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In the picture, the bull sculpture in the financial centre of

the world, on Wall Street.

Genocide Square!
"Pedro Zerolo' Square"

All good books should have at least a good beginning and

a good ending ... Besides being good "in between ..."
The end of this book has haunted my mind, weeks,
months, if not years...
Which will be the "end" of this genocidal feminist
What else will happen to the aberration that it has led us
until now?
To know the future is difficult, but with the experience of
my life...
You need to realize two things.
The first is, how was born this movement. I said that
began in Hollywood in the forties and fifties, when the
homosexual movement established the genre's agenda to
dominate the world

An example of this "influence" is the claim of feminist and

LGBT, asking to the Royal Academy of the Spanish
Language, in an "equity" act, the word "femicide..."
Of course, in their crass ignorance, all these wretched
and miserable people, forgotten, that they mistranslated the
Anglo-Saxon term "femicide..."
In Spanish, like the "masculidicio" which is the murder of
the man by the woman, and as I say it occur in numbers
similar to those of women by men; in Spanish language
there is a word that correctly called the murder of women by
men, and it is feminicidio...
Of course, this "foreignness", "anglicised" and
"barbarism" of "femicide", denoted only a symptom, the
"barbarism" most heinous and terrible of all this movement,
as well as I say, its more supine ignorance...
But when I spoke of how this movement was born, I did
not mean its historical background, which already condemn
and mark in its genocidal brutality...
I meant, how was born "ideologically"

Because its "equality" vaunted, the most used word in his

speech, is precisely just an excuse, a mask, a fallacy, an
outrageous lie, used to dominate the world, ideologically...
This equality, the phrase translated in all, homosexuals
and feminists, touted as an axiom and a fundamental and
irrefutable truth, when yet it is the deceit and the most
terrible lie, and that is having more influence throughout the
history, legalizing the genocide, and entering easily as a
Trojan horse in consciousness, by the image's culture and
globalization, which dominates the world today, which has
only made ignorant human beings, incapable of thinking,
and inclined to follow the call of the first proclaiming any
truth "apparent" as that:
"The violence is by gender..."
But the "Golden Calf" always has "feets clay..."
And the lies, fallacies, at some point come to light, by the
irreversible force of reality...
Thus, in Spain today, as there were a million dead in the
Civil War, there are also repeated in the present, one million
orphans... Because people, who forget and become
ignorant, are condemned to repeat their past time...

I repeat the old Castilian saying: "With the sin, it takes

Today, the "Golden Calf" from "modernity", believing
blindly and as the most absolute truth, that violence is
gendered, when violence is only from people, one by one
But this genocide movement, xenophobic, racist and
reactionary, where interesting to blame a collective whole,
as Hitler did with the Jews, using Goebbels' Ideological
And it happens, because in the twentieth and twenty-first
century, people were not allowed capable of thinking
independently and by themselves; people were not allowed
to have a spirit and a personal critical judgment, and then
they will had to find a "scapegoat..."
All this people that were transformed brutalized in a flock
of sheep, continuing in that fundamentalist Taliban
blindness, in absolute fanaticism stadium, having lost all
ability to think for themselves, and then being able to make
the greatest injustices, the greatest genocides, as did the
fans and blind followers of Hitler, eliminating millions of
human beings in the gas chamber, eliminating all the Jews
they could...

Today, this feminist and homosexual genocidal movement

wants to eliminate all fathers on the earth, destroying the
family, and reducing all men, to the status of slaves...
So the myth in the Bible, the "Golden Calf", illustrates
presciently, this our time, similar to fanaticism and
aberration of that, and where the "new" "Golden Calf" is as
always, besides getting rich and famous, but it is a
genocide, the new "Golden Calf" is "egalitarianism",
"equity", and "equality..." This is the purpose of feminism
and homosexuality, and the rest of his speech and their
flags just are meant to achieve this supreme goal...
And men, parents, families, and, orphans are just a
disposable stumbling, as were the Jews gassed by Hitler in
the gas chamber...
Of course, if we go back to a more recent past, also the
"witch hunt" in the US of the "communists" by Senator
McCarthy, generated an era of fanaticism and Taliban
fundamentalism as genocide, as the same feminism and
homosexuality of nowadays

And of course, that the "witch hunts" of the Middle Ages

had the same characteristics, where on behalf of the
"golden calf" of "salvation" were burnt all "witches" were
possible, although all people knew that they were
Today is "burned" at the stake of homosexuality and
feminism, parents, just for being men, destroying the family
and children...
But more absurd is that the "inquisitors" of today,
homosexuals, lesbians, queers and feminists, all of them,
however, forgot:
They were born of a father who also gave their lives in an
immense act of love...!
And the "Golden Calf" hawking everywhere from this
movement, then, is the "egalitarianism" and "Diversity ..."
There was nothing less "equal" and more unjust, that
gassing millions of human beings, in their capacity as

Nor today is nothing less "equal" which condemn a million

parents in Spain, only for being a "man" making a million
The aberration of the "egalitarianism" of this homosexual
and feminist movement has its deepest ideological roots in
the Marxist class struggle, where the ideology of
communism of Marx and Engels, who already caused
millions of deaths in humanity, with the justification of
"equality of classes", was transformed by feminism and
homosexuality in the fight, not the "classes", but in the
struggle for "gender equality..."
As absurd as it was Marxism with its millions of deaths,
and Nazism with its millions of gassed Jews, homosexuals
and feminists are now the new "messiah" and "saviour" of
the humanity...
But it is not only a fallacy and an aberration the "gender
equality", is too "diversity", which they call the "sexual
diversity" and "diversity of the family..."
All these "euphemism" are inventions to camouflage their
own aberrations and injustices, in the train of
"egalitarianism" most xenophobic and racist...

