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Not only the universe but also every minuteentity initaresourceofinformation.Whenprocessed

and presented inpresentableformatitis coinedas data.Itwas notsocharmingfora10years old,

Here you go, this is a source of data, the more you read and preach, the

It was always an ordinary statement until the time I realizedthevibes asmallpieceofnewspaper

snippet can create and the immense power it bestows on the person possessingit.Sometimes it
acted as an icebreaker for a shy girl and some other times as an identity. I started reading and
collecting news cutouts as a hobby. This is a small step towards the long journey but things
changed thereafter and my teachers and elders had a different view about me. It is highly
supportive for a ten year old whenis calledas Littlegirlwithapointamongstelders.SincethenI
started applying the cards of collecting, filtering and presenting the knowledge in comprehensible

I am Prerna Choudhury, an M.Sc Program applicant in

Management in Information Systems
. Through this essay, I would like to throw some light onmy background,my interestforthe

During my undergraduate, it dawned upon me that the curriculum is actually a feast for a data
enthusiast. Even though pursuing Instrumentations and Electronics, we had good amount of
subjects from faculties of
Computer Science, Organizational Management, Operations and
, so all I had to do is to think out of box and with little effort I can have the 10 year old
enthusiast alive in me. I started taking interest in
Data Structures and Algorithms, Data
Management and Data Warehousing courses andjoinedclasses outsidecollegecoursework.I
attended talks concerning data organization and management. Web courseware available for
public on youtube and industry stalwarts tutorials started to be part of my mini adventures in
computer labs. I learnt languages like
Java, C and C++ all by my ownandtriedpushinglimits by
marrying the core knowledge with learnt skills. Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Embedded
systems, Compiler classes were absolutely fascinating to me that involved real data flowclosest

I came face to face with a small yet industry accepted

Data Processing through a course on
Programmable logic controller
electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines
amusement rides, or light fixtures
. They are widely accepted and adapted in many industries
across the world. These machines are designed for multiple analog and digital I/Oarrangements,
extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise
, and resistance to vibration and

impact,in a proper data processing. Along with successfully completing the course certification, I

My yearendProjectofLiquidMixingTechniqueis actually ashowcaseofmy learninginthis field

by use of
Microcontroller in thefieldofdataprocessing.Microcontrollerhelps inproperinputand
output display of the data we feed in and get out. The Output from the devices were graphically
represented with monitors. This introduced me to the field of
Data Interpretation and Data

And then came the time for me to venture intoacorporateworld.Icrackedtheinterviews ofTech

Tata Consultancy Services whichkindofgavemethesteppingstonetoprovemy mettlein
the software field. I was then put into rigorous training in Chennai
in Mainframes Technology
I have dealt with
DB2 database.
Working withTCS,as aSystems Engineer,forthepast
17 months had been an absolutely amazing and enriching experience for me. Taking on the
challenges given to me from the day one till completion of the two significantrevenuegenerating
projects. My knowledge about
Real Time Financial DataModellingArchitecturehas increased
many folds. My project dealt with the
build society of the United Kingdom and have dealt with
Hierarchical Database which can handle huge volume of customer data.Our project aimed at
migration of accounts from building Societies to NBSes own legacy mortgage system. We
provided the monthly and daily reports of all the mortgage accounts in the building society which
exposed me to Reporting Architecture
. My seniors have beenappreciativeofmy capabilities of

Outside the books also I have a persona. I have been elected as the class representativeduring
my undergraduate tenure thereby shouldering the responsibility of a leader. I was an active
member in the college literary society CETADEL contributing to regular talks and discussion. I
was involved in the robotics society ZAIRZA conducting and organising events in technical
It has been my constant endeavor to strengthen my technical skills as well as walk anextramile
beyond the confined walls of academic curriculum and classroom lectures. My prior experience
and knowledge have proved to betremendous sourceofinspirationand guidingforceinsculpting
my academic objective to pursue
Master of Science in Management Information Systems
. I
believe the Masters ProgramofManagementInformationSystems at
ideal in terms of exposure for me to accomplish my objectives in educational field. It consists of
course like
Business Process Engineering
wherein I can hone my business skills and also
Data Architecture and Engineering
where I can implement my theoretical knowhow and
contribute to the ongoing research in labs.
The amalgamation of the two lead me get an overall
picture of day to day Data Processing based companies. I have already started selftutoring the
prerequisite courses required for the MIS program and trying to gain a good base on these

In addition, I know it will allow me to build my career on my passion. At last through the
Management Information Systems practicum and the career opportunities available through
your school, I will get to apply andpractisetheskills andknowledgeacquiredintheclassroomto

Data is limitless and present everywhere in the universein short it is ubiquitous.And since the
very childhood I was really inquisitive to know the story behind the term datafrom where it is