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Like Children we Hope

Francis Alvin R. Doloroso
Blk 13 Lot 14 Armada Street Vista Verde
Executive Village Cainta, Rizal Philippines
Ateneo De Manila University

Growing up there are things that I was allowed to do and things that my I simply
cant. As a kid I felt that the situation was a bit unfair, I questioned why I cant do
the same things that grown-ups do. Now it seems as if I have a grasp as to why kids
cant simply be treated as adults. Youth is very important in the context of our world
and in our society. Youth regenerates our society as it comes with innocence and a
sense of wonder. That being said the youth must be treated with care as the older
people slowly introduce them to the world. Especially in our modern times where
information is simply a click away, anything can be seen and heard through the

internet. Ideals, doctrines, and beliefs are readily available. The variety of ideals
simply show that each individual is different, each society is different. The
difference stems from the distinct experiences and histories that each individual
and society have been through. Such experiences come from the sense of wonder
of youth, and with this sense of wonder is a different notion of peace from each
individual. Peace is a universal concept but with it comes ambiguity. Its because of
this ambiguity that peace is manifested differently depending on ones personal
experience and history. Thus it is important to note, especially for children, that
people will never be on equal footing on every aspect. There will be differences
which goes beyond skin color and religion. With media obscuring these differences
though it is hard to be able to tell children that having differences is not something
to be worried about. Yet sometimes it cant be helped that people impose their own
ideals and beliefs. Even universal concepts such as peace and those that follow are
seen differently by different individuals and societies. Slowly when I was growing up
I realized that the world doesnt revolve around me. Although I was very eager to
share my thoughts and insights going into high school and then college I realized
that the same can be said of other people. I came to know that not everyone will
have the same train of thought and later on I realized that this isnt really a
problem. In an organization you realize that agreeing is not the only means of
moving forward, sometimes the discussions and the vulnerability that comes with it
is more important to reach a common goal. Through discussions ideas are fleshed
out and improved, the same cannot be said when one simply imposes a common
track to reach the goal. Similarly to build a lasting concept of peace, it is important
for each individual to respect inherent differences. With this respect comes
vulnerability and this vulnerability allows us to talk and be in a dialogue.
Vulnerability allows us to be open. Such vulnerability is instilled in children not by
giving them an available access to all the ideals and beliefs available but by slowly
introducing them to the differences that make up our world. By doing so we allow
the children to understand the value not of a common concept of peace but of the
importance of dialogue and vulnerability. This means that embedding a lasting
concept of peace would allow the worlds societies and individuals to understand
each other rather than them imposing individual notions of peace and ideals. Such
means though is easier said than done. With our differences come our egos and
setting aside these egos is hard as it is. The path to lasting peace is not built on

stable grounds. The path to peace is built on hope. Amidst the troubles that plague
our world there is hope that someday things will get better. Children and youth
bring forth this kind of hope. Because in them lie endless possibilities. Aside from
teaching the importance of vulnerability in children, in turn we must also learn from
them. That like children we must be full of wonder despite being jaded by the
troubles of our world. With the youth we must also hope for peace, and through this
hope there will be peace.