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1.0. The Superintending Engineer/O&M/Valuthur Gas Turbine Power

Station, Ramanathapuram representing TNEB invites bids for Phase-I-HRSG
(HP, IP & LP) safety valve floating by TREVI TESTING METHOD, after safety
valves overhauling for hydraulic testing during renewal of Boiler license on
January 2010 at VGTPS/Ramnad.

Tenders superscribed on the outer cover as Enquiry for Work Contract

No.40/09-10 at Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station/Ramanathapuram
due on 05.01.10 at 14.00Hrs and complete with the schedule duly filled
in are invited as mentioned in schedule A of this specification.


The tenders should be sent in double cover system. The tender/ offer
should be addressed to the Superintending Engineer/ Valuthur Gas
Turbine Power Station. Valuthur, Ramanathapuram. PIN: 623536 and
out in a sealed (inner) cover. Bankers Cheque / Demand Draft/PR for
the EMD amount paid in the O/o. the SE/VGTPS/Ramnad towards
EMD (as prescribed in clause 10.0 below), the inner tender cover
should be put in an outer cover which should
be addressed to


so as to reach this office not later than 14.00 Hrs.on 05.01.10

The tenders may be handed over to Assistant Executive Engineer/
TNEB/ RAMANATHAPURAM - 623 536 if handed over in person.

In case the due date for receipt and opening of tender happens to be declared holiday,
tenders will be received and opened on the immediate succeeding working day with out
any change in the timings indicated.
3.1 If the tenderer has any doubt or the meaning of any portion of this
specification, he should submit particulars there of to the
RAMANATHAPURAM-623 536 in writing that the doubts may be clarified
before submission of tender.
3.2 Telex, Fax or Telegraphic offers will not be entertained. The purchaser reserves the
right to reject any offer, which is not received according to the terms and conditions,
stipulated in the instructions.
3.3 If the tenderer finds any ambiguity in any one of the terms & conditions
stipulated in this specification he shall get it clarified from the Superintending
536. If this is not done and subsequent to opening of tenders it is found that doubts
about the meaning or ambiguity in the interpretation of any terms &conditions
stipulated In this specification are raised by the tenderer, either in this tender or by a
separate letter, the interpretation or clarification issued by the Superintending
Engineer/O&M/ Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station /
Ramanathapuram to such of the terms and conditions of the specification as may be
raised by the tenderer shall be binding on the tenderer.
4.0 The tenders will be opened at the office of the Superintending Engineer/
O&M/VGTPS/Valantharavai (Post), Ramanathapuram -623 536 on the due date and
time, specified in the presence of such of the tenderers who may desire to be
5.0 The processing of the tender will be done as per the provisions of Tamil Nadu
Transparency in Tender Act. 108 and Tamil Nadu Transparency in
Tender rules 2000.
a) To accept the lowest or any tender
b) To reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.
c) To award contracts to one or more contractors for the item covered by this
d) To revise the quantities if necessary during the pendancy of the
e) To relax or waive any of the terms and conditions of the specification where
ever deemed necessary.

7.0 Tenders received after the due date & time will be summarily rejected.
8.0 Tenders received from those who quote a lesser validity period than that called
for will be rejected.
a) not in the prescribed form.
b) not properly signed by the tenderer.
c) not in conformity with Boards technical specification.
d) from a tenderer who is directly or indirectly connected with Governments
or Boards service/ local authority.
e) from a tenderer whose past performance or vendor rating is not
Intending tenderers should pay an EMD of Rs.700/-(Rupees Seven hundred only),
The EMD specified above should be paid in the form of cash at the office of
SE/VGTPS or Bankers Cheque/Demand Draft from any one of the Nationalized /
scheduled Banks drawn in favour of Superintending Engineer /Valuthur Gas Turbine
Power Station, payable at Ramanathapuram*
The Bankers Cheque/Demand
Draft/PR for the EMD amount paid in the O/o.the SE/VGTPS/RMD should be
attached to the sealed inner tender cover and should be put in another outer
envelope as specified above.
10.1 CHEQUES / BANK GUARANTEES will not be accepted towards EMD and the
tenders will be rejected.
10.2 Firms who have a permanent Earnest Money Deposit at TNEB shall also pay
the above EMD.
10.3 Firms registered as small - scale industries in Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu
Government Departments, undertakings and Labour contract Co-operative
Societies and exempted from the payment of EMD. These tenderers should
superscribe their registration numbers on the inner tender cover and a Photostat
copy of the registration certificate along with an undertaking in a non-judicial
stamp paper of value of Rs.80/- should be enclosed with the tender failing which
their offer will be rejected.
10.4 If on opening the outer cover, it is found that the Bankers Cheque / Demand
Draft towards EMD has not been attached to the inner tender cover or the
Registration No. accompanied with the undertaking referred to in Clause 10.3
has not been furnished, then the tender will be rejected.

