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October 2, 2015Volume 101, Issue 10nique.



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Top L: Photo courtesy of Diane Lin; Top R: Photo courtesy of Danny Karnik; Above: Photo by Brenda Lin Student Publications


Hypersexualization of women in anime is not okay


Go to an Anime Club
meeting at Tech, and you
might notice a disparity of
women in attendance. As
I took my seat at the first
meeting of the year, it became immediately clear
that I was one of roughly
three women in an audience
of at least 50 people.
The lights went off, the
first few episodes played,
and I began to realize why
many of the anime selected by the club board

featured quite the variety

of characterized tits. Not
female characters with any
personality to speak of, but
supple, bouncy, comically
large breasts. The women
these breasts were attached
to were not represented
by their spectacular intelligence, or their bravery in
battle so much as the fact
that they were in possession of breasts (and in a few
cases, an ass).
Instead, many of the
characters were caricatures
of the typical hyper-feminine Asian woman, who

young American men love

to sexualize.
I do not necessarily blame the GT Anime
Club for showing anime
featuring an abundance
of characterized tits. The
phenomenon is endemic to
many anime not specifically
geared towards female audiences, and many of the best
anime feature copious fanservice. A few of my favorites come to mind: Code
Geass, Gurren Lagann,
Cowboy Bebop, Bleach,
etc. While not every show


Photo courtesy of FUNimation

The titular character of Space Dandy poses with several scantily clad women.
This show is just one of many anime that feature exposed women without reason.

2 October 2, 2015 technique


The Souths Liveliest College Newspaper

Brenda Lin
Nick Johnson
David Raji
Vidya Iyer
Samira Bandaru
Trishna Chandarana
Jonathan Long
Brighton Kamen
Tyler Meuter
Alexis Brazier
Kripa Chandran
Ross Lindsay
Founded in 1911, the Technique is the
student newspaper of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is an official
publication of the Georgia Tech Board
of Student Publications. The Technique
publishes on Fridays weekly in the fall
and spring and biweekly in the summer.
ADVERTISING: Information can be
found online at nique.net/ads. The deadline for reserving ad space is Friday at
5 p.m. one week before publication. To
place a reservation, for billing information or for any other questions please email us at ads@nique.net. You may reach
us at (404) 894-2830, Monday through
Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


coverage and tips should be submitted to
the Editor-in-Chief and/or the relevant
section editor.

Copyright 2015, Brenda Lin, Editorin-Chief, and the Georgia Tech Board
of Student Publications. No part of this
paper may be reproduced in any manner without written permission from the
Editor-in-Chief or from the Board of
Student Publications. The ideas expressed
herein are those of the individual authors
and do not necessarily represent the views
of the Board of Student Publications, the
students, staff or faculty of the Georgia
Institute of Technology or the University
System of Georgia. First copy free for
additional copies call (404) 894-2830



On Sept. 27, a GTPD officer
spotted four students on top of
the College of Architecture Roof
on east campus.
The officer proceeded to
climb onto the roofing and immediately was able to detect
the odor of a certain herbal and
aromatic drug. The students attempted to run from the officer
on the roof, but once warned not
to by the officer, the students
made the decision to discontinue their running activity.

When questioned, the students claimed that they were on

the roof to enjoy the view and
added that they had not consumed marijuana. The officer
began searching the students for
contraband. It was at this point
that one of the students present
claimed that he was in possession of marijuana and that the
drug was on his person. This
information resulted in the swift
conclusion of the GTPD officers search.
The student with contraband
was charged with possession of
marijuana and criminal trespassing while the other students
only received criminal trespass
On the night of Sept. 24, a
GTPD officer discovered a student lying on the ground in front
of Russ Chandler Stadium.
Upon a close inspection, the
officer was able to determine
that the student was breathing and conscious but not alert.
When awoken, the individual in

ach week, this section of News

will include the coverage of
dierent aspects of bills that
passed through Student Government
This will include the Undergraduate
House of Representatives, Graduate
Student Senate and the Executive
Branch of both government bodies.








League of Legends Club

Symp Vibes Fundraiser
Allocation to Sailing Club
Roller Hocker Club
Trailblazers at Tech
Allocation to Water Ski Club
Inclusive Postsecondary Edu.
Campus Inclusivity Pledge




Not listed are bills yet to see UHR, GSS or conference committees

SGA examined bill 16J042, a
bill proposing a joint allocation
to the League of Legends (LoL)

club at Tech.
The club submitted a bill requesting funding to host a LAN
tournament at Klaus. The goal

question immediately admitted

to consuming copious amounts
of beverages alcoholic in nature.
When questioned as to why
he was in the area while simultaneously being asleep, the student
advised that he had fallen asleep
while waiting for the Stingerette.
The officer then requested that
the student in question show
some form of identification.
The student proceeded to
produce two state identification
cards. The officer discerned that
it was exceedingly likely that
one of the two identification
cards that the student had just
produced from his person was,
in fact, fake and not genuine. It
was also determined by the officer that the individual in question had utilized the fake identification to purchase alcoholic
A bottle of rum was also visible on the students person. The
GTPD officer chose to confiscate this bottle of alcoholic beverage. The student was then issued a Student Code of Conduct
of the tournament was stated as
being to improve the LoL community here at Tech as well as to
gain practice with competitive
match play. All line items met
JFC (which was decided within
the JFC meeting after minor debate), and UHR passed all line
items on the bill with a vote of
SGA also considered bill
16J049, a joint allocation to the
roller hockey club, which is one
of the newer organizations on
In order to develop their
name and gain some practice,
the club requested funding so
that it could compete in a local
tournament slated to be hosted
in Alpharetta, Ga. The club also
wanted some money so that
they could improve upon their
equipment, thus ensuring that
the team played with the highest quality.
There was minor discussion
regarding the amount that the
organization charged for dues.
Ultimately, UHR amended per
JFC then chose to pass the bill
with a vote of 38-0-1.


Public buildings in the city of
Liuzhou, China, have been the
target of a series of explosions resulting in at least seven killed and
roughly 50 individuals injured,
according to The Guardian.
According to Chinese police
forces investigating the incident,
the explosions are being treated as
criminal acts rather than those of
a terroristic nature. Chinas Ministry of Public Security has identified one suspect, a 33-year-old
man. The only personal detail of
the suspect that has been released
is his family name of Wei. A report indicating that the individual
in question was in custody was
given, but details were scarce.
Among the buildings hit by the
explosions were a hospital, local
market, shopping mall, bus station and various buildings used by
the government. A hotel employee
reported that the explosions made
sounds similar to the blasting of
rock in a mountain.
The Police Chief of Liuzhou,
Zhou Chanqing, advised the media that the explosions originated
from packages delivered to the
blast locations via mail. According to Chinese news websites,
streets were flooded with dust and
rubble following the explosions.
According to the New York
Times, the Chinese public has
been the victim of bombings previously to the incidents that took
place recently. In 2001, a man in
China was convicted for murder
after he killed 47 via the detonation of an explosive device. The
violence came after he engaged
in a disagreement with neighbors. Another man set off a series
of explosions in 2011 after allegedly determining for himself that
the compensation awarded by
the government for his destroyed
home was insufficient.



