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The best piece of advice I can give to anyone seeking to move in the prophetic is this: pursue love. There is
nothing worse than being in a roomful of people, all of whom are eagerly anticipating what God might
speak to them through you, and you've got no love in your heart for them or yourself. It is a lonely place to
be in! I have even met several prophets who had nervous breakdowns and anxiety attacks when the
pressure to prophesy in front of large crowds was too much for them because they recognized how little
they loved themselves and others.
As a prophetic voice, the only pressure you should choose to live under is the pressure to be loved by God
and to love others. When this becomes a reality and you get put in front of hundreds of saints to prophesy
and don't know what to say, you can take a deep breath and let God love on you in those moments.
To be successful in long term prophetic ministry, we have to understand how to be loved by God. We can
only truly pursue what has apprehended us. We love because He first loved us. It takes God to love God.
Remember, the greatest anointing that the Spirit will ever release to you as a prophetic voice is the
anointing to love God and love others with all that you have!
Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively requires a believer to discern the difference between the
enmity of a sinful heart and the opposition of a decided will.
Jesus loved and had compassion for those dealing with the enmity of a sinful heart. (Tax collectors and
Jesus rebuked and often times rejected those who opposed him with a decided will. (Pharisees and
Religious Leaders)
"Trusting in God without fully understanding His will deepens our faith and creates in us a capacity for
radical obedience.
We are learning how to walk by faith and not allow our questions, concerns, and reservations to keep us
from moving forward."
The new prophetic generation is going to fix its eyes upon Jesus and his sinless life and example like no
other generation before them. They will define success in the prophetic ministry not based on how
accurately they can prophesy or how many dreams and visions they've had, but on how well they are
submitting to being conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ." Page 78
( I See: A New Prophetic Generation)
As a traveling prophetic voice, I have thus far personally identified and thoroughly documented over 20
different scenarios and situations that I have discovered walking into minister at numerous local churches
across America and several nations in the earth. Fasting and praying into the desires of Jesus for a
specific community in the midst of what they are personally going through is overwhelming to say the
least. And to put the cherry on top, many traveling prophetic voices are expected to perform and act like
magicians, being asked to do the impossible in local churches with just a few short services on a weekend.
My experience and advice to fellow traveling prophetic voices that will find themselves in these scenarios
and situations is to be supernatural and not give in to showmanship! Please let me explain:
Pressure is one of the greatest tests that young prophet's must pass! Mature prophets are not crowd
conscious, but God responsive. Without adequate stillness and secret place time, traveling prophetic voices
will be tempted to create a temporary show to meet a struggling churches need rather than be
supernatural and challenge the saints to connect to a long term vision and plan.
Traveling prophetic showmanship walks into local churches that are desperate for breakthrough and puts
on a show up front. Lots of hype, lots of promises, and a ton of focus on self. They deliver words that sound
incredible, but really they carry no depth or substance. The presentation is breathtaking, but there is no
long lasting change left upon the community. When showmanship arrives at prophetic conferences and
revival services, the saints encounter a leader's individual anointing, but never engage the living God. As a
traveling prophetic voice that walks into the pressure to perform and entertain a local church desperate
for breakthrough on one weekend, you must not give into showmanship! If you do, you will leave the local
church with pockets full of seed that will never bear any fruit.
On the other hand, choosing not to give into showmanship because of the local church pressure, but rather
to walk in the supernatural requires stillness and an ear for the whisper of God. Sometimes the less you
know traveling into a local church the better! You must choose to fear God or fear man. You cannot give
into manipulation, agendas, or control, regardless if it comes from the church leaders or the saints
attending. You have an assignment and it must be completed. Whether you walk out of the conference with
zero dollars or a million, the praise and affirmation of the Father is what you crave. The goal of a
supernatural prophetic voice is to shift the attention from your ability to "save the day" on a weekend to

creating a hunger and desperation for the presence of Jesus to be made manifest in the congregation. You
must be committed to the belief that your prophetic words cannot save the church, but Jesus can.