The EMD made by the tenderers will be forfeited if
i) The tenderer withdraws his tender or back out after acceptance of the
ii) The tenderer withdraws his tender before the date of validity/ rejection
by the Board/competent Authority.
iii) The tenderer violates any of the provisions of these requisitions
contained therein.
iv) The tenderer revises any of the terms quoted during validity period.
v) The successful tenderer fails to remit SD within the prescribed time
10.5 The EMD will not carry any interest. The E.M.D will be refunded to the successful
tenderer only after completion of all works satisfactorily as per the orders and
instructions of site Engineer. The successful tenderer in whose favour the order is
issued should on demand pay in addition the Security Deposit. If the successful
tenderer either fails to remit this S.D amount or backs out of the tender bid, the
E.M.D. remitted by him will be forfeited.
10.6 In the case of unsuccessful tenderers, the EMD will be refunded to them on
application to the Superintending Engineer/VGTPS/ Valantharavai (Post),
Ramanathapuram - 623 536 after intimation of the rejection of their tender is
received by them.
11.1 The bidding is open to those meeting the following qualifying requirements.
11.2 The intending tenderer should have previous experience in the work of HRSG Boiler
drum safety valves floating in any Thermal Power Station/Gas Turbine Power
Station of TAMILNADU ELECTRICITY BOARD/Public Sector Undertakings/and
produce the copy of work order for the above work not less than Rs.40,000/- in a
single order within a period of 3 years.
Necessary proof for having executed such type of works like work awarding letter or
a certificate obtained from the End User etc. should be enclosed with the tender in
the outer cover. Inner cover will not be opened in respect of contractors who have
not enclosed this detail in the outer cover. Evidence for having executed the work
shall be furnished without fail.

Those Tenders furnished by the Tenderers without enclosing the details of the
post performance will be rejected.
11.3 The above requirement are a minimum. However the Board reserves the right to
request for any additional information and also reserves the right to reject the
proposal of any bidder, if in the opinion of the Board, the qualification data is
incomplete or the bidder is found not qualified to satisfactorily perform the works.
11.4 Not withstanding anything stated above the TNEB reserves the right to assess
bidders capability and capacity to perform the works, should the circumstances
warrant such an assessment in the overall interest of the Board.
12.0 The Board will not be responsible for any Postal delay in receipt of the Tender
Specification by the bidders if it is sent by post as well as in receipt of quotations
from the bidders within the stipulated date and time.
13.0 Not withstanding anything contained in this specification, the Board shall have full
powers to relax, waive or amend any of the provisions of this specification at any
time as deemed necessary.
14.0 APPEAL:
i) Any tenderer aggrieved by the order passed by the Tender Accepting Authority
may appeal to the Board within ten days from the date of receipt of order and the
Board shall dispose the appeal within fifteen days from the date of receipt.
ii) In disposing of an appeal under sub section (i) above, the Board may after
giving the party an opportunity of making his representations, pass such order
there of as they may deem fit.
iii) The order of the Board on such appeal shall be final.
iv) The Board may pending the exercise of their powers under this section, pass
such interlocutory orders as they may deem fit.
Save as otherwise provided in Tamil Nadu Transparency in Tenders Act 1998 on
order passed or proceeding taken by any officer or authority under this Act shall be
called in question in any court, and no injunction shall be granted by any court in
respect of any action taken or to be taken by such officer or authority in pursuance
of any power conferred by or under Tamil Nadu Transparency in Tender Act 1998.

16.1 The fact of submission to the Board of tender shall be deemed to constitute and
agreement between the tenderer and the Board whereby such tender shall remain
open for acceptance by the Board. If the tenderer is notified that his tender is
accepted by the tender and such acceptance there of by the Board. Until a formal
contract of the same tender has been executed between him and the Board in
replacement of such agreement. The stamp duty payable to this agreement shall
be borne by the successful tenderer.
16.2 The written agreement to be entered into between the contractor and the Board on
non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 20/- in the standard form shall be foundation
regarding the rights of both the parties and the contract shall not be deemed to be
completed until the agreement has first been signed by the Contractor and then by
the proper officer authorized to enter into contract on behalf of the Board. Failure to
enter into the required agreement within 30 days shall be entitled forfeiture of the
EMD paid by him.


SPECIFICATION No.SE / O&M / VGTPS / WC-40/ 2009-10



This Enquiry provides for VGTPS/Ramnad- Phase-I-HRSG (HP, IP & LP) safety valve
floating by TREVI TESTING METHOD, after safety valves overhauling for hydraulic
testing during renewal of Boiler license on January 2010 at VGTPS/Ramnad.


