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Pipeline coating solutions






the oil and gas industry.



Market conditions require efficient suppliers with highly reliable

solutions, global reach, flexibility and the latest technology. With
more oil and gas developments farther from shore, in deeper
waters and with more extreme operating conditions, there is an
ever-increasing need for more complex offshore technologies and
higher safety and environmental performance.

We maintain strict quality control at every step of all processes to

ensure that our products perform as designed. Our capabilities
include full-scale simulation of conditions even more severe than
the coatings will be exposed to during normal operation. Controls
include but are not limited to thermal and mechanical tests that
recreate a wide range of operating conditions. Socotherms
reputation is built on leading technological change.

These are the kinds of challenges upon which we thrive our

core values are safety, excellence, initiative, teamwork, creativity,
accountability and honesty. Our mission is to provide our clients
with efficient, competitive and top-quality pipe coating services
using leading technologies, undertaken in a safe environment and
delivered on time.

Socotherm has been heavily involved in the evolution of pipe
coating technology over the past 40 years, responding to the
ever increasing operating challenges our customers face in their
maturing industries. Wetisokote is a perfect example our latest
five-layer syntactic thermal insulation can be applied on the deepest
production pipelines. We are committed to reliable development
of materials and systems that will withstand the most extreme
temperature, pressure, mechanical strength and performance

Socotherm has been solving complex pipe-coating challenges for
more than 40 years in the most extreme environments from Andes
altitudes of 5,000 m to Gulf of Mexico depths of more than 2,000
m. These are regular events for Socotherm and have contributed to
our recognition as a leader in the coating application field.
Our experience spans more than 4,000 projects worldwide for
over 500 customers. With proven offshore solutions in the Gulf of
Mexico, North Sea, Brazil, West Africa and Southeast Asia, and
for nearly all the onshore pipelines in Latin America, we are among
the few companies in the world who excel in both deepwater and
onshore applications. Socotherms pipe-coating solutions help our
customers succeed and drive the industry forward.

Our advanced laboratories and test facilities give oil companies

and pipe-lay contractors the advantage of being able to modify
coatings to meet each projects unique engineering requirements.
Benefits include significant cost reductions and maximum confidence
in their large-scale investments. Many coatings developed at these
Socotherm facilities have become industry benchmarks.

Above any other consideration in the workplace, we are committed
to an incident and injury free environment, and the health and
safety of every employee including contractors, subcontractors or
any other person involved in a Socotherm project. We also work
to prevent environmental pollution, comply with all our customers
QHSE requirements, and all applicable legal and regulatory
requirements wherever we work around the world.
We continually upgrade our equipment, processes and
management systems to reduce risks and improve our overall
effectiveness. We require all our contractors to respect our QHSE
policies and procedures. We empower our managers at all
levels with the authority, tools and support to deliver high QHSE
performance, and they take the responsibility seriously because they
are accountable. We are all accountable.




Pushing Offshore and onshore boundaries with


advanced permanent and mobile coating facilities,

significant R&D resources, large-capacity capabilities
and strategic locations on three continents.

Adria, Rovigo
The plant covers 15 hectares in northeast Italy and is near two major
ports for timely delivery to projects in Europe and the Middle East, as
well as shipping access to more distant eastern markets. Local coating
capabilities include PLASTYKOTE and POWDERKOTE FBE external
coatings, internal coatings, and Thermapipe thermal insulation
systems. Our mobile plants for concrete weight coatings are also based
in this facility. Adria is one of our research and development facilities
for new coating systems and materials.
Pozzallo, Ragusa
This 14 hectare coating yard in southwest Sicily serves a huge number
of projects in the Mediterranean and Africa regions. The facility
supplies a wide variety of coatings including specialized solutions for
deepwater insulation challenges, with the development and application
of WETISOKOTE 5-layer thermal insulation coating being its primary
focus. The facility can also handle double-joint pipes. Located just a
short distance from port, this site has extremely favourable logistics.

United States

Adria, Rovigo
Pozzallo, Ragusa
Channelview, Houston, Texas

Anaco, Anzoategui

Houston, Texas
Our base in the Channelview area of Houston is focused primarily on
the supply of our advanced WETISOKOTE thermal insulation system,
which is ideal for the very challenging deepwater Gulf of Mexico
environment, as well as our PLASTYKOTE 3-layer polyolefin external
anti-corrosion coating, and internal coatings for pipes up to 24m in
length. The facility also provides services for double joint welding.

Buenos Aires
Our 16-hectare site in Escobar is strategically located 50 km north
of Buenos Aires and serves both domestic and international markets
with a wide range of advanced coatings for onshore and offshore
applications. We also have a mobile plant for concrete weight coatings
based here. The Escobar site is our most extensive laboratory focused
on full-scale testing for deepwater applications. Our world-class
R&D department also coordinates materials research and coatings
development activities in conjunction with our global headquarters lab
in Italy.
We also operate a plant at the Tenaris-SIAT facilities in the Valentin
Alsina area of southern Buenos Aires. It is Argnetinas only coating
plant capable of applying external coatings on steel pipes with
diameters from 20 to 42 inches.


