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International School Manila For ATTENDANCE concerns,

please contact the HS Office

(Sam Ramos or Laurie Atilano)
Tel: 840 8650 / 840 8653

or email HSOffice@ismanila.org

For GUIDANCE concerns, please

contact Gigi Azarcon and Jasmin
March 12, 2010 Andres Tel:840-8655 / 840-8660

Dear Parents,

Today marks the end of the third quarter of the school year. The year is flying by and
we are earnestly making plans for all those end of year activities, while at the same
time also making plans for the next school year.

For our seniors, next Wednesday is the start of their final school exams. These are a
very good rehearsal for their actual IB/AP exams. A good lead up to these exams has
been shown to be excellent preparation for the IB exams, which start on Tuesday May
4. Having completed all their college applications, extended essays and IB internal
assessments, it would be a shame if seniors do not perform in their school exams or
even worse their IB exams. We sometimes hear a few rumors about this time of the
year from seniors who have already been accepted to their university of choice, that
their IB exams do not matter. This can not be more from the truth. Universities ask us
for final transcripts and have been known to withdraw offers where clearly a student
has not completed their senior year to the best of their ability.

A favorite proverb of mine states that “dreams become a reality when we take
action”. For our seniors specifically, but for all of the high school students at ISM,
now is the time to take stock of our individual goals/dreams for this year. What can
be achieved to make our dreams become a reality before the end of the school year
comes around? Please take some time over the spring break holiday to talk to your
child to reflect on what their goals were for the year and how they can be achieved.

I would like to add a very big thank you to all the parents who came to the HS Parent
Coffee on Tuesday to discuss the engaging topic of the Internet and Social Networking
Sites. We had a very good discussion and I hope these discussions will continue at
home with your child.

I wish all seniors the best of luck for their exams. Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

William R. S Brown Michael Dickinson

High School Principal High School Assistant Principal

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Monday, March 15 Senior Rings:

No Homework Weekend You may now order your Class 2010 Rings
Tuesday, March 16
Price details:
HS Parent Coffee 9:30 am (Little Theater)
The price for the silver with gold plating is P1,500
Wednesday, March 17 The price for the 14K white or yellow gold is P10,000
Student Late Start The price for the 10K white or yellow gold is P7,000
Gr12 IB Mock Exams (AMR, 1057, LT)
Follow this Process:
Thursday, March 18 Step 1: Pay cost of ring at the Cashiers Office
Gr12 IB Mock Exams (AMR, 1057, LT) Step 2: Go to the HS Office to see Laurie with the
Parenting Workshop 8-10:30 am (Rm1057) receipt of payment
Step 3: Get ring size via the ring sizer which is
Friday, March 19 available at the HS Office then sign and confirm
Gr12 IB Mock Exams (AMR, 1057, LT) order on the Order Sheet.
Juniors Overnight in Matabungkay
Last date for ordering rings will be April 8.
Saturday, March 20 Payments and orders will no longer be accepted
Juniors Overnight in Matabungkay after April 8.
Sunday, March 21
Kawayan Dedication Page:
Juniors Overnight in Matabungkay
Please see ad in this Bulletin. Deadline is to March
Remember: 22. Thanks!

March 17-24: Gr12 IB Mock Exams (AMR, 1057, LT)

March 25: Early Release for Students From the Guidance Office:

March 26-April 6: No Classes—SPRING BREAK Tuesday, 23 March

Dordt College Talk/Visit by Dr. Curtis Taylor
April 7: Start of Classes Assistant to the President and Director of Institutional
HS Guidance Office 11:25am -12 noon
EARLY RELEASE FOR MARCH 16 on calendar is only
for Elementary and Middle School. FYI.

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ISM European Community Lunch
Dear IFFD Volunteers:

I would like to thank you all for your generous support of both food and time at the IFFD. Although it turned out the provided table
space was not as great as your contribution, I still believe it was a big success for all of us.
By the way, some parents asked after that event if we could get together regularly as "ISM European Community" and get to know
each other, exchange and share information. Thus I decided to volunteer and to organize a lunch.
Time: 11:30am, March 17th (Wed)
Venue: Restaurant Chesa Bianca, 7431 Yakal St. San Antonio Village, Makati City
I picked up this Swiss restaurant run by Saentis group this time because they were so generous to give us 15kg of free sausages for
the IFFD. I hope as many of you as possible find the chance meaningful and join the lunch! We can discuss then further about things
such as how often, where and when we want to meet, and who'd organize the next.
Please let me know about your attendance by March 15 due to table reservation.