Traveling prophetic voices that walk in the supernatural tell local churches what they need to hear, not
what they want to hear. They often correct, adjust, and bring attention to error. They shine the light on
darkness and carnality so that the character of Christ can take root.
My prayer today is that God would raise up an entire generation of supernatural traveling prophetic
voices and put an end to traveling prophetic voices of showmanship. The bottom line is simple, how will
you deal with and prepare for the pressure that will be placed upon your shoulders time and time again?
Ask God for clarity and a grace to please Him and Him alone.
"Revival is simply New Testament Christianity. It's the saints getting back to normal."
-Vance Havner (Heart's Afire)
"Drinking decaf coffee is like going to church without the Holy Spirit." - Joe Joe Dawson
"For so many today, ministry is the road to success, the way to be recognized and known by all. It means
the acclaim of the crowds with the glitter and gold, the royal pastor ruling from his throne. It provides an
identity in church and in the world, as though ministry made the man.
We have gotten things totally wrong! Ministry does not exalt the man! Ministry means service. Ministry
means being last and not first. The higher the call, the lower you must go. The grander the vision, the
greater the sacrifice. And the only one to exalt is JESUS! We are to be jealous for His reputation, and His
reputation alone."
-Dr. Michael Brown
Revival is not about gathering around the miracles of God, it's not about gathering around the
manifestations of God, it's not even about gathering around the man or woman of God, true revival is
gathering around the Throne Room of God and seeing Him for who He really is- Holy! Revelation 4 =
Perhaps the greatest earmark of a generation chasing the supernatural with no biblical foundation is the
fact that they categorically reject the message of repentance and wholeheartedly embrace various so
called forms of "love" that embraces people in their sin, but fails to call them out of it.
"Authentic apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers are gifted individuals who were
created to mature in face-to-face communities that are under the headship of Jesusnot as senior leaders,
but as brethrenequal in status to everyone else in the church."
"It is only when the Bible is read through the eyes of same-sex desires or through contemporary
understandings of sexuality in the aftermath of the sexual revolution that anyone would come away with
the notion that homosexuality was a gift from God or that He approved of men having sex with men or
women having sex with women.
I am convinced that if you gave the Bible to one million people who had never read it before, and if they
could read the original texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, if you left them alone to study God's Word
for one year, virtually none of them would come away with the idea that God approved of homosexual
relationships or would endorse same-sex marriages."
The simplest and easiest form of attack is for the enemy to convince us that our contribution is
insignificant. Passivity gives the devil an easy victory.
1. Foundation Layers (Ephesians 2:20)
They unveil and uncover the person of Jesus Christ to His body. They release foundational insight into the
Son and the Father's eternal plans to the saints so that they may grow in maturity.
2. Revelation Carriers (Ephesians 3:3-5)
They carry a spirit of revelation that teachers, shepherds, and evangelists do not. The revelation they
possess primarily has to do with the person of Jesus Christ and all the Father has eternally purposed in

3. Mystery Heralds (1 Corinthians 4:1)
They proclaim Jesus Christ who is the mystery of God. All treasure, knowledge, and hidden wisdom is
found in Him and Him alone.
4. Wealthy Distributors ( Ephesians 3:8)
They impart the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ to the body. They preach the unfathomable and
inexhaustible wealth of the person of Jesus Christ.
5. Christ In You Revealers (Colossians1:27)
They release insight and revelation into the glory and hope of the saints which is Jesus Christ. They make
known the Christ who is living on the inside and speak of an inward reality full of substance and depth.
If all this be true, then why do we hardly ever hear modern day "apostles and prophets" proclaiming,
preaching, prophesying, imparting, declaring, distributing, revealing, releasing, heralding, and
uncovering the glorious and beautiful person of Jesus Christ?
How can so many claim to be walking in these two necessary ministries in the earth and yet want to talk
about everything but Him?
"Our God is glorious, beautiful, and good, and He cannot be improved upon. Yet so few of us are connected
to this reality, and our low estimation of God manifests in our prayer life. Like Israel, we fail to recognize
that He is a great king worthy of our time and energy, our love and worship. This is why developing a
strong and faith-filled life of prayer must begin with changing our thoughts about God."
