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Virtualized Disaster

Recovery from VMware

and Vision Solutions
Cost-efficient, dependable
solutions for virtualized disaster
recovery and business continuity



Cost-efficient, dependable solutions for virtualized disaster

recovery and business continuity
Vision Solutions and VMware
technologies, when used
together, can solve the

Ensuring business-critical data and applications survive a site outage is paramount to the life
of your business. But growing data volumes, complex applications and the cost of additional
hardware, tools and training for a secondary location can make the insurance policy of an
effective disaster recovery plan prohibitively expensive and hard to implement.

challenge of providing disaster

recovery for physical servers
by combining virtualization,
real-time data replication and
application availability.

Virtualization continues to gain widespread adoption in mainstream IT, and the benefits are
evident - it allows businesses to improve their IT efficiency while continuing to drive down costs
through consolidation. Virtualized disaster recovery infrastructure to match your production
virtual infrastructure can extend these efficiencies to the DR plan, but is there a way to realize the
benefits of a virtualized disaster recovery plan even for physical servers?
Vision Solutions and VMware technologies, when used together, can solve the challenge of
providing disaster recovery for physical servers by combining virtualization, real-time data
replication and application availability. This combination of virtualization and advanced protection
for both data and applications reduces cost and complexity while increasing the resilience of
your recovery infrastructure.

VMware vSphere 5 Disaster Recovery, Data Center Management and Optimization Suite
VMware vSphere 5 is the next generation of industry-leading infrastructure virtualization software
that virtualizes servers, storage and networking, allowing multiple unmodified operating systems
and their applications to run independently in virtual machines while sharing physical resources.
The suite delivers comprehensive virtualization, management, resource optimization, application
availability and operational automation capabilities.
vSphere 5 is the most widely deployed software suite for optimizing and managing IT
environments through virtualization, from the desktop to the data center. vSphere 5 is proven
to deliver results to tens of thousands of customers of all sizes, used in a wide variety of
environments and applications that deliver transformative cost savings as well as increased
operational efficiency, flexibility and IT service levels.
For those that have production and recovery virtual environments with compatible storage
systems supporting storage replication, VMware now offers the Site Recovery Manager product
to fully automate the disaster recovery process normally documented in a DR run book.




Virtualization as a Recovery Solution for Physical Servers

Recovery into a virtual
environment avoids many of the
error-prone and cumbersome
steps of physical recovery.

Over 80% of enterprises are engaged in virtualization projects, and the number of VMs in
production roles continues to increase, yet the majority of production servers are still physical1.
There are reasons for this. Historically, the overhead from virtualization was not acceptable
to key enterprise applications. Instead, many organizations have steadily built experience
virtualizing less critical applications in preparation for the eventual virtualization of even
performance-sensitive applications.
The performance of the vSphere hypervisor, ESX(i), has steadily improved over multiple product
generations. The overhead of running most applications in a virtualized environment is now only
between 2% and 10%. While that overhead may not yet be acceptable for every production
application, organizations should carefully weigh the cost of duplicate physical resources against
the benefits of a virtualized recovery environment that delivers 90% or greater of the original
application performance.

Faster Recovery
Recovery into a virtual environment avoids many of the error-prone and cumbersome steps of
physical recovery. The speed and simplicity of provisioning virtual machines reduces recovery
times by avoiding the need to get your hands dirty with hardware configurations and bare-metal
restore processes.

A Reduced Cost, Energy Efficient Recovery Environment

Because a remote recovery environment may sit idle most of the time, the hardware and energy
cost savings of a virtual environment are amplified for a recovery environment. Many customers
of VMware vSphere 5 are able to consolidate 10 or more virtual machines per physical
processor, drastically increasing server utilization and decreasing energy and physical space

Disaster Recovery Testing

They keys to a resilient recovery plan are flexibility and testing. The ease of provisioning new
VMs and isolating those VMs in sandboxes is an advantage for testing recovery without
interrupting users.

Enterprise Strategy Group : The Evolution of Server Virtualization, Nov 2010




Double-Take: Proven enterprise-class data protection that fits

your mixed infrastructure and your budget
Cross-Platform Virtualization
Virtualization platforms provide tools to virtualize physical servers, but a virtualized recovery
solution must be able to continually protect servers and then virtualize them after theyve
already failed. Perhaps more importantly, the solution must be able to recover back to physical
environments when the outage is over. The suite of Double-Take failover and recovery products
goes beyond one-way virtualization to provide true any-to-any platform recovery. Physical or
virtual servers can be recovered to new VMs in your VMware recovery environment, and then
recovered back to physical or virtual machines on other platforms as needed.