The bidders shall submit their bids in two envelopes (inner and outer) at the
same time.


(a) The sealed outer cover called envelope A shall contain.

i) The Bankers Cheque/Demand Draft towards EMD/PR for the EMD amount
paid in the O/o the SE/VGTPS/Ramnad.
ii) Copies of acceptance letter as proof for having carried out similar works.
iii) A certificate copy towards registration with TNEB.
iv) Inner cover (sealed)
v) If power of attorney is executed, copy of registered power of attorney
document should
be enclosed.
(a) This envelope A should not contain any price bid. The inner cover will not be
opened in respect of contractors who have not enclosed the above details.
(b) The inner cover called envelope B shall contain the price bid.


The tenders not submitted in proper form and in due date and time are liable to be
rejected. Rates or L.S. amounts for items not called for shall not be included in the
tender. Alterations if any made by the tenderer in the schedule, conditions of the
contract, specification etc. will not be recognized. Tender sets are not transferable.


The tenderers should workout his own workable rates and the quoted rates should
be firm till be completion of the work. The tenderers should ascertain the nature
and items of various works involved and no extra claim will be allowed for any


The tenderer should quote his rates only in the departmental schedule or
quotation form enclosed.


The work and schedule of quantities should be furnished in Schedule - A


The price quoted should be firm during the entire duration of the contract. The
rates and prices shall be written in ink and shall be both in figures and words.


Where there is discrepancy between the rates quoted in figures and words the
lowest rates among them will be considered.


It will be deemed that the rates quoted by the Tenderers are inclusive of all
incidental items of work not necessarily mentioned in the schedule but are
nevertheless essential for the correct and complete execution of work.


The Board has been registered as a Dealer both under the Central Sales Tax
Act, and the Madras Central Sales Tax Act, 1950 under Registration
Nos.CST.32929, 81-82, dated 18-01-82 and 315/61-62 dated 15-06-1961




All works contract can be divided as one for supply of materials and the other for works.


No works contract tax could be levied on supply of materials supplied by Tamil

nadu Electricity Board, so long as the cost of such materials is not deducted
from the payment made to the contractor.

6.3 In respect of civil works, the existing procedure of contract may be continued. In these
works, the materials such as sand, jally, bricks, etc. are liable for levy of Sales tax on
production of proper evidence, no work contract tax need be recovered from the
Contractor, provided the materials are procured by the Contractor within the state from
the local dealers who have registered themselves under TNGST Act. In case the
contractor himself provide these materials without paying any Sales Tax thereon 2%
Works Contract Tax on the not value of the

contract (after adjustment of cost of materials supplied by the Board) is recoverable
from the bill and also when the cost of materials supplied by the Board is
adjusted/deducted from his bill.

No work contract tax need be recovered if no transfer of property in goods in

involved in the works contract or the contractor produces a certificate from the
Assessing Authority concerned that he has no liability to pay or has paid the tax
under section 3B or 7C on the cost of materials procured by him from outside the


No work contract tax need by recovered if the declared goods are purchased
within the state from a registered dealer and used in the works in the same form
and also in cases where the total amount paid to the contractors during the year
does not exceed Rs.1.00 lakh.


In all other cases (other than those mentioned in 2 to 5 mentioned above) the
works contract tax at 2% of the total amount payable to the contractors in respect
of civil works and at 4% of the total amount payable to the contractors in respect
of other works are to be remitted to the Sales Tax Department within 7 days in
accordance with the section 7F of the TNGST Act 1959 with effect from 10.06.99.


The successful tenderer will have to furnish a security deposit of 5% (five
percent) for the total value of the contract which includes EMD already remitted
and should be paid as Bankers Cheque or Demand Draft/cash at o/o SE/VGTPS /
Ramnad.The successful contractor will have to furnish the Security Deposit within
15 days from the date receipt of award letter. Non-payment of security
depositwithin the above period will entail cancellation of contract as it will be
considered that successful tenderer is not interested in accepting the contract. For
belated payment of security deposit interest @ 22% per annum will be levied for
the delayed period. The Security Deposit against this contract will be repaid to the
contractor only if the contract is completed to the satisfaction of the board. If the
Board incurs any loss or damage on account of the breach of any of the clauses
mentioned or any other amount arising out of the contract becomes payable by the
contractor to the board, then the board will in addition to such other rights that the
board may have under the law appropriate the whole or part of the security deposit
and such amount that is appropriated will not be refunded to the contractor.

The Bankers Cheque/DD towards payment of SD may be drawn in favour of
Superintending Engineer/O&M/Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station, payable at
Ramanathapuram. No interests for the security deposit will be paid.