Ingrid Nagl
Cellphone no.: 09275070738
Home no.: 028561092

From the CLINIC:

Date Price (Php)
April 28th, 2010 Hepatitis A (Adult) 2249
Hepatitis A (Junior) 1125
Hepatitis B (Adult) 630
Hepatitis B (Junior) 355
Hepatitis A and B combined vaccine (Adult) 2000
Hepatitis A and B combined vaccine (Junior) 1000

(Prices are per individual vaccine in a course of either 2 or 3 vaccinations)

If you would like more information or you wish to sign up to receive any of the above vaccines, please call in at the clinic to pick up a
registration form (next to the elementary canteen). Only people with a valid ISM ID may participate in this program.

Clinic direct number: 840 8580
Email: clinic@ismanila.org
Many thanks,
Debbie Duckworth
ISM Clinic Administrator
840 8581 duckworthd@ismanila.org

From the Fine Arts Office:


March 22 and 24 (NEW DATES!) March 23 and 24
Dance Company Symphonic and Jazz Bands
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Orchestra
Show Choir
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Dear Parents:

Every year we have to deal with the administrative burden of trying to collect from parents the $1000 Re-enrollment
Deposit. This is difficult for many parents, especially those whose fees are paid by the sponsoring company, and more
difficult still for the school trying to collect from parents, especially those who are not sure of their circumstances.

This year we shall try something different. There will be no re-enrollment deposit. Instead, we shall expect all
departing families to complete the WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION FORM on or before May 15th. Failure to do
so will lead to a deduction of $1,000.00 from the Facilities Upgrade Deposit.

As I am sure you understand, we at school face considerable pressure from families applying to enter their children into
ISM. We have to establish the May 15th deadline in order for us to be fair to those families on our waitlist. The earlier you
can tell us that you are leaving school, the sooner we can provide clear answers to in-coming families.

Sincerely Yours,
David Toze

Summer Language Study / Home-stay / Travel Program to Spain

The International School Manila Modern Language Department is pleased to announce its 2010 Summer Language Study / Home-stay /
Travel Program to Spain.

The language course proposal is to have 4 class sessions (45 minutes each) of language and culture from Monday to Friday, 09.30 to
13.00 (with a break from 11.00 to 11.30). This gives the students 15 hours a week of intensive language instruction.

The classes will include language and culture subjects as well as adequate preparation for the cultural visits.
th th
Dates: June 5 – July 4 2010
Locations: Granada, Spain
2 weeks of home-stay with language course and trips around the area
Madrid, Spain
2 weeks of home-stay with language course and trips around the area

For more information please contact by e-mail Sra. Vargas at vargasa@ismanila.org. Or call her 09285047073.

Wednesday 16 will be a meeting next in room 2047 at 15:00 for more information. Students should attend with parents if interested.

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From the ATAC Office:

3rd Season updates:

ATAC Updates: Please check ATAC game schedule page on the website for updates as dates/venues can
change at short notice.
Mar 12‐14 Nike track meet at Bangkok
Mar 13th MS/HS Track meet at Brent (for all non Nike meet track team members)
Mar 13th ISM Sailfish Aquathon at ISM track and pool 8am
Mar 13th Varsity/JV girls softball v Brent at ISM from Noon
Mar 14th Boys varsity softball finals ASSL League at Ateneo
Mar 19th Twilight track meet v Brent HS only at ISM 4‐8pm
Mar 19th Varsity and JV softball v Brent
Mar 20 HS Badminton meet at ABC Badminton Center
Mar 20 Judo Meet at ISM Covered Court
April 7‐11 IASAS (Track at SAS, Softball/Badminton at ISB)
April 10th JV Badminton at ISM
April 12th HS Academic Bowl at Brent
April 13th MS Academic Bowl at Brent
April 24th Swim meet at Brent
May 7‐9 MS Touch Tournament at Kuala Lumpur

Art Exhibition Opening and Festival Concert: REMINDER:

For those that attended last Friday I hope you enjoyed 3rd Season IASAS: for those students selected to IASAS
the incredible array of wonderful artwork that was on Track, Badminton, and Softball teams please submit your
display for the IASAS exhibition. The works were simply passport to ATAC office asap. We will make a copy of
amazing and this set a wonderful tone for the large crowd relevant pages needed and return it to you if you are
on Friday to flow into our Fine Arts Theatre for what was travelling over the upcoming break. If you are 100%
an incredible evening of musical entertainment at the positive that you will not be travelling please advise Joan
Festival Concert. Our guest conductors managed to Badiango at ATAC and we will keep your passport for
transform a group of individual delegates that they met to document processing over the break.
rehearse with only a day before into a ‘musical machine’ On the first day students return from the break teams fly
and each group that performed wowed the almost full to IASAS events so please support the ATAC
theatre with a diverse and impressive repertoire of music. Department by getting forms/passports etc in as early as
This event was certainly the artistic and musical pinnacle you can. Coaches will be announcing IASAS teams from
for this school year at ISM. this coming week, as soon as you know you are in,


