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Mobile: 08034684349.
To join an efficient and dynamic organization that recognizes top performers,
and utilizes my interpersonal talents to maximize efficiency, growth and
MARCH 2014 TO JULY 2015.
25 Sobo Arobiodun street, Ikeja GRA Lagos.
1. Ensuring on-time departure of all flights and making sure that allotted ground time is not
2,Ensuring that operational and documentation procedures are complied with.
3,Seeing to the optimal utilisation of all human, material and monetary resources available in
the station at all times.
4,Preparing and signing of the duty roster of all station staff.
5.Meeting arriving aircraft and seeing to crew and passengers welfare.
6.Attending promptly to all internal and external correspondences/messages.
7,Liasing with fueling companies to see to a hitch-free fueling and payment of fueling bills.
8, Ensuring prompt rendering of sales reports and submission of flown coupons.
9, Being on hand to take decisions on passenger welfare in situation of operational irregularities
such as delays, diversions, cancellations, flight interruptions etc.
10, Logistics supply(crew transportation and positioning, catering, transport etc.).
11, Maintenance of excellent relationship with Aviation authorities such as NCAA, Ministry of
aviation,Airport authorities(FAAN), Bankers and service providers(Handling Agent, fuel
companies, catering agent Hotels etc.).
12, Liarse with head of finance, Human Resources Manager(HRM) in duties relevant to their
departments on day to day basis.
13,Coordinates all services at the airport and directly answerabe to the management both
administratively and functionally.
14, Directly responsible and incharge of all emergency situations in the station.

15, Responsible for all staffs in the station administratively and functionally.

2012 TO 2012
M M international airport lagos.
1,Prepare monthly duty roster for crew.
2,Ensure all crew members receive their roster for the next month before the end of the present
3,Arrange and disburse overnight flight allowances to crew in good time.
4,Make hotel accommodation(HOTAC) arrangements for night stopping crew and ensure
hotels are paid accordingly.
5,Allocate flights to crew,carefully considering rest periods and maximum flighing hours.
6Make maximum and healthy use of available crew in the network, depending on available
7, Communicate with all departments daily regarding crew and aircrafts movements.
8,Communicate with engineering department daily to know about serviceability of aircrafts.
9,Communicate with crew constantly regarding flights and aircraft swaps/ changes.
10, Plan and implement all crew official movements including back-ups in case of lateness and
emergencies, such as sudden illness(calling sick).
11,Monitor the movement of all aircrafts to ensure location at any time.
12,Arrange transport for crew in company accommodation, for pick-up and drop-off,and for
early morning stand-bys,this include crew arriving late night from flight.
13, Plan for seat for dead-heading crew.
14,Plan for crew training and retraining in good time not to disrupt flight programme.
15,Ensure crew licenses are up-dated when due.
16, Ensure operations are in accordance with Nigerian civil aviation authority.
17,Communicates with crew and all concerned departments during flight disruptions/
18,Ensure all crew allowances are well computed and paid when due.

JULY 2008 to OCT. 2011.




Overseas all aspects of the country operations, ensuring a safe, punctual, efficient and smooth
Responsible for station agents (Duty managers, customer service/check-in agents/ramp
agents/baggage handlers etc)

Directs all activities related to country operation and coordinates all functions to ensure superior
customer service, operational integrity, and positive employee relations.
Develops schedules ensuring cost compliance and allocating needed resources.
Ensures customer service representatives are fully trained, knowledgeable and provide superior
customer service.
Ensures compliance with all Arik Air Ground Handling manuals (GHM).
Ensure all station manuals are up-dated regularly.
Ensure compliance with international, federal, state, and local aviation regulations.
Identify and manage station problems, investigate and provide recommendations for operational
Makes yearly plans and budgets for staff training, materials, equipments, and report deviations with
Initiate service recovery efforts in the event of operational irregularities in cooperation with
operations control centre..
Negotiate and manage airport specific contracts and follow-up service compliance in accordance
with existing contracts.
Verify and approve all station related invoices and deal with any irregularity.
Involved in recruitment, Initiatives, disciplinary hearings, training, development and motivational
exercises for the station staff.
Provide leadership and guidance to the ground handling agents and Arik air staff.
Represent Arik Air in all airport related functions and liaise with airport authorities.
Ensure that all station statistics and budgets reach management on time.
Perform other duties as may be required by the company.
Reporting to General Manager,Ground Operations,Arik Air Ltd Lagos, Nigeria.
Represents The Chairman/and managing Director in all transactions in Ghana.
Liaise with government agencies and sub contractors, to ensure that Airline standard is upheld
Oversees and controls all management/administrative issues in Ghana.
Control and manage the entire operations of Arik Airline in Kotoka International Airport, Accra,
Innovate processes, marketing strategies and put in controls in the system to maximse profit.
Study proposals from travel/sales agents,investigate and grant approval as necessary.
Prepare and sign out sales agreements between Arik air and travel agents in Ghana, this
include addendums emanating from contract amendment.
Reconcile forthnightly with travel agents on submission of sales report, and issue mannual
ticket stock depending on sales rate.
Communicate with agents/passengers in case of flight cancellation and/or undue flight delays.
Meet with Travel agents regularly to proffer solution to any challenges they may be facing in
selling the airline ticket.
Liase with travel agents to ensure revenue from ticket sales is remitted to the airline by the
30th of the month of sale or 15th of the month following month of sale,in accordance with the
provisions laid down by the airline.