Payment will be made on monthly intervals basis on the contractors claim duty
certified by the Engineer-in-charge at site. 90% of the value of work so certified by
the Engineer-in-charge will be paid to the contractor. The 10% retention amount
will be retained as security for the due fulfillment of the contract.
Under the certificate to be issued by Engineer-in-charge on the satisfactory
completion of entire works, the 10% retention amount will be released along with
final bill after deduction all recoveries, if any within 90 days.
No certificate of Engineer-in-charge shall be considered conductive evidence as to
the sufficiency of any work or materials or correctness of measurement to which it
relates, not shall it relieve the contractor from his liability to make good defect as
provided by the contract.
When there are complaints from the labour department above non-payment of
wages to the labourers employed by the contractor for the execution of work under
agreement, the Engineer-in-charge shall have full power to with hold the bills
claimed by the contractor.



Prior to the taking over of works of Plant, the contractor shall indemnify and save
harm to the Board against all actions, suits, claims, demands, cost or expenses
arising in connection with injuries suffered by the persons employed by the
contractor or his sub-contractor on the works whether under the general law or
under the work mens compensation Act. 1928, or any other statue in force on
the date of the contract dealing with question of liability of employer for injuries
suffered by employees and to have taken steps propriety to insure against and
claims there under.On the occurrence of an accident which results in the death of
the workmen employed by the contractor or which is due to the contract work and
of so

serious as to be likely to result in the death of any such workmen, the contractor
shall with in 24 hours of happening of such accident intimate in writing to the
concerned Engineer and such officers. required by the provision of the Workmens
Compensation Act, the fact of such accident. The contractor shall indemnify the
board against all loss or damage sustained by the board resulting directly or
indirectly for his failure to give intimation in the manner aforesaid including the
penalties or fines, if any, payable by the Board as a consequence of the Boards
failure to give notice under the workmens compensation Act or otherwise to
confirm to the previsions of the said Act in regard to such accident.
In the event of any claim being made or action brought against the Board
involving the contractor and arising out of the matters referred to and in respect
of which the contractor is liable under laws, the contractor shall be immediately
notified thereof, and he shall with the assistance, if he so requires, of the board
but at the sole expense of the contractor, conduct all negotiation for the settle
ment of the same or any litigation that may arise there from. In such cases the
board shall, at the expense of the contractor afford all available assistance for
any such purpose.
In the event of an accident in respect of which compensation may become payable
under Workmens Compensation Act-VII of 1923 and any subsequent amendment
thereof whether by the contractor, or by the Board, as principle, it shall be lawful
for the Engineer to retain out of money due and payable to the contractor such
sum or sums of money as may in the opinion of the said Engineer be sufficient to
meet such liability. The opinion of the Engineer shall be final in regard to all
matters arising under this clause and will not be subject to any arbitration.
Liability for damages or loss to third party including inspection officers due to act
of the contractor or his sub contractor connected with the execution of this
contract shall be fully borne by the contractor. The contractor shall maintain
such detailed records to furnish information regarding entertainment and
discharge of all workmen employed under the contract as to be adequate for the
timely and full settlement of claims under the Workmens Compensation Act.
All cases of accident or injuries shall be reported to the Engineer with full details
required for the settlement under the Workmens Compensation Act.

The contractor shall report about all accidents within 24 hours to the Engineer of
the Board in the preliminary accident form. He should furnish other particulars
such as medical certificates, wage particulars, fitness, proof of having paid the
compensation fixed by the Board etc., in due course without delay.


The contractor shall during the progress of the work properly cover up and
protect the work and plant from injury by exposure to the weather, and shall take
every reasonable, timely and useful precaution against accident or injury
to the same from any cause and shall remain answerable and liable for all
accidents or injuries thereto which until the same, be or be occasioned by the
acts or omissions of the contractor or his workmen or his sub-contractors, and
all losses and damages to the works or plant arising from such accidents or
injuries as aforesaid shall be made good in the most complete and substantial
manner by and at the sole cost of the contractor and to the reasonable
satisfaction of the Engineer should such loss of damage happen to unit or works
or plant or materials falling outside the scope of this contract and due to the
contract, those shall be replaced or compensated for by the contactor to the
satisfaction of the Engineer.
In the case of loss or damage to any portion of the work occasioned by other
causes, the same shall, if required should be made good by the contractor in like
manner but at the cost/ at a price to be agreed between the contractor and the
board. The decision of CE/GT&IPP in this regard will be final.




It is incumbent of the part of the contractor to see that it shall be his sole
responsibility to protect the public and his employees, against any accident from
any cause and he shall indemnify the TamilNadu Electricity Board against any
such accident and shall also wherethe provisions of workmans compensation
Act apply take steps to properly insure against and claim there under by way of
accident risk, insurance demand for all purposes of relief, failing the same or
otherwise, contractor alone will be responsible to meet the compensation
awarded under the said act.