ISM has had a great convention in Taipei and returned
with a medal haul in the debate and forensics TO THE HOST FAMILIES:
competition. Our dance and drama groups received
wonderful ovations and high acclaim for their On behalf of the ATAC and Fine Arts Departments I
performances as well. Congratulations to all advisors would like to extend a big THANK-YOU to all families
and participants. that housed IASAS delegates last weekend. We had
wonderful reports from the delegates about how well
Medal winners for Debate and Forensics Competition: they had been looked after and how welcoming and
Raheem Abid: Gold in Impromptu Speaking and enjoyable it was to be at the convention and in Manila.
Bronze in Extemporaneous Speaking. Thanks to all of you for your support of this huge event, it
Michi Ferreol: Gold in Original Oratory simply cannot happen with your housing support.
Synnove Eriksen: Silver in Oral Interpretation.
Sam Ramos Jones/Akshar Bonu: Bronze in debate

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International School Manila
Athletics and Activities Office
All Girls May Basketball Camp
The Alex Cabagnot Fundamentals Camp is made specific for GIRLS only. The camp will start on May 6, 13, 20 and 27,
2010 and is open to all Grade 8 to 11 GIRLS.
Welcome to Alex Cabagnot Fundamentals Camp- Coach Alex Cabagnot has established and works hand in hand with the
Edge Basketball International Camp summer of 2008. The Edge Basketball International is in the United States located in
West Covina, California .

Coach Alex Cabagnot offers you his fully-integrated program and training principles for strength and speed. The
improvement of your athletic abilities will directly correlate to improved play on the basketball court. In order to
become the best basketball player or team that you can become, strength training - along with speed, quickness,
footwork, core training, and more - is a must

This camp is a unique program that will build and refine fundamentals in the various facets of the game of basketball.
Improve your offensive skills: shooting, guard play and post play. Perimeter and front court specifics, three-point and
medium range shooting techniques, playing without the ball, basic ball handling skills, creating your shot, scoring off the
dribble and passing transition skills, defence and team play will be emphasized. Players will compete against each other
based on age, skill, and size, and all will benefit from being trained by Coach Alex Cabagnot.

This camp will also teach players how to lead with intelligence, eliminate mistakes, develop positive habits of play, and
give their team the best chance to win.

If you are a dedicated athlete who spends time thinking about improving and getting to another level of performance,
chances are you'll love the camp.

Camp Details are as follows:

Date: May 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2010 (Thursdays)
Cost: 15 students and below ---- Php 8,000.00
16 to 30 students ---- Php 6,500.00
31 students or more ---- Php 5,500.00
Time: 3:00PM to 5:00PM
Venue: ISM Middle School Gym
If you are interested in joining the Girls Basketball Camp please fill up the form below and return to ATAC on or before April 20,

As soon as we have reached the minimum amount of participants to run the program, a formal permission slip will be sent to
you through your child with the specified cost.

This is of first come first serve basis.

Mark Pekin
Athletics and Activities Director

Reservation Slip
Date: __________________________
Please reserve a slot for my child for the May 2010 Girls Basketball Camp

Name of student Grade Parents Name and Signature

________________________ _______ _________________________

As soon as we have reached the minimum amount of participants to run the program, a formal permission slip will be sent to
you through your child.

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International School Manila
All Girls Alex Cabagnot Fundamentals Basketball Camp
May 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2010
Coach Alex Cabagnot
Edge Basketball International Co‐Founder/ Director
• Coach Alex Cabagnot is a graduate of Eagle Rock High School in Los Angeles,
California MVP in his junior and senior year all city in his junior and senior year
• Letter four years of high school basketball under coach Ron Kato
• Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys, Calif. under coach Doug Michelson
• Cabagnot helped lead L.A. Valley to consecutive Western State Conference championships.
• University of Hawaii Hilo located on the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii under Coach Jeff Law.
Cabagnot helped University of Hawaii Hilo to win its first conference title
was selected first team all conference in 2005
• Drafted by Sta.Lucia in the 1st rd; 2nd pick of 2005 (PBA).
Led all rookies in points, assists , steals and assists to turnover ratio.
• Traded to Coca‐ Cola Tigers in 2007
Led the PBA in assists and steals per game in 2008‐2009 season, First time since 1992.
• Currently playing with the Burge King Whopper in his 6th season in the PBA.

