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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

1 / Tuesday, January 3, 2006 / Proposed Rules 85

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Protection Agency (EPA), Region 8, Inspection and Maintenance program in
AGENCY Mailcode 8P–AR, 999 18th Street, Suite Nashville-Davidson County and the
200, Denver, Colorado 80202–2466. Nashville (Middle Tennessee) Ozone
40 CFR Part 52 • Hand Delivery: Richard R. Long, Maintenance Area Plan. In the Rules
[EPA–R08–OAR–2005–MT–0002, FRL–8012–
Director, Air and Radiation Program, Section of this Federal Register, the
7] Environmental Protection Agency EPA is approving the SIP revisions as a
(EPA), Region 8, Mailcode 8P–AR, 999 direct final rule without prior proposal
Approval and Promulgation of Air 18th Street, Suite 300, Denver, Colorado because the Agency views this as a
Quality Implementation Plans; 80202–2466. Such deliveries are only noncontroversial submittal and
Montana; Revisions to the Emergency accepted Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. anticipates no adverse comments. A
Episode Avoidance Plan; Proposed to 4:55 p.m., excluding federal holidays. detailed rationale for the approval is set
Rule Special arrangements should be made forth in the direct final rule. If no
for deliveries of boxed information. significant, material, and adverse
AGENCY: Environmental Protection Please see the direct final rule which comments are received in response to
Agency (EPA). is located in the Rules Section of this this rule, no further activity is
ACTION: Proposed rule. Federal Register for detailed contemplated. If EPA receives adverse
instructions on how to submit comments, the direct final rule will be
SUMMARY: EPA is proposing to approve
comments. withdrawn and all public comments
a State Implementation Plan (SIP)
revision submitted by the State of FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: received will be addressed in a
Montana on August 2, 2004. The Laurie Ostrand, Air and Radiation subsequent final rule based on this
revision is to the State’s Emergency Program, Mailcode 8P–AR, proposed rule. The EPA will not
Episode Avoidance Plan (EEAP). In the Environmental Protection Agency institute a second comment period on
‘‘Rules and Regulations’’ section of this (EPA), Region 8, 999 18th Street, Suite this document. Any parties interested in
Federal Register, EPA is approving the 200, Denver, Colorado 80202–2466, commenting on this document should
State’s SIP revision as a direct final rule (303) 312–6437, ostrand.laurie@epa.gov. do so at this time.
without prior proposal because the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: See the DATES: Written comments must be
Agency views this as a noncontroversial information provided in the Direct Final received on or before February 2, 2006.
SIP revision and anticipates no adverse action of the same title which is located
comments. A detailed rationale for the in the Rules and Regulations section of ADDRESSES: Comments may be
approval is set forth in the preamble to this Federal Register. submitted by mail to: Anne Marie
the direct final rule. If EPA receives no Hoffman, Regulatory Development
Authority: 42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq.
adverse comments, EPA will not take Section, Air Planning Branch, Air,
Dated: December 7, 2005. Pesticides and Toxics Management
further action on this proposed rule. If
EPA receives adverse comments, EPA Kerrigan G. Clough, Division, U.S. Environmental Protection
will withdraw the direct final rule and Acting Regional Administrator, Region 8. Agency, Region 4, 61 Forsyth Street,
it will not take effect. EPA will address [FR Doc. 05–24365 Filed 12–30–05; 8:45 am] SW., Atlanta, Georgia 30303–8960.
all public comments in a subsequent BILLING CODE 6560–50–P Comments may also be submitted
final rule based on this proposed rule. electronically, or through hand
EPA will not institute a second delivery/courier. Please follow the
comment period on this action. Any ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION detailed instructions described in the
parties interested in commenting must AGENCY direct final rule, ADDRESSES section
do so at this time. Please note that if which is published in the Rules Section
40 CFR Part 52 of this Federal Register.
EPA receives adverse comment on an
amendment, paragraph, or section of [R04–OAR–2005–TN–0004–200526(b); FRL– FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
this rule and if that provision may be 8014–5] Anne Marie Hoffman, Regulatory
severed from the remainder of the rule, Development Section, Air Planning
EPA may adopt as final those provisions Approval and Promulgation of
Implementation Plans; Tennessee and Branch, Air, Pesticides and Toxics
of the rule that are not the subject of an Management Division, U.S.
adverse comment. Nashville-Davidson County; Approval
of Revisions to the State Environmental Protection Agency,
DATES: Written comments must be Region 4, 61 Forsyth Street, SW.,
Implementation Plan
received on or before February 2, 2006. Atlanta, Georgia 30303–8960. The
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, AGENCY: Environmental Protection telephone number is (404) 562–9074.
identified by Docket ID No. EPA–R08– Agency (EPA). Ms. Hoffman can also be reached via
OAR–2005–MT–0002, by one of the ACTION: Proposed rule. electronic mail at
following methods: hoffman.annemarie@epa.gov.
• www.regulations.gov. Follow the SUMMARY: The EPA is proposing to
on-line instructions for submitting approve non-regulatory revisions to the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: For
comments. Tennessee State Implementation Plan additional information see the direct
• E-mail: long.richard@epa.gov and (SIP) and regulatory revisions to the final rule which is published in the
ostrand.laurie@epa.gov. Nashville-Davidson portion of the Rules Section of this Federal Register.
• Fax: (303) 312–6064 (please alert Tennessee SIP, submitted by the State of Dated: December 9, 2005.
the individual listed in the FOR FURTHER Tennessee through the Tennessee
A. Stanley Meiburg,
INFORMATION CONTACT if you are faxing Department of Environment and
comments). Conservation (TDEC) on January 26, Acting Regional Administrator, Region 4.
bjneal on PROD1PC70 with RULES

• Mail: Richard R. Long, Director, Air 1999, October 11, 2001, and April 15, [FR Doc. 05–24412 Filed 12–30–05; 8:45 am]
and Radiation Program, Environmental 2005. The revisions amend the Vehicle BILLING CODE 6560–50–P

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