The contractor should satisfy the field Engineer in charge that an Accident Risk
Insurance Policy is taken before taking over the site for taking up the work and
also satisfy the field Engineer-in-charge, that the policy/polices is are kept in
force till the contract is completed.
The tenderer should also take comprehensive insurance group policy against
any accidents to the workers during the course of work and produce the same to
Engineer-In charge as and when required for perusal. The policy should be
taken up immediately after the award of the contract and should be produced to
the Engineer-in-charge immediately when called for. Without this insurance
policy, tenderers will not be permitted to commence the work.


Recoveries will be made from Contractors bill for any liability for the accidents
and refund of the same considered later after the claim is fully settled by the
insurance authorities.


If at any time during the continuance of this contract, the performance in whole
or in part in any delegation under this contract shall be prevented or delayed by
reasons if any war hostilities acts of public enemy, acts of civil commotion,
strikes, lock outs, sabotages, fires, floods, explosions, epidemics, Quarantine
restrictions or other acts of God (herein after referred to as eventualities) then
provided notice of the happening of any such eventuality is given by the tenderer
to the Board within 15 days from the date of occurrence thereof neither party shall
by reasons of such eventuality, be entitled to terminate this contract nor shall have
any claims for damages against the other in respect of such non-performance or
delay in performance and works under this contract shall be refunded as soon
as practicable after such eventuality has come to an end or ceased to exist.
Provided that if the performance in whole or part by the Contractor or any
obligation under this contract is prevented or delayed by reasons of any eventuality
for a period exceeding 60 days the Board may at its option, terminate this contract
by notice in writing.


If the contractor fails to perform the works as specified in the contract or any

extension thereof, the Board shall recover from the contractor as liquidated
damages a sum of half a percent (0.5%) of the contract, price of the incompleted
works for each completed calendar week of delay the total liquidated damages
shall not exceed 10% of the contract prices.
In respect of contracts where works executed in part could not be beneficially
used by the board due to such incomplete works, Liquidated damages shall be
worked out on the basis of entire contract price only and not on the value of
delayed portion.
The defaulted contractor is liable to pay to the Board in addition to liquidated
damages for delay, the actual difference in price, wherever Board orders the
delayed quantity to be executed by other agencies at a higher rate.
The date of actual handing over to TNEB after satisfactory execution shall be
reckoned as date of completion.
It should be noted that if a contract is placed on a higher tenderer in preference
to the lowest acceptable offer in consideration of offer of earlier completion, the
contractor will be liable to pay to the Board the difference between the contract
rate and that of the lowest acceptable tenderer in case of failure to complete the
supplies/works in terms of such contract within the date of delivery specified in
the tender and incorporated in the contract.

The tenderer shall keep open such time his tender is either accepted or rejected
by the Board/competent authority. The validity of the offer should be 90 days.


A) SUNDAY WORKS: No work of any description shall be carried out on Sundays and other important National Holidays without the Knowledge and
formal sanction in writing of the Engineer-in-charge.


B) SUSPENSION OF WORK: The Engineer-in-charge may from time to time

by direction in writing for any valid reasons without in any way violating

this contract direct the contractor to suspend so long as the Engineer-in-charge
deem desirable and the contractor shall not after receiving such written
notice proceed with the works therein ordered to be suspended until he shall have
received written notice or authority to the effect from the Engineer-in-charge.
The Contractor shall not be entitled to claim from the purchaser and compensa
tion for any loss or damage sustained by him by reason of the suspension of
works as aforesaid.

The Engineer-in-charge or his duly authorized agent shall have at all times full
power to inspect the work wherever in progress either on the site, on the
contractors premises or at the premises wherever situated of any firm or
company where work in connection may be in hand. All records, registers or
documents relating to the works including materials used on works shall be kept
open to the inspection of the Engineer-in-charge or his authorized
representative when so called for in writing.


Arbitration clause is not applicable to this contract.



Upon completion of the work the contractor should remove from the vicinity of the
work all plants and other materials belonging to him or used by him during
execution and in the event of failure to do so, the same will be removed by the
Board and relevant expenditure will be recovered from the contractor.


This will be K2 Contract, generally governed by the TNDSS of the Tamil Nadu
Public Works Department. If there is any variation between the clauses stipu
lated in this specification and the TNDSS, the clauses stipulated in this
specification hold good.



In every case in which provision is made for recovery of money from the
contractor. Board shall be entitled to retain or deduct the amount there of from
any money that may be due or become due to the contractor under this contract
and or under other contract or contracts or any other account whatsoever.


