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16188 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

61 / Thursday, March 30, 2006 / Notices

without payment of the excise tax agencies to comment on revision of a Current Actions: (a) Reduce the
normally due on removal. In order to currently approved information number of debt security types in
ensure that exportation took place as collection that is due for approval by the schedule 2, line 7, from security types
claimed and that untaxpaid beer does Office of Management and Budget. The 5 through 12 to the following security
not reach domestic market TTB requires Office of International Affairs within the types 5 through 10: 5 = commercial
certification on Form 5130.12. Department of the Treasury is soliciting paper; 6 = negotiable CDs; 7 =
Respondents: Business or other for- comments concerning the Annual convertible debt securities; 8 = zero
profit. Report of U.S. Ownership of Foreign coupon and stripped securities; 9 =
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 5,940 Securities, including Selected Money unstripped bond or note and all other
hours. Market Instruments. The next such non asset-backed debt; and 10 = asset-
OMB Number: 1513–0115. survey is to be conducted as of backed securities; (b) Add a new item in
Type of Review: Extension. December 29, 2006. schedule 2 to collect the term (short-
Title: Usual and Customary Business DATES: Written comments should be term or long-term) of the debt security.
Records Relating to Wine. received on or before May 30, 2006 to The title of line 10, ‘‘Intentionally left
Form: TTB REC 5120/1. be assured of consideration. blank’’ is changed to ‘‘Term indicator
Description: TTB routinely inspects ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments (only for debt, including ABS) based on
wineries’ usual and customary business to Dwight Wolkow, International original maturity’’. Together, actions (a)
records to insure the proper payment of Portfolio Investment Data Systems, and (b) separate the term from the
wine excise taxes due to the Federal Department of the Treasury, Room 5422 security type attributes, similar to the
government. MT, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., treatment in TIC’s other annual survey,
Respondents: Business or other for- Washington DC 20220. In view of Foreign Portfolio Holdings of U.S.
profit. possible delays in mail delivery, please Securities (SHL/SHLA); (c) to clarify the
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 468 also notify Mr. Wolkow of all comments reporting instructions for schedule 2,
hours. submitted through mail delivery by e- the instructions for line 13, ‘‘ownership
mail (dwight.wolkow@do.treas.gov), code’’ are changed to distinguish
OMB Number: 1513–0116.
FAX (202–622–2009) or telephone (202– ‘‘other’’ (option 5) and ‘‘unknown’’
Type of Review: Extension.
Title: Bond for Drawback under 26 622–1276). (option 6) as follows: ‘‘Option 5: Your
U.S.C. 5131. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: organization is the custodian and the
Form: TTB F 5154.3. Copies of the proposed forms and beneficial owner is identified as a U.S.-
Description: Business that use tax- instructions are available on the resident who is not a mutual fund,
paid alcohol to manufacture non- Treasury International Capital (TIC) pension fund, or insurance company
beverage products may file a claim for Forms Web page, http://www.treas.gov/ (which are reported in codes 2 through
drawback (refund or remittance). Claims tic/forms-sh.htm. Requests for 4). When your organization is the
may be filed monthly or quarterly. additional information should be custodian and cannot identify the entity
Monthly claimants must file a bond on directed to Mr. Wolkow. type of the beneficial owner, the
TTB F 5154.3 to protect the ownership code should be reported as
Government’s interest. Title: Treasury Department Forms option 6. Option 6: Your organization is
Respondents: Business or other for- SHC and SHCA, U.S. Ownership of the custodian and the entity type of the
profit. Foreign Securities, including Selected beneficial owner is unknown.’’; (d) on
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 10 Money Market Instruments. schedule 2, eliminate the requirement
hours. OMB Number: 1505–0146. that the reason for reporting a zero U.S.
Clearance Officer: Frank Foote (202) Abstract: These forms are used to market value for a particular security
927–9347, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax conduct annual surveys of holdings by holding be provided. The title of Line 15
and Trade Bureau, Room 200 East, 1310 U.S. residents of foreign securities for is therefore changed to ‘‘Intentionally
G Street, NW., Washington, DC 20005. portfolio investment purposes. A left blank’’, leaving unchanged the
OMB Reviewer: Alexander T. Hunt benchmark survey (Form SHC) of all electronic file format of schedule 2; (e)
(202) 395–7316, Office of Management significant U.S.-resident custodians and eliminate requirement, for Form SHC
and Budget, Room 10235, New end-investors is conducted every five only, that schedule 3 be filed for
Executive Office Building, Washington, years; in non-benchmark years, the custodian code 77 (foreign-resident
DC 20503. annual survey (Form SHCA) requires custodians) and custodian code 88
reports generally from only the very (U.S.-resident central securities
Michael A. Robinson, depositories). This will reduce reporting
largest U.S.-resident custodians and
Treasury PRA, Clearance Officer. end-investors. Data derived from these on schedule 3 of information already
[FR Doc. E6–4629 Filed 3–29–06; 8:45 am] surveys are used by the U.S. reported on schedule 2. Accordingly,
BILLING CODE 4810–31–P Government in the formulation of the instructions for SHC will not
international and financial policies and include codes 77 and 88 in appendix G,
in the computation of the U.S. balance and will not mention codes 77 and 88
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY of payments accounts and of the U.S. in paragraph 3 of section IV.C in the
international investment position. These line-by-line instructions for schedule 3.
Departmental Offices; Proposed Please note that the requirement
Collection; Comment Request data will also be used to provide
information to the public. remains for schedule 3 of Form SHCA,
These surveys are also part of an so those changes will not be made in the
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