God did not give you your spouse so that you could spend the next five to ten years playing house, having
children, trying to bank as much money as you can, and give as many excuses as possible as to why you
can't attend church and grow in Christ on a consistent basis.
There are so many heart-breaking trends among young married Christians. Since when did marriage
become the avenue for the fire of God to be put out in an individuals life? I cannot even count how many
solid single Christians that I continue to meet around the USA who get married and all of a sudden they
become lazy, lethargic, and not interested in pursuing and growing in Christ with all they have!
What has happened? We have made our spouses our god! The American dream has become an idol and it
must be exposed and torn down now before it's too late. Where is the fire of God burning bright in this
generation? Where are those who could care less about what they own and where they work, except Jesus
Christ be their all in all?!
I personally plead with all the young married couples that have recently been married in the last 5 to 10
years, where is the fire and passion for Jesus gone? Why do you insist on spending more time playing
house than worshiping the King of Kings in His house? Why hasn't the anointing and hunger for more
grown because of your spouse? Why have we turned gifts into gods?
Let us rise up today and judge ourselves soberly. If you were anointed as a single man or woman, why
hasn't the anointing grown double since you've been married? I'm believing for powerhouse couples and
families to cry out for more of God in this hour, not more money and possessions.
God's justness, His correctness, and rightness are parts of His goodness. When God chooses to bring
correction to our lives and make our crooked ways right, it is a demonstration of His goodness and not a
form of punishment that some in the prophetic movement erroneously believe and are being taught by
several popular prophets in the earth."
We have got to get the current young adult Christian culture to stop asking, "How much can I live like hell
and still go to heaven?" and start asking "How much heaven can I experience while still upon the earth?"
We desperately need young and uncompromised voices in the body of Christ who are full of the Holy Ghost
and fire and are not afraid to raise up a standard of righteousness in a wicked and perverse generation
and cry out for the kingdom to come!
I really do appreciate some of the mothers and fathers of the faith speaking to this issue right now, but
more than anything, we desperately need preachers under 35 sounding the alarm to their generation!
"The supreme value of love can only be understood when it is set in the context to the eternal realm of the

Judgment Seat of Christ. (Romans 14:10-12; 2 Corinthians 5:10). Paul is clear that all believers will give
an account of their life and ministry to God. (1 Corinthians 3:10-15) The superiority of love is seen in its
permanence in eternity.
Every movement of our heart in love is remembered and rewarded by God forever at the Judgment Seat of
Christ, whether it is received by people or not. No investment of love is forgotten, wasted or lost in God's
sight. (Hebrews 6:10)"
"The strength of a judgmental and accusatory spirit is found in the lack of face to face interaction between
the two parties involved. Offense is always looking to grow and increase among believers who refuse to
build relationship with one another.
In communities of believers who fail to develop vulnerable and honest relationships, the spirits of
accusation and fault-finding will grow in strength. If you are involved in relationships where you cannot
share how and why you feel about certain issues, they are unhealthy and dysfunctional."
Sanctification is not my idea of what I want God to do for me; sanctification is God's idea of what He
wants to do for me, and He has to get me into the attitude of mind and spirit where at any cost I will let
Him sanctify me wholly.
It's too often that our human opinions of what "holy living" looks like is completely different than God's
thoughts on the subject.
"Spiritually minded saints see the local church as a family that from time to time gets together to conduct
Business minded saints see the local church as a business that from time to time gets together and tries to
act like a family.
Whenever a local church is operated and run exclusively by "business minds", we can expect people to no
more be substantially challenged or changed by the Holy Spirit than we might expect them to become
intoxicated by drinking skim milk."
-Charles Brown
"There are too many prophetic people in the earth who have little to no connection with church leadership.
They carry deep wounds of rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment. One of the primary areas
of character transformation that the new prophetic generation will give themselves to is walking in
healthy relationship with those in positions of authority. Not every church leader is a King Saul of the Old
Testament or a religious Pharisee of the New Testament."
