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MARCH 17,2010 AT 7:00 P.M.

Call to order and announce a quorum is present.

Pledee to the Flae.

At thís tíme, any person wìth busíness beþre the Council not schetluled on the øgenclø may speak to the
Council. Pleøse sígn the speøker sígn-ín sheet tf you wìsh to address the Councí\.
No response mav be mode or øctíon token bv the Council on these items at this meeting,

1. Minutes
o 02l3ll0
c 02ll7ll0
2. Department Reports

3. Financial Reports

o December 2009
o January 2010
o Februarv 2010


4. Discussion and possible action to rescind the award of the Sidewalk Improvements
construction contract to Travis Paving & Excavating.

5. Discussion and possible action to award the Sidewalk Improvements construction

contract to the second lowest bidder, Forsythe Brothers Infrastructure LLC.
Manor City Council Page2
March tT,zoto

6, Consider and act upon an amendment to the Blue Water--City of Manor agreement.

7. Consider and act upon an ordinance regulating home businesses in the City of Manor.

8. consider and act on a copier lease from Ricoh Business solutions.

9. Consider and act upon the Manor Police Department's Racial Profiling Report.

10. Consider and act on disposal of city property.

11. Consider and act upon interpretation of conflicts of interest issues and rules.

12. Discuss CAMPO transportation plans for the region, commuter and freight rail, and I-35
corridor, us 290 and related transportation infrastructure.

13. Discuss council biennial review of the City Charter.

14. City Manager,s Reports

a. Wastewater Lines
b. Police camera purchases
c. 2010 Capital Metro Grant
d. Email conversion
e. SXS\il
f. Bulk Trash
g. Gov 2.0 meeting
h. Bastrop Airport

15. Adjourn.

ATTEST: I hereby attest that this notice was posted at Manor City Hall, 201 E. Parsons
Street, Manor, TX on Friday, March 12,2010 before 5:00 p.m.

Dustin Hãidler
City Secretøby

This meeting shall be conducled pursuent to Texas Governnent Cocle Section 551.00t et seq. At any time
during lhe meeling lhe Council may acljourn in to exeattive session on any of the above pottuti agenclà ilems
in accordonce v,ith the sections 55 L07 l, 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, SS L075.

This Facility is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available. Requests for
accotnmodations or interpretive services nlust be rnade 48 hours prior to this meeting. Please contact Dustin
Haisler, City Secretary at 512-272-5555, or fax 512-272-8636 for further infonnation.