Notice and request for

internationally coordinated effort under instructions for Form SHCA; and (f)
the auspices of the International these changes will be effective
SUMMARY: The Department of the Monetary Fund to improve data on beginning with the reports as of
Treasury, as part of its continuing effort securities worldwide. Most major December 29, 2006.
to reduce paperwork burdens, invites industrial and financial countries Type of Review: Revision of a
the general public and other Federal conduct similar surveys. currently approved data collection.

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 61 / Thursday, March 30, 2006 / Notices 16189

Affected Public: Business/Financial will require an average of 40 hours. (b) Budget approval. All comments will
Institutions. In a non-benchmark year (using Form become a matter of public record. The
Forms: TDF SHC, Schedules 1, 2 and SHCA), i.e., four years out of every five public is invited to submit written
3 (1505–0146); TDF SHCA, Schedules 1, years, custodians of securities providing comments concerning: (a) Whether the
2 and 3 (1505–0146). security-by-security information will Survey is necessary for the proper
Estimated Number of Respondents: require an average of 700 hours (because performance of the functions of the
An annual average (over five years) of only the largest U.S.-resident custodians Office of International Affairs within the
505, but this varies widely from about will report), but this figure will vary Department of the Treasury, including
1,635 in benchmark years (once every widely for individual custodians; end- whether the information collected will
five years) to about 220 in other years investors providing security-by-security have practical uses; (b) the accuracy of
(four out of every five years). information will require an average of the above estimate of the burdens; (c)
145 hours; and reporters entrusting their ways to enhance the quality, usefulness
Estimated Average Time per foreign securities to U.S. custodians will
Respondent: An annual average (over and clarity of the information to be
require an average of 48 hours.
five years) of about 84 hours, but this collected; (d) ways to minimize the
The exemption level, which applies
will vary widely from respondent to only in benchmark years, for custodians reporting and/or record keeping burdens
respondent. (a) In the year of a is the holding of less than $100 million on respondents, including the use of
benchmark survey (using Form SHC), in foreign securities and for end- information technologies to automate
i.e., once every five years, it is estimated investors the owning of less than $100 the collection of the data requested; and
that exempt respondents will require an million in foreign securities with a (e) estimates of capital or start-up costs
average of 16 hours; custodians of single custodian. of operation, maintenance and purchase
securities providing security-by-security Estimated Total Annual Burden of services to provide the information
information will require an average of Hours: An annual average (over five requested.
360 hours, but this figure will vary years) of 42,500 hours.
widely for individual custodians; end- Dwight Wolkow,
Frequency of Response: Annual.
investors providing security-by-security Request for Comments: Comments Administrator, International Portfolio
information will require an average of submitted in response to this notice will Investment Data Systems.
120 hours; and end-investors and be summarized and/or included in the [FR Doc. E6–4632 Filed 3–29–06; 8:45 am]
custodians employing U.S. custodians request for Office of Management and BILLING CODE 4810–25–P
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

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