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The trailer signifies that
There are a lot of jump
Liam Neesons character is
cuts used, even more so
the protagonist as he is the
towards the end of the
first character we see on
trailer. This signifies the
screen in a mid shot. It then
fast pace of the action, it
cuts to another mid shot of
also makes it clear to
a young girl, this connotes
the audience that there
that she is equally
is heightened action.
important to drive the
There is a montage
narrative which conflicts
sequence used to
Laura Mulveys theory of the
condense the narrative
male gaze. This is because
into a very short space
the ideology that there is
of time. This is effective
male dominance but by
because it shows the
having a female equally as
audience how action
relevant to the narrative it
packed the narrative is
conflicts it. Also, he appears
without losing the sense
in most of the shots
of mystery, which is a
throughout the trailer,
common convention of a
connoting he has the
thriller film. It is clear
biggest influence on the
the trailer conforms to
narrative. There is also a lot
Todorovs theory. At the
of zoom shots that go into
beginning of the trailer
close ups, of what we can
there is the equilibrium,
connote is the, antagonists
a young girl celebrating
face and this denotes their
her birthday then going
facial expressions which
to spend summer in
helps the audience connote
Paris with her friend,
their bad intentions. The
then the disruption is
camera clearly tracks the
that when the girl gets
protagonists movement as
to Paris she is abducted
he travels, this controls
whilst on the phone to
where the audience looks
her dad . Due to this
which helps to drive the
being in the thriller
narrative. Low angle shots
genre the resolution and
are used to show his power
new equilibrium are
and dominance. An
unknown as the
establishing shot is used
producers need to leave
There there
are many
aspectsofof the trailer that fit with the
is a change
the ideology of mystery
a audience
thriller genre. For example, there is a
to let of
in it to keep the tension
close as
up they
of a person
up to a chair denoting a struggle,
would be
built and audience
this signifies
if theThere is also extreme violence which
hooked. A montage
the protagonist
without knows what he is doing and it is
sequence is used to
more of a quest than an everyday disagreement. Part of
condense the narrative
the setting is also is in Paris which has a classic
without leaving any
connotation of being the city of love but it is clearly
important plot lines out.
denoted this is quite the opposite. This will make the
This makes it clear to
audience intrigued into how the classic representation will
the audience what is in
be juxtaposed in the narrative.
There is a non diegetic piece of music used throughout the trailer; itstore
is a dramatic
for them piece
if they
which is parallel to the images on screen. The music is also asynchronous and has an
effect on the audience by making it clear to the audience when the action has
heightened. This also helps the audience distinguish between the equilibrium and
disruption (Todorovs ideology) as it changes from happier, calmer music to heavy beats
when there is action connoting darkness.

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