Virtual Failover and Recovery Designed for vSphere

Because the virtualization process is designed for vSphere, a new VM is automatically
provisioned to match the original source at failover time, with no user effort to create it.
But if the physical server had too much unused capacity, the new virtual machine can be
adjusted to better match the needs of the application. The size of the virtual disks, the number
of virtual CPUs, and the amount of RAM allocated to the failed over VM can all be easily
adjusted at failover time.

Real-Time Replication
Rather than backing up data nightly during a disruptive backup window and risking up to 24
hours of changes, Double-Take replicates changes in real-time, without interrupting users.
Changes are captured, compressed, and transmitted over IP networks of any distance for
efficient, continuous protection.
Unlike replication built into many storage systems, Double-Take captures changes at the byte
level, rather than the block level, further reducing the amount of bandwidth needed to protect data.
Real-time replication enables recovery back to the minutes before the disaster, and lets you
failover to the virtual recovery site in minutes.

Hardware and Software Independent

Double-Take is application independent, allowing you to protect almost any application and
upgrade that application without affecting the ongoing protection. Patented Double-Take
replication technology replicates changes at the file system level and works regardless of what
application is making changes to protected files. This means Double-Take can protect any
application data including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or any another
Windows-based application.
Hardware-based replication is often proprietary for each storage vendor and provides no crossvendor replication; Double-Take has no dependency on any hardware or storage provider or
storage architecture (SCSI, FibreChannel, iSCSI). This independence allows Double-Take to be
used on existing heterogeneous storage infrastructures and does not lock you in to a specific
vendor for future purchases.




Streamlined Management Interface

Double-Take provides an interface that is easy to use to ensure you can quickly and easily
protect your data and applications. The Double-Take Availability UI automatically discovers
servers running Double-Take Availability and displays them in a single window. Managing the
entire Double-Take Availability deployment can be performed from this single console. Any
transfers, reports, failovers, and/or failbacks can be viewed from this single point.

Consolidation Savings
Because Double-Take has designed solutions specifically for vSphere, a one-to-one pairing of
production systems with disaster recovery systems is no longer required. By leveraging a single
target virtual machine as a helper to access storage on the target host, many-to-one virtual
failover configurations are possible, unlocking the value of virtualized recovery.

Automated Failover with Double-Take Availability

Double-Take Availability constantly monitors essential applications and servers for failure, and
can automate the failover process to ensure compliance with even aggressive recovery time
objectives (RTOs). Real-Time replication combined with failover monitoring for customer-facing
systems minimizes the impact to business operations and ensures that you recover from the
time the failure occurred, not from when the last backup was taken, which can result in a day or
more of lost data and productivity.

Flexible Recovery with Double-Take RecoverNow

Double-Take RecoverNow is designed to protect data on many production servers to a
consolidated repository server using the same real-time replication as Double-Take Availability.
From the repository server, RecoverNow offers the ability to recover files, folders, applications
or even entire servers from any point in time using true Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
technology. That data can be recovered to the original server, new hardware, or to a virtual

Double-Take and VMware

With Double-Take products from Vision Solutions as the bridge between physical infrastructure
and a virtual recovery environment, affordable and efficient disaster recovery is within reach.
Thousands of companies including more than half of Fortune 500 corporations already
protect their data and applications with Double-Take products.




Easy. Affordable. Innovative. Vision Solutions.

With over 25,000 customers globally, Vision Solutions is one of the industrys largest
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IBM i (i5/OS), AIX, Linux and Cloud environments. Visions MIMIX, Double-Take and iTERA
brands keep business-critical information continuously protected and available. With an
emphasis on affordability and ease-of-use, Vision products and services help customers achieve
their IT protection and recovery goals, which in-turn improves profitability, productivity, regulation
compliance, customer satisfaction and quality of life.
Vision Solutions oversees a global partner network that includes IBM, HP, Microsoft, VMware,
Dell and hundreds of resellers and system integrators. Privately held by Thoma Bravo, Inc.,
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