frenk Geds and the Nobils.

Int. of hidden wall.

Alan Smith watched all of the speech misteriously smiling.

The smell of the confrontation neared every day. It was just the question of the month. Whatever
better times for Madronians were expected.

The frontier.
Int. a passages.

Entering the tunnels it was a feeling to get into the holes with illumination .These underground
passages were made before the nuclear war happen, 16 of them, that led to the atomic shelters.
Madronians diversed direction of the water on the opposite side of the mountain to the Nobil City.
Inspite of the grave silence the stillnes that could be seen visualy the smell of the conflict foretold,
there' s gonna be the fight. The tunnels shined with thousands of the bulbs hanging on the top.
Deliberately Madronian guardiers performed the hole in the tunnel. The alarm was released to entice
the soldiers on the Nobil side. The sound of alarm lasted one minute than it stopped. The
atmosphere has been tensed, like something is going to happen. A hundreds of Nobil soldiers on the
ground was prepared for going down to the passages, weared black suits, black helmets and larger
guns and riot shield fixed to the chest.

The Nobils moved down, by the stairs, to the tunnels that led to the hole they' ve seen on their
monitors few minutes ago, scattering like termites ready to attack the victom.

On the opposite side Madronian guardiers took different positions, kept watching the border
Madronian warriors weared light shields. These very young people with heart and pride courage to
prove themselves .
They were patient and persistant, observing the positions which Nobils took.

Both sides judged each other. Nobils wanted to foresee the intentions of other side. The Madronians
ten yards from the hole slowly retreated ten yards further. Nobils started to creep through the hole
one by one. As soon as they dragged through the hole began provocating with Kat-rays pistols,
shooting with light aiming it to Madronians.

Madronians hiding behind hindrances returned the fire involving shortly to delude Nobils. The big
shooting started.
Dozens of Nobils dropped dead on the other side about twenty of Madron guardiers. The invasion
was stopped effectively, for now. Both sides withdrew their wunded and dead bodies.

Int. of underground passages.

The dead silence, became ruler afresh in the passages.

Within Madronian guardiers was captain McNall, another spy working for Geds. Forty years old,
blond hair, brown eyes, very brave and subtle.His flash in the eyes all of his appearance could be
compared with a hawk.

After the shooting stopped, both sides retreated, McNall absconded in his lodge, situated in one of
the tunnels intended for the military forces. McNall seating on the hammock taking off his guardier
suite, pulled out a tiny TV- monitor with the sound module. Nine figures from 1 to 9 signed on
black round buttons. McNall typed few numbers that determined his frequency to make a contact
with Geds. Few seconds, the sound signal that heard on the module travelled to the same module,
Geds had.
After the sound stopped activating, Geds' s face showed up on the monitor of two inches square.

Chief, new Madronian king appeared, from
nowhere, yesterday. He even showed himself
in public. That grub! How we gonna stop him ?

Get rid of him, kill him. When you decide
it is the most appropriate moment.

(looking very dangerous)
It' ll be done!

The king represents danger for us, we' ll
prevent that won' t we?

Yeah ! I love that.

Ext . of Madron mountain .

Ilions carrying gold sword, emerged out of the"L" building, intending to climb up to the top of the
mountain in which the building was incorporated. With the ceremonial clothes on, Ilions walked,
until he reached the top. The gold sword glittered beyond the light. On the top there was a ellipsoid
mirror affixed "THE DOOR", made of green perfidious material. Ilions lifted the sword up, noding
in right and left.

In a moment he pointeed the sword in the center of the mirror, immediately, the energy light shined
out to the sword.

Ilions looked at the light, concentiously, amazed, a little dramatical. Thereafter the light started
penetrating through his body, filling his personality with feelings, braveness, morality, courage.

This performance represented the ancient ceremony of the Atlantidians. The legacy that visitors
recommanded to the scientists explicitely quoted what' s the purpose of the merging with the mirror
light. The people were affraid of what could happen them if they risk. Only one man realized the
merging before Ilions. It was his father .

The next scene.

Ilions put himself in Yoga position, started floating towards Korkon, above other mountains that
surrounded the Nobil City. While he enjoyed the view, the mirror he left on the mountain changed
its forms from the ellipsoide to rectangle, following the square, finaly identyfying its shape with the
precise frame of the flying ball. Some voices heard out of the formated ball, like some unknown
intelligency addressing the message. Regardless of the technology existed people who observed the
mirror, were able to solve its riddle partially.

At the moment Ilions just stepped on the mountain of Korkon, the mirror vanished as a flash.

As Ilions landed the crystal ball blazed his eyes, it was so difficult for him to look at it. The ball turn
in from the crystal shape to heated round gold mass,alternating the spectrum of green color to blue,
spreading the color' s light radially around, increasing the radius to reach the bottom of the

Ilions took out his sword out of the belt with which the sword was fixed to his waist. As pointing to
the mirror, Ilions repeated, aiming the sword to the ball.

Some strong sound released out of the ball. The ball began pulling Ilions to swallow him. The
dragging stopped for a moment. The flash came out of the ball transferring the light through the
sword to Ilions chests.

Ilions couldn' t stand on his feet, the power was much stronger than him. It threw him away for ten
yards, on the ground. Ilions' s body was carried through the air, with the unknown potential energy.
He couldn' t do a thing to resist it.

The ball rised up, becoming larger and larger, rolling itself, as it increased. Ilions watched this
transformation in trans. His eyes were wide open, inflexible. The ball now ten times larger in size,
began flying over the Nobil City, turning around.

On the spot where the ball vanished in the sky. A word with the letters of dust was written: Eternity .

Ilions felt he meets with something so truthful, endless, real. This word meant that we see through.
We don' t beleive what' s beyond the endless. The limits of life exist, we are afraid to know, so we
leave our conclusion as ETERNITY to place it somewhere in the last galaxy.

While Ilions was going through these thoughts something woke him up. Everything he experienced
looked like a dream. Ilions recovered his consciousness , shook his head. He thrilled out.

I thrived!I really made it!

On his face could be seen the joy, he obtained full selfconfidence, faith to win, faith in himself.
Even tough and hard the ceremony was over. The flying ball stood on the same place as before ,
rotating , changing colors in its original shape. The sky clearly blue.

Ilions was not able to foresee the evil, his thoughts drowned to good side of the life. After this
ceremony, he became completely different person. Spiritually inspired with the idea of supernatural.
He caught his amulet, touching it. In a moment he flied back, directing to ten miles far mountain,
where the"L" building waited to welcome him.
What power could possibly carry him through the air, so safely?

Ext. of Madron City.

Madron City sighted extremely fascinating. The touch of pleasentness and surroundings affected
with each other. All of the population underground, wished Ilions to take back their city above.
Truly, they imaniged so, wanting back what belonged them.

Next scene.

Ext. of flying cab.