If the Contractor shall neglect to execute the work with due diligence and expe
dition or shall refuse or neglect to comply with any reasonable orders given to
him in writing by the Engineer-in-charge in connection with the work, or shall
contravene the provision of this contract, the Board may give seven days notice in
writing, to the contractor to make good the failure neglect or contravention
complained of
and should the contractor fail to comply with the notice with in a reasonable time
from date of service thereof in the case of failure, neglect or contravention capable
of being made good within that time or otherwise within
such time as may be
reasonably necessary for making it good, then and in such case, the Board shall
be at liberty to comply other workmen and forthwith perform such work as the contractor
may have neglected to do, or of the Board shall think fit, it shall be lawful for him to take
the work wholly or in part off the contractors hands and recontract at a reasonable
price with any other persons or provide any other materials tools and tackles or labour for
the purpose of completing the work, or any part thereof and in that event the Board
shall, without being responsible to the contractor for the said wear and tear of the same have
the free use of all the materials, tools, tackles construction plant or other things
which may be on the site for use at any time in connection with the work in the execution of
any right of the contractor over the same and the Board shall be entitled to retain
and apply any balance which may be otherwise due on the contract by him of the
contractor or such part thereof as may be necessary to the payment of the cost of
executing such work as aforesaid.
If the cost of executing the work as aforesaid shall exceed the balance due to the
contractor and the contractor fails to make good the dificit, the said materials,
tools, tackle, construction plant or other things which are the properties of the
contractor may be seized and sold by the Board and proceeds applied towards
the payment of such differences and the cost of an incidental to such sale. Any
outstanding balance existing after crediting the proceeds of such sale, shall be

paid by the contractor on the certificate of the Engineer, but when all expenses,
costs and charges incurred in the completion of the work are paid by the
contractor all such materials, tools, tackle, construction plant or other things
remaining unsold removed by the Contractor.


The tender to be submitted against this enquiry should be accompanied by
Income Tax Clearance Certificate and Sales Tax Clearance Certificate in the

prescribed form issued by the competent authority. Otherwise the offer will not
be considered.
The bidders who have not quoted ST should produce an undertaking that they are
the threshold exemption limit or any other exemption and that no claim towards service
tax shall be made till the completion of the contract in the event of crossing their
exemption limit at a later stage and any Service tax liability shall be discharged on their
own Account to the Service Tax Authorities concerned for which Tamilnadu Electricity
Board will not be responsible.


No suit or any proceedings in regard to any matter arising in any respect under this
contract shall be instituted in any Court save in the City Civil court of Ramnad or
the court of small causes at Ramnad. It is agreed that of no other court shall
have jurisdiction to entertain any suit or proceeding even though part of the
cause of action might arise within their jurisdiction. In case any part of cause of
action arises within the jurisdiction of any of the courts in Tamil Nadu and
not in the courts in Chennai City. Then it is agreed to between parties that such
or proceedings shall be instituted in a court within Tamil Nadu and no
other courts outside Tamil Nadu shall have jurisdiction even though any part of the
cause of action might arise within the jurisdiction of such courts.


Amount due from the contractor to the Board for the default in any other previous
contracts will be adjusted from the pending payments against the contract placed
on the contractor under this specification.



All the relevant personnel protective equipments like safety helmets, safety belts,
safety shoes etc., should borate by the contractor and his workmen while at
All the appropriate and relevant safety measures stipulated under the Factories Act
1948 and the TNF Rules 1950 made there under should be scrupulously complied
with by the contractor and his workmen.



The contractor should arrange his own portable fire extinguisher of relevant
type and adequate capacity at his own cost for all the works executed by
them atVGTPS.

The Contractor should not allow his workmen to wear loose garments like
dhotis etc., and smoke cigarette, beedies etc., while at work inside
the plant premises.


No workmen below the completed age of 18 years should be engaged by the

Contractor for any works inside VGTPS and no women workers shall be allowed
to work in night hours inside VGTPS except between hours of 6 A.M. to 5 P.M.


For any safety violation and non-compliance of the statutory acts and rules pre
scribed respectively under the Factory Act 1948 and TNF Rules 1950 made
these under the contractor is liable for the imposition of penalty up to Rs.5,000/(Rupees Five Thousand only) per spell as decided by the Board depending
upon the severity and gravity of the violation.


Employment of qualified technical staff in Execution of works by Contractors:

The contractors who are themselves not professionally qualified should
undertake to employ qualified Technical person at their cost to look after the
work. The contractor should see that one of the technically qualified men is
always at the site of work during working hours personally checking all items of
works and paying extra attention to such works as may demand special
attention eg. Reinforced concrete works etc.,


Value of contract

Penality per person

Employment of Technical staff and


per month



Upto 2 lakhs





and upto 5 lakhs






Rs.500/- (Rupees Five


hundred only)

One Mechanical Engineer or equivalent

Rs.1000/- (Rupees One


thousand only)






Above 5 lakhs and

One Mechanical Engineer or equivalent

upto 50 lakhs







Rs.2000/- (Rupees
thousand only)

In case of contractors who is professionally qualified and not in a position to
remain always at the site of the work during works personally checking all the item
of work, he should employ technically qualified person (as prescribed for the work)

The work shall be carried out with qualified technical / non technical persons
with the assistance of I.T.I. holder/skilled/semiskilled/unskilled workers.


