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Armenian Origins of Sumer - 2007

Origins of Sumer

Although several location throughout the Armenian Highlands hosted advanced

civilizations that were much older than Sumer, international academia considers Sumer
to be the world's first advanced human civilization. The Sumerians were not the world's
oldest civilization. They were, however, the most advanced civilization recorded in the
ancient world.
According to Sumerian texts, the Armenian Highlands were considered to be a sacred
locality, a mythical place were gods dwelt. There are also strong indicators that
Sumerians themselves had originated in the vicinity of the Armenian Highlands and were
perhaps one of the survivors of a great flood that had occurred in the region.
Some who are well versed in ancient history may have heard that the Sumerians spoke a
"Turkic" language. The proposition by some western academics that Sumer was a Turkic
language was simply based on the agglutinative characteristics of the language spoken
in Sumer. Fortunately, modern linguistics and commonsense has now all but abolished
the baseless theory in question. Sumerologists now believe that the language spoken in
Sumer was either unique (i.e. has no relations to any known languages) or is a
Caucasian language. Sadly, the "Turkic" theory about Sumerian gave rise to a Turkish
wet dream called the "Sun Language Theory".

Nonetheless, although historians today claim that they do not know where the Sumerians
originated from, many Armenian historians claim that they originated within the
Armenian Highlands, and the following is more-or-less their working theory:
If the general vicinity of the Armenian Highlands hosted the oldest known
advanced human settlements on earth, settlements predating Sumerian
settlements, then logic would dictate that Sumerians emerged from Asia Minor,
or the Caucasus. Even before the dawn of Sumerian civilization, various
localities within the Armenian Highlands such as Metsamor, Shenkavit,
Karahunj, Catal Huyuk and Gobekli Tepe were already prominent cities known
for their urban planning, art, theology, astronomy and metallurgy.
According to Sumerian texts, some of their national gods and goddesses had a
close connection to the Armenian Highlands.
Sumerian beliefs suggest that they thought life originated within the Armenian
Highlands. This belief is echoed by the Sumerian epic tale pertaining to the
biblical great deluge.
Depictions of Sumerians resemble typical Armenian phenotypes.
Sumerians seem to have built pyramid shaped temples called ziggurats upon the
flat topography of Mesopotamia (similar to the ancient Egyptians) primarily to
mimic sacred mountains.
The famous Sumerian epic tale of ARATTA describes the cultural and
economic relationship between Sumer and the Armenian Highlands.
Moreover, the Armenian language shares over a hundred words with the now
extinct Sumerian language, evidence that the two contemporary nations had
intimate contact with each other in the ancient world.
Posted by Arevordi
adian said...
sumerians are black
4:15 PM
eristavi said...
1/sumerians are mentioning in theyer clay tablets that they wer brought to sumer from
kingdom of ARRATA=URARTU=ARMENIA.2/Strabon is mentioning that in Armenia
wer living 2 different nations togader in peace.3/Georgian nation til now is coling
ARMENIA as SOMCHETIA-----the country of SOHM and CHET/XET/ nations. When
akkadians had took over the political might in sumeria they wer colling sumerians
SOHM,the same is in enchn jewesh language.The XET or CHET is the name of
HITITES.4/The language of sumerians is one of 64 armenian dialects.eme gir =im
1:54 PM
vanda said...

Adian, references to Sumerians stated they were black haired. Please read on about
ancient Armenians. Biblical Eden (Armenia) is the source of 4 rivers- 2 of the Euphrates,
1 for the Tigris, and 1 for the Aras river. Armenia-earliest dyed flax textiles (30,000 yo),
wine and beer making,and grain production (probably more for beer than bread). Read on
Mc Duff.
11:23 AM
Ekakathy garcia said...
It is axiom that in coucas Georgia is the wine country
10:20 AM
adian said...
sumerians are blacks
they call themselves sag gig ga
which means black head people or black people people
sag means head and person, people ,
hair in sumerian is not sag , hair in sumerian is kezer which is closed to dravidian kes ,
hair is also siki which is closed to austric Munda sok and austric asian
sikupa is head hair
gig means black
so sumerians are blacks
sumerians are tamils
5:14 AM
adian said...
sumerians make wine too
5:17 AM
adian said...
5:27 AM
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