Ilions climbed to a flying cab in front of his lodge, that belonged to Larry Griffit once. When he
walked into the cab, he faced with the pure perfection crystal interior surface. His seat was divided
from the driver by a crystal transparent wall, on which few screenes were fixed with a mini-bar.
Ilions pressed the button to turn the TV. The face of a beautiful young woman covered the screen, he
remembered once in the tunnel, just after the war, he was playing with a little girl, with green eyes
and the hair exactly like on this woman.

(convinced )
It could be her!

He enjoyed being with her. Unfortunately her parents found her and took her away. Ilions got lonely,
among adults, but we never found out what happened to her, until now.

The woman started to report.

(charming talking)
Today we' ll be some registration at the doctor
for the children vaccination. We ask all parents
to come. Come with your new born children
the sooner you can. For your own good .
Have a nice day!

Louise smiled showing her white beautiful theets. The report was over. The programme teaching
about human past, before the nuclear war began. The information were provided by the transmission
from Grasputor. Each day, something different was on the programme. Today, the continent of
Europe and its culture was presented,during twelve hours in details. The programme was as all over
the world for young generations to learn something out of it.

Ilions turned off Tv, pressing the same button. His driver interrupted.

Shall we, sir?

( order to him)

Where to?

(looking in trade' s part of the city )
I wanna go to the store in the mountain to
buy something. You know where it is? Rafael !

Rafael :
( kindly looking him )
Yes its our only store, but you' ll have to
go upstairs walking for fifty yards.

I want to. Take me there!

Ilions drank some fluency pouring it out of crystal bottle. The cab was already in the front of the
store, near"L" building. The flying stairs immediately formed in front of the car, one by one. Ilions
and a driver directed to the ship located higher.

While they were shopping, McNall streacked to the car to set the bomb. A bomb was formated as a
quadrat tiny box made of destructive material from the space. Nobils produced it for five years after
the civil war , than the production stopped under the pressure of other world communities which
didn' t wish new destruction again.

McNall matched the bomb thirty seconds after the touch on doors, to explode. Than he removed for
a distance of ten yards to watch.

Ilions and Rafael left the shop, going down to a car. Rafael just touched the door to open it , when
Ilions said.

Wait a minute we forgot a desert. Let' s go back.
There is a beautiful woman in our people.

I have to pick something for her.

They moved from the car two yards. A weared sound heard resembling to the whistle of the wind.
Ilions and Rafael turned their back seeing the cars cutting into pieces by the strong light.

The car exploded in couple of seconds .

(seriously )
It' s Nobil bomb, sir!

(surprised )
Nobil bomb. Who could set me up? Someone of

(with a deeply fear in eyes)
It could be, someone' s been watching you. I didn' t do it, sir
We could be both cremated for 30 seconds .

Ilions :
I beleive you ! He' ll pay, whoever.

McNall was listening to the conversation, discontented look in his eyes reflected his rage for the
failure. He hided behind the rock stone wall.

Int. of Geds' s office.

Geds was seating in his office, waiting for McNall to report. He turned the sound module on. The
picture of McNall' s lodge appeared, empty room, he was not there.

(reacted )
Damn! The bastard! Where is he now?

Geds typed another combination of numbers to contact another lodge. The face of Alan Smith
showed up on a tiny monitor.

Smith! Where' s your pal, McNall?

He vanished from Madron City. No wonder

You know something. Tell me.

The new self declared king is still alive. Mc
Nall missed the target, chief.

(crazy looking him)
Idiots! I' ll kill him. If you find McNall kill
him. Eliminate the bastard.

I' m sure he' s been hiding somewhere in
Nobil City. I' ve searched the whole underground.
He' s nowhere, he is somewhere
around you. Boss, but I have no idea how
long he' ll do without food.

Never mind. I care to eliminate a young
chiken. I want you to think of the trap .
I trapped his father once. I hope he' s
stupid as him. Haaa,ha,ha,haaa!

Smith lunaticly laughed, joined him. Geds prommised Smith something very important.

You' ll get a sonoric reward for that! Ha,ha

Geds turned the monitor off , got up of his sopha. Than he started vanishing appearing on Nobil' s

Int. of Ilions' car.

Ilions turned the TV in car pressing the same button. His driver interrupted .

Shall we , Sir!

Move to the one shop!

They move very fast.

Next scene.

Int. of mountain' s shelter.

McNall was sleeping in a shelter of the mountain Art. Geds won' t probably find him.

Int. of Griffit' s office.

Ilions searched through the Grasputor trying to find visual records of the accidents. The picture of
the explosion was reconstructed into thousands of pieces. Each them had to be enlarged million
times bigger. The Grasputor selected six the most suspicious parts among which tiny smiling face
appeared. The Grasputor enlarged the picture until the clear face appeared. McNall turned his head
unsatisfied hiding after two minutes leaving the place. The visual record box couldn' t catch where
he directed.

Ilions was satisfied with what he found out.

(looking in evidence)
That' s the bird. I catch you.

Any of the monitors underground couldn ' t find McNall. Ilions searched through all monitors. After
listing about three minutes on the screen appeared the message.

Guardier McNall is considered as missing person. He'

ll be put into the missing file. Do you want to put
him somewhere else?

Ilions typed word"Wanted". The Grasputor proceeded the question.

Do you want him put in criminal file?

(pressed the button)
Yes! Sure.

The picture of McNall was transferred with all personal data to the criminal file.

Ext. Mazonikas City.

The Mazonikas City sighted with slight differences comparing to Nobil City and Madron City. The
main similarities related to the terminal and the geenness of surrounding hills.

The building change the shape, from rectangle shape to the triangle shape.
Artificially produced sonoric wind blew up from the mountains to mitigate the air. The inhabitants
came out on the streets to enjoy this breeze.

In the one of mountains, the spaceships were produced for the researches of the space in a large

The experts designed the ships on large rectangle light board drawing the shapes. Their working
premises were divided from the plant where automatic machines composed the parts of a ship, very
slowly. The light run the machines.

Every composing particularly the experts watched on their screen, they could also see it through a
crystal wall viewing on the plant. Every day the gold bird flied above the city. Her time was
midnight. Bird rounded in large circles for two minutes, than strongly shricked, slowly disappearing.
It was just the illusion intended to entertain people.

The Mazonikas received the projection of green light from the hill called "Discovery". The most
perfect projection of green light spread from the top of the hill, like spectrum radiance.

At the bottom of the hill "Discovery" there was a passage called "Bering' s passage, leading to the
entrance to the mountain opposite to the hill.

Walking through passage you could see in a distance of a mile the entrance in the shape of the
church' s portal, constantly opening and closing automatically.

