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January - February 2010 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu – Inhaminga, Mozambique

Dearest friends,
“Can plunder be taken from warriors, or captives rescued Miracles in Massandza
from the fierce? What a miracle! Almeida, Mateus and Luis, 3 young men
But this is what the Lord from our church in Massandza came for the 6 months Bible
says: “Yes, captives will School. It has been a challenge to have men even coming to
be taken from warriors, and our Sunday service. It looks that is a shame for them to
plunder retrieved from come and they use to despise one another if one comes to
the fierce; I will contend church. Now we have 3 studying the word of God and
with those who contend getting ready to lead our small church there.
with you, and your children I New youth and ladies are coming to be part of the church
will save.”” Isaiah 49:24, 25 but what we see as a great miracle is the few men that are
This is the word God gave me when storm came, when starting to come to Jesus.
circumstances, facts and situations started to shake One of them is Mariano. He use to be drunk most of the
everything in my life. time, very violent with his family, making at his own house
I knew that I couldn’t do it by myself but I had the Lord all “nipa”- alcoholic drink from sugar cane. First his 2 wives
the time on my side. My vision is to see a generation that came to Jesus together with all of his children. Few Sundays
rise up in Mozambique that loves God, is set free from ago when Mae Ellie came to visit us there, it happened that
generational curse and strongholds, that stands in one of his babies was very sick. Mariano as the father came
righteousness and will make a way for others to follow. It is with the baby at the church to ask for prayers. We could see
happening even is so hard to see sometimes in the real the fear in his eyes, his hands were shaken carrying the little
realm. From personal discipleship to youth conferences we body burning with fever. We pray, believing for healing and
reach to this very generation and we see great miracles. We Mae Ellie prayed specific against the spirit of death that
know that we are in the front line and will never be too easy. wanted to take that little life. A miracle happened: that little
There is a price to pay and for sure it needs perseverance boy is totally healed and we have a testimony of God’s
when everything in you wants to quit and give up. Knowing great power in Massandza.
that, starting from last year we understood more than Two Sundays ago he shared at the church about the great
anything we need to pray and we need to intercede and cry change in his live: “I can see now that God really entered in
out for these youth. my life. Since I gave my life to Jesus I am different. I don’t
Looking back when we started, I remember many of this drink anymore. Everybody can see that. When I went to
young men and women when they were just children. Inhaminga I found 3 of my old friends with 4 beers in their
Majority of them are coming from broken families or no hands and they said: Come Mariano and drink with us! But
families at all; abused and neglected; almost all of them I refused. They asked me: What happened? Are you going to
don’t have anybody in their families knowing Jesus. They church now? The truth is that I am ready to see how God
struggled from: releasing unforgiveness, fear to open their can change me. I want to be a different man so now I am
hearts and difficulty to come in the presence of God in going to church. Now I am a person! I don’t fight with my
worship. We pass through very good times of amazing wives and everybody knows now that I stay at home and I
victories and very hard times when some of them were am not a drunk anymore.” What a joy in the church, our
falling into sin. Some of them were restored and their ladies rejoice and their hope and faith for their husbands to
life after is much better than the one they had before. be saved - got stronger.
Some of them we are still waiting for them to awake This last Sunday we had a water
and come back to Jesus. baptism. The small group from
I know that even my best would never be enough to Cicuziri came by food around 6 km
change one single live. But also I know that I am not in the rain early in the morning.
alone in all of this. I never give birth in the natural but They actually were the first ones at
these are my children, sons and daughters of “The Massandza church. What a
Promise” and I love them as much I was the one who testimony! The church was full in
brought them in this world. spite of the rain we had all morning.
This year I want a revolution in my personal life and in During the service I was thinking
the ministry. I am ready for radical changes and I want what a testimony they will be for the
all of God. I need Him more and I want to know Him whole world, especially for those
more. who have everything they need to
get to a church with comfortable seats in a nice weather and any little one when they will minister and believe in God’s
still complain. promise this nation will be changed.
Youth seminars
We believe that it is the time to see God’s promises fulfilled
here were we are. He promised that these children will have
visions and they will prophesy full with the Holy Spirit.
That set us on a run to fulfill this vision.
I remember since I came in Mozambique in 2004 my dream
before God was to see this
young generation full of the
Holy Spirit, worshiping
A miracle also happened. Exactly when Pastor Antonio was God, separated and
through with his preaching the rain stopped. We were able to sanctified. Even it started
walk (around 1 km) to the river, celebrate the baptism and already to happen few years
come back. God is so good! ago, when the teens here in
Inhaminga were baptized in
In need for real men the Holy Spirit I really
I am reading a book that speaks on man’s heart☺: “Wild at 
received these precious gift
heart” by John Eldredge. I guess I should read the other one
from God during these last
that speaks about the women’s soul: “Captivating”….
3 seminars.
It is a revelation for me, learning so many unknown things
Going back when we
that I couldn’t understand until now working with men.
started to work with
Sometimes I felt so frustrated, feeling that I failed in leading
children here in Inhaminga
and teaching the youth, especially the young men. Now I see
the only one crying during
that I was never called to be a father to them.
worship was me. I could
It sounds funny but made me realize this one thing I never
see sometimes their eyes
can be: “a
wide open looking at me
model as
thinking: What was wrong
a father
with “missionaria”?
or a man”
In few months I printed
in their
some pictures with kids
lives –
from all over the world in
and I
prayer, worshiping with
tears and hands lifted up.
this is
When I posted them on the
what is
wall they were exposed for the first time to this amazing
really missing in this generation that is rising up in
reality knowing that God is calling them also to true
worship, to pray for the sick and to prophesy. Since then
They need fathers, spiritual fathers; they need men - to look
passed almost 6 years, but it is happening! We live a year of
up to them, they should be their heroes. That is what we
promises fulfilled! The harvest is ready! Praise God!
always ask from them: get mature, get strong, be a man!
To see their hands lifted up, tears on their chins, singing
Looking at the students which came to our Bible School, I
songs of praise in heavenly languages. What a reward!
think and imagine what would happened if all of them will
Many other things are happening. God is writing everyday
turn into strong spiritual fathers in this nation; If they will
on the pages of our life and we are an open book for the
take the burden and responsibility to lead and teach this new
world to read and glorify Him.
generation how to be real and strong, in spite of the hard
You all know that nothing is in van, that when we believe
and invest in God’s Kingdom we will see results in heaven
It is a great privilege and I enjoy a lot to teach this class.
and on earth. Thank you so much for continuing in sharing
Because I believe that this new generation will not be
your love with us and for your faithfulness in spite of the
orphan; that they will have mighty men of God imparting
difficulties. May God reward every little effort you do for
into their lives, loving and teaching them how to change
His Glory.
their nation for Jesus, how to know and worship God and
Together for Him from Mozambique, 
how to be prepared for eternity. There is a potential to
change the whole world in a child. If they will see that in Simona Caba

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