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INSTRUCTIONS: Make a calendar for the present month of this year.

Use a design template of your choice.

Leave spaces for notes in each day.
Allot an extra space either at the beginning or end of the month.
Insert necessary pictures or images in the calendar.
Save your work inside the documents folder or in your own folder using
Month of the Year.doc as the filename.

INSTRUCTIONS: write a brief paragraph about a tree.
1. Choose your favorite tree. Insert a hyperlink in place of the first word in the
paragraph of the name of your favorite tree.
2. Using 18 point font and various font styles, write a five paragraph or more
tree story. Use your imagination in developing an exciting and unique story of
the chosen tree.
3. Insert a picture of your chosen tree the tight wrapping style layout.
4. Enhance your document by applying color to text and inserting other images
related to the story.
5. Save your work as Tree Story.doc inside your own folder.
In this assignment you will utilize knowledge of Microsoft Word. Steps used to
complete this assignment are similar to those that are used in everyday college life.
Skills used here are also used when writing papers, doing homework, etc. for

Create a new document in Word.

Save it as HW Objectives 1.
At the top, type your name and make it bold.
Hit return twice and type the title My Favorite Class.
Select the title and align it so it is centered.
Change the font size of the title to 16pt.
Hit return twice, and then tab to indent.
In normal 12pt. font, type a paragraph about your favorite course and
subjects at school. Include the teachers name in a present time, any
interesting projects or assignments youve done in the class that will
motivate you a lot to study hard in that particular subjects. And why it is your
favorite class? On a second paragraph type on who your favorite teacher is
and why you think so?

DIRECTIONS: Apply the following instructions in the paragraph below:
HALO-HALO! Halo-halo is a mixture of sweetened fruits and beans, lavished with
pinipig, sugar and milk, topped by crushed ice and ice cream. You know its
summertime when halo-halo stand start sprouting by the roadside and by the
beach, all whipping up their heavenly concoctions of such a refreshing divine
dessert. You can make your own by selecting and mixing your ingredients to make a
perfect Halo-halo. Halo-Halo is uniquely, unforgettable Filipino!
SORBETESthis sweet treat was concocted in the early 1920s, a time when a
single centavo could buy you almost anything. The process of this ice cream making
and selling it in carts with colorful designs is still the same. Back on the old days,
these ice cream dealers bred their own cows and milked them with their own hands
to ensure the freshness and sanitation of the milk needed to make the dirty ice
(Source: mailto:http://www.wowphilippines.com.ph/discover/trivia.asp)
1. Use word art to create a title Philippine Trivia.
Change the font size of the Word Art to 44.
Use any Word Art style.
2. Apply drop cap to the first letter of each paragraph. Choose a layout for the
3. Insert the appropriate picture or clipart for each paragraph. Make it in
approximately 3cm X 3cm in size.
4. Choose an appropriate picture layout to position it properly and aligned in the
5. Insert a Hyperlink in place of the first word in the paragraph. The hyperlink
should link to the Tourism Department of the Philippines, which is

6. Use the AutoShape and text box icons to create a banner with your name at
the bottom of the document.
7. Insert a footnote after the word pinipig. Enter following txt into the
footnote. crisp flattened rice flakes.
8. Modify the images using the picture style tools.
9. Apply different picture style, effects, and text wrap. Layout them properly.
10.Save the document as TRIVIA.DOC inside your own folder.