Deep down in a montain were researching premises of the Mazonikas, regarding to many purposes.
Some of them were military rooms, some rooms for development and researches, producing the
plants or experimenting the genetical engineering on rare animal embrios made after the nuclear

All of the Mazonikas were having the triangle ears as the result of the nuclear radiation. Their faces
also enlarged a little, everything else in their appearance was the same as to the human race, they
belong to. The ruler of the Mazonikas called Ariston sat on his chair, watching the space researches
on his monitor. The crystal room he was seating in, belonged to a huge complex of the researching
center, together with other rooms on two or three levels in the ground. Peculiar it was to see these
rooms divided by the walls of the crystal glass. Everyone could see other person in a room by or
across. It seemed as nobody cared about it. All of the workers in a complex were seriously
concentrated on their researching duties.

Ariston was about thirty years old, dark hair and complexion, a little nervous person. He
disconnected the picture that showed unknown galaxy, the Mazonikas ship run across, on its travels
,deviating from its regular itinerary.

Ariston pressed his palm on the screen, concentrating his mind deeply to make contact with a person
he wanted to.

On the Grasputor in Larry Griffit' s office, the words inscripted itself, one by one, on the monitor.

"Ariston seeks for Ilions. Urgently!"

Int. Madronian military premises.

Deep hidden, the construction as of three sides pyramid was located near"L" building, among the
rocks. The hall was made of black neolit mass, from the red crystall walls, the light spread around
making semi-circles in red, blue and white color flaring.
A door in the form of the rhombus led to only one large premise.

On the walls six light boards hung, fixed to the wall.

The light pencils as a part of the cables hanged on the walls too, side by side to the boards.

The surface of the boards was made of black crystal, so the drawings could be precisely drawn with
the white light, so the pictures made represented a pure perfection visually. The errors on the
drawings were direction the line was made. The boards were connected with dozens of the cables
with the Grasputor. The whole Grasputor itself occupied one wall, while the black boards were
allocated two by two on three other walls.
In the center of the room there was a black neolit table, the bottom was smaller joined with the
floor,while coming to the top, the table enlarged.

The bottom and the top were merged as the whole. The surface of the ellipse framed top was
precious black crystal, the same one as on the boards.

Inside the black crystal surface, the hundreds of the white light dots were scattered making a map of
the city .

Looking at the map, the six men were standing around the table, leaning on with their hands. Ilions
with five guardier captains: Arnold, Linkar, Norfolk, Klonker and Alan Smith. The captains were
about the same age as Ilions, strong and disciplined personalities.

(looking in map)
King Ilions! Everything is calculated indispensable for
the analysis. We have made the whole plan, except
for these two suburbs.

He pressed his finger on the suburbs drawn in lines that connected the dots. It looked about this.

The whole map shape sighted.

You did it well, but we need to wait for a

(pointed in map )
Four months. Will that be enough?

So, it' s my opinion too.

(looking in graphical projection)
Yeah! I know. Just tell me. How many soldiers
do we need for this operation?

Few thousands.

(deeply watched the photos)
Considerably, we' ll wait. I shall decide what
' s the best for us. Now we 'll see the
photos of all suburbs.

Linkar pressed his finger on one suburb in the map. The whole suburb appeared in photo, with all
buildings and the contents.

Now, each one of you will try to remember
one suburb and keep it fresh till I call you up
again .

Ilions observed this map which the scientists of the time who projected it, called "the holnographic
map". It simply represented the shape of the Nobil City in codes of the numbers. With the touch of a
hand, Ilions touched the line. All lines on the map dissappeared only the dots left with the numbers .

The whole drawing could be deposited in the Grasputor just in codes. Amazing, outstanding it was
to see that drawings store themselves from the lines to numbers into the Grasputor the same moment
they are done.

(leaving the room)
Interesting! Really interesting. A very good job.
I must go now. You' ll be informed about next

Ilions leaves the room, the rhombus door are opening itself, lifting from the floor, then falling down

The captains continued the work operations. Smith' s look in the eye was like the snake is catching
the food, seizing.

Next scene.

Ilions decided to visit Louise.

Int. of his office.

In his lodge he drank few pills to relax , got up from the hunging bed talking aloud to himself.

(kindly looking in Louise' s picture)
I have to go to Louise. I love her. I can' t
do without her.

He directed to her lodge. Louise was in shocked to see him, staring, when she opened the door.

(smiled )
Hi, Louise!

( sensitive )
How are you? Do you want something to

Ilions kept his hands behind the back. Unexpectidly he moved his right hand, opening a palm. The
red rose was in the hand. The rose started to float to the nose of Louise, so she could smell. The
floating lasted for a second, slowly, reminding to magic. Louise was so happy. She caught the rose
for the stalk and smelled it.

She was very happy, looking Ilions in the eyes, she smiled.

They sat on a flying bed, started kissing each other and passionately making love.

Love scene.

(with deeply passion)
Oh, My dear Louise. I love you so much.
You are my angel.

(feeling a strong passion)
I feel so beautiful. My soul is in heaven.

They started kissing each other. He was testing the whole her body, feeling a wonderful love

They both smiled.

After making love, Ilions took the drink"Xavre", misterious beverage. Louise pointed the finger to
one of the mirrors, two glasses came out of, floating to the hands of Ilions and Louise. Glasses in the
form of a cup. Some mineral fluency, glittering through blue bubles, standed in a rectangle bottle
near the bed.

Ilions and Louise both looked at the bottle, smiling.

I adore"Xavre".


Ext. Nobil City.

Int. of Geds' s office.

Frenk Geds was seating on the flying chair with his fiancee, La Verne in the finest restaurant of the
Nobil City. The chairs and tables stood in the air, two feet from the floor. The real food served here,
not the imitation in the pills.
La Verne eyes shined like the crystal. Seating at the table, contrary to Geds, La Verne smiled.

The flying waitors and waitresses served the guests around, in blue one-part suits, in the harmony
with the blue walls. Through a large window the guests had a view on the street, where the night life
began, seeing other people. Love couples strolling towards square. The day was ending.

How was your day my dear?

La Verne:
(leaning on the table with elbows, vivaciously
speaking )
Exciting! We made a contact with some other

They left some message for us.

What could it be? I' m curious.

La Verne:
(drinking the space' s wine)
It was telling as of some kind as destruction.

Frenk seriously looking at her. La Verne was pretty convincing.

The night lustres, glittering green- red- blue turned on. The atmosphere of the light actuated the
guests to speak louder. Soon, everybody talked cheerfully, completely relaxed. With no haste
impatience for the waiting the food to be served on blue plates. Some yellow fluency in the big
glasses, the people drunk, decreased the hunger.

Finally the waiters served the food, the real pies, cooked vegetables and fruits cakes.

(with his mouth full)
Mmmm, delicious! Excellent! Food looked healthy.
Good, tasted the same way too.

La Verne:
(waiting for Geds to chew up)
Darling, I bought the company explorer, today
with my energy shares.

( curiously)
What' s your portion of shares in Eshila' s

La Verne:
(deeply looking him )
Do you know Frenk, that a ciclus of Eshila's
energy ended for this season?

( crumbling)
I had no idea.