Escobar, Buenos Aires
Valentn Alsina, Buenos Aires

Our joint venture with AICA owns and operates a multipurpose pipecoating plant near Oriente Venezolano, the countrys largest crude oil
reserve. Atlantida Socotherm is quickly becoming the leading pipecoating contractor for the eastern Venezuela basin, and we have the
countrys highest production capacity for 3-layer polyolefin coatings.




Five-layer polypropylene
The Wetisokote system delivers excellent thermal insulation, along
with anti-corrosion and mechanical protection, for pipes with
operating temperatures up to 150C in any water depth.
It comes in three configurations, all of which can be applied to
flowlines, risers, spools and jumpers, regardless of pipe diameter
or installation system (j-lay, s-lay or reeling). Our Multi-Pass lateral
extrusion technology enables virtually unlimited combinations
of materials and thicknesses to meet each projects specific



Wetisokote 5LPP
with syntactic 4th layer

Wetisokotes five layers work together as follows:

A fusion-bonded epoxy covers the pipe steel surface with a film that is
highly resistant to chemical attack and cathodic disbondment.

An adhesive copolymer ensures strong bonding between the layer 1

epoxy powder and the layer 3 polypropylene.

An extruded sheet of polypropylene guarantees the anti-corrosion

coatings integrity.

The systems thermal insulation qualities are provided by either

polypropylene foam, syntactic polypropylene or solid polypropylene,
depending on application depth requirements. The unique material
characteristics of each alternative are described at right.

Wetisokote 5LPP
with solid 4th layer

The outer coating consists of a compact, modified polypropylene

copolymer for thermal aging stabilization, packaging and strong
abrasion resistance.

Wetisokote 5LPP
with foam 4th layer

Wetisokote 5LSyntPP (syntactic)

This version is suitable for deepwater projects.
It has a proven track record in the most
important offshore projects, with demonstrated
ability to withstand depths to 3,000 m and
temperatures up to 150C. The already good
insulation properties of polypropylene are
enhanced through the addition of hollow
glass microspheres to the mixture. The result
is our most reliable thermal insulation system
with exceptional resistance to high pressure.
Insulation layer thickness is specified to
meet the pipelines unique flow assurance
requirements while always respecting the
maximum coating diameter.
Wetisokote 5LSP (solid)
This version has no limitations in terms of water
depth, and its thermal insulation properties
are well known in the deepwater market. The
Multi-Pass system, which allows us to apply
the desired coating system in several passes,
guarantees the insulation level required to meet
each projects' thermal performance requirement.
Wetisiokote 5LSP Solid has been used in
offshore projects with operating temperatures up
to 150C, demonstrating the ability to withstand
extremely aggressive environments.

Wetisokote 5LFPP (foam)

This version provides excellent thermal
insulation in water depths to 500 m. The
proven insulation properties of polypropylene
are enhanced through the introduction of tiny
air bubbles during the extrusion process. The
result is an excellent thermal insulation coating
alternative for shallow water projects that
require excellent thermal performance and
a proven track record in the most important
offshore markets. Wetisokote 5LFPP Foam has
been used in offshore projects with operating
temperatures up to 150C.




Polyurethane foam with polyethylene jacket

Thermapipe is our thermal insulation coating solution for a wide

range of onshore projects and selected shallow water developments.
It can be applied on pipes made of steel, galvanized, clad, stainless
steel, HDPE or fiberglass.


The very low thermal conductivity of the polyurethane foam keeps

the transported fluid temperature above the point at which hydrates
and waxes form significantly reducing the need to inject heat
along the pipeline.
It is preferable for an FBE or 3LPE/3LPP anti-corrosion layer to be
applied to steel pipes before the polyurethane foam. Depending on
the type of anti-corrosion layer applied, the system can withstand
operating temperatures of up to 120C.
The high density polyethylene (HDPE) outer jacket provides
an excellent water barrier and protects the foam coating from
mechanical damage during the handling, transportation and
installation processes.
Thermapipe can also be applied on elbows, tees, valves and
all other fittings; and it can be installed in conjunction with an
electronic surveillance system for the detection and localization of
moisture or leaks in the pipeline.
Production process
The polyurethane insulation foam is usually applied on a steel pipe
previously coated with anti-corrosive epoxy powder. If technical
specifications required no epoxy powder, then the foam is applied
directly to the steel. The foam is poured into the annular cavity
between the pipe and the outer jacket which is supported by
polypropylene spacers.

Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE)

Injected polyurethane foam

High density polyethylene (HDPE) outer jacket

Thermapipe delivers superior

thermal performance and
anti-corrosion protection




Concretkote and Wrapheavykote
Applied either by impingement (Concretkote)
or wrap extrusion (Wrapheavykote)

Concretkote can be

Concretkote and Wrapheavykote are reinforced concrete

weight coatings for subsea pipelines. They provide reliable
negative buoyancy as well as protection from harsh marine
environments and mechanical damage that can occur to
both the pipe and its thermal insulation coating during
handling, transportation and pipe installation.

applied in a wide range

The coatings can be applied over anti-corrosion and

thermal insulation systems and can be applied in different
densities to meet each projects unique needs. Their excellent
compression resistance meets the most stringent international
Production process
The concrete is prepared in an automated batching plant
using aggregates (e.g., sand, iron ore), cement and
water. The mix is applied on the pipe by impingement or
compression while one or more reinforcing wire meshes are
incorporated, depending on the required coating thickness.
Available worldwide
Socotherm owns several mobile application plants that can
be quickly mobilized for operation near any project site in
the world greatly reducing logistics costs and schedules.


Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE)




of thicknesses and
densities to provide
negative buoyancy
and outstanding
mechanical protection
compliant with specific
project requirements.


External Coatings
Three-layer polyethylene or polypropylene
Plastykote is an anti-corrosion coating with high mechanical
resistance. It is the recommended coating for pipelines in aggressive
or stony soils that would easily damage an epoxydic type coating.
Plastykote is available with two options for the external layer
(3LPE or 3LPP, both with usual thicknesses between 1.5 and 3 mm)
depending on pipeline operating temperatures.
Plastykote 3LPE
This option is used for pipeline operating temperatures up to 80C.
The high density polyethylene (HDPE) outer layer provides excellent
mechanical protection for the FBE anti-corrosion layer. The 3LPE
coating provides the most effective anti-corrosion protection by
minimizing the amount of water that can reach the FBE layer. High
impact resistance at low temperatures makes the 3LPE coating a
great solution for cold environments.
Plastykote 3LPP
This option is designed for pipeline operating temperatures up
to 140C. The solid polypropylene outer layer provides excellent
mechanical protection for the FBE anti-corrosion layer and, like the
3LPE version, a very low water absorption ensures the integrity of
the anti-corrosion FBE layer.

Plastykote 3LPE
Three-Layer Polyethylene Coating

Plastykote 3LPP
Three-Layer Polypropylene Coating

Powderkote is a fusion-bonded epoxy powder anti-corrosion
coating for steel pipe.
Powderkote FBE
FBE coatings have been widely used for decades as the main
anti-corrosion coating system in the market. The epoxy powder
is sprayed onto the blasted and heated pipe from electrostatic
guns, forming a uniform anti-corrosion layer. Its usual thickness is
between 300 m and 600 m, and it is fit for service temperatures
up to 94C.

Powderkote Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Coating (FBE-External Coating)

Powderkote Dual FBE

Dual FBE is a two layer anticorrosion system in which an epoxy
powder top coat is applied over the base FBE coating during its gel
cycle, in order to improve the mechanical and water absorption
properties of the stand-alone FBE coating.
In addition to excellent anti-corrosion properties, the dual system
provides enhanced mechanical protection against possible damage
during pipe handling, transportation and installation operations.
A minimum thickness of 600 m (24 mils) is recommended for
optimum performance. Dual Layer FBE can be used on pipelines
operating up to 110C.

Powderkote Dual Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Coating (Dual FBE-External Coating)





internal Coatings


Liquid or powder coating for OCTG and line pipes

Liquid paint coating for improved gas flow

This internal coating, under license from Tuboscope (license for

South America excluding Brazil), is applied in liquid or powder
form on steel pipes used for the production and transportation of
oil, gas, water, industrial and corrosive fluids, etc. It is especially
useful in production and conduction pipelines, and in oil field
drilling tools (drilling pipes, sucker rods, packers, pumps, tubing,
casing, etc.) where corrosion problems and paraffin deposit are
likely, as well as in special connections for protecting welded joints.
Tubekotes properties provide the added benefit of improving the
flow of process fluids.

The Innerkote product line includes a range of liquid paint coatings,

with typical thicknesses between 65 and 100 m, that create a
smooth finish on the inner pipe surface. This reduces friction which
improves gas flow and reduces energy consumption at compression
stations. Special Innerkote paint formulations are also available for
use in liquid-transportation pipes.

Tubekote connection systems

Internal anti-corrosion protection of pipelines and steel tools
Hydraulic condition improvement of tubings, casings, pipelines
for production and transportation of oil and other products
Formulation regarding different temperatures and fluid

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) anti-corrosion coating

Our Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) internal coating is comprised
of a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting, powdered epoxy
coating applied to the inside of steel pipes or fittings. It is highly
recommended for pipelines that will operate in extremely adverse
temperature and pressure conditions and in contact with corrosive
liquids, gases or brine. This coating is suitable for internal corrosion
protection of production tubing, line pipe and fittings.
Although FBE internal coating is a stand-alone material, it is highly
advisable its use in conjunction with a primer. A water-based metal
treatment or a phenolic base primer provides extra-protection for
metal surfaces and a uniform bonding base that increases FBE
coating performance.

Internal coating

Internal coating

Socotherm coating systems

have been proven in some
of the most demanding
projects in the world and
are available from our
global network of advanced
manufacturing facilities.

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