Georgia Techs Journal of the Arts and Literature

art, n. - The expression or application of creative skill and
imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting, drawing, or
sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their
beauty or emotional power.
It is art that makes life, makes interest,
makes importance and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of
its process.
Max Eastman

ayy lmao
I was actually a little worried hearing about all the credit card
fraud. But then I realized I have no money anyway. Thanks tuition
$700 in hats? If I had tons of money from credit card fraud, itd
likely just go towards irrespinsible amounts of cookout.
I dont judge Greeks. I just wonder where I can get one of those
white trays of food I see the with. Also bouncey houses.
ay lmao
My roommate explains the tech dating scene: the odds are pretty
good that the goods are pretty odd
Student:Do you want our group assignments? Prof:I dont
know what I would do with them but theyre precious to me
Student:Do you want our group assignments? Prof:I dont
know what I would do with them but theyre precious to me
Who needs sleep? Not me
So many weekend regrets
Does anyone know what silvers are anymore?!
My leg hair is so long right now... Aint nobody got time for shaving tho
#PantsForLyfe #PantsForDayzzz
The two sides of Georgia Tech in the media this week. Celebration for the Mars discovery. Criticism on one of our fraternities
view on rape. Both are part of Tech. Bot should be addressed.
Just tried to spell line lign... Its that time of the year again
If you had twins each named Ellipsis, you could call them Ellipses.

technique October 2, 2015 3


Students talk, admin listen at Summit


Last Sunday, student leaders
gathered along with select members of Techs administration in
the Student Center to discuss
the state of mental health at the
The event, officially termed
the Mental Health Summit,
began with introductions by Samantha Holloway, the director
of the Mental Health Coalition
and president of the Student Center Programs Council (SCPC),
as well as Dillon Roseen, former
President of undergraduate Student Government Association
(SGA). Lynn Durham, Chief
of Staff to Tech President G.P.
Bud Peterson, was the speaker
for the first plenary session.
One exciting thing right now
is the Academic Environment
Task Force which Provost Bras
has brought about, Durham said.
We really found through the
Mental Health Task Force that
the academic pressures [students]
go through, we didnt really understand. And whether its because
of relationships with professors
who arent particularly helpful or
whether its just the sheer amount
of work, or whatever it is, I think
we as administrators really didnt
have a good handle on that.
According to Durham, the Academic Environment Task Force
is examining this discrepancy
between what students should be
able to expect from professors and
what they often receive presently.
Durham also commended the
changes to the Counseling Center, which included the addition
of a new staff member as well as
the increased awareness of mental
health issues on campus, which,
according to Durham, is demonstrated by the fact that discussions
about mental health are now taking place whereas they were not a
few years ago.
Following the first plenary session of the Summit, facilitators,
staff and students split up to take
part in two of four breakout
meetings. Topics for the breakouts were Academics, Campus
Life Infrastructure, Counseling
and Psychiatric Services and Student Involvement and Resources.
Marc Cannellas, President of
Graduate SGA, brought up during the Academics breakout that

Photo by Brenda Lin Student Publications

Breakout sessions involving students as well as key members of faculty and staff aggregated ideas regarding methods to
improve mental health at Tech in a certain area. This session was concerned with Counseling and Psychiatric Services.

professors lackadaisical-ness may

lead to increased stress for students. He gave the example of asking a professor to fix something or
similar and described that, in his
experience, the problem would
still be unsolved six months later.
Is there a way to anonymously
go to a professor for help? asked
another student. Because I know,
sometimes, Im legitimately scared
of my professor, and Im going to
have a panic attack if I go to office
To this, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students
John Stein responded that students with chronic conditions
should register with disability services in order to make use of liaison opportunities. He also added
that professors who have not dealt
with anxiety will not understand
the challenges in dealing with it.
Apparently, the other day [in
an aerospace class], one of the professors said, If you dont understand this concept, you should go
shoot yourself, said another student present at the summit when
discussing the need for professors
to go through a form of sensitivity training.

Lunch took place after the

breakout groups concluded, and
Stein spoke during the second
plenary session which immediately followed.
In tenth grade, someone came
over the speaker ... and announced
that we very going to have a moment of reflection because one of
our classmates had passed away,
said Stein. No explanation was
offered as to what had happened.
Eventually, rumors started to
emerge ... and the s-word came
about: suicide.
According to Stein, this was
unimaginable at the time. Even
following the incident, there was
no talk of it anywhere. Stein added that this experience was very
important in shaping his outlook
on mental health issues today.
After the plenary had concluded, student leaders joined together in groups of five to seven
in order to come up with ideas
for avenues and action points that
could be exploited to distribute
mental health information to the
campus. The groups then came
together to present their ideas.
Many proposals centered around
expansions of GT1000.

Photo by Brenda Lin Student Publications

Lynn Durham, Chief of Staff to the President of Tech, takes

a question during the first plenary session of the summit.

Photo by Brenda Lin Student Publications

Photo by Brenda Lin Student Publications

Student leaders present ideas formulated during the second of two action group sessions.
Ideas ranged from expanding GT1000 to creating a Student Advisory Board for professor hires.

John Stein, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students,

gives a speech during the second of two plenary sessions.

4 October 2, 2015 technique


Kendeda Fund donates $30 million for eco commons



Comparing Grants at Tech

A comparison of the Kendeda Funds donation to
some of the other recent grants made to Tech in terms
of dollar amounts.

Design by Lanah Marie, David Raji Student Publications

The Kendeda Fund donated $30

million to Tech for the planned construction of the most environmentally advanced education and research
building in the Southeast.
The building will become part
of Techs planned Eco-Commons.
The Eco-Commons will comprise of
green spaces that contribute to efforts
towards sustainable development on
campus by conserving natural resources and providing facilities for education and recreation.
The $30 million grant is one of the
largest capital gifts received by Tech.
$25 million of the grant covers expenses for design and construction,
and the remaining $5 million for later
programming activities.
Georgia Tech is honored to partner with The Kendeda Fund on this
groundbreaking project, said Steve
Swant, Executive Vice President for
Administration and Finance at Tech.
The innovative thinking that will be
required to achieve a Living Building
Challenge 3.0 facility provides the opportunity to create a living-learning
laboratory on campus for hands-on
educational and research opportunities that will be a model for the region
and similar environments around the
This project will create the first Living Building Challenge 3.0 certified
building of its capacity and function
in the Southeast. The building will be
designed to have zero net energy and

water consumption and meet Living

Building Challenge 3.0 requirements.
To obtain certification as a Living
Building, the building must fulfill
rigorous standards of performance for
a full 12-month period with normal
operations and complete occupancy.
Other buildings at Tech such as the
Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions
(CNES) Laboratory will act as testing
grounds for strategies that will be implemented in the proposed building.
Currently, teams from Capital
Planning and Space Management and
Facilities Management are evaluating several potential sites on campus,
said Howard Wertheimer, Director of
Capital Planning and Space Management at Tech.
A building under these criteria will
have to produce as much energy as it
consumes. Optimizing water utility
and energy resources while decreasing
dependence on them are among the
We could not imagine a better
partner than Georgia Tech to join us
in pursuing the Living Building Challenge, said Barry Berlin, an advisor
to The Kendeda Fund responsible for
looking after its investments. This
project builds on nearly two decades of
work by The Kendeda Fund to advance
sustainability throughout Atlantas
built environment.
Tech will receive final approval
from the University System of Georgia
Board of Regents for this project later
this fall. The current objective is to
start construction by 2017 and reach
occupancy in 2018.

