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Nanjing University Traditional Instrument Orchestra

Performing at Warren Easton Charter High School September 27, 2015

Sponsored by HanBan/Confucius Institute Headquarters

Special Thanks to Xavier University Confucius Institute

Nanjing University Traditional Instruments Orchestra


Founded in 1996, Nanjing University Traditional Instruments Orchestra is

composed of undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students from various departments of the university, such as Literature, History, Philosophy,
Law, Economics, Business Management, Natural Sciences, Engineering Science and Medical Science. As an amateur artistic group, the orchestra
mainly gives traditional instrumental performances in the form of instrumental ensemble, unison, small ensemble and solo, by using bowed and
plucked strings, wind and percussion instruments.
Guided by the perception of promoting national culture, popularizing the
classic arts, developing a quality-oriented education and displaying the
brilliance of the students, the orchestra is well-trained and always strives
for superior performance. As a result, it is well received and loved by many
teachers and students, as well as all sectors of the community and international friends. Since its foundation, the orchestra has given over 500 performances and has presented nearly 1000 pieces of traditional Chinese
music. In the previous National Students Art Festival Instrumental Competition, it has won the top grade award, the first prize and many other
awards. It also has been invited to give performances in America, Britain,
Germany, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other
countries, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and many other regions.
These performances have won admiration from all over the world.
The orchestra is particularly good at presenting music which represents
the grace and beauty of the picturesque Southern Jiangsu region, the home
of Nanjing University. Through diligent training, the orchestra has developed a refreshing, lively and innovative style, and has built an impressive
repertoire. A performance recording entitled Melodies on Campus
Album of Nanjing University Traditional Instruments Orchestra has been
widely acclaimed by professional musicians.

Jasmine Flower
2. Zheng Solo
An Early Spring Morning on a Snowy Mountain
3. Bamboo Flute Solo
Spring Visit to Xiangjiang River
4. Erhu Solo
Birdsong Heard in an Empty Mountain
5. Plucked Instruments Ensemble
Camel Caravan Bells
6. Ensemble
Wonderful Jiangnan
Lantern Bazaar along Qinhuai River
7. Chinese Painting & Writing and Zheng
Sharing Harmony
8. Erhu Ensemble
Horse Racing
9. Pipa Ensemble & Tai Chi
Spring Snow
A Night of Flowers and Moonlight by the Spring River
10. Ensemble
Yankee Doodle
Jingle Bells
Dance Music of Yao Nationality
Blooming Flowers and Full Moon

Conductor: Prof. Zhang Jingbo

Chief: Chen Yujiao

Chapters will be selectively performed in each concert.