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The Missing Piece

People search for something to fill that void or sense of imperfection in

them, they look for something to complete them. They look in drugs,
popularity, the cliques, the social clubs and events, in religions and in books
and self help seminars and philosophies. They are looking for that missing
piece that makes them whole.
All of the afore mentioned things are only Band-Aids over bullet holes.
You was born with a piece of you missing and the reason it is said there is
one way to fix it, is because it is the missing piece. It is the God part of you
that is missing. You are born with a black hole or void in your soul that
brings this unsettling unnerving uneasy, incomplete feeling within you.
Christ is that missing piece. I came to be that part of you that is Lost. That
is why I said, I am the Way, Truth, and Life.
I am that part of you that is missing. Not Buddha, not Philosophy, not
education or books, or other religions. I have within myself the part you are
missing. In the beginning you was lost off from me, stolen away from me, it
left you with a void inside that only I could feel. I made you, thats how I
know. I am not in competition with Buddha or Education or Self Help books
as if they could also fill that void, as they cannot, they are ALL the wrong
pieces. Not one of them will fill that place meant for me. I came to find you,
to complete you, so you will be made whole. I am your only truth and I, in
Love for you, came so you could have a true sacrifice for the guilt, darkness,
and condemnation in you. No other human being ever born could do what I
did for you, they were all unworthy sacrifices, as they were all as you were,
born in sin and shapen in iniquity. They all have the same hole in them
I was born a divine virgin birth, I was not from the fall in the Garden. I was
born of the Will of God. I was complete. I did not have that void. I seen all
around that everyone else did have that void. And that they needed a
Savior. I was the only hope for humanity, the only one that was worthy to be
the sacrifice that they would need to rip that old dead conscience of guilt
and shame from themselves that makes them incomplete and cast it upon
me, as we trade my perfect life for their incomplete life. SO I went to the
cross and made it so.

There is no other one ever born that could do this for humankind, I was
God's One and Only Hope for all humanity. Cast your cares and burdens
upon me, throw upon me your evil, filthy guilt and condemnations and your
bad habits and perversions and take away from this Altar a New You, a
Whole You, a Perfect You, that missing piece you have been searching for.
Reach inside with deep tears of crying and repentance and Godly Sorrow
and long desperately to be rid of that darkness that incompletes you. I am
Here! It is not that I wont accept you unless you do those things, it is that
unless YOU come to that state of deep regret and repentance and long to be
delivered within yourself, you will not be able to rip it from your heart to
throw it on the Altar of Sacrifice.
I am the missing piece you seek, why do you search and try everything to
fill it but me? Buddha was not sacrificed for you, He was not virgin born, He
was as all humanity, in need of the missing piece. All that come to me I will
in no wise turn away, for I came as a sacrifice to and for all! Without respect
of person, color, creed, religion, gender, race, etc. Do not let that darkness
and turmoil in you torment you another moment, all that anger and
hardness and stubbornness, all that hate and lust and deceit and bad
habits. All that hopelessness and despair, all that anxiety and depression.
All that sadness and hurt. Cast your cares upon me for I care for you! I am
the only way, not because I am some lifted up egotistical person. It is just
Who and What I Am. I am the Lamb of God, sent to pay for your loss and
pain. It was my entire purpose of coming, was to be the forgiveness you
sought for, the sacrifice you needed, the whole for your incompleteness.
God will not accept or receive another sacrifice for sins except the one He
sent me to be. Come to the Altar of your Heart, there I stand, as your High
Priest of Confession. My heart of Love and Mercy and Forgiveness is wide
open to you. Let me take that sin and shame and heavy burden and give
you in return my Love, My Mercy, My Strength, My Forgiveness, My Eternal
Life, My Favor with God. Let me make you whole again! There is absolutely
no other way. I am humanities, last and only hope! I Love You! Jesus
Thank You!