La Verne:
I risced to get it.

(looking with a wondering)
Woman! Danger! What a danger?

La Verne:
I see you weekly follow. What I' m talking
about? I climbed up, went to the cave and
you think it' s nothing. Don' t you? That' s it.

(cinicly laughed )
O.K.. Let' s do something with these tables or
some mess in this restaurant.
In connection with Eshila' s energy beleived it
was the part of the cosmic energy contained in
one gold looking coin. The power of Eshila' s
energy had no limits. It was possible to gain the
life enduring 200 years. The chance to go to the
hill Orion and get Eshila' s energy was exclusively
one in the lifetime. People had to go to the top
of the hill, to search for the cave.

La Verne:
It' s such a interesting.

(continuing the story)
On the top of the hill people find a gold coin in
it if they are lucky. Some dangerous animals could
come in a way: Monsters, birds-killers. Some
of the people never came back out of the cave.
Nobody knew what could possibly happened to

La Verne:
(seemed a very happy)
Only take a coin and cry.

She takes the coin out of her pocket. A coin shining as a gold, blows at it. The tables in a restaurant
lifted up, flied to the window, breaking through it as a storm, vanishing, than flying back on the
original positions. The guests around were fascinated.

La Verne:
( triumphantly)
Now, you see Frenk.

Yeah, I trust you. You are so mighty. Ha, ha,ha!

He burst into the laughter so strong, he had to catch his stomach to stop, but he couldn' t. La Verne
threw some water at him.

Ext. front of the restaurant.

Frenk Geds and La Verne were coming out of the building. On the street Geds heard the signal
coming out of his pocket.

La Verne, darling. Wait for me in the car,
someone' s calling me.

La Verne move to car. In the meanwhile Geds hided in street by where noone walked, leaning on
the wall, pressed the button on the sound modul. The same second on the tiny TV-monitor
connected to the module Smith' s face appeared.

Sorry, so late. I' ve got important news to tell

(carefully looking in him)

Madronians prepare to take over Nobil City. This
time they are really serious about it.

Tell me everything man.

(looking in informations)
Thousands of warriors.

Anything else?

Prepare your defence, before they come.

(looking very angry)
We' ll atack them. I promise you it' ll be very
fast action.

I' ll call you soon Frenk.

The face of Alan Smith vanished out of the screen. The monitor turned off. Geds a little bit worried ,
directed to the car.

(he thought)
Maybe Madronians loose again. Maybe.

Ext. Mazonikas City.

At the researching center Ariston is talking to his associates. The car waited for him outside in the
shape of smaller flying ship. Ilions was expected to come, with the spaceship, which was the only
one Madronians hided after the war, smaller, but functionable.
Ariston promised to send one of his ships to protect Ilions from Nobil' s attack in the air. The hill of
Mazonikas opened its entrance. Out of huge portal doors emerged large flying ship, alike the space
shuttle-orbiter, much smaller.

As on every Mazonic ship the drew compartment included three seats one for the captain, two for
the controllers. Inside the ship was equiped by the standards of the highest technology. The light
energy run the ship. The captain assigned for this task was captain Mel with the crew of controllers
Meylon and Bob.
Today they had the first mission in their lifes.

Anything unusual, Meylon?

None for now.
Int. of Ilions' s ship.

Beautiful sky spaces. Ilions in his ship, was approaching to the Mazonikas City in a distance of 2000
miles. He came nearer and nearer to the oval light shield, that streched from the ground to the
highest clouds in the sky. The Mazonikas created this shield to protect from possible attacks. Noone
could pass through the shield without their permission, or they had to open the shield themselves.

Deep down, in the ground at the researching center, Mazonikas caught sight of Ilions' ship on their
monitors. For a second they created a big yellow circle in the middle of the shield, for Ilions to drag
through it.

Ilions saw the circle driving the ship into it. In a moment the ship found itself in the circle, it looked
like someone unknown power swallowed it, than threw away the ship as some toy right to the area
above Mazonikas City.

It was so hard to beleive that ship flied over 2000 miles, just for five seconds, in a flash. The high
powers of the light, concentrating right within the circle, enabled this incredible speed.

Ilions himself was surprised too. Within few seconds he happened to watch the sights of the
Mazonikas City, its construction the "Big Terminal", the inhabitants in their flying cars, cruising,
whilst other people strolled on the streets.

The dark fumes were diverged out of the city in one direction by the sonoric wind, that continually
blew them away. Ilions landed the ship at the portal door in Bering' s passage Ariston was waiting
for him, with the associates.

(looking in Ariston very remarkably)
Hallo Ariston!

Be welcome in my home. I' ve been expecting

I imagined so. Not coming for the charity, but
for your help. Yesterday, our situation worsened
We had a loss. There are few spies that
work for Geds. I have to find them, eliminate
soon, before I got killed.

(looking in terminal)
Be cautios in your next actions. I understand
I' ve been watching Nobil television. United, we
won' t let them do it, just won' t let them.

(talking with big honour)
Our hearts, pride and brains will become a
special strenght. These weapon will be stronger
than theirs.

What you need of the weapon? Surely, we have
a lot to offer you.

( deeply thinking)
In a fact. I' ve got the weapon. In our
researches, we reached something new, not
finished yet, for few days perhaps.
I offer it to you. I need something in return.

Ilions looked at him with the attention. He was deeply apprehensive of his nation.

I wanna hear. What you have to say?

I want you as allies, to defeat the Nobils, return
our real city. Where my people ruled? In return,
I' ll give you our researches results.

Ariston shooke hands with him.

( eyes sparkled )
A poison specially designed.

He opens his fist and shows a little bottle.

(showing in bottle)
I need this to show to you. Now! Come! We
are going to one of our labs.You' ll see.

I want you to make experiment with this, than I 'll
come again, to see it.

Ilions, Ariston and few associates directed to a lab of the researching center, vanishing behind huge
portal door.

Ext. of Nobil hills.

A neolit cone glimmered on the hill nearby the Nobil City. The cone made of precious impressive
structure represented the forecast instrument for the meteorological observations.

With some queer sounds coming out of the cone, a green figure emerged out of it, fuming. After a
while the green-fume figure (silhouette), vanished. The red rosa straight up fume appeared flowing
up to the air, dissappearing.

The cone began to change its construction to gold heated mass, than to neolit cube, square, truncated
cone, boomerang, red-green fume. Until it finally turned into the original configuration. These
transformation presented the forecast methods.

Sonoric wind started to blow up from the mountain.

The Big Terminal released the voice:

"Now it is 34 hours 96 minutes. The pink-

black rain will fall."

"Bring the bat-shields with you as you are going

out of your homes. The bat-shields will keep
you from the sequels!"

The bat-shields served as some kind of the umbrella, produced from the cosmic material that
contained the large quantities of the air.

The next scene.

Int. of Geds' s bedroom.

