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How to use this book!

* Read it!
Carefully read through these words each day
and as many times as you desire.

* Meditate on it!
Meditate on the words on each page some
minutes after reading.

* Confess it!
Personalize this prophesy and declare them
over your life and that of your family everyday.

* Pray with it!

Bring these words forth as your strong reasons
during your daily prayer time.
Follow these 4 but easy-to-practice steps and youre
sure to see the results of these powerful words of
prophecy come to pass in your life.

Soar everyday as you relive the prophecies

declared by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the year
Words so precious, that will activate and cause
you to function in the anointing and experience the
overflow of Gods blessings and put colour and
beauty into your life everyday.
Read each prophecy, meditate on it, keep saying
it and dont stop talking it!

Key Scripture
The key verse for 2005 is in Psalm 23:5;

Thou preparest a table before me in the

presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my
head with oil; my cup runneth over.

The Anointing
In the year 2005, an anointing will come on
you. This anointing will cause you to prosper and
walk in the overflow of Gods blessings. This
anointing will beautify and take away the ashes from
your life; it will take away those things you were
ashamed of and bring the grace, blessings and glory
of God to your life. And signs, wonders and miracles
will take place in your life because of this anointing,
for it is the power of Gods Spirit in these last days.

The anointing to prosper is upon me
throughout this year. This anointing
beautifies my life, takes away the ashes and
every redundancy. I walk in the overflow of
Gods blessing and in the glory of God. My
life is full of signs, wonders and miracles,

In 2005, youre going to have such fellowship
with the Holy Ghost until youre mingled with the
anointing of the Holy Ghost. Youre going to know
the Holy Ghost- (the One who is more than
everything, more than enough and beyond
comprehension) in fellowship, and you will see
the glory of God like never before.
The Holy Spirit will take you by the hand when
you have not prayed and He will say, Son you have
not prayed today, go ahead and pray. Not only will
He tell you to pray, He will put words in your mouth
to speak. Your fellowship with the Holy Ghost will
cause such a manifestation of the Holy Ghost in
your life that will make you extraordinary. By the
anointing of Gods Spirit youre going to get stronger
and stronger. The flesh shall be abased but the Spirit
shall be exalted.

I declare that I am constantly filled and
refreshed in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
everyday of 2005. I am mingled with the
anointing, therefore, the manifestation of
the Holy Spirit increases in my life and I
get stronger and stronger in my spirit
everyday. The flesh is abased and the Spirit
is uplifted in my life. Amen.

Words of Power
Thus saith the Lord God, Every place that your
word of blessing shall fall upon, it shall be so and
every place that your curse shall fall upon, it shall be
so. Therefore, walk in my light for I have put my
word of power in your mouth. You shall speak to
honor Me, and you shall bring Me glory. For I have
chosen you and I have anointed you. I have called
you for a special purpose and the ministry that I have
delivered into your hand, you shall fulfill and it shall
be to My glory.

There is power in my words! I decree a thing
and it is established unto me. Therefore, I
decree prosperity in my finances; promotion
on my job; peace and health in my family. I
am chosen and anointed for a special

January - December
It is a special year; the year of the Holy Ghost in
your life. In January, February, March, April, May,
June, July, August, September, October, November
and December of 2005, you will see the glory of
the Lord. Every month will be a fruitful month for
you. No month will be idle. No month will be lost
and you will produce results every month of the
year. From January to December this anointing will
be released and theres going to be an overflow in
your life.

I declare in the Name of Jesus that every
month of 2005 is exceedingly fruitful and
full of awesome testimonies as a result of
the anointing on my life. Amen.

Only Believe
Thus saith the Lord, As many as will embrace
my Spirit, as many as will walk in the light of the
Word that has been given, nothing shall be too great
for them. Nothing shall be said to be too much for
them, for my Spirit shall overshadow them. They
shall walk, not only in my blessings and in my glory,
but they shall walk in my beauty. The Holy Ghost
will anoint you in a special way and give you ideas
for success.

Im walking in the fullness of the Spirit and
functioning in the light of God's word daily
in 2005. I experience an overflow of God's
blessing and by the anointing of the Spirit
of God, ideas for success come to me. Amen.

The Holy Ghost will walk into your family, and
when He comes in, Hell take the torments and
tension away. Hell take away the arguments and
bring the peace of God into your home. Hell take
away the anger and bring the love of the Spirit and
fill you with joy.

I receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit
into my home. Torments, tension, arguments
and anger are things of the past. Only love
and joy prevail in my family, in Jesus Name.

In 2005, the Holy Ghost will take over your life.
He will remove the limits and barriers. Youre going
to witness unprecedented manifestations of the Holy
Ghost. You will talk in tongues like never before.
The Holy Ghost will move in a special way in your
life. You will receive answers to prayers like never
before. Many of you have sown in tears, in 2005
you will reap in joy. 2005 is not a continuation of
2004, it is the year of the Holy Ghost and He will
prove Himself alive in you this year.

I rejoice because there are no limits or
barriers to what i achieve this year! I am
led to pray, and receive unprecedented
manifestations of the Spirit as answers to
my prayers, in Jesus Name. Amen.

You may have looked for something in the years
past without finding it. Now, here is 2005 the year
of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows the way through
the wilderness. He gave Daniel a revelation and told
him the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. He gave Joseph
a revelation and told him the dream of Pharaoh. Hell
give you the revelation you need. Hell bring to you
the wisdom you require. Hell help you take your
step and you will not stumble. Your potentialities
will be perfected in 2005. The gifts of the Spirit in
your life will come alive in 2005.

I am walking in wisdom, revelation and
knowledge everyday of 2005 because the
Word of God, which is the wisdom and truth
of God, is in my heart and in my mouth. I

function by divine revelation and manifest

excellence in every area of my life because
I am mingled with the Holy Spirit. Therefore,
every step, decision and choice I make is
faultless and ordained of God.

No Hindrance
In 2005, you will not be ashamed to serve God.
You will not be ashamed to preach the gospel. You
will not be ashamed to dance for God. Youre going
to witness unprecedented manifestations of the Holy
Ghost like never before. Youre going to see things
you never thought possible; the glorious
manifestations of the Holy Spirit on the left hand
and on the right.
For thus saith the Lord, You are the apple of my
eye, whosoever is against you is against me. Anyone
that falls against this stone shall be broken, but on
whomsoever it shall fall, it shall grind into powder!
(Luke 20:18). You shall not be hindered and every
hindering force that steps in your path shall be
crushed by the anointing. And so shall it be in Jesus
Name! Amen.

I declare in the Name of Jesus that this
year, I will witness unprecedented
manifestations of the HolyGhost in my life.
I will not be hindered and every hindering
force that steps in my path shall be crushed
by the anointing.

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