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atlanta MAY 2–5

Should you attend Biennial 2010?

Take this quick quiz:

Yes No

1. Are you conc

erned about how
will fare in this e your JCC
2. Are you look
ing for ways to b
more effective le ecome a
3. Do you have
a responsibility to
your JCC? improve
4. Do you hate th
e phrase “becau
the way it’s alwa se that’s
ys been done”?
5. Do you consid
er yourself a life
learner? long
6. Do you enjoy
being surrounde
bright and curio d by other
us Jewish leaders
a thirst for know with
ledge and a pass
sharing ideas? ion for

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

then Biennial 2010 in Atlanta is the place for you.
This year is different.
JCCs are facing challenges like never before.
We recognize the problems you’re confronting, and we are re-tooling the JCCs of North
Marvin Gelfand America Biennial Convention to focus on strategies for dealing with the future head-on.
Chair, Biennial Biennial 2010 will inspire you to imagine new possibilities—and then show you how to achieve
Committee them.
In this environment, it is critical that we collaborate, share ideas, and re-envision the
future of our JCCs.
And the Biennial is the only place where all JCC leaders—including presidents, executive
directors, board members, advanced leaders, Next Generation leaders, and community
leaders—can get together to learn from one another. This is what being part of a movement is
Lisa Brill about. Part of a leader’s job is to remain current and informed about issues facing JCCs, and
Co-chair, Biennial participating in the JCCs of North America Biennial is the most comprehensive way for you
Host Committee
and your senior board members to fulfill that responsibility.
At Biennial 2010, every workshop and seminar will be designed and executed to deliver the
tools you need to move forward in this difficult economic climate. The Biennial will deliver
actionable insights for you to apply immediately to your JCC and your staff team.
You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.
Laura Dinerman If you do one thing all year for your JCC, it should be to attend Biennial 2010. And bring your
Co-chair, Biennial fellow leaders with you, to gather a wealth of cost-saving and revenue-generating ideas to
Host Committee
strengthen your JCC today.

The program.
Biennial 2010 will bring you in-depth learning experiences in a variety of formats:

Plenary Sessions: Plenary sessions will bring all delegates together to hear top thinkers with messages
relevant to leaders of JCCs.

Hot Topic Forums: These sessions will address four or five ultra-timely topics of concern for
Wan JCCs, based on what you determine are today’s hot topics. What are the most pressing questions facing
t! your JCC right now? Join the conversation at biennial.jcca.org, and help set the focus of these forums
inp on today’s morst urgent issues.

Seminar Tracks: These 90-minute learning sessions will provide strategies for building your JCC’s FRD
capability, Jewish signature, marketing approach, competitive advantage, social responsibility… and much more.
Most tracks will have sessions that build upon each other; a few will feature stand-alone “elective” sessions.

Size-of-City Sessions: This Tuesday afternoon session will focus on best practices in three areas:
human resources, financial resources, and creative resources. Break-out groups will follow to discuss examples.

Cohort Learning Groups: Specially designed sessions for your core delegates to learn with each
other and from each other. For: current presidents and executives, incoming presidents, advanced leaders (past
presidents), and Next Generation leaders.

JCC Association Program & Services Showcase: Learn about JCC Association’s
signature programs and other offerings in this lively, hands-on session designed to help you help your JCC to
take advantage of the many benefits of affiliation with JCC Association.

Jewish Learning: Excellent teachers and scholars provide Jewish learning experiences throughout the
Biennial. Finally, the Biennial provides ample opportunity for informal learning, sharing, and schmoozing.

2 | Atlanta | May 2—5, 2010 biennial.jcca.org

The speakers. As of November 1, 2009

Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank

Founders of The Home Depot
These two partners launched the hugely successful home-improvement retailer in 1979,
revolutionizing the industry with its warehouse-sized store concept. Their philosophy of customer
service encouraged cultivating a relationship with customers rather than merely completing a
transaction. As Bernie says, “At the end of the day, we’re in the people business.” Bernie Marcus
Bernie Marcus almost single-handedly funded and launched the new Georgia Aquarium, which opened in
downtown Atlanta in 2005. Arthur Blank is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and the Georgia Force
of the Arena Football League. Harry Mazier, former president of the Marcus JCC, will moderate
this keynote session. Don’t miss hearing these two business legends and philanthropists talk about
the keys to building successful organizations.

