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Academic Adventures is a classic programme designed to

develop students professional skills from the beginning of
their campus years. It gives an opportunity to develop
professionalism and soft skills throughout their academic
life. It delivers both academic and professional skill sets
with ongoing support and guidance.

Perfomance Management Systems

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Academic Adventures is a classic programme designed to develop students professional skills from the
beginning of their academic years in campus. It gives students a balanced opportunity to develop these soft
skills throughout their campus life; to transform as industry ready professionals and excel in campus
recruitment. An absolute must!
How the students fare in the campus placement interviews depends on how well they are able to internalize
the personality development techniques which, require time and practice. Academic Adventures is a complete
programme that offers them time to practice and perfect these techniques.
Academic adventure is an experiential design like no other and an excellent programme which delivers both
skill sets for academics and professionals.

Academic Adventure program focuses on preparing industry-ready professionals by aligning and enhancing
the academic skills, soft skills and professional skills to the needs of campus and the industry. Of all the
repertoire of competencies, Academic Adventure programme is focused on skills such as how to learn, reading
and note taking; communication skills, presentation skills, ability to work in teams, creative thinking and
problem solving; group discussions and other professional skills those are most important to an employees
ability to work smarter.

1. Develop a corporate behavioural ambience in campus.
2. Develop learning skills, personal learning styles and exam preparation skills.
3. Develop effective communication skills.
4. Develop effective interpersonal and intra-personal skills.
5. Develop effective presentation skills.
6. Develop self-confidence by mastering team management and leadership skills.
7. Develop skills for group discussions, debates and personal interviews.
8. Develop early master plans for career path and evaluate employment market.

Programme Description
DAY 1: Academic Skills
1. Academic goal setting
2. Accelerated learning skills and learning styles
4. Speed reading skills, writing skills and memory enhancement techniques
5. Notes taking skills
6. Using campus resources
7. Better ways of learning English and vocabulary
8. Exam preparation

DAY 2: Communication Skills

1. Definition
2. Verbal communication
3. Non-verbal communication
4. Para-verbal communication
5. Active listening skills
6. Telephone etiquettes
7. Email etiquettes
DAY 3: Interpersonal Skills
1. Approach
2. Teamwork
3. Assertive skills
4. Conflict management
5. Decision making
6. Flexibility and adaptability
7. Questioning skills
8. Negotiation skills
DAY 4: Part one: Intra-personal Skills
1. Self-motivation, planning and organising
2. Time management and prioritising
3. Stress Management
4. Grooming
Part two: Presentation Skills
1. Preparation
2. Methodology
3. Use of presentation tools
4. Public peaking
DAY 5: Frontline - GD. D and PI Sessons
1. Group discussion, debates and practice
2. Personal interviews and practice
DAY 6: Evaluation and Goal Setting
1. Skills evaluation
2. Goal setting (S.M.A.R.T. Goals)

Biannual Evaluation (Optional)

On successful completion of the first six day training programme, a biannual evaluation will be
conducted by our trainers and the same will be updated in our website for all participants. Participants
can view and chart their professional development on-line till the end of their academic life.
1. On-line test
2. Personal evaluation

The Big Finishing Day


Towards the end of this adventurous academic journey, a one day campus to corporate programme sums up
the whole Industry Ready Professional mission of the programme Academic Adventures.
The discussions include:
1. Write effective resumes
2. Psychological tests
3. Excel in interviews and
4. Corporate behaviour.
5. Skills evaluation and certification

Niche Training


Niche training refers to industry specific, incubation training for specially selected candidates through campus
recruitment. 90% of participants will be placed in highly reputed companies immediately after niche training.
Duration of niche training is two weeks.

1. 6 day training

: Rs.3400 per student

2. Biannual evaluation

: Optional

3. The big finishing day training : Optional

4. Niche training

: Optional

About the Programme

Academic Adventures Developed by
Content management
Programme head
Technical head
Programme design
Games and activities
Training Methodology


: Dr. Jisha PP. MA, MSc (Psychology), MCJ, MPhil, PhD.
: Viswanathan R. MBA.
: Rejani Ramachandran MA (Learning and Development)
: Mathew Varghese (Senior experiential trainer)
: Diya Marium Mammen
: Major. George Varghese (Specialist in adventure activities)
: Mathew Varghese and team
: Indoor/outdoor, experiential


725/7 Near KEB Office, Kadugodi, Bangalore 560067. info@psymetrix.in | www.psymetrix.in
BANGALORE - +91 9500035000

CHENNAI - +91 9884051367