1st Annual Edge Basketball International

Basketball Camp
International School Manila
June 7th - June 22nd
Camp Highlights
• 10 days of Fundamental Basketball
• Competitive Basketball Games & Free-Throw
Contests, Shooting Contests, etc.
• Camp T-shirt
• Motivational Speaker & Special Guest Appearance )
Coach Cristian Gopez– Edge Basketball International Co-Founder/ Director
Coach Cristian Gopez California is a graduate of State University of Maritime Academy
under Coach Dan Dion.

Letter four years of high school basketball under coach Eli Essa
Earned All-Freshmen team honors in 2001.
Led the team in assists and free-throw percentage with 92% accuracy during his career
at Maritime.
NBA Summer Pro-league held at the Pyramid Sports Arena in California State University of
Long Beach in 2004 and 2006.
Coach Gopez played in the Philippine Professional League in 2005. Gopez was invited to
tryout for the RP National Team. Gopez also worked out with Professional Teams
such as Talk-n-text, Sta.Lucia; and PBL teams, Granny Goose and Toyota Otis.
Coach Cristian has served as Athletic Director for over 3 years, Asuncion Badminton Camp will be
Coach Cristian Gopez is currently Physical Ed. Teacher at Barack Obama Charter School , orgaized by the countries Rank 1 badminton
California players Kennie and Kennevic Asuncion
The camps are structured to give each player a full day of activities. This year at
the 1st annual Edge Basketball International of Manila camp we have invited Kennie and Kennevic Asuncion are among
some of the game's biggest stars her in the Philippines as guest speakers. the world’s best badminton teams. They
Campers will play games during the week to demonstrate what they have learned were also the first Filipinos to qualify for the
at Edge Basketball. They will also participate in individual player development World Badminton Championships.
clinics and skill competitions. Edge Basketball is based on a foundation of
basketball fundamentals and high energy. We are confident that each camper
will get out of the camp what he/she brings to the camp in terms of enthusiasm
and effort. We hope that at Edge Basketball your child can continue their
development in basketball and at the same time strengthen his/her weaknesses in
order to be successful on the basketball court.

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International School Manila

The ISM Basketball, Soccer, Volleyballl, and Badminton Summer Sports Camps will
start on June 7 to 24, 2010. These camps are open to all ES/MS/HS ISM students only.

Edge Basketball Camp Coach Cristian Gopez and Coach Alex Cabagnot has established
the Edge Basketball International Camp summer of 2008. The Edge Basketball International is in the
United States located in West Covina, California . This summer camp session will include 10 days of
fundamental basketball and fun

Asuncion Badminton Camp will be organized by the countries Rank 1 badminton players
Kennie and Kennevic Asuncion.

ISM Volleyball Camp will be conducted by Coach Thelma Barina, RP Women’s Volleyball

ISM Soccer Camp will be made possible by our very own ISM soccer coaches.

Camp details are as follows:

Gr 1 to HS Basketball P5,250 10 sessions 3 hours/ June 7 1:30- 5PM MS/HS
day June 8 to 22 2PM-5PM Gym
Gr 8 to HS Volleyball P2500 4 sessions 3 hours/ June 7 to 10 9AM- 12PM HS Gym
Gr 3 to HS Badminton P4500 10 sessions 1.5 June 7 & every 11:30AM- MS Gym
hours/day T/W/Th 1PM
after that
Gr 1 to MS Soccer P4500 10 sessions 2 hours/ June 7 & every 8AM-10AM HS Field
day T/W/Th
after that

If you are interested in joining one or more of the camps please fill up form below and return to ATAC on or
before May 3, 2010.

As soon as we have reached the minimum amount of participants to run the program a formal
permission slip will be sent to you through your child.

Limited slots available…… This is of first come first serve basis.