The contractor shall ensure that the works are carried out at any time as and
when required irrespective of holidays (even during odd hours) without fail.


Record of works done should be maintained daily and the record should be
submitted daily to the Engineer-in-charge.


All tools (Alloy tools) required for the works viz. spanners, wrenches, pliers, screw
diriver, Allen keys, hammers, chain pulley block, wire ropes, welding transformers, gas cutting
sets, etc., shall be arranged by the contractor. The Board will supply only special


Minor T&Ps and all consumables such as Kerosene, Cotton waste, Insulation
Tape, Yellow tape, C.T.C. etc., have to be supplied by the contractor then and
there to the working persons.


During handling of tools/equipments supplied by the Board, utmost care should be

taken by the Contractor for the safety of the personnel/equipments. Any loss or
damages should be on the account of Contractor and he should hold the full


Electricity and water will be supplied by the Board free of cost.

The Contractor should collect details from Engineer-in-charge and co-ordinate
for the maintenance as per TNEBs requirement.


The Contractor should furnish data to Engineer-in-charge at agreed interval.

26.10 The Contractor shall do the maintenance works as per maintenance manual of
individual equipments and the system requirement within agreed scope of work.
26.11 The Contractor has to carryout the works as per the instructions of the Engineerin-charge.
26.12 The Contractor has to follow all the safety rules.

26.13 The Contractor has to follow the rules and regulations as per the Factory Act.
26.14 All the men and materials required for the works should be arranged by the
26.15 All the floors and equipments should be kept clean and neat including the
surrounding area.
26.16 No transportation facility will be provided by the Board. Transportation of
materials from stores to site is in the scope of the contractor.
26.17 Necessary Workmens insurance and labourers license have to be arranged by
the contractor.
26.18 The workmen compensation due to any accident has to be borne by the
26.19 The Contractor himself or their supervisor should be available whenever the
works are being carried out and also the contractor should engage only
experienced labours, so as to complete the works in time or otherwise the work
will be carried out through other agency and penalty of Rs.500/- will be imposed.
26.20 If the contractor habitually fails to take up the works in time then the poor perfor
mance will be noted for future works and he may not be considered for further
works and he may not be considered for further work.
26.21 The contractor shall not carry out any work without the consent of the concerned Engineer.
26.22 The contractor at his cost shall make the loss good due to any accident/damage
caused to the personnel/Boards equipments due to the negligence/improper
workmanship on the part of the contractor.
26.23 The Board reserves the right to send out any of the persons engaged by the
contractor, if found misbehaving/ not adhering to the rules, and the contractor
shall not engage such person again.
26.24 The Contractor shall ensure that no person involved in any criminal activities is
engaged for the works, and it is the responsibility of the contractor to check the
credential of the person engaged.
26.25 The contractor shall note that, if any of the persons engaged for the works
indulge in any criminal activities within the premises of VGTPS, he/she will be
handed over to the police with complaints, and any loss/damage due to such
activity shall be made good by contractor at his cost.

Superintending Engineer,


Name of work : VGTPS-Phase-I-HRSG (HP, IP & LP) safety valve floating by TREVI
TESTING METHOD, after safety valves overhauling for hydraulic testing
during renewal of Boiler license on January 2010 at VGTPS/Ramnad.





9 Nos

Testing and setting of HRSG Safety Valves floating

by TREVI TESTING METHOD to required set
pressure and normalizing and furnishing of Test
report as per the direction of Engineer-in-Charge



1 Day

Standby Charges

Rate should
be in figures
and words

Per Day

Signature of the Contractor

Name of work : VGTPS-Phase-I-HRSG (HP, IP & LP) safety valve floating by
TREVI TESTING METHOD, after safety valves overhauling for hydraulic
testing during renewal of Boiler license on January 2010 at VGTPS/Ramnad.
List of Safety Valves