When church leadership does not attend or eliminates intercessory and prophetic groups in their midst,
they silence their most reliable sources of discernment and revelation. When this happens, a spiritual
vacuum is created and the spirit of Jezebel will begin her disgusting work.
Alarmed, many intercessors and prophetic people will begin to warn the leadership of Jezebel and her
schemes. Sadly, if they continue to operate in ignorance or just plain refuse to listen, they will actually
become a kindred spirit with Jezebel. Unknowingly or knowingly, they will align themselves with her.
Without repentance from church leadership for falling into this trap, they will become puppet leaders
subject to strong delusion, heavy depression, and an inability to make necessary decisions concerning the
spiritual atmosphere of the church.
Even worse than this, spiritual famine will begin to descend upon ministries where church leadership
refuses to deal with and confront Jezebel and her schemes. God's manifest presence will begin to be
removed from the atmosphere and sadly, most leaders will not even recognize this as God's judgment.
Jezebel wants intercessory and prophetic groups shut down immediately from churches and does not want
church leaders to attend any of these meetings where they can receive discernment and revelation from
those God has sent them to encourage and warn them.
If true prophetic intercession is not taking place behind the scenes in your church and/or the leadership is

not attending any of these meetings, its a dead give away that the spirit of Jezebel is most likely at work in
your midst.
(Note: By spiritual leaders attending, participating, and helping to give oversight (not control) to
intercessory and prophetic groups, it almost entirely loosens Jezebel's grip and silences this wicked spirit.
Whoever invented the idea of intercessory/prophetic people go meet over there and pastors/leaders go
meet over there was not hearing from God. Terrible idea!)
It's not "church" unless broken limbs come in and leave healed.
What an incredible outpouring of the Spirit this morning in Lakeland, FL!!!!
I believe great peace and rest is available in the secret place and a majority of Christians that I find full of
fear over todays events are those who are not spending time in the place of intercession and prayer.
"I am not sure why so many prophets do not believe that God is judging America or to take it even
further, the American Church. Why not judge? In a rising prophetic culture where everything must be
positive and politically correct, why not prophesy judgment? In fact, can someone point me to a wicked
nation in history, a nation marred by sin, that God hasnt judged, somehow, some way?"
I see a new prophetic generation rising in the earth who will not only know God the Father as a good and
kind God, but also a God and Father who judges those He loves.
I see indescribable beauty and testimonies too numerous to count as these messengers travel the earth
rebuking and correcting one and releasing the Father's goodness and kindness to another. You won't have
to worry, because to them, they are still representing the same loving Father regardless of how He chooses
to manifest Himself.
If they are not actively fathering sons and daughters (1 Cor 4:15) and if signs, wonders, and miracles are
not flowing through their hands (1 Cor 2:4), they are NOT apostles!
I'm convinced that if these two simple biblical requirements (there are several more) were applied to many
"apostolic networks, roundtables, and so called apostles", there would hardly be any evidence of true
apostles at all!
The apostolic mandate has become such a joke these days. I believe there are more pseudo/false apostles
walking around America than true ones.
The next time someone claims the title of "apostle", ask them for the names of the sons and daughters they
are fathering and the miracles, signs, and wonders that are accompanying their revelation of Jesus Christ
as they preach. It's time for massive reformation in the apostolic movement.
Where are the apostolic fathers in America that will faithfully rebuke and correct the current trends and
madness going on? How can supposedly 5 or 10 "apostles" be speaking at a meeting or conference in a
region and that city not be turned upside down? Give me a break!
You can always tell if church leaders have failed to mature into spiritual fathers who release and empower
fruitful sons and daughters when they are constantly surrounded by eunuchs who they themselves have
These church leaders spend their entire ministries finding as many young leaders as possible to serve them
and their vision. They have no interest in serving and investing in the next generation. Under the guise of
"honor" and "submitting to spiritual authority" they bind rather than bless and weave a sick web of
witchcraft (manipulation and control).
