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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to take this time to inform you of our current status in the negotiation process while
awaiting the ratification results from the UAW membership of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).
FCA is expected to complete its ratification process by the end of this week; if its tentative
agreement is approved by the membership, UAW President Dennis Williams will select the
next target company. However, should the membership reject the tentative agreement, we will
await further instruction from the International Executive Board on the next course of action.
I am fully aware that there are many questions and concerns regarding negotiations for UAW
represented Ford Motor Company employees. I ask that you please do not read too much into
the details of the FCA tentative agreement. Many aspects of FCAs current agreement are
different than the agreement we currently have with Ford, such as attendance policy, work
schedules, vacation language, discipline, job security, apprenticeship testing, an d progression
of entry-level to legacy pay rates to name a few. In addition, there have been instances in the
past where Ford, FCA and GM have even had differing pay scales and rates. Until we have
reached a tentative agreement, there is no way to guess what our contract will possess.
As I have shared before, I vow not to present the membership with a tentative agreement that
does not address its current needs and concerns. Weve worked through the nearly 1,200
demands that have come by way of membership resolutions, resolutions from the Special
Bargaining Convention, and resolutions as crafted by the National Ford Department and the
National Negotiators.
From the time I took office in 2010, I have been committed to transparency and open dialogue
on any issue, no matter the sensitivity, and will continue doing so during this negotiation. Once

we have reached a tentative agreement, my staff will be available both in person and online to
provide details and answer your questions.
I understand that the collective challenges we face are real, but we have the leadership team,
and I trust the support of our membership, to find a resolution that includes good economic
gains for our members, job security, and the return of many concessions lost in 2009. I also
believe there is opportunity for us to craft new language addressing real life issues that our
members face on a daily basis.
I feel it necessary to inform you that, as of 12:48 this afternoon, I have given 120 -hour (5
days) notice to Ford Motor Company that the extension of the collective bargaining agreement
with regards to Kansas City Assembly Plant (KCAP) will no longer be in effect. Subsequently, I
have made a formal request to President Dennis Williams along with Region 5 Director Gary
Jones, for authorization to strike at Local 249, per their request, if their issues, with regards to
their local agreement are not resolved by this expiration. Which has been granted.
This action is necessary for two reasons. One, it honors a commitment your National Ford
Delegates unanimously agreed to in March of this year, to have all local agreements
completed simultaneous to the national agreement. Secondly, the company has failed to
negotiate in good faith at the local level on issues surrounding manpower provisions, the
national heat stress program, and skilled trades scheduling amongst others.
The challenges we face may not be easy, and I certainly cannot predict the future, but I would
rather die fighting than to do an injustice to this membership or our institution.
As always, I humbly ask for your continued support and I will continue to keep the membership
informed and engaged, including an update on the status of our brothers and sisters at Local
In Solidarity,
Jimmy Settles,
UAW Vice President and Director

National Ford Department