The Collegiate Recovery Program

offers a safe and welcoming community for

students in recovery from alcohol and drug
addictions. www.counseling.gatech.edu

CounselingCenter_Poster_3approved.indd 1

Wellness through sober and healthy living

Academic excellence
Leadership and civic engagement
Connection through meaningful relationships


Weekly recovery seminar

On campus AA Meeting
A safe supportive environment for
students in recovery

8/27/15 6:23 PM

technique October 2, 2015 5


Pre-Health programs added in Chem, Biochem



Starting next semester, students can expect to see two additional concentrations appear
as parts of the Biochemistry and
Chemistry undergraduate degree
These new concentrations will
appear as the pre-health science track within the respective
majors. These new offerings are
meant to tailor a curriculum that
satisfies select interests and goals
within the various health-related
Additionally, both of the new
concentrations meet the admissions requirements for medical,
pharmacy, dental, veterinary,
physical therapy and graduate
school. The eclectic mix of prehealth science electives, social science electives and recommended
course selections incorporate
topics in areas ranging from biomolecular engineering and bioinformatics to psychology and sociology.
Currently, students on the
traditional track can take these
courses through free electives,
said William Baron, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Studies
in the School of Chemistry and
Biochemistry. What students
wanted, though, was more clarity on what courses they need for
their professional schools admission tests and what courses would
prepare them for when they begin graduate school. They get an
understanding of what the minimum requirements are but not
what additional courses would
help them succeed.
Furthermore, the new tracks
are meant to reflect the recent
changes in graduate school admission exams, most notably those in
the Medical College Admissions
Test (MCAT). The new curricula

will help students prepare for the

new version of the exam by emphasizing many of the new aspects
of the exam in the coursework, according to Baron.
Baron added that the additional changes have been driven
primarily by student feedback
regarding the current programs
in place as well the individual
strengths and weaknesses of each
We met with five different cohorts of students, and we sent out

a survey to 700 students, Baron

said. The main thing that came
back from both face-to-face meetings and the survey was careers.
Students are really focused on
careers, and they want clarity on
what courses will help them prepare for their futures.
Utilizing the student feedback,
advisors and professors spent a
number of months discussing
as well as preparing the propositions for the addition of the two
new concentration options with

the school. Professors and advisors

expect the program to be very successful.
The general area of life sciences is one of the fastest-growing
sectors of employment right now
and is projected to be that for a
long time, Baron said. And so
whether you plan on going to
medical school, dental school,
pharmacy school or some other
graduate school, these courses will
provide a good background and

Currently, only two additional

panels remain that must pass the
proposed plans before they can
begin to be implemented into
DegreeWorks. The planned full
migration to DegreeWorks is expected to be completed roughly by
the summer of 2016, but prospective students wishing to take part
in the new concentrations in some
facet will be allowed to arrange
meetings with program advisors
at a later time during this current

Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi

Two additional Pre-Health concentrations are in the process of being added to the undergraduate Biochemistry and Chemistry programs. Both of the new programs are expected to be fully implemented by Spring of 2016.

endless opportunities
Whether youre interested in joining our team after class, an intership, or a co-op,
Chick-l-A has an opportunity for you! Chick-l-A Howell Mill Road has proudly
supported the Georgia Tech campus for 16+ years, and were so excited to serve your
community at our new location in West Midtown! We are currently hiring for a variety
of positions at our new restaurant, and we would love to add some Yellow Jackets to
our team!
Stop by on Tuesdays at 9AM and Thursdays at 4:30PM for open interviews!

2015 CFA Properties, Inc. All trademarks shown are property of their respective owners.

OUR VIEWS | Consensus Opinion

Trust your own instinct. Your

mistakes might as well be
your own, instead of someone
elses Billy Wilder

Expectations of the Wellness Director

Changes that need to be implemented for serious results
Tech has consistently been rated as a
high-stress institution. While there is prestige in going to an academically rigorous
school, it comes at a heavy price. In this
case, the cost is the well-being of students.
For such a serious issue, it is insulting
that our school would attempt to solve it
by creating the title of Wellness Director
and placing an unreasonable amount of
responsibilities on one person considering
the time and juristic constraints. Rather
than hire a person whose job description
is incredibly vague, the institution could
have better used its resources to directly
communicate with students to see what
we needed.
However, because a person has already
been appointed for this position, we expect
to see meaningful changes around campus
to improve student wellness.
We first suggest not to rely on task forces. The reason is two-fold. Task forces are
not representative of the student popula-



tion because they frequently feature the

same group of student leaders rather than
exploring other student opinions. Also,
while task forces are well-intended, it becomes a problem when there are too many
task force suggestions that are not put into
action in a timely manner.
Therefore, the Wellness Director should
directly work with the pre-existing committees to gather information and strategically implement change. In particular, he
or she needs to work with the academic environment task force because the primary
cause of distress is academic stress.
To make significant strides in relieving
academic stress, professors must be made
aware that student wellness is severely affected by the pressures of Tech and learn
to be sensitive to students situations. As a
result, the Wellness Director must make it
a priority to enforce that all staff and faculty partake in the Question, Persuade,
Refer and sensitivity trainings.

The Consensus Opinion reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board of the
Technique, but not necessarily the opinions of individual editors.

October 2, 2015

Putting an end to casual racism

... you cant imitate a black voice that itself is
INCREDIBLY stereotypical and racist like....!!!And
she hasnt stepped away from anything either, her
legacy will remain as the first chart-topping, Grammy
nominated, award winning Australian white female
rapper that owned 2014 ...


My leg hair is so long right now... Aint nobody got

time for shaving tho

My roommate explains the tech dating scene: the

odds are pretty good that the goods are pretty odd

$700 in hats? If I had tons of money from credit

card fraud, itd likely just go towards irresponsible
amounts of cookout.

Who needs sleep? Not me.

technique editorial board

Brighton Kamen DESIGN EDITOR
Samira Bandaru LIFE EDITOR
Kripa Chandran ONLINE EDITOR


Student: Do you want our group assignments?

Prof:I dont know what I would do with them but
theyre precious to me
I dont judge Greeks. I just wonder where I can get
one of those white trays of food I see the with. Also
bouncey houses.
I was actually a little worried hearing about all the
credit card fraud. But then I realized I have no money
anyway. Thanks tuition

So many weekend regrets

Write to us:

Got something to say? Then let
your voice be heard with the Technique. Sliver at Nique.net, tweet us
@the_nique or check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/thenique. We
want to hear your opinion and want
to make it known to all of campus.
We also welcome your letters in
response to Technique content as well
as topics relevant to campus. We will
print letters on a timely and spaceavailable basis.
Each week we look for letters that

are responses to or commentaries on

content found within the pages of the
Technique. Along with these letters,
we are open to receiving letters that
focus on relevant issues that currently
affect Georgia Tech as a university, including its campus and student body.
When submitting letters we ask
that you include your full name, year
(1st, 2nd, etc.) and major. We ask that
letters be thought provoking, well
written and in good taste. We reserve
the right to both reject or edit letters
for length and style.
For questions, comments or concern, contact the Opinions Editor at

technique October 2, 2015 7


Why Cowboy Bebop

changed my life

An encouraging work
environment matters

This past spring, I wrote per-middle-class suburbs at allHow Cowboy Bebop changed male Catholic schools. Maybe
my life. I scratched the surface thats just me. But reading what
of my adoration for this series; Ive written so far, I can honestly
there was more I wanted to say. say life was just plain boring.
I could fill all
Its no sur24 pages of this
prise, then, that
paper with my
media in such a short T V-M A-rated,
thoughts of each
episode if I were
:30-in-theamount of time ... a 1morning
allowed to. This
Cowis the next best
lesser human would
would have a
have died. profound impact
Back then, I
wrote about how
me. TwentyNICK JOHNSON on
Bebop evoked
after ToFB had
and I was able to
passed, I had
do so while putting Cowboy witnessed the unabashedly coolBebop in italics. Since then, the est thing ever in my entire life.
AP Style Guide has changed for Once Bebops 650 minutes
the uglier, and I have thought were up months later, I could do
more about this topic.
nothing but watch them again.
Who was I before Bebop?
After that, I began watchWhy did my life change? Was it ing movies, listening to music,
a positive change the answer scouring the digital sphere for
is obviously yes; we can skip this something half as amazing as
question. Could something else Bebop. I ingested so much
have changed me?
media in such a short amount of
Based on my fuzzy memory time post-Bebop, a lesser huof the first episode I watched, man would have died.
aided by a random forum post
Instead, I was influenced by
documenting every time Be- each of the hundred movies I
bop has aired since 2001, my watched between then and comTime of First Bebop (ToFB) ing to Tech. I paid attention to
was Dec. 27, 2009, at 1:30 a.m. song lyrics as never before and
CST. I was halfway through began blazing through TV sejunior year of high school, still ries, picking up on what made
reeling over the fact that college the characters so great. These
existed and I had to go.
things made me who I am now:
There was never much going the protagonist of reality. ToFB
on at school; the highlight of my was the turning point of my life.
day was translating the Aeneid
Spirited Away, Lon: the
in Latin class. How Its Made Professional and Mad Max:
made my afternoons, and at Fury Road are my favorite
night, it was the Toonami block. movies, and I wonder if watchIf someone asked if I had ever ing those back then would have
seen some movie, the answer had the same impact as Cowwas usually no; I could count boy Bebop had. Bebop is five
the non-Disney movies I had times longer than any of those
seen on two hands. I didnt lis- movies, but only several episodes
ten to music. My favorite book are as good. I dont know. Maybe
was The Big Book of Everything (I any superb material would have
can finally italicize something), gotten me. Maybe Cowboy Bewhich I read while grounded.
bop wasnt the best thing that
Maybe thats typical for could have happened to me.
smart, introverted kids from upAs if.

Weve all experienced how the essence of how the nature of

terrible group projects can be a work environment can make
theres a member who doesnt all the difference.
show up, or one who slows evMany employees would be
eryone down. It just takes one inclined to go with the flow
person to tear
and take their
an entire group
time with asinto shreds. Its
signments. Why
It just takes one should they work
unfortunate that
this carries on
than anyperson to tear an entire harder
into corporate
one else if the
env iron ment s
was the
group into shreds.
causing much
same? Therein
ROSS LINDSAY lays the problem.
than lost sleep or
WEB DEVELOPER Because many
poor grades.
assignments like
A few summine were never
mers ago, I had
coman internship with a small gov- pleted due to a lack of positive
ernment contractor specializing reinforcement, getting work
in IT. My coworkers were nice done was fruitless. We werent
and welcoming upon my arrival inclined to work harder than
seemingly happy and ambi- needed because as long as the
tious. My first project was to in- work got done, it didnt really
ventory all of the equipment in matter when or how the result
a database. I set out on the task was always the same. Overall,
and within a few days had a first the environment was discouragdraft to show my boss. He liked ing, so I didnt have any presswhat I had so far but wanted to ing reason to dedicate myself
add features we hadnt talked to my work. Had management
about before. I left our meet- been more communicative and
ing, and set off to work on the encouraging the environment
changes he wanted.
would have been more producAbout two weeks in I started tive. Employees would get more
to notice the lack of productiv- out of their jobs and manageity of those around me. While I ment would be pleased to be
was at my desk chugging away getting more value for their dolat the inventory system, oth- lar. Just a little spark could have
ers were moving much more turned the office around.
slowly. Writing reports, drawing
This could benefit many ofup wiring diagrams, and other fices, and most working envithings that would normally take ronments in general. A little
a few hours seemed to drag out reward for hard work can go a
over several days. No one seemed very long way. Give employees
motivated to get things done or something to look forward to
put effort into their tasks so that for going above and beyond the
they were done by the deadline. bare minimum. Having a posiThe office that I initially saw as tive, welcoming, and productive
a bustling hard-working place work environment can vastly
morphed into an unproductive improve a business. Id encourmess. At this point, I took a age anyone in a management to
mental step back and considered take a close look at their work
my options. I could either keep environment and talk to their
at my current pace and imple- employees to see how their work
ment the bosss changes, or I environment could be improved.
could go with the flow and slow Even the smallest of changes can
down like my coworkers. This is make a world of difference.


Ive seen sexualizes the female
form, the tendency to do so is
certainly popular.
As a woman, I do not necessarily find this sexualization immediately offensive. Occasionally, it is done with good taste.
In Kill la Kill, the concepts
of clothing and both the female and male nude forms are
explored. Similarly, in Neon
Genesis Evangelion, Asukas
sexualization plays a role in
Shinjis maturation and mimics
his use of her as a sexual object.
Unfortunately, however, the
large majority of times that female characters are sexualized,
the sexualization demeans and
objectifies them. Rather than
creating a female character with
a complex range of emotions,
with personal goals and motivations, anime creators chose
to pander to a horny, immature
male audience a choice that
isolates many female viewers
and distracts the audience from
the shows desired narrative.
As much as I love to watch
the bad-ass characters in
Bleach destroy their Hollow

... anime creators choose

to pander to a horny,
immature male audience
a choice which isolates
many female viewers ...



and Espada enemies, I am distracted by why Harribels overly

large breasts are completely unsupported and how they dont
fall out of her ridiculous top. I
see Faye Valentines tight crop
top and tiny shorts and wonder how she stays warm. I tried
watching Fairy Tail and loved
the storyline! I was so interested
in Lucys progression as a mage
and Natsus backstory, but could
hardly stand the number of
bikini-wearing, large-breasted
women that seemed to crowd
the screen at every possible
If I wanted to view objectified womens bodies en masse, I

would go watch ecchi, the genera dedicated to fanservice. As it

stands, I cant escape the booby
overload that is in most fantasy/
action/comedy anime currently
Not only are womens bodies
objectified, their personalities
are as well. Tsundere, dandere,
kuudere, yandere. Many anime
girls fall into these preset tropes
so much that the terms are
widely known and acknowledged throughout the otaku
populace. Many times these
women give off a stoic or antagonistic exterior, which hides
a traditionally feminine personality just waiting to be unlocked

by the male protagonist, who

these women inevitably and inexplicably fall in love with.
Another frequent trope for
female characters to elicit moe
that feeling of burning passion otakus are known to have
for two dimensional characters.
Usually this feeling is accomplished via cutesy mannerisms
and exhibiting traditionally
feminine stereotypes. Traditionally as in ideal woman in the
1940s, as in someone who
will love me immediately and
unconditionally, do all the housework, make me sandwiches
and have no real desires or goals
that interfere with my own.
These characters are unrealistic,
and frustrating to watch as a
woman who knows these characters only exist to be fetishized.
For these reasons, though
I enjoy the anime medium, I
am significantly limited to the
number of anime I can enjoy.
If producers could please leave
the hypersexualization out of
the not-explicitly-ecchi anime, and treat women as actual
people, not as objects to be fantasized about, I would greatly
appreciate it.