Permission Slip
Date: __________________________

Please reserve a slot for my child for this years 2010 Summer Mini Sports Camp
(Please check sport/s below)

Basketball Soccer Badminton Volleyball

Name of student Grade Parents Name and Signature

________________________ _______ _________________________

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College Acceptances for Class 2010
as of March 12 2010

College/ University # Accepted

Academy of Art University 1
Arcadia University 1
University of Arkansas 1
Asbury College 1
Ateneo de Manila University 5
Barnard College 1
Boston College 1
Boston College (Carroll School of Management) 1
Bowdoin College 1
University of British Columbia 4
University of British Columbia (Arts, Faculty of) 2
Brown University 1
University of California at Berkeley 1
University of California at Irvine 2
California Institute of the Arts 1
California Lutheran University 2
California State University, Channel Islands 1
California State University, Chico 1
California State University, Northridge 2
California State University, San Marcos 1
Carleton University (Sprott School of Business) 1
Case Western Reserve University 1
Claremont McKenna College 2
Clark University 1
De La Salle University Manila 3
Embry‐Riddle Aeronautical University ‐ FL 1
Enderun Colleges Inc. 1
Fordham University (Fordham College at Lincoln Center) 2
Georgetown University (Georgetown College) 1
Hiram College 1
University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign 5
University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign (Engineering) 1
University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign (Fine & Applied Arts) 1
Indiana University at Bloomington (Kelley School of Business) 2
International Christian University 2
The University of Iowa 1
The University of Iowa (College of Business) 1
John Carroll University 1
Juniata College 1
King's College London 1
Loyola Marymount University 2
Macalester College 1
University of Maryland, College Park 3
Marymount Manhattan College 1
McGill University 4
Michigan State University 2
University of Michigan 2
University of Michigan (Art & Design) 1
University of Michigan (Literature, Science, & the Art) 1
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 3
Montana State University, Bozeman 1
Montana Tech of The University of Montana 1

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The University of Montana, Missoula 1
New York University (College of Arts and Science) 1
New York University (Liberal Studies) 1
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1
Northeastern University 8
Northeastern University (College of Business Administration) 1
Oberlin College (Arts & Sciences) 1
Old Dominion University 1
Pace University, New York City 1
Pennsylvania State University, Berks College 1
Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg 1
Pennsylvania State University, University Park 2
Pennsylvania State University, University Park (College of Engineering) 1
Pennsylvania State University, University Park (College of the Liberal Arts) 1
University of Pennsylvania (College of Arts & Sciences) 1
University of the Philippines 1
Portland State University 1
Purdue University 5
Rochester Institute of Technology 1
University of Rochester 2
Roosevelt University 1
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at Newark 1
Saint Marys College of California 3
University of San Diego (School of Business/Engineering) 1
San Francisco State University 1
University of San Francisco 3
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1
School of Visual Arts 1
Simon Fraser University 1
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre 1
Sophia University 1
Southern Methodist University (School of Business) 1
St. John's University ‐ Queens Campus 2
Stanford University 1
Suffolk University 1
Syracuse University 2
The University of Texas, San Antonio 1
Tiffin University 1
University of Toronto 1
University at Buffalo The State University of New York 1
University of Vermont 1
Washington State University 3
University of Washington 2
University of Waterloo 1
University of Western Ontario 3
Western Washington University 1
University of Wyoming 1
Total # of Accepted Students 154
# of Colleges with Acceptances 99

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There are many reasons why parents today enroll their children to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Teenage life
today is techno-centric and highly influenced by the kind of media they are exposed to. They live in an interactive world,
and spend more time online than ever before. Recent events concerning teenagers reveal that indeed there is a need for
a stronger values education. Parents feel concerned about the kind of friends and activities their children have. Parents
want to be more confident about the future of their children, and most of all, they would like to see their children become
tomorrow's leaders in their field.
Sow an act...reap a habit; Sow a habit...reap a character;
Sow a character...reap a destiny

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workshop aims to help teens gain greater control of their lives, and improve
relationships with family and friends. The 7 Habits workshop helps teens increase self-confidence and self-esteem in the
midst of peer pressure. It teaches them how to make smarter, proactive decisions. The workshop helps them define their
values and what matters most to them. It also shows them how to find balance between school, work, friends, and
everything else.
What to Expect:
• Interaction with 7 Habits Youth Champions
• Developmental Games
• Experiential Learning Activities
• Videos, Skits and Role Plays
• Fun Group Dialogues
• Individual Application Exercises
• Story-driven Presentations
• Plus a 1-hour Parent to Parent Talk
We sincerely hope to have your son/ daughter/ niece / nephew join us in our workshop! Please read through the program
details and register online. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with the Public
Workshops Team: Rica, John, Roselle or Irene at 817-2726 local 123/ 116/ 126. We hope to hear from you soon!
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workshop
Who should attend: Youth from ages 13 to 17
(they will be grouped with their peers)
Time: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Follow-up session: To be agreed on by the participants
Venue: 4/f Ateneo Professional Schools, 130 H.V dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati
Facilitator: Luigi Mapa

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For Seniors (Class 2010):

Deadline: March 22, 2010

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