Geds making love with La Verne, until they fell exhausted. Afterwards, he had drink, La Verne the

(looking at her )
La Verne , will you marry me?

La Verne:

The faith put them together the criminal and the beauty.

Ext. Madronian graveyard.

Densed, darken clouds overcrasted the Madronian graveyard. It was situated in the cave of the
mountain closely to "L" building. From one side, the cave was open to the sky.
The wind blew with might and main, spreading all over the dust, up and down the mountain, so the
part of it tumbled into the cave.

Ilions stands in front of his father' s grave. It thundered the tombstone exceled with the epitaph:


Green red thunder. Ilion' s car at the graveyard gate. Some heavenly rectangle shield of light formed
few yards, long, beginning on the top of the tombstone. The image of Ilions' father appeared as a
ghost in the shield, coming out from the land of death.

Extremely mistic scene.

The figure (like light projection) finally formed, the face in the mist, not quite clear, but enough
features to recognize.

Ilions was staring at the face, strucked with fear, his puls was booming. The silhouette could be seen
till the chest. The projection of the ghost started to speak crumbly.

Son, my son! Why do you come at this time of

the night?

( looking in the ghost of his father)
Father, I came to visit you to think all over what
happened to me last few months, to see who I
really am.

(moving away)
Tell me, my son!

Father I ' m the new king, but would like to be
someone I knew on the square for the homeless.
No bonds with my friends. I have the burden,
so heavy, now.

(loudly laughed )
Ha, ha ,haaa!
Son go back to Madron City, be sure in what
you desire.

The face dissappeared in the explosion of light. The form of the shield vanished completely.

(to himself )
Father I hope so.

The cold strong wind stopped blowing across the graveyard. Within few seconds, everything calmed
down. Ilions soothed walked to the gate, leaving the graveyard.

Int. of plant complex of the Mazonikas.

Mazonikas the allies were fully prepared to help, if something goes wrong. The plant complex of
the Mazonikas situated in the City configurated as a globe. The whole complex sighted white and
outstanding still distinguishly protected from every attack. Girded with shields of impenetrable
energy. Only the inhabitants who worked in it could have the access. What grandious construction.

Mazonikas weared blue uniforms. The factory continually worked on the poison of the high quality.
The inventor who monitored the production was Dr. Fleshgen Mitchel similarly looking as

The manager of the plant was Karl Bacon. Sharp look in eyes, but deep in the soul he was a
dreamer. He came to the lab passing few doors that opened automatically.

Int. of scientific lab.

The acids were kept in flying dishes in the shape of long necked round bottomed flask or as the
Erlenmeyer flask. The colors of the acids were mainly blue and green.

Good evening Dr. Fleshgen.

Dr. Fleshgen:
Good evening to you, boss. Everything is O.K.

(looking in chemicals)
Have you made some improvements?

Dr. Fleshgen:
It' ll be finished for two months approximately.

(looking in new experiment)
What slows you down?

Dr. Fleshgen:
The formulas I have to equal them with each
other to make sure. I made the job right,without
any commisions.

He looked at one of the flasks that hunged on the wall.

Exactly what we wanted. We' ll hope you' ll
do it on time.

Dr. Fleshgen:
Of course! I' ll do it. No doubts about it.

Karl leaves the lab, while Fleshgen continues the research, watching the monitors with the sketches.

Next scene.

Ilions and Louise are walking holding with the hands together.

Relax! Everything' s gonna be all right as I say
to you. What you have to do? You can' t
avoid the combat. You can do it. Everyone' s
trusting you. Just do it.

( looking in her bravely)
Thank you for the support. We' ll nail Nobils.
I promise you.

(kissing to him)
I love you Ilions.

I love you too.

Int. of frontier underground.

In one of the tunnels a clash between three Madronians and two Nobils started. They shooted at
each other. Exchanging mortal light rays from one side to another. One Madronian got killed. The
silence lasted for few minutes, while both sides repositioned.

Madronians whisperly talked.

I feel somebody' s closing by. Something' s

moving there. Let' s pull around, to welcome

The shooting started again. Both sides retreated.

Next scene.
Love scene.

Nacked very much in love Louise and Ilions were lying in bed.

(kissing her all over body )
I love you so much. You changed my life, I
would do anything for you.

Don' t exaggerate.

You ' re right. They continued making love.

They continued making love.

Int. of Geds' office.

Geds in his office on the flying armchair talking to Smith, seeing his face on the tiny monitor.

Geds :
( looking in screen )
Smith, can we hear?

I can hear you boss? What do you want?

( showed him the Ilions picture)
When you intend to kill Ilions?

Everything' s ready. Tonight we' ll do it. Don' t
worry a bit! He' ll be dead tonight. Believe me.

I don' t know how you ' ll do it. I don' t care.
Just do it. Just kill him.

Smith was calling Ilions, who was in his office after the Grasputor.

Your majesty. Can you come urgently to Avenue
5052 ?

(listen to him )
I' ll come as soon as I can.

Int. Avenue 5052 .

Ilions appeared in the tunel called the Avenue 5052 with three bodyguards. There was no strong
light in tunel.

Ilions walked without any suspicious at all. In a moment the light rectangle cage formed around
him, he couldn' t move. Obviously, someone set him in a trap. Panicly he tried to move the net from
the cage with hands. The bodyguardes tossed on the net, but they couldn' t set him free.

(talking from darkness )
Try to save yourself if you can. Little mouse in a
trap. You' ll die.

He laughed horribly.

How stupid I was? Smith you bastarddddddd!

Smith released the green poison in the cage, also on the bodyguardes. The three men dropped dead.
After few minutes, Smith comes to the cage to cut the net with the light razor. There was noone in
the cage.

Ilions jumps on him. They struggle, Ilions strangles him.

Int. of Madron passages.

Deep down in the underground passages, Madronians set up the positions prepared for the attack,
planned to be about for two hours. All of the guard captains were present with their squads. The
atmosphere of crazyness and the victory.

Suprisingly just after twenty minutes Nobils came down attacking them first. The shooting started. It
was horrible to see on both sides the thousands of wunded and dead.

( astounded)
How did they know? Smith betrayed the whole

Madronians started to retreat to other underground corridors. Nobils retreated too, carefully.

Ilions came with the captains to the military premise. Alan Smith was the only one missing, except

(warried )
Where is Lincar?

Stucked somewhere on the way, possibly, or
wunded. He' ll come, or inform us. I' m sure
in that, sir.

(showed the Smith' s picture)
I don' t get it. Smith was a traitor. He was
spying on us whole the time. The Nobils
knew, when we going to attack them. They
run on us. The question is: How many spies
we have among us?

( a little angry)
The bastard! I allocated our forces on the light
map, before him. His eyes are very cruel. I
never saw the look, so sharp.

Yeah, Klonker! I' m warried about Linkar.
Why isn' t he in this room?

Who knows?