What do you think the

next step is in space



self-replicating spacecraft


Using the moon for



Making space exploration

more affordable, so we can
send more satellites and


Going to Mars and

making a colony
Photos by Monica Jamison Student Publications

8 October 2, 2015 technique




New safety app fails to

stand up to expectations
Unfortunately, the LiveSafe
app is another episode in
the series of nighttime safety

must install the LiveSafe app and

set up an account to watch over
the walker. The LiveSafe app also
added information, such as emergency procedures, a campus map,
and contact information for various resources, but these changes
would not be helpful in a typical
nighttime emergency situation.
Other safety apps, such as
Companion, offer more features
and better ease of use. To watch
a friends walk with Companion,
one simply follows a link and does
not have to waste any time downloading the app and setting up an
Unlike LiveSafe, Companion
asks you to enter a destination
and mode of transportation. Additionally, the app senses Smart
Triggers, such as headphones being yanked out, the phone being
dropped, or the user starting to
run, and then gives them fifteen
seconds to verify his or her safety
before alerting the Companions.
Another unique feature of the app
is the I Feel Nervous button,
which fills the gap between doing
nothing when one feels uncomfortable and calling the police. If
Tech had chosen to use Companion as its campus safety app, the
data from the I Feel Nervous re-








Pulling all-nighters is a hallmark of Tech culture, whether the

late nights turned into mornings
are frequent or rare occurrences.
While the Midnight Rambler is
a helpful transportation service,
some nights require staying out
past 3am or going past the expanse of the Rambler route.
For these situations, Stingerette
is the only safe option, but it is not
a viable one. With inconsistent
and often ridiculously long wait
times, many students choose to
walk instead. As one of those students who becomes frustrated that
waiting for a Stingerette would
take over three times as long as
using my own feet to get home,
I was excited to hear that Tech
was adopting a new safety app.
While I had tried RaveGuardian
last year, I was disappointed with
its services and ended up uninstalling it, opting instead to simply text my roommate that I was
walking home.
Unfortunately, the LiveSafe
app is another episode in the series
of nighttime safety disappointments. LiveSafe did not improve
much on RaveGuardian. Instead
of setting a timer for ones walk,
the user can invite friends to track
their walk. However, the friend

Po ita
Br st C tion
oc ar s
hu ds

Being Sick

The fall weather is finally

settling in. Though its a nice
break from the stifling heat of
Atlantan summers, with it has
come cold season. Avoiding
peoples sneezes and coughs
is proving to be increasingly
challenging. It seems like its
just a matter of time before
you get sick as well. That being said, take care of yourself.
Visit STAMPS if youre feeling
under the weather and try not
to spread germs.



Water on Mars

The possibility of life on

Mars just became closer as
NASA researchers discovered
streams of water on Mars.
What is even more exciting
about this news is that one of
our very own Tech students
was a key contributor to this
research. It is great to see Tech
students taking the world by
storm, but its even better to
see that were always pushing
boundaries and taking over



This highly anticipated

EDM concert was a flop due
to the rain and lack of organization. Concert-goers created a
Facebook page titled, TomorrowWorld 2015 Sucks, to vent
their anger. Some people who
purchased a ticket werent able
to get in to the venue, while
others spent hours dehydrated
due lack of available water. Its
understandable people would
be irritated considering how
expensive tickets are!






The Student Center Programs Council revealed that

the homecoming artist for
this year is going to be B.O.B.
While not everyone is familiar
with him, just know that this
concert is going to be hype.
The local Atlanta rapper is an
incredibly engaging entertainer and a definite step up from
Dev and Hoodie Allen. Hopefully, this is the beginning of
a series of awesome homecoming concerts.

ports could have informed where

to send more patrols and improve
While Jen and Jeffs campaign
promised Stingerette integration
in the new safety app, LiveSafe,
the Stingerette option within the
app simply redirects to the preexisting Stingerette website. Besides
increasing the number of drivers,
the biggest way Stingerette could
improve is providing estimated
times of arrival when requesting
a ride. The nearly perpetual warning that Stingerette is currently
experiencing an unusually high
number of trip requests is not
specific enough, and the map with
the vans location does not appear
until a driver has been assigned, a
process that often takes ten minutes or more.
If Stingerette cannot be made
more efficient and user-friendly,
then a complete overhaul of the
nighttime transportation services
may be necessary. With Techs
highly rated computer science and
industrial engineering programs,
students could work to improve
or replace the safety app and the
Stingerette program.
In fact, five University of
Michigan students created the
Companion app. Other creative
solutions to supplement existing
options could be explored. At the
University of Southern California,
if the wait time for their nighttime
transportation is more than 15
minutes long, then students may
request an Uber ride for free.
Whether the improvements
are internal or outsourced,
Tech needs to address the problem of inadequate nighttime
transportation with more than
a lackluster app.



technique October 2, 2015 9



In a world where millions can

peep into the personal life of a celebrity with a single click, there is
often an overwhelming amount
of background noise and media
chatter surrounding these influential figures. However, it is possible
that these celebrities can use their
visibility for the benefit of society
by stimulating social change
and promoting charities.
Many will be quick to point
out that they do not need famous
people to represent their cause or
organization. People supply a variety of excuses from they might
misrepresent us to we do not
want to be known only as the celebrity who endorses us. While
certain prominent organizations
or charities may already have the
reputation they need to function
autonomously, many small charity organizations are in desperate
need of a visibility boost. Even
still, there are admittedly some
conditions that must be adhered
to for a celebrity to actually benefit a charity organization or cause.
Rule number one: donations
are not enough. Monetary funding can help a charity get off the
ground, but instead of just donating money, celebrities should
dedicate time to helping the charity or fighting for a cause because
it influences others to take action.
This type of commitment will
raise the visibility of a charity for
a much more sustained period of
time than a news article about the
tossing of a lump sum of cash.


However, finding the right celebrity who does dedicate time to

actually serving a cause can have
unprecedented benefits for an
organization. When celebrities
spend time interacting with and
aiding the people that a charity
aims to help, it not only raises the
visibility of a charity group but
also leaves a lasting impression.
Secondly, charity organizations and celebrities must work
together to ensure that it is indeed
the charity that is being promoted
and not the celebrity. When a star
pairs up with a charity organization, it can be very unclear who
is the beneficiary of this partnership. Thus, the charity needs to
determine how celebrities represent them and what messages they
send. After accomplishing this, a
charity organization can expect to
reap the benefits of having an influential spokesperson.
Having a celebrity spokesperson can appear to be very hit-ormiss in todays society, but when
the above guidelines are met, it
is almost always a hit. A celebrity must prove his or her commitment to the cause and at the
same time actively avoid self-promotion. Monetary donations are
not enough; one must dedicate
time and effort to personally aid
those in need. This, in addition to
a very clear and hands-on working relationship with the charity,
can pay massive dividends for the
promotion of a cause. Ultimately,
celebrity involvement in charity
organizations is one of the greatest
examples of using ones influence
to change the world for the better.