Human beings are different by genetics, by culture, by the

races, which are a genetic and cultural adaptation to
climate, to the environment, and geography...
Reality shows that human beings are "different" by
And I force this word "different" in the way that I'm doing
it, to show the aberration of homosexuality and feminism...
Because although there is ethnic differentiation, of race,
skin colour, genetics, culture, language, etc., of all people...
But we are equal, however, as a living species...
But we are not "different" on sexuality... Because sexuality
is not a "cultural" imposition of "patriarchy", as falsely wants
us to believe homosexuals and feminists...
We are not different because sexuality is set by genetics,
which is prior to the same culture...

Without genetic we would not exist as human beings, and

our existence as human beings is also prior to the existence
of the same culture...
This fallacy of "diversity", to establish a "gender fight" is
parallel to the fallacy of the "equality" of Marxism, to
establish a "class struggle..."
But the sterility of homosexuals, queers, lesbians, are
"camouflaged" with the symptom of adopting children,
forming in this way "diversity" families...
Euphemisms used today, to "camouflage" homosexuality,
with new names such as transsexuals, and many more, are
just that, "camouflage" of the same...
While for all heterosexuals, it does exist besides father's
penis, the mother's vagina, for all homosexuals in contrast,
there is only the father's penis, and there is not vagina:
For all of them does not exist the mother's vagina that
bore them to the life!

And so, all homosexuals to disguise themselves with all

possible euphemisms, looking transformed precisely what
they are not, "women", who have vaginas and not have
Therefore, and from there, their symptom of "match"
heterosexuals in their fertility shows precisely what they
lack, which is the ability to generate new human beings...
But the most absurd, is that they themselves, lesbians
and queers, voluntarily chose to be sterile:
Why then they not assume, take over and responsible
themselves, of their own sterility...?
Sure, it's easier, "simulate" that they are "normal",
imitating the fruitfulness of heterosexuals, forming a family
with children that did not generate themselves...
How well, for these fagots, for these sodomites (for anal
penetration), for these lesbian, requiring all possible rights,
as heterosexuals pay their sex change and subsidizing
them with pensions, while they (and WHO) declare
themselves "healthy" and "normal..."!

How well, for these fagots and lesbians to have all the
rights, more than any heterosexual, plus the power and
fame, but assume no responsibility or bear the
consequences of infertility itself, which they voluntarily
I said at the beginning of the chapter, to find out what
could be the "flattering" future that awaits us with this new
genocide, it was needed to know two things: The first is its
ideology, which is fanatical, fundamentalist, racist and
xenophobic, if not androgynous...
The second is a look at the history of previous genocide
in the history of mankind, hunting witches...
I have outlined both of them briefly, with touches of warm
lyricism, in the preceding paragraphs... Because I could
write a scholarly treatise, a very voluminous encyclopaedia,
with all previous genocides in all history, to the feminism's
But a Spanish saying tells us: "The good, if brief, twice

So, I'm not interested prove my "wisdom" and

"knowledge" in this field, as to transmit, as simply and
briefly as I can, the fallacies, lies and aberrations of this
homosexuality's movement, and feminist movement,
creating in the XXI Century, the most new genocide...
The future that awaits us, it is summed in the square of
"genocide", Pedro Zerolo' Square...

From now on, the heroes, as happened to the German

people with his idol, Adolf Hitler, the new heroes of
humanity, will be the anti-heroes, the same perpetrators of
the genocides, like the late Pedro Zerolo...

An anti-hero, who was overwhelmed as "friendliness" with

all his lovers, that he transmitted to all of them the AIDS...
Fulfilling the old saying Castilian: "Who kills with iron to iron
Meanwhile, the real heroes, the real victims, the parents
stripped of all their possessions, of their work, of their own
children, and worse, stripped of their citizenship, lie in the
most painful shame, if not forgotten in the most terrible
exclusion, and also when they not commit suicide and take
a rest forever in any cemetery...
Worse, for orphans, orphans who do not vote, but legally
unfairly stripped of their parents, of the right to have a
Thus, the future that awaits us, and that it is the present
time, is:
The real Revelation!

This work is a chapter from:
The seizure of power by feminism: The genocide of
one million children orphaned by Spain's Gender Equality!
This work was written originally in Spanish language (
http://www.slideshare.net/fcerong/la-promesa-4), and I
am writing it now in English language.
As I speak a little English, it could have a lot of errors:
I am so sorry for all of them!
As I am going writing Chapters, I will publish them in
the next days, or month, or years!
You could watch too the video:
Spanish Equality Gender's Law kills fatherhood: The
largest genocide since World War II, with a million orphans!
Thanks you very much for your time reading my book!