(with deeply fear)
I' m affraid we retreated to the back avenues
They took the frontier, nothing further.
Sounds, someone' s betrayed us. They knew
exactly where our positions.

(looking in book )
Smith! He made a trap for me last night, he
spied on us. We need to change our plan.
I' ll ask for reinforcement. For the safety,
I' ll be the only one to know the whole
plan and the exact time of the attack. Rest be
prepared. Me and my adviser will be in visit
at Mazonikas City, tomorrow. In the case
you need me. Please let me know.

Int. of frontier.

Nobils took over the frontier. Overall hapyness, hundreds of the citizens on the streets, on the main
square, watching the news on the Big Terminal.

Frenk Geds approachs to the terminal, walking through the crowd to show his merriment. One of
the Nobil captains joined him. The TV projector showed Geds with captain on the screen.

We' ve beaten them totally.

( smiling)
Yes, my friend! We occupied the five avenues
over the frontier.

Geds broadly smiled to the crowd with his cinical theets, hugges the captain.

How can I show you my gratitude?

( looking to him with big pride)
You' ll get a spaaaaaaaaceship! Uiiiiiiiiiii!

The crowd approved Geds behavior, shouting.

Yes, right.

Int. of underground.

Dead silence and sadness in the passage. Bodies were lying aside the passages. Ilions is dreaming a
queer dream. Somebody yelled at him.

You could do it. Look, look, look! Why

didn' t you, why didn' t youu.

He woke up from nightmare. The extreme feeling of the emptiness could be seen in his eyes.

Int. of Nobil-Madronian frontier.

Madronians unexpected from the Nobil side arttacked. They disgorged few occupied avenues.

Int. of Geds' s room.

Geds came to his room seats in a floating chair. The chair lifted up a yard from the floor, itself. He
started to remember the scene when he killed Ilions' s father. Laughing like he is mentally ill.

Ha, ha, ha, ha! I killed the villain. Now I 'm
gonna kill his son. Ha, haaah!

Simply, because he was bored called his servant the old man Henry Albertson.

(order to him)
Come here you old fool.

Yes master. What do you wish?

Call the TV station for me. Tell them I' m
gonna announce something on TV-show,
for us and Madronians important.

(looking with wondering)
Are you all right Sir?

Of course stenchy! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Go call
them, the sooner, the better.

He left on his own, seating drinking out of the bottle.Some mean look glanced the better.

I know , I know how I' m gonna do it, Ha,
haaah, ha,ha!

Int. of Ilions' bedroom.

Ilions woke up, took few pills to relax, then he tasted the soporifical beverage (sweet drink) to free
the fears he had inside. The colorless fluency jolted him.

( streched himself on the sopha)
Not bad! Not bad!

He streched himself on the sopha.

Ext. Evening in the Nobil City.

The Nobil City smelled and sighted clean and fresh the buildings foamed in the light the green
mountains and the vegetation shined under the light. The sight of the city was magnificent, simply
amazing. The TV-center was situated in a tower with the circle area on the top. The bottom of the
tower was narrower. The whole tower reminded of a huge mushroom.

Persons doing make-up arranged Frenk Geds look for three hours. At last when everything was
prepared the TV- reporter Ann McColos the blond of seductive and photogenic appearance.

(looking kindly in Geds)
What you have to say for the public Mr.Geds?

Call me Frenk! For the second time, I greet
all of the Nobils.

Frenk Geds broadly smiled, showing his sound teeth forcing himself to look friendly.

(continued )
What' s the current situation on the frontier Frenk?

( quietly)
This is what I have to say. I wanna negotiate
with Ilions. Many people will be sceptical
about this, but it is possible to
realize. I don' t want another war to
happen. Who could want the blood?

Certainly Frenk! What you desire to
accomplish with this statement?

( convincing)
The peace, only the peace.

Why have you undertaken these measures?

( mouth slant, the face distorted)
For the principles, that' s why!

Ext. Nobil City.

It seemed like the Nobil City changed its colors comparing to the night before. So unusual it looked.
The red rain was falling. In the furthest Nobil suburb, that faced the mountain nearby, a little
building exploded, bursting into pieces. People came out of the building screaming and running

In a distance a tall man with the sun burned hair managed the digitizer for the explosions. He
laughed lunaticly.

Fuck the Nobils. This' ll shake theeeem!


Another building blew up in the air. Woman and children were crying. The explosive expert was
the old criminal, nemed Nori Markinston, living a homeless for years, surviving in the mountains
enjoying from the time to time. Nobils with the bombs and explosives he made himself.

As many times before the Nobile police started to chase Nori with their flying cars. When he saw
the police, Markinston abandoned his position, running to the one possible shelters.

Int. of passages in the underground frontier.

Ilions walked with his bodyguardes towards the place settled for the negotiations. As he entered to
the marked passage suddenly the light cage amplified with the net formed in the shape of a rectangle
around his body. The bodyguards were captured too, in another light cages.

Not again.

Geds coming from the distance of the fifteen yards talking mockingly.

Here you are sonny! It is true what people used
used to say. What the father, likewise the son!
Ha,ha,haaa! I' m coming! I' m coming!It tears
my heart apart ! You are not glad to see me!

You'll die Geds! You gonna die!

Ilions transformed into the green fume, passed through the light cage. The light beams were moving
as a projection of the human body, right towards Geds who standed about seven yards from the
cage. The composition of the light contouring the projection of human body, stood in front of Geds .

Geds streched out his hands, to catch the neck of the light projection. Ilions was tall equally to Geds.
Finally the projection of the light transformed into Ilions' s body.

They started to fight.After it seemed Geds will loose the fight, he started to transform himself into
the vanishing energy, completely dissappearing. The light cages formed in the passage, vanished

Ilions seemed discontented a bit of the anger flashed in his eyes.

Ext. of Nobil clouds.

Some dark clouds lowered down on to the Nobil City. The atmosphere wasn' t splendid as it looked
at the first glance. The gray gas reeked out of the cupola. The city couldn' t prevent the pollution,
generally. It appeared sometimes inspite of the high precise instruments. The traffic boomed in this
time of a day, although looked like the night.

The flying policemen regulated the traffic, that was heavy thing to perform.
Comprehensively everything was under the control of the light rays that streched itself from the
mountain of Korkon, intensively.

Ext. Nobil City.

The new morning came in the Nobil City. The homeless were freezing themselves in their shelters.
The "Big Terminal" announced loudly.

"Go out ! Go out! The yellow-brown rain will fall! Go out ! Go out!"

Something formed in the sky, reminding as of a hurricane. Nobils were confused. The forecast didn'
t foresee, the weather exactly missed. The alarms turned on at once. The ships that belonged to
Mazonikas floated right above the mountains that the Nobil City was surrounded by.

The hurricane wrenched off the thousands of the trees on the mountains, catching just few roofs,
than it backed out. The Nobils felt helpless, surprised by this attack. This was just a threat. The real
attack might be horrible.