Sons and daughters: If they have no interest in relationship with you completely outside the context of
ministry then RUN! You will quickly be castrated and live as a eunuch the rest of your life, never fulfilling
the call on your life because you were too busy serving theirs.
We desperately need more church leaders who are willing to pastor the prophetic rather than police it.
Ongoing training, oversight, and fathering is absolutely necessary to see the true ministry of the prophet

established among the saints. It can take between 10 to 15 years to develop a true prophet of the Lord,
depending on their access to a stable prophet/teacher who can model and father effectively. Without that
key person in place, many would be strong prophetic voices will never make it or take twice the time to
I'm sorry but attending an 8 week prophetic class, having someone lay hands on you, reading books, or
attending a 2 year prophetic/supernatural school does not make anyone a mature and tested prophet. The
kind of maturity we so desperately need among prophets can only come through years of proper fathering
and accountability.
The simplest and easiest form of attack is for the enemy to convince us that our contribution is
insignificant. Passivity gives the devil an easy victory.
The Holy Ghost and fire fell in Lakeland, FL tonight! Those are the services and encounters that my heart
aches for.
Baptisms in the spirit, physical healing's, intercession, Holy Ghost laughter, weeping, and deliverance as
the saints ministered to one another. It was beautiful. MORE LORD!!!!
One of the premier signs of a third great awakening coming to America is the exposing of ministries and
leaders who do not have oil in their lamps! (Matthew 25)
For the last several years, I have been consulting with pastors/shepherds and leaders from all over the
United States and certain parts of the world in regards to the prophetic people and intercessors that attend
the church and often times the problems that they bring.
I receive calls and emails frequently from leaders that say something like, "Jeremiah, please consider
coming to speak at my church and setting these people straight. They will not listen to me, but I know that
they will listen to a prophet."
So off I go on assignment and I sit down with pastors, their staff, and these troubled prophetic/intercessor
groups. Some churches I visit, I have to actually deal with the pastor and staff. Other churches I visit, the
main area of strife is the prophetic/intercessory people. I have it on my heart to offer a few things that I
have learned from my vantage point which is very unique both personally pastoring/shepherding and
traveling prophetically. I see both sides! Here we go:
1. The spirit of Elijah wants freedom in a church so that the HOLY SPIRIT can move, but the spirit of
Jezebel wants freedom in a church so that they THEMSELVES can move and operate. I'm going to
estimate that after working with over 35 churches in the last few years, only 5 churches had legitimate
complaints from prophetic/intercessors about the need for more freedom in the services etc. The rest were
merely individuals who had their own Jezebelic agenda and were harassing the pastor to death through
manipulation and control. By the way, if you don't like the way your leadership team is facilitating the
Holy Spirit, it really is okay to move on to the next church...and I bet you will move on to the next church
after a time.... and then you will be off to yet another church... repeat cycle... over.....and....over....again......
2. Prophets and prophetic people will NEVER understand their role in a local body until they give their
time to biblically understanding what the role of a shepherd is over the flock. Every river must have
riverbanks and it is biblical for shepherds to teach and instruct the flock in regards to the gifts of the Holy
Spirit being exercised in an orderly and edifying manner. Not every pastor/leader is a "Saul". I'm sorry
angry and bitter prophetic/intercessor people, but its just not the case. Would it offend you if I
recommended you search your own heart to see if you have issues with authority?
3. Pastors/shepherds will NEVER understand prophets/prophetic people and their function in the local
body until they give their time to biblically study their role. If the only voice ever being heard at corporate
gatherings is limited to one or two senior leaders, we have a control problem on our hands. Sorry
disgruntled pastors, not everyone who claims to have the word of the Lord and actually does is a Jezebel
or Absalom. Would it offend you if I recommended you search your heart to see if you have issues with
insecurity and control?