Miley Cyrus was once the ideal

role model for younger girls. She
had a great deal of fame and,
therefore, responsibility thrust
upon her. As Cyrus transitioned
into adulthood, she was developing unpopular ideas and hadnt
remained the wholesome ideal
she was expected to be. Tabloids,
blogs and ordinary people started
to tear her down.
Cyrus narrative is one with
which were all familiar and exemplifies our deep attachment to
celebrity personas. Celebrities are
elevated to an ideal and sent to the
butcher when they disappoint us,
all because of our investment in
their stories.
Its important to explore the
cause of our attachment to these
figures. Celebrities are a big part
of our cultural narrative, which
helps a community reinforce
norms and strengthen identity
through shared knowledge and
experience. These cultural events
are delivered to us through celebrities. However, those we see
through the media are hardly real
people. We merely see the roles
theyve adopted in public and the
narrative we pour into them.
Considering the contemporary cultural landscape, we are
bound to be disappointed when
celebrities do not use their fame
for good. However, these people
themselves are not responsible for
upholding ideals that we pour into
them. The need to revere and laud
certain figures that we feel em-


At TIAA-CREF we use personalized advice to help clients

reach their long-term financial goals. In a recent survey
of 28 companies, TIAA-CREF participants had the highest
average retirement account balances.1 Our advice, along
with our award-winning performance,2 can improve your
financial health. Just what youd expect from a company
thats created to serve and built to perform.

Learn how our financial advice can

pay off for you at TIAA.org/JoinUs

body our ideals has always existed

and will continue to do so. Rather
than demanding good deeds from
these existing cultural figures, we
need to find figures who better
suit our needs. Rather than revering celebrities when they visit refugee camps, turn our attention to
the activists and workers working
there. We shouldnt be dependent
on celebrities to deliver us ideals
that we aspire toward. We need to
shift the narrative away from celebrity culture instead of demanding more within it.
You could argue that the glamour a star athlete or an Oscar-winning actress brings to a good cause
is not something we could get
from activists or humanitarians
or aid workers and that, therefore,
they are necessary in getting people to care about a cause. However, in the end, celebrities are merely selling us products. Actors sell
movies, musicians sell concerts,
and athletes sell their games every
time their name is mentioned in
largely-publicized philanthropic
endeavors. This has led to celebrities using their philanthropy as
a means to gain publicity, often
oversimplifying causes that they
do not genuinely care for. Instead
of wishing for a better class of celebrity, comprised of the likes of
Angelina Jolie one that truly
understands and cares for social
issues they support the idea of
needing these popular personas to
draw attention to causes 75004
like the
refugee crises and poverty should
be abandoned altogether. Philanthropy and humanitarianism
shouldnt need the glamour.

Source: LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute,

Not-for-Profit Market Survey, first-quarter 2015
results. Average assets per participant based
on full-service business. Please note average
retirement account balances are not a measure of
performance of TIAA-CREF retirement offerings.
The Lipper Award is given to the group with the
lowest average decile ranking of three years
Consistent Return for eligible funds over the
three-year period ended 11/30/12, 11/30/13,
and 11/30/14 respectively. TIAA-CREF was ranked
among 36 fund companies in 2012 and 48 fund
companies in 2013 and 2014 with at least five
equity, five bond, or three mixed-asset portfolios.
Past performance does not guarantee future
results. For current performance and rankings,
please visit the Research and Performance
section on tiaa-cref.org. TIAA-CREF Individual &
Institutional Services, LLC, Teachers Personal
Investors Services, Inc., and Nuveen Securities,
LLC, members FINRA and SIPC, distribute
securities products. 2015 Teachers Insurance
and Annuity Association of AmericaCollege
Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF), 730
Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017. C24849D

Consider investment objectives, risks,

charges and expenses carefully before
investing. Go to tiaa-cref.org for product
and fund prospectuses that contain this
and other information. Read carefully
before investing. TIAA-CREF funds are
subject to market and other risk factors.



Samira Bandaru

Alex Covington


Solving the Mysteries of the Universe

On the weekend of September 26, Hackers came together

in Klaus to eat, collect swag and conquer the worlds most
important issues 410



October 2, 2015

Boolean techHackathonWasSuccessful = true;


The second iteration of HackGT took place in the Klaus computing complex last weekend to
a slightly damp but enthused
crowd. Despite only having been
started in 2014, the hackathon
hosted a total of about 1,000 participants roughly half of the
applicant pool from Tech and the
surrounding area. Hackers attempted to code a project to be
presented and were judged at the
end of the event.
Registration began at 4:30 p.m.
on Friday in McCamish Pavilion.
Hackers would then sit down to
view a series of presentations from
sponsors and event organizers that
served as an opening ceremony of
sorts. These included descriptions
of prizes for winners of the hackathon, the top tier of which was
awarded round trip tickets for the
entire winning team to any destination in the world.
Following the presentations,
which wrapped up around 7:00
p.m., hackers trekked towards
Klaus. Hackers engaged in the
usual dash to snatch up prime
hacking real estate; fortunately,
chaos levels were low due to the

fact that many participants had

not arrived or registered yet.
Hacking did not officially begin

until 9:00 p.m. Friday night, so

participants had the chance to
experience the first offerings of

the much-anticipated aroundthe-clock food service. Lines were

initially very long, mostly because

Photo courtesy of Diane Lin

Coders converse during the Hackathon in Klaus Atrium during HackGT. Teams of participants were given 36 hours to collaborate with friends and sprint to finish new projects.

only one food truck was present

and operating at the time. This
issue turned out to be mainly resultant from the fact that most
hackers desired to eat shortly after
setting up their stations.
There was some unrest among
hackers over the perceived shortage of vegetarian options. Attempting to remedy this, one of
the event organizers placed an
order to CookOut for 400 cheese
quesadillas. However, it was later
discovered that he had placed the
order to a store location in South
Carolina as the phone number
listed on the Yelp page he used
was incorrect. Allegedly, the quesadillas were stranded in South
A number of complaints were
also heard from participants in
various areas of Klaus, with the
majority citing that the temperature was either too hot or too cold.
Another major point of focus
throughout the weekend was the
variety of sponsors present during the hackathon. Members
of the sponsor team were effectively company representatives,
and large corporations including
Apple, Delta and Microsoft were
present. Hackers networked with
See HACK, page 13