The sky and air were purified from the objects that occupied it few minutes ago. The ships

Ext. Kadriotic Madronian tower.

Ilions monitored the warriors from the scenery of the kadriotic tower that glittered white. He seemed
really proud .

Int. of tower.

That' s it. We are close to the victory.

On the table in a room there was a plastic tray with just one large pill, representing the meal. Ilions' s
chansellor McMolian approaches him.

Good morning Sir !

McMolian, are you hungry?

(looking in food)
Thank you , Sir ! I' ve already had my breakfast.
Mazonikas left the message few minutes ago on
your Grasputor! They' ve got a perfect gift for you.
You are invited to visit them today.

Thank you for the good news, McMolian. Take a
rest for few hours. You' ll come with me today
to the Mazonikas City! Get ready!

Int. Mazonikas"Researching Center".

Ilions, McMolian and Ariston meet in the "Researching Center" at Mazonikas City. For few minutes
they first watched the Nobil TV-reports. Geds was mostly around, talking with the citizens of the
Nobil City on the street.

(strongly looking Ariston)
Have you finished the weapon?

Yes, we tried on the animal. Let' s go to other
room. I wanna show you something.

Ilions, McMolian and Ariston went to the second level, downstairs to the room which purpose was
for the experiments. In the middle of every level, the round fence limited the larger empty space in
order to provide the people from above the view. The fence shined as gold, so as the every floor on
all of the three levels.

Ariston the first, Ilions and McMolian behind him got in huge room equiped with the thousands of
the push- buttons keyboards. Their glance fell on the monster resembling of the pangolin, a scaly
mammal from the Western Africa.

The poor animal was in the cage of the light. At the end of the room divided by the glass wall.

Ariston pushed one of the buttons on the keyboard. Out of the projector hunged on a wall, the
bundle of red-green rays began beaming straight at the poor monster. The pangolin started to
throttle, shrieking to utter the groans. The pangolin died in a minute.

(amazingly looking this powerful weapon)
Amazing thing! This poison look exactly as the light
in the Nobil City. The same as their projection of the
light .

( looking in screen )
That' s the point. They won' t distinguish their light
from the poison we release. Except, the smell will be
activated within few hours, slowly. Either on one or
thousands of them. I preffer Geds to be the first.

(looking very satisfied)
So do I!

Ariston :
If you need us, we' ll move tomorrow after the
midnight to help you.

(looking in scientists and Ariston' s warriors)
We' ll attack them from south. That' s how we
gonna get in the city.

I agree. My ships will observe the course of the
battle, shooting the least it' s necessary. You don' t
want to see the city completely destroyed.

Ilions confirmed with his head.

(contiuning )
How many of the guns with poison you posses?

(checking on the screen)
Only ten .

Enough to break through the south.

There is one path, your father called it"Green
passage". Only few people know the code to
get in, but if you decipher the numbers you' ll
get a shortcut.

Yeah! I' ve heard of it. See you tomorrow

(shake hands with Ilions)
See you man tomorrow! Goodbye!

The terminal ticked 32 hours in Nobil City. Regardless of everything, Frenk Geds enjoyed in his
bed with La Verne.

Int. Geds' s bedroom.

They got tired, fell asleep.

The whole city was lulled to sleep. A beautiful night silence spread all over the settlement, the
buildings gleamed.

Next scene.

Ext. of Madronian terminal.

The big terminal existed in one Madronian streets, that contained repulsive powers. The street was
underground. Everything was the same on the ground. The normal life performed. The attracting
and repulsing of the electrons through sulfid magnetic field with the high quocient of friction
determined the light of the terminal. Also underground was supplied with artificial light through
gaps. The construction of the terminal looked as the hollow roller , after it would change into the big

This message announced on the screen:

"Mazonikas give the message to Madronians. Stick
strictly to these measures for protection.

A few Madronian scientists that worked on the terminal tried to discover the meaning of the

The big asteroid could fall from Mars on our planet,

so take precaution measures. Enter the protection,
make the protection of 8 millions jules. Increase the
firmness of desirable power. Deep down, there is a
transversal and longitudinal process in the terminal
essence itself.

Outside, out of the terminal nothing' s heard.

Three scientists searched how big is the universe.
It was Dr. Kevin Anderwood, Dr. Bill Paron and Dr. Anthony Mard.

Dr. Anderwood:
(looking in monitor)
It' s impressive. How big is universe? It' s 42 billions
of light years. It' s phenomenal. I discovered the shape
and the surface of the space.

Dr. Paron:
It has been listing on my screen this very moment.

Dr. Mard floated to reach the monitor on the other room' s corner. The room for watching was very
spacious with many the most modern instruments for observations and monitors.

Dr. Mard:
( looking in surface, graphical exposure of universe)

What a shape?
A surface is so large. I thought that
space was endless. What' s beyond it?

Dr. Anderwood:
I can' t comment this.

The data began to change itself, the cyphres in new order appeared, so as their combination.

Some messages appeared on the screen:

"Soon you' ll be visited by the civilization of Karlota."

"Their planet is situated in a distance of 35 light years."

The screen stopped operating bringing out the keys that supposed to answer the question.

"Markoza, Earthman, Selvona! Choose the right identity."

The projection of a roller faced with the activity of alternating impulses confronting with one way

The round entrance of control platforms beneath the room of water wells, were closing itself up.

The peaks of the roller closed.

The people inside the room were captured with a little chance to escape.

Ext. Madronian energetic power.

The enormous magnetic power so as the reacting pressing power stroke, pushing away the three men
from zone A to the zone B of the terminal. The zone B glittered under the plenty of light. Suddenly
the light turned off.

Ext. of Madronian hill and sign "M".

Behind the big sign "M" on the area of about fifty square yards there was a light shield in the shape
of the ellipsoide. Years ago it was left by space civilization as a gift. These civilization were
unknown and misterious. A many people of year 2122 so familiar.

Every spare moment people entered into this shield. With the help of mind and brain human choose
the time they want to be part of. On disposal they had two options: the past and future.

Many of them elect the future. On the other hand some go to the past, near or really far. Everybody
entering the shield becomes lost in a wave, hurricane that brings him to the destination he wants.
When you go inside the shield you can find the signs in forms of the apple or mushroom formated
by little light stars swarms seen before inside the terminal.
Nobody ever guessed what was the real meaning of these artificial fruits.

Next scene.
A young man some of the respectable citizens decided to enter the shield. His risk was large,
perhaps he will never return from his past or future.

The curiousity could satisfy him or destroy completely.

Int. Shield .

Calmly he approached the shield watching all Madronians that were going in. An idea became
clearer in his mind, he wonddered.

What really happens? Are we the part of only one mattery?

We are all part of something.

Selfconfidenced, that person approached to the shield with few slow steps. The lines of the magnetic
force activated in shield, dynamicly, easily in vibrating circles of motion energy. The young man
was drawn into the magnetic wave. Some voice from shield called him.