4. I'm still waiting to see who comes up with a grand idea of actually building RELATIONSHIP with the
pastor/leader or prophetic person that you are offended with and seeking to affect change. Take me for my
word when I tell you that there is so little relationship between pastors/leaders and prophetic/intercessory
people that its mind boggling. Excuse me "seasoned old prophetic lady" is there a reason why you want the
microphone and control of the "spirit's movement" , but don't care to sit down with the pastor/leaders and

build relationship with him? Why are there so many loop holes in your life that you don't care to address
or answer for? Excuse me "young pastor with zeal unmatched", is there a reason why you won't sit down
with the prophetic/intercessors that have been alive longer than you have been shepherding and give them
some time to share what they are seeing/hearing as they have prayed for YOU?
5. The "misuse" of prophecy does not equal the "no use" of prophecy approach. Most pastors/leaders that
call me are actually longing for the pure flow of the prophetic in their church, but have shut it down all
because of the past wounding that prophetic/intercessory people inflicted upon them and their
congregation. I wholeheartedly agree that great caution and testing of the spirits in order to approve must
take place so that the genuine prophetic ministry can be active, but don't be so controlling and hard
hearted that you hinder the Spirit's movement. Call someone for help. Ask for outside opinion. Invite voices
into the church you are shepherding to help restore what has been damaged and set up protocol for
prophetic/intercessors to follow.
6. Pastors/Shepherds: If you do not set the riverbanks for prophetic/intercessory people, the river will spill
over every time. And by the way, you are going to have a flood on your hands, not a small stream. Much of
the disaster that I see that is caused by unstable and unruly prophetic people is in part because the
pastor/shepherd refused to train and teach the people what the boundaries (river banks) were to
stewarding and facilitating the Holy Spirit's movement. If you are having trouble in this area, invite a
prophetic or trusted person in the body of Christ to help you set up protocol. As with child rearing, rules
and boundaries create security and stability with children. Likewise, this is true in seeing the Spirit move
with decency and with order.
7. Prophets/Intercessors: Showing up to a church under the guise of "being on assignment" and expecting
to be received as your telling the pastor to just trust you because you "hear from the Lord" and they
obviously can't is like walking into a house in the middle of a drought with a match and not expecting
everyone to either run or try to smother you. I will personally never give anyone a microphone who I do
not have some type of relationship with and let them "release" the word of the Lord and I will never
recommend a pastor to do this. That is completely absurd. The foundation for all New Testament ministry
is RELATIONSHIP! Stop being a lone ranger and deal with your pride. You being "on assignment" aka not
needing to have any sort of accountability is childish and immature. Get over yourself. You are a part of
the body of Christ too and your gift will actually flourish if you learn how to be shepherded properly.
As Christians in America, we must constantly be on guard against a gospel message that presents a
manageable, domesticated Jesus who makes no demands on our time, money, words, social life, and
We must be committed to proclaiming and receiving the truth of Jesus Christ as taught in the Scriptures
and not the counterfeit Jesus of Western Culture.
The American Church is presently consumed with many things other than Jesus , yet this is about to
change! His full glory will no longer be concealed, for God the Father is arranging an end-time scenario in
the earth right now that will clearly demonstrate the glory of His Son over every opposing pursuit and
As the days grow darker in America, my heart continues to be flooded with more light and hope. What
incredible and exciting days we are living in!
Immature prophetic people are revealed by their non-teachable spirit, anger toward authority, and
resentment with accountability. They rarely seek out mature and tested mentors.
They are constantly seeking a platform for their gift which can only be given to someone who has passed
their tests and is seasoned. Untested prophetic people are usually prone to frustration, lack grace and
mercy in delivery, and talk more about their ministry than Jesus Christ.
They are given to justifying their poor behavior rather than address it and be transformed. Immature and
untested prophetic people when challenged to seek accountability and growth always walk in a victim
"The divorce that I'm seeing from the Word of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit as I travel is
producing a generation of prophetic people that are hungry to be stimulated with words of blessing, but
who do not want to get impregnated with the truth of God's Word. So many prophetic people want to be
tickled with promises of destiny and wealth, rather than be provoked into holiness and righteousness."
For a minister to use the gift of prophecy in a manipulating and controlling manner render's their words

null and void. Prophetic ministry is designed to bring freedom and release, not bondage and oppression.
"The essence of idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him." -Tozer