Making a difference in life beyond Tech academics


Finding service opportunities

is easy once one knows where to
look. There are plenty of organizations on campus that are solely
dedicated to service. Tech has several chapters of service organizations like Habitat for Humanity,
UNICEF, Red Cross and alternative service breaks every fall break
and spring break. There are plenty
of service opportunities in each
Just like any other Habitat for
Humanity, the Tech chapter has
several events per semester. It is a
great opportunity to volunteer to
see the effects of ones work. There
are also service opportunities at
The ReStore. Students can donate gently used items or shop for
them. Volunteers are also needed
to keep the store running. For
more information, students can
go to habitat.gtorg.gatech.edu.
The UNICEF organization on
campus educates, advocates and
fundraises for issues important to
the main organization and even
does service together a group. To
learn more about issues around
the world and what to do about
them, like the Syrian Refuge Crisis, students should focus on this
group. Their Facebook page is
UNICEF at Georgia Tech.
The Georgia Tech Red Cross
holds blood drives several times
per semester. Students can get
involved by helping them organize each blood drive or by giving
blood. More information about
the Tech chapter is located at redcross.gtorg.gatech.edu.
If a student feels that none
of these sound like anything he

would be interested in or he would

want more of a community with
which to do different types of service, then MOVE might be the
answer. MOVE is a Georgia Tech
student-founded and student-led
organization that provides a myriad of community service and volunteer opportunities. Made of 14

committees, consisting of everything from helping the homeless

to tutoring, there are unlimited
and ever-expanding options with
this organization. They will get
newcomers plugged and involved
with other student from Tech.
Go to movegt.weebly.com and
sign up for the newsletter, which

advertises weekly opportunities,

and discover whatever committee
sounds the most interesting.
These are just examples of service organizations; there are also
service fraternities on campus
namely Alpha Phi Omega and
Lambda Sigma. Lambda Sigma is
an honor society open to sopho-

mores dedicated to service, both

on campus and around Atlanta.
Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed fraternity open to every year and every major. Students can find out
more about both of these organizations on their Facebook pages.
In addition to all of these serSee SERVICE, page 13

Photo by Matthew Bishop

An Alpha Chi Omega member holds up a sign with a domestic violence fact. The sorority hosts several foot races to spread information about domestic violence. Getting involved with the race is one of the many ways students can do charitable work on campus.

technique October 2, 2015 11


Rules of the road (and sidewalk) on campus


Perhaps you missed the blue

route for the last time. Perhaps
you want to wake up a bit later.
Or, perhaps you need to get from
North Ave. to the Paper Science
Building in less than a half-hour.
In any case, if you have a bike, a
U-lock, a helmet and are ready to
get around campus quickly and
conveniently, then youre almost
all set. But not quite. On the way,
you realize how many stairs, hills,
tight passages and inattentive and
constantly texting pedestrians
that you never had to think about
when you simply got around campus on foot. How do you avoid
these obstacles without adding
too much time to your commute?
As a cyclist, youre in a much
different position than you were
as a pedestrian. This also means,
however, that you need a system
to control your newfound speed,
power and presence. The most
important thing to consider is
the safety of those on foot, the
pedestrians. Speeding down a hill
around a corner may land you
and a fellow Tech student on the
ground after a collision.
So, how do you prevent such a
catastrophe from happening? Its
just a matter of being at the right
place and knowing the pedestrian
crossings. Bikes should not be on
sidewalks next to a road; its too
narrow for the bike, and poses a
higher collision possibility. Instead, ride on the road towards
the side. In the bike lane, if they
exist. Also note that while its legal to turn right on a red, or to
go through a green light, always
check for pedestrians before going, as many misunderstand the
traffic laws.
Now that youre riding on the
roads, theres a new threat: cars.
Cars are big and scary, but as long

Photo by Andrew Saulters

A student makes his way around on a bicycle. Riding your bike instead of walking can save
time and increase your range of travel, but be sure to be attentive to your surroundings.

as you ride carefully and safely, all

will be well. First off, stop at stop
signs and lights. Always. Crossing areas that come out of parking garages should also be done
with extreme caution, as these
areas are blind. This is especially
true for Klaus, as its blind and on
a hill. Finally, signal your turns.
With your left hand, point left if
you want to turn left, point up if
you want to turn right, and point

down if you want to stop. This

may prevent a car from misunderstanding your intentions. That
said, its often safer and more convenient to bike through on-campus parkways.
The west side of campus is, for
the most part, quite bike friendly.
Cyclists who live there have numerous routes available to get to
their residence hall, a fair number of wide car-free pathways and

many areas to secure your bike

from bike rooms in residence
halls to bike racks outside most
academic buildings. As far as
the routes themselves, there are a
fair number of recommendations
and warnings. First, the parkway
from the Love Building towards
the Burger Bowl is dangerous due
to the intersection with the road
mixed with the speed of the hill.
Consider, instead, getting onto

the road on the other side of the

Love Building, near the CRC.
Another option is to go through
the path near the MRDC, but
be warned that there is usually a
large amount of sand at the bottom of this path, and it is a bit
narrow. The parkway between
the Love Building and the Student Center is good, but leads to
a flight of stairs for those trying to
go further. To avoid this, carefully
use the parking lot near Sustainable Education and Boggs to get
to the Campanile without stairs.
East Campus has plenty of
space, but is busier for both cars
and people. To make matters
worse, many east campus buildings dont have the same support
for locking bikes as west campus
ones. In spite of this, dont lock
your bike to places they dont belong. Fences and railings are not
places to put your bike. In any
case, avoid both freshman hill and
the stairs to Skiles parkway by using fourth street instead of Bobby
Dodd Rd. Of course, be careful
of Peters Parking Deck as you go
this way. North Avenue is an option, but its not recommendable
during anything resembling traffic, so its best to avoid that road
where possible. Instead, if you
live in North Ave., follow the blue
route path in reverse to avoid the
maniacal cars.
A bike isnt just a mule to get
you from class to class or place to
place. It can be a tool of exploration and fun. Piedmont Park, the
Beltline and other such destinations around Atlanta that the
MARTA doesnt help you reach
suddenly feel so much closer.
Getting to these places can be assisted with an under used feature
of Google Maps. Get directions to
your destination, and change the
method to bike, and youll have a
bike-ready path to your new destination!

Secure your freedom

from college debt
Serve part-time in the Guard, and youll
be eligible for at least four financial
benefits to help pay for school. (Were
talking thousands of dollars.)
Plus, join the ROTC program, and
youre eligible for even more benefits,
and youll graduate as an officer with
officer-level pay ($$$).
Full-time school. Part-time service.
And a future without loads of debt.

Programs and Benefits Subject to Change

13BWNG-02_5.81x6.indd 1

9/23/15 9:24 AM

12 October 2, 2015 technique


puter science class he attended

in high school explained how the
code worked but didnt explain
what made the computer itself
tick. This motivated him to go on
and build a processor out of basic
circuit elements, which is able to
multiply two numbers together
and print the output in binary.
This interest in fundamentals is
what helped to sustain his fond-

ness for electrical engineering.

Basic electrical engineering is
very close to the physics of electrons, Johnson said.
He also expressed appreciation
for the fields usefulness and ubiquity, asking, Can you imagine
a car without electronics? Its the
backbone of modern society.
Johnsons range of interests
have brought him into contact

with technology both old and

new. He described how one of his
history teachers, a retired army
colonel, had an old radio which
he gave him for repair not a
simple task given its age.
The thing had dust bunnies
the size of my fist! Johnson exclaimed. I had to go to the antique store they dont make
vacuum tubes any more and I



To build with ones hands and
explore with ones mind this
is what many at Tech came here
to do. One such student is Josh
Johnson, a freshman computer
engineering major with a burning
interest in electronics that started
when he was just five years old.
This interest has led him to many
projects, such as a mid-twentieth
century radio and the creation
from the ground up of a simple
processor, and ultimately led him
to his current spot here at Tech.
What drives Johnson forward
in these projects is a desire to understand the principles technology is built on at every level.
I think its very important
that abstractions are understood
fully, and that not trying to do
that leaves a lot of questions unanswered, really leaves the entire picture incomplete, Johnson said.
He described how the com-

Photo courtesy of Joseph Johnson

Josh Johnson poses with the processor he built a few years ago. Once completed, the processor was able to multiply two numbers and display the result in binary.