Come in ! Come in ! Come in, please !

The decision of his mind was recognized by the intelligency familiar to creatures that performed
this kind of experiment, maybe thousands years, maybe millions years before us.
Perhaps, they conceived the human need to find out what' s gonna happened in the future. Is it
determined the moment we were born? It will happen what we really want.

The scientists that found the shield fifty years ago, after the nuclear war ended, observed it,
concluding several fact.
The fuels of the future flew one into another. They were classified in familiar sorts of alternative
energies that we know: solar, cosmic energy, telepathy, teleportation, wind.

The fuels were technically adoptable so as economically favourable for utilization.

People of the future take care about the ways of transportation, warehousing of the fuels, so as of
every particular fuel kind of burning.

The energy of quantity released by the burning of the fuel unit was known as the firing vanished
power. The elementary energy analysis exclusively determined that the energy quantity or as firing
vanished power divides the field around the human body into few shields.

Int. frontier between Nobils and Madronians.

The Madronians and Mazonikas are moving from different sides towards Nobil City. Madronian
forces from the south, Mazonikas from the east. Two Madronians carried mortal poison guns, also
and three Mazonikas.

Nobils watched the frontier in the passages and above, the ground, not expecting any kind of the
attack. Simultaneously, Ariston and Ilions moved through the passages, moving everything in their
way. Killing with the poison weapon of high power, all the Nobils they found in the passages.

Meanwhile their warriors approached to the Nobils on the ground, from behind. The shooting

The same minute alarm heard in the Nobil City. The sound of the alarm invited all Nobils to fight.

"We' ve been attackted! We' ve been attackted!"


The terminal' s voice sounded as the real human voice, particularly it caricatured Geds' s voice.

Geds heard on the modules that produced the alarm, all over the city.

Frenk :
(looking with big fear )
They' ve come. I know they' ve come. I must fight.

While Geds talked this announcement. La Verne watched him from the bed. Geds left the room,

La Verne left the snail house also.

Ext. of South Nobil City.

The hundreds of Madronian warriors appeared in the southern suburb fighting with Nobil police.

Ariston and Ilions reached the center square with the group of twenty warriors. They climbed to the
top of near building to estimate where Geds could have been in that moment.

Where' s the son of bitch ?
Geds appeared down on the street in front of the building below them. He was looking at Ilions,
Ariston and soldiers.

(laughed very crazy)
You are looking for me? Ha,haah! Catch me if you can .
You fools. The building you stand on will explode.
You' ll dieeeee!

He screeched like monkey, then laughed, bursting out laughing more and more.

Ariston pulles out of his suit for inches long a small rectangle disk, with ten red buttons on its brown
surface. The ciphres from 0 to 9 were signed on the buttons.
This tiny disk represented the door key of the future.

Ariston :
( nervous and in fear)
I estimate . We don ' t have enough time to leave this
building . Unless I turn the right combination . We ' ll find
ourselves under the "Big Terminal" .

Ilions :
Common man. Do something !

Ariston constantly pressed the numbers on the disk. Ilions and warriors stared at him.

In a second the building bursts asunder. The pieces of crystall and water. Out from the top of the
building the cries heard.


Within few seconds the building was completely destructed.

Ext. couple yards from destructed building.

Couldn' t believe they are alive Ariston and Ilions and the warriors appeared as a flash one after
another in the drainage right under the "Big Terminal", which voice they could hear clearly.

(reacted )
They call this place the green passage. I don' t get it.
It's the ugliest place I' ve ever seen.

Everyone laughed on this noticing. Inspite of the partly illumination they' ve soon found the round
cover which out comes right on the street. They lifted up the cover and dragging themselves through
it, discovered, they stand right behind Geds' s back.

The terminal was located twenty yards on their left side.

Geds sensed that someone' s watching him, turned around. Surprised to see Ilions and other alive he
started to yell.

Geds :

He pulled his gun to shoot, Ilions and Ariston hit the two shots from the poisoning guns.
At first looked like Geds was choking, suddenly the veil of the fume formed at the spot he stood.
Slowly Geds' s body vanishing, until nothing of him was left on the spot.

(reacted very angry)
Bastard ! The son of bitch! Where are you?

Let' s search around. He hided somewhere.

All around of the "Big Terminal" there was not a single soul on the streets. Furtherly nearing to the
suburbs the echoes of the fights heard. Madronians won the victory. Many of Nobils were dead,
many of them captured. The warriors put the big sign of the letter"M" on the mountain Korkon. The
sign glittered, joining its light rays with the flying ball.

Ext. Northern suburb.

Geds appeared in this suburb, beleiving he can escape. Geds run avoiding people that were

Geds :
Shit! My end has come.

Ariston and Ilions who are coming from the opposite side percieved someone' s trying to escape,
directing to the mountains.

That could be him! He' s got no weapon any more.

(observing the Geds)
Let' s get him!

Geds discerned Ilions and Ariston started to provoke them.

(shouting )
Catch me! You fools! Ha,ha ,haaah!

They moved after him. Geds was running. Ariston and Ilions following him, until Geds reached his
house. He got in.

(looking in Geds' s house)
He' s probably there.

(looking in the main door)
We' ll sat the bastard. Be careful, he might trap us!

That moment Ilions received the message on his receiptor.

Captain Norfolk talking. We won master.

(replying )
Wonderful. I' ll come. I' ve got the job to do,
but I'll be there. I promise.


Who called you?

We won. Our people took over the whole city.
Nobils do not resist any more.

Let' s nail this sadistic bastard.

They encircled the house.

Than Ariston entered through one door on the left, while Ilions got in through the front door.

Int. Geds' s house.

The house inside, the halls were full of the traps. Ariston found himself in a moment motionless,
lying on the floor. Something prevented him, although he tried to move spurting himself.

Ilions walked in a bedroom. Seeing the open door that probably lead to another room. He watched it
with caution. He decided to risk, although it could be a trap.

When Ilions stepped into the room there were seven screens incorporated in the wall in front of him.
The four of them were bigger, the other three smaller in the size.

The face of Frenk Geds appeared in each screen.

Sonny! You came to die. Enjoy! First I offer to be
my ally.

Ilions wasn' t sure about which screen Geds dragged himself into.

Geds :
(watched, smiling)
Accept my offer.

(carefully looking in screenes)
How can I be sure, you ' re not lying to me?

Geds :
Wasn' t I always honest with you sonny?

He pointed the gun to the second screen in the highest line. In a moment Ilions blew up the screen,
Geds' s body falls out from screen dead.

The last scene. Dead Geds is on the floor with his eyes open.

Ilions is walking away, he met Ariston. Calm and tired he strolls through the streets of Nobil City.

Meanwhile the body of Frenk Geds is slowly vanishing, until nothing left on the spot.

The words started to appear on the Big Terminal:

"Today a message' s received. The planet Art won' t

supply us any more. They left without light too."