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Janel Claimont

English 12.2
Ms. Hanson
18 September 2015
Special Attribute or Accomplishment That Sets You Apart
During my three middle school years I dedicated myself to a program called, Science
Olympiad, in return gaining the biggest sense of accomplishment Ive ever felt. Not many young
kids can say they decided on their own to give long hours of their lives to an academic program.
Some might call me odd for doing this, but I love having something that sets me apart from
everyone else.
I honestly have no clue what urged me to sign into the program my 6th grade year. I
didnt have any close friends joining, and didnt really know any of the kids that were already in
from previous years. The Science Olympiad after school program, is an academic team that
competes at regional and state levels. The events that I participated in where the two chemistry
based ones, and meteorology. Learned to bust crime scenes, identify odd substances, and so
much more. Everyone within the program studied and practiced, four times a week. Which adds
up to about seven and half hours a week. In mid-november the team would compete at regionals,
fighting for a high enough place to make it to states. My team is on an ongoing streak of taking
first place, for 13 straight years now. Each event that I competed in I got 1st or 2nd place,
receiving a medal for each.

Although the program was long hours and hard work, I believe it taught me how to
accomplish anything you set your mind to. I fell in love with something that was academic and
actually good for me. Amazingly enough being forced to memorize the periodic table at only 12,
paid off for the better. As nerdy as I was in my younger years, Im very glad I have something
under my belt that not many fellow peers have.

Janel Clairmont
English 12.2
Ms. Hanson
18 September 2015
Who in Your Life Has Been the Biggest Influence and Why?
Unconditional love, life lessons, and endless support, make some people huge influences
in who you are. My Father has made one of the biggest impacts on who I am today. A strong
heart with good morals had pushed him through his own difficult life, giving me the motivation
and determination to be the best I can be.
Growing up, he was always put to work to do something. Being the youngest of the
family, having to do the worst of the chores was well known to him. At only 15 years old my dad
was supporting himself entirely on his own. Although growing up this way was not ideal my dad
has always made the best of his situation and has acquired a very impressive work ethic. My
father has always had a job and always been able to support himself and his family. Before
moving to Williston he had been a logger, since he's moved he has had many jobs varying from
being a semi mechanic to driving the rigs himself. I have never seen him unemployed for long
and I believe that's influenced my own work ethic.
I will always be able to believe in myself because of my dad. He has shown me that no
matter what the circumstances are, there is always a way to keep moving. I will always aspire to
keep going, I have to because of him. Any time I might have doubt in myself I think of my father

and all of the life struggles he has conquered. I'll always look at my father as an influential
character in my life.

Janel Clairmont
English 12.2
Ms. Hanson
18 September 2015
Chose a Person You Admire and Explain Why?
All of us have different people we admire and we all have different reasons to admire to
admire each. I admire many people but to say I admire anyone more than I admire this man
would be a lie. Sometimes I can not believe what he has been through, although some of his
experiences were brought on by his own actions that doesnt change the strong respect Ive
formed for this man.
Jeff Iwen has been put through about every situation you could imagine and somehow
has always come out strong with a smile. From a very young age he was shown different
varieties of life. Some may say few of these varieties were right but who is to say it was his
choice to learn this way. Being raised by an alcoholic he attained the trait. Many problems raised
from this including mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, anger management issues, and self
view issues, but there is an area that he succeeded in. That is raising his family and providing for
them. There is nothing more important to him than his family and that trait has always been
passed down. Through all of his faults somehow he has managed to still be a good dad and that's
what makes him so admirable.
Recently he has changed his ways, he has changed many of his thoughts and has almost
reversed his anger. He was young before and no one had ever taught him but now he's finally

matured and is slowly learning what he was never taught because of alcoholism in the home. He
went through high school almost a straight a student but instead of graduating he was expelled
for a fight involving a student stealing his snowmobile, the principal and the shop teacher.
Although he didn't finish school he still became successful, starting his own business
from the ground up and running it for almost twenty years. A new business venture failed and he
lost everything, slowly his life spiraled out of control but yet he always tries to see the good and
the happiness, and that is truly admirable. I admire a man who I've seen get shot down time after
time but who still gets up like nothing happened. To myself, Jeff Iwen, is a true role model. Hes
shown me what a strong willed heart is capable of, for that I will always admire this man.

Janel Clairmont
English 12.2
Ms. Hanson
18 September 2015
Where Do You See Yourself Ten Years From Now?
Success is different to each and every person. For myself, by the time Im 27, which is
ten years from now, I hope to be successful by my own definition. Being wealthy is not my goal,
but happiness is a must in order for me to consider myself successful in anyway.
Its crazy to imagine where Ill be in ten years. With so many plans for the future, I cant
say that I know for sure what will happen with my life, but I know Im not going down without a
fight on my dreams. Within the next two years I hope to be married and starting my own little
family. Growing up my biggest dream, and really my only dream, has alway been to have kids of
own. Most kids want rich and fame, but Id be content with being a mother. Being able to
support my family in anyway thats needed, is definitely a must. Whether this means owning my
own house, working long hours, or slaving myself for long hours, I will support my family
without help from anyone except my husband. I thrive for the days when my children and
husband, are walking through our door with smiles on their faces, thrilled to be home.
If the only thing Im successful at in ten years is having a happy/healthy family, thats
more than enough to consider myself a success. Many people around me might not agree with
these views but in the end none of that matters. At the end of my years Ill be left with just
myself, so my own happiness is the only one that will truly matter. Happiness is my only goal for

right now, ten years from now, and forever.