June 2006 June 2008 . Ark Air, Port-Harcourt International, Airport

. Rivers State, Nigeria.
Duty Manager
Supervise all areas of flight operation.
Conduct shift briefing.
Ensure adequate staffing for flight.
Check e-mails and Duty managers dairy for information.
Ensure staffs adhere to grooming standards.
Ensure that staffs understand their duties/responsibilities.
Monitor staff performance.
Ensure equipments are maintained.
Take positive steps to resolve customer issues and staff discrepancies.
Liaise with crew on arrival and assist where needed..
Supervise loading of passengers
Debrief staff at the end of shifts.
Evaluate training needs.
Brief incoming staffs about any information they require.
Ensure safety standards are upheld.
Monitor service providers.
Report to Airport/Station manager.
August 2002 June 2006 Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE
Duty Controller(Ramp), Ground Operation.
Ensure safety of Aircrafts while on ground, off loading and loading of passengers, mail and cargo
Ensure that all Aircrafts are loaded according to the loading instructions and all ULDs and TIEDOWNS PINS are safely in place before push back
Ensure aircrafts weight does not exceed the maximum landing weight and maximum take off
weight, by constantly communicating with load control officers.
Check and pass on the weather report to dispatch and ramp supervisors.
Ensure general safety on ground through constant briefing and radio communication with the ramp
Monitor duty attendance, absenteeism, excuse duty, duty replacement.
Organize and train emergency response team in readiness for emergencies.
Solely responsible for handling all flights landing and departing Dubai international airport within
shift period.
Sending stock control message/Alerts.

November 2000 August 2002.

Emirates Airlines, Dubai.

United Arab Emirates.

Loading Team Supervisor (Ground Operations).

Reports to duty controller
Planning and allocating flights to loading team leaders.
Investigating discrepancies and reporting to duty controller
Physically ensure that Dangerous Goods and valuables are loaded as per IATA specifications.
Ensure human remains and live animals are loaded as per loading instruction.
Physically supervise cash-in-transit(CIT) operations and ensure cash loading is always Last-in-firstout.
Sending Unit load control messages for all flights.
October 1998 November 2000. Emirates Airlines. Dubai. United Arab Emirates.
Loading Team Leader.(Ground ops)
Supervise loading and off-loading of passenger, mail and cargo.
Deligate duties to porters,equipment operators and drivers.
Lead a team of fifteen staff comprising loaders,equipment operators and drivers.
Ensure that turn-around flights are off-loaded and loaded within acceptable minimum turn arround
Ensure flights are not unduely delayed due to loading.
Ensure strict adherence to loading instructions to avoid accidents/tail-tipping.
Prepare loading instruction report with all sincerity.
Ensure notification-to-captain NOTOC is signed out with captain when applicable.
Year 1991 1996.

Sunshine Batteries, Ikot Epene, Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria

Quality Control Officer.



Imo State University Okigwe.

Bsc.Pure and Industrial Chemistry.

IATA Station Management(IATA)
IATA Cargo Marketing.(IATA)
Emirates Introduction To Civil Aviation(EMIRATES DUBAI)
Airside Load Management.(EMIRATES DUBAI)
Ramp Services 1 (Load Processing & Handling).(EMIRATES DUBAI)
Standard Fares and Ticketing.(EMIRATES DUBAI)
Dangerous Goods handling (DGR).(EMIRATES DUBAI)
Microsoft certified professional(MCP).
Basic First Aid Training/Refreshers.
Explosive Devices Awareness Training.(incendary bombs).(EMIRATES DUBAI)
Load Control(Aircraft Weight and Balance.(AIR NIGERIA).
Team Player.
Result oriented
Maturity in handling people and issues.
Ability to work without supervision in a challenging environment.
Ability to remain calm, and work under pressure.
Exellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Adaptability and commitment to achieve.
Ability to develop working partnerships with all departments and related organizations.
Attention to details and quality.
Team player and leader.
Leadership and motivation.
Directing and developing staff.
Date of Birth --------15th may 1961.
Place of birth----------Lagos.
Marital Status---------|Married.

1) Olusoji Awosika
Ground Operations
Arik Air Ltd.
Murtallah Mohammed Airport
Local Wing Ikeja.lagos, Nigeria.
E-mail olusoji.awosika@arikair.com
Tel; +2348063222668
2)Captain Mathew Ekeinde
Murtallah Mohammed, Airport
Ikeja- Lagos.