Reynold Levy
President of New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
From 1977-1984, Levy was the executive director of the 92nd Street Y, and staff director of the Task
Arthur Blank Force on the New York City Fiscal Crisis. In addition to his work in the nonprofit world, Levy worked
for AT&T in charge of government relations, and acted as the president of the AT&T Foundation.
Levy has taught at the Harvard Business School, Columbia, New York University, and City College
of New York. The author of several books, his most recent one is focused on fundraising, Yours for
the Asking: An Indispensable Guide to Fundraising and Management (2008, John Wiley and Sons).
Levy is overseeing a major $1.2 billion expansion of Lincoln Center, which is home to 12
independent arts organizations, and is the oldest and largest center of its kind. For his stewardship
of that extraordinary effort, he received the 2009 Design Patron Award granted by the
Harry Mazier Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum. You’ll want to hear what this master fundraiser has to say.

Jerry Silverman
President and CEO of The Jewish Federations of North America
(formerly United Jewish Communities (UJC). Silverman was tapped to take the reins at the The
Jewish Federations of North America, which serves as the North American arm of a federation
system that raises and distributes about $3 billion annually from its general campaigns,
endowments and special fund-raising drives. Since 2004 he has served as the executive director of
the Foundation for Jewish Camp, overseeing the growth of the organization’s budget from slightly
Reynold Levy more than $1 million per year to more than $22 million. Silverman is a former high-level executive
at Levi Strauss and Co. and the Stride Rite Corp. He will share his insights on the future of the
Federation model, and JCC-Federation relationships.

Joel Chasnoff
has taken the stage at some of the world’s premier comedy venues: the Montreal Comedy Festival,
a USO Comedy Tour of Japan and Korea entertaining American troops, Jewish and corporate
events across North America and Europe, and hundreds of college and club dates nationwide. Joel
Jerry Silverman
has opened for such top-name acts as Jon Stewart and Lewis Black of The Daily Show and Gilbert
Joel attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he was the director and head writer of the
Mask and Wig Comedy Club, America’s oldest all-male comedy troupe. After graduating, Joel
decided to relax a bit by serving in a combat unit in the Israel Defense Forces. Upon his discharge
from the IDF, Joel took a quick trip through Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and
Europe, hitting 21 countries in an experience that taught him the true value of open-mindedness
and frequent flyer miles. Joel’s toughest and most rewarding adventure, however, is fatherhood. As
Joel Chasnoff the proud father of identical twin girls, Joel looks back fondly on his army days when he sometimes
slept five full hours a night.

For more information, visit biennial.jcca.org, or contact Robin Ballin (212) 786-5112 or robin@jcca.org.

With the right tools, anything is possible. Biennial 2010

The facts.
who All members of your delegation will grow as leaders,
and will bring back important knowledge to benefit your JCC.

Each JCC should bring a core delegation of at In addition, all JCC board members will benefit from
least five leaders. The Biennial will feature specific attending, especially committee chairs who can take
programming for each of these cohorts: advantage of in-depth learning tracks in:
• President • membership • camp • Jewish
• Incoming president • marketing • early childhood education
• Immediate past president (advanced leaders) • financial • arts and culture • governance
• Esther Leah Ritz Next Generation Leadership resource • teens • strategic
Awardee(s) (your up-and-coming leadership) development • adults planning
• Executive director • fitness/wellness • social action
• Senior-level staff

The JCCs of North America 2010 Biennial Convention is the forum
what where JCC leaders convene to learn, share, grow and get energized
about their passion for the JCC.
is the biennial?

Sunday, May 2 through

when Wednesday, May 5, 2010
If you arrive early, join us for an early
is biennial 2010?
registration reception at World of Coke,
Saturday, May 1 at 8:45 p.m.

where Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA

is biennial 2010?

And most importantly:

should you go?
You will benefit in these specific ways:

• Understand how the economy is impacting the • Develop your leadership and management skills;
whole JCC Movement and how you can achieve work with your delegation to determine ways to
success in your community. enhance the functioning of your board.
• Explore how increased awareness of consumer • Gain valuable information about operations,
desires can strengthen your JCC. programming and technology.
• Gather actionable ideas and practical tools to • Expose your JCC’s leadership to broader issues in
improve your JCC. the JCC Movement and how they impact your JCC.
• Learn from experts about issues and challenges • Energize your leadership and build relationships
facing your JCC. among your delegation.

520 Eighth Avenue | New York, NY 10018 online

(212) 532-4949 | www.jcca.org registration
Alan P. Solow Allan Finkelstein Marvin Gelfand Robin Ballin now open!
Chair President Chair, Biennial Sr. Vice President, Marketing
Committee and Communications biennial.jcca.org