Model No

Se Pressure



HP Drum Safety Valve

1 No


127 Ksc

5400 C

1 No

1728 WB

130.8 Ksc

5400 C


HP Drum Safety Valve



HP MS Safety Valve

1 No

1718 WD

119.0 Ksc

5400 C


IP Drum safety Valve

1 No


33.4 Ksc

2500 C

1 No


34.1 Ksc

2500 C


IP Drum Safety Valve



IP MS Safety Valve

1 No


31.0 Ksc

2500 C


LP Drum Safety Valve

1 No


7.6 Ksc

2500 C

1 No


7.8 Ksc

2500 C

1 No


5.8 Ksc

2500 C


LP Drum Safety Valve



LP MS Safety Valve

Signature of the Contractor


Office of the Superintending Engineer,
Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station,
Ramanathapuram 623 536
Lr.No. SE/O&M/VGTPS/AEE/MM/Sr.DMan/F.WC.No.40/09-10/D.No.2762/2009, dt.19.12.2009
1. For and on behalf of and by the order and direction of TamilNadu Electricity Board, separate
sealed tenders under double cover system are invited for the following works. The tenders
should be addressed to the Superintending Engineer/Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station,
Ramanathapuram-623 536 and will be received by the Superintending Engineer/Valuthur Gas
Turbine Power Station, Valantharavai (Post), Ramanathapuram-623 536 or by his authorized
representative up to 14.00 Hrs. on the due dates mentioned below



W.C. No.40
2009 10

Name of work


VGTPS/Ramnad - Phase-I-HRSG 700 /(HP, IP & LP) safety valve floating

after safety valves overhauling for
hydraulic testing during renewal of
Boiler license on January 2010 at

Mode of


Due Date
& time
receipt of

Due date &

time of
opening of
at 14:00 Hrs

2. The tender specification No., Name of work, Name of tenderer and the EMD remittance
particulars should be clearly noted on the cover of sealed tender.
3. Tender sets with schedule of quantities can be had from the office of Superintending
Engineer/O&M/Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station/Ramanathapuram-623 536 from 02.01.10
by remitting the cost of tender set by cash /Demand Draft in favour of Superintending Engineer
payable at Ramanathapuram and producing the proof for current registration. The sale of tender
sets will be stopped at 16.00Hrs on the previous day of tender opening. If the last date for sale of
tender happens to be holiday, it will be sold up to 12.00Noon of the next working day.
4. The cost of tender specifications for will be Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only). In case of
tender out side Tamil Nadu, the cost of tender set will be Rs.110.50/- (Rupees One Hundred
and Ten and Paise Fifty only).
5. Each tenderer must pay the EMD as indicated above and it should be paid in the form of
Demand drawn in favour of the Superintending Engineer/ VGTPS/ Ramanathapuram payable at
Ramanathapuram or in cash to AAO/Cash VGTPS/Valuthur Ramnad in the O/o The
Superintending Engineer/VGTPS/Ramnad-623 536.
6. The tender sets will be sold only to the registered contractors in Tamil Nadu Electricity
Board/PWD/any other department .He should be registered for carrying out Mechanical works

7. The tender will be opened at 14.00 Hrs. on the date noted against the specification by the
Superintending Engineer/Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station/ Ramanathapuram or by his
authorized representative. In case the Board declares holiday on the date of opening of the above
tender, it will be opened on the next working day.
8. The tender sets are not transferable. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is not responsible for the
loss of tender sets in transit or delay if sent by post. The cost of tender is not refundable.
9. If tender sets are required to be sent by post, an additional amount of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One
hundred only) to be paid extra by the tenderer, which is to be taken only on Tamil Nadu
Electricity Board account (Not refundable) for the postage charges.
10. Tenders not submitted in the authenticated departmental form along with the Earnest Money
Deposit on or before due date and time will be summarily rejected.
11. The under signed reserves the right to distribute the works and to reject one or all the tenders
without assigning any reasons.
12. The registration is liable for cancellation when the contractor does not submit his tender form
after purchasing tender sets in three consecutive tenders and when he does not participate in
any tender for a continuous period of two years.
13. Specification & Schedule can be down loaded from www.tneb.in at free of cost.
14. A letter stating that the schedule & specification has been downloaded from the website where
ever downloaded form the website should be enclosed.
15. A letter accepting the EMD, SD, & LD conditions should be enclosed along with the offer.
16. Time schedule for accepting cash remittance in the office of the Superintending
Engineer/Valuthur Gas Turbine Power Station, Ramanathapuram on working days
11.00 AM 01.30 PM
02.00PM 04.00 PM
/By Order/
Assistant Executive Engineer/MM,
All contractors as per list enclosed.
Copy submitted to the Chief Engineer/GTS/Chennai.
Copy to the Superintending Engineer/GTS/Chennai.
Copy to the Executive Engineer/Mechanical/Phase-I/VGTPS/Ramnad.
Copy to the Superintending Engineer/T(K)GTPS/Thirumakkottai-614 017.
Copy to the Superintending Engineer/kuthalam/GTS/Maruthur-609 808
Copy to the Executive Engineer/Civil/VGTPS/Ramnad. for taking necessary security arrangements
during tender opening
Copy to the Asst. Account Officer/VGTPS.
Copy to Notice Board.
Copy to Website.