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THIS AGREEMENT OF ENGAGEMENT is executed on this ……………………..



Documentaries, Ad. Films, Game Shows Reality Shows etc. having its registered
office situated at # 15 Arora Colony, Phase – II, Road No.3, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500 034, A.P, India, represented by its Managing Director
Mr.A.PRASADA RAO S/o. Satyanarayana R/o Hyderabad, shall mean and
includes their executors, administrators and assignees, successor-in-interest of
of the ONE PART.

S/o or D/o __________________________________________


________________________________________________________ Artiste by
Profession; shall mean and include their heirs, executors, administrators and
legal representative or successors-in-interest of the SECOND PART.

1) The producer is engages in the business activity of producing feature films

/ tele-films / short films T.V / audio programme / short show / quiz and tele
serials etc., and processes the requisite experience, capacity and
expertise to produce them on audio visual medium to exactly match,
shape and emerge for decided them and / or a literary story line converted
to a script / screen play as per speculations agreed upon.

2) A television daily serial titled serial programme titled serial (Hereinafter

Referred to as the serial) in TELUGU LANGUAGE is being produced by
the producer.

3) The Artist is engaged in the profession of acting and as such is desirous

acting it in the serial.

4) The PRODUCER owns and POSSESSES the absolute Exclusive.

Unrestricted and unqualified rights in respect of the “SERIAL” with all its
created visual and audio elements, performance rights of created musical
works, merchandising etc., and had the require authority to use and it deel
with such materials as “PRODUCER”.

5) The PRODUCER had approached the Artist with a role in the serial being
produced by them.

6) The ARTISTE had expressed her willingness to act in the aforesaid serial.

7) NOW THIS DEED OF ENGAGEDMENT is executed mutual negotiations

by and between the parties on the following:-


1) The Artiste shall perform a role assigned to her by the producer in the

2) The producer shall pay an amount

Per each shooting day for the performance, which same includes the
remuneration of her assistant, personal make up men and other express
ness if any?

3) The artiste will be entitled to food and accommodation, which are provided
by the producer during the shooting days wherever applicable in the
artiste is from a different city or state other the than the place of shooting
the said serial.
4) The artiste Agreed and consented to the filming of the performance,
recording of her voice and incorporation of the same in whole or part at
producer’s discretion in the serial. It is specifically understood that the
producer is under no obligation to incorporate the whole are any part of he
performance and voice in the serial.

5) The producer shall be entitled to tele-cast the serial either as an

independent program is as a part of any program. They may divide the
serial in to any number of parts / episodes at their full discretion. It is
specifically understood that they are under no obligation to tele-cast the

6) The artist shall attend all shooting programs rehearsals both indoor and
outdoor punctually at the appointed time and shall, no account absent
herself from the shooting when her resents is required. The shooting will
generally be held at Hyderabad and surrounding areas, ANDHRA
PRADESH, The producer will fix shooting locations.

7) Being producers of the serial, they shall be the first and sole copy rights
owners of the serial and the Artiste’s performance will be purely work on
hire bases, the producer will have full rights to exploit the serial throughout
in any manner, in any way and buy all means including video satellite D T
H, cable,wote,wireless intenet and any other system, which is presently
known, or to be invented in future.

8) The producer shall be entitled to convert the said serial in to 13mm / 5mm
film and exploit the same at their choice.

9) Artiste agreed and consented that her recorded voice may be subscribed
by the any other voice in any language of producer’s the producer has the
right to dub the said of producer’s the producer has the right to dub the
said serial in any language (both Indian and foreign).

10) Producers are taking reasonable steps so that no risks are involved in the
performance of the assigned role the artiste. However artiste. However
artiste is expected to take reasonable care and producers will take care to
avoid mishap or accident while performance the role.

11)Artiste shall obey the director appointed by the producer for the serial and
shall not conduct herself contrary the specific requirements or instructions
of the director or any manner derogatory to the producer’s interest or
reputation. The artist will be subject to producer’s supervisory control while
in work.
12)If artist performance is not satisfactory the producer at their description
giving intimation and making payment for her service up to that point of
time may terminate for her role the serial the contract is liable to be
terminated in the same manner.

13) Producer shall be entitled to assign or license the whole or part of the
benefit of this agreement to any third party.

14) This contract shall be governed by the law in ANDHRA PRADESH, and is
subjected to the jurisdiction of the Court in Hyderabad as regards any
disputes arising out of performance and interpretation of the agreement.

15)The artist shall give first preference to the producer as against another
producer or production company in case of clash of dates.

16)The artiste is obligated under this agreement that He / She shall commit
dates on a preferential basis to the producer at least for a period of one
year on the above mentioned conditions.