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Q:-1 When the primary of transformer is energized at rated voltage of 11,000V and at a rated frequency of 50Hz, then it takes
3.2A and 2400watt as no load loss. Another transformer has all its dimensions 3 times of corresponding core dimensions of the
first transformer.
No. of turns, type of core material and lamination thickness are the same in both transformer. If Primary of second transformer is
energized from 22000V, then calculate no load current and power drawn by it.
Q:-2 10kVA, 2500/250V, 1-phase Transformer has following results
Compute the voltage regulation and secondary terminal voltage under rated load and
power factors (i) 0.8 lagging (ii) 0.8 leading





Q:-3 The Maximum efficiency of 100kVA , single phase transformer is 98% and occurs at 80% of full load at 0.8 power factor.
If leakage impedance of transformer is 5%, then find voltage regulation of transformer at load of0.8 power factor lagging.(3.87%)
Q:-4 The full load voltage drop in a transformer are 2% and 4% respectively due to resistance and leakage reactance. If Full
loads ohmic loss is equal to iron loss. Calculate

Efficiency at half load and U.P.F

Lagging power factor at which voltage regulation will maximum
% V.R (maximum)
Power factor of load at which voltage regulation will be zero.

Q:-5 Two single phase , 11000/440V, have kVA rating of 200kVA and 100kVA respectively , if equivalent rsistance and
reactance of 200kVA transformer are 1 and 5 ohm respectively , when referred to 11,000V side .The equivalent reactance of
100kVA transformer referred to 11000V side is 9 ohm . Then

What should be equivalent resistance of 100kVA transformer, if each transformer is to supply load in proportion
to its kVA rating, when operated in parallel.
What is maximum combined kVA that can be supplied by transformers without overloading anyone?

Q:-6 A 200V, 60 Hz single phase transformer has hysteresis and eddy current losses of 250W and 90W respectively. If
transformer is now energised from 250V, 50Hz supply, calculate its iron losses. Assume Steinmetzs constant equal to 1.6.
Q:-7 A 11000V, 50Hz, transformer has a flux density of 1.2T and a core-loss of 3000W at rated voltage and frequency. Now all
the linear dimensions of the core are get doubled; primary and secondary turns halved and new transformer is energised from
22000V, 50 Hz. If both the transformer has equal core material and lamination thickness, then calculate the flux density and core
losses for new transformer. (1.2T, 24000watt)
A 50 kVA, 33001230 V single-phase transformers is connected as an autotransformer shown in figure. The nominal rating of the
autotransformer will be:
(a) 50.0 kVA (b) 53.3 kVA (c) 717.4 kVA (d) 767,4 kVA

The figure-2 shows coils 1 and 2, with dot markings as shown, having 4000 and 6000 turns respectively. Both the coils have a
rated current of 25 A. Coil 1 is excited with single phase, 400 V, 50 Hz supply.
Q:-8 The coils are to be connected to obtain a single-phase, 400/1000V autotransformer to drive a load of 10 kVA. Which of the
options given should be exercised to realize the required auto-transformer? [GATE-2009]
(a) Connect A and D; Common B (b) Connect B and D; Common C
(c) Connect A and C; Common B (d) Connect A and C; Common D
Q:-9. In the autotransformer obtained in Question 97, the current in each coil is: [GATE-2009]
(a) Coil-1 is 25 A and Coil-2 is 10 A (b) Coil-1 is 10 A and Coil-2 is 25 A
(c) Coil-1 is 10 A and Coil-2 is 15 A (d) Coil-1 is 15 A and Coil-2 is 10 A.
Q:-10 Two transformers are to be operated in parallel such that they share load in proportion to their kVA ratings. The rating of
the first transformer is 500 kVA and its pu leakage impedance is 0.05 pu. If the rating of second transformer is 250 kVA, its pu
leakage impedance is: [GATE-2006]
(a) 0.20 (b) 0.10 (c) 0.05 (d) 0.025