had to run through half a dozen

to find four that worked out of the
many that didnt.
But he was successful and noted that AM stations on a vacuum
tube radio sound better than they
do on more modern equipment.
The attraction and fascination
with electronics went back to an
early age. His father is a Tech
graduate and mechanical engineer from the class of 91, and his
mother is a chemist, so he was exposed to science kits from an early
age. However, electronics was the
first one that stuck.
I was given a chemistry set
most of the reactions didnt work
right, Johnson said. I was given
a light microscope, and it couldnt
focus. I was given many biological
experiments, and some of these
failed miserably, including one
that got me sick. But I was always
able to get the electronic experiments to work.
He recalled how when he was
in the Boy Scouts, he would be
excited to go to meetings to talk
with an electrical engineer from
a local TV station who was there
and discuss hypothetical circuits
for hours.
These days, Johnson hasnt had
much time for any electrical engineering personal projects hes
been delving into the material
needed for his studies at Tech. He
said hed like to someday build
a transmission electron microscope, but thats a plan for far in
the future while he continues to
study and learns about how such
a project might be feasible. For
now, hes learning all he can and
enjoying his new environment of
inquisitive minds.

technique October 2, 2015 13




Autumn: colorful leaves, football games, the holiday season
approaching, perfect weather,
corn maze, pumpkin flavored everything and the crackling of late
night bonfires. The increasingly
cooler weather is an invitation to
a plethora of clothing choices that
are not only cozy, but classy.
Here are some ideas to dressing
comfortably in fall wear without
entering the hobo I-just-pulledan-all-nighter-and-havent-showered-in-three-days zone and more
hobo chic.
One of the classic fall styles is
a chunky knit sweater paired with
jeans and boots. Please hold off
breaking out your favorite ugly
Christmas sweater its not
winter yet. Popular autumn sweater palettes are heather gray and
olive green.
Fall is the season of versatile
outfits. Perfect for playing around
with layers and different clothing combinations that wouldnt

be acceptable during any other

season. Miss your shorts from the
summer? Dont be afraid to go a
little wild and wear some mustard
tights underneath them. Tuck a
loose sweater for a more put together effect. Layer a peacoat over
a collared dress, wool tights and a
berry colored scarf.
There are few cozier feelings than wearing an oversized
sweater with midnight black leggings while holding a warm cup
of tea. Paired with light colored
woolen leg warmers, youre set to
spend a day curled up with a book
or snuggling with your S.O.
Autumn is also the time to
experiment with more accessories. Add a splash of color to your
outfit with a small accessory like a

scarf or a knit hat a red, orange or

yellow to match with Falls warmcolored ambiance. Add another
bold color by painting your lips a
berry red.
For men, you cant go wrong
with a warm sweater layered over
a collared shirt. Its also the season
of soft flannels, that are essentially
like wrapping yourself in a blanket all day. Break out the beanies
too, because hat season is here.
From pom-pom-topped to slouchy
knits, beanies look good and keep
your ears warm. A soft, casual
blazer can enhance almost every
look with some class. In the fall
especially, blazers are an excellent
way to stay warm and stay sharp.
Who knows, you might even be
able to pull off a scarf with it.

Design by Ella Silva Student Publications



members of the sponsor teams

and received coding help as well.
Many of the sponsors also had
free trinkets to give away.
Hackers seemed to be generally pleased and impressed with
HackGT, despite some of the
This is my first hackathon,
so Im just here to see what its all
about, said Eric Schurdall, an
ECE major from Virginia Tech.
Im messing around with Unity
and the [Electronic Arts] APIs
that they were handing out earlier
just to have some fun.
Were working on an app that
crowdsources yes or no answers
for certain events, said Andrew
Kerr, a software engineering major from the University of Florida.
All in all, its been a pretty fun
weekend. Its inspired me to try to
participate in more hackathons.
What we came up with is an
app called Marco Polo, said Jay
Devanathan, a second-year CS
on his teams project. Essentially
you are sharing your location, and
you ask your friends to share their
location. The app will figure out
a coming point where you can
I think [HackGT] is pretty
cool, said Jatin Nanda, a secondyear CS also on Devanathans
team. Nice environment, lots of
food [and] the sponsors are really
At the end of the event, winners were announced. The first
place hack was BreadCrumbs,
created by Shashank Khanna, Takashi Wickes, Parav Nagarsheth
and Jehoshaph Akshay Chandran.

vice organizations, most organizations, be it a Greek organization

or a campus ministry, have service opportunities. The Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF)
is a Christian ministry on campus that has weekly service event
open to the entire Georgia Tech
community. Students can tutor
children at City of Refuge, knit
squares for blankets, or serve dinner in Grant Park. Students can
find out more about these opportunities and more at gtccf.org/
If students are not satisfied
with any of the opportunities on
campus, living in the middle of
Atlanta provides plenty of opportunities off-campus. With the
Atlanta Food bank, located only
six minute from Tech by car, students can help sort through food
and make boxes for families in
the community. In the warmer
months there is also the opportunity to work in a community
garden. The Atlanta Mission is
another organization and is near
campus. This organization works
to end homelessness and there are
a variety of services students can
work with to help.
Students can tutor with Gigis
Playhouse or Cristo del Rey or
serve food at a Ronald McDonald House. They can play games
with elderly folks at the Lutheran
Towers. If all else fails, they can
google whatever they want to
do + Georgia Tech or + Atlanta.
There are endless possibilities, all
of which are far more rewarding
than watching Netflix while procrastinating on homework.

Global Internship Program

Opportunities in Germany
with Cultural Vistas and DAAD
Monday, Oct 5 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Student Center, Room 332
Come and learn about internship and scholarship
opportunities in Germany

German Day Career Fair

Tuesday, Oct 6 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Bill Moore Student Success Center, Presidential Suites
Find internships and full-time positions with
German companies in the U.S. and Germany.
See company list here:

Mark Your Calendar!!!






Trishna Chandarana


Jamie Rule



October 2, 2015

Festival lively despite abrupt ending for some


TomorrowWorld returned to
Chattahoochee Hills, Ga. for the
third annual electronic dance music (EDM) filled weekend. Beginning in 2013, the colorful festival
is the American extension of Tomorrowland, one of the largest
EDM festivals in the world, hailing from Belgium.
TomorrowWorld is the largest
and perhaps most important festival for those who enjoy EDM in
the slightest. One does not have to
appreciate EDM in order to have
a good time at TomorrowWorld.
The main attraction of the music festival was that it was a grandiose adult carnival, and this affair
was definitely evident throughout
as patrons escaped the reality of
life for the weekend. Festival goers viewed TomorrowWorld as an
opportunity to relive their childhoods by playing dress up.
The food available was surprisingly good for a festival. Keeping
with the carnival theme, food was
served in tents. A wide range of
cuisine, including a few vegetarian options were served by local
and non-local restaurants.
However, at the end of the day,
the main attraction is still the music. The biggest headliners of the
festivals performed at the main
TomorrowWorld stage to a very
enthusiastic and large crowd.
Such headliners included Steve
Aoki, Adventure Club, and Afrojack. Other big names were
Bingo Players, Dimitri Vegas &
Like Mike and the closing act,
Hardwell. Considering the price

Photo courtesy of Elliott Brockelbank

The decor at TomorrowWorld was as extravagant as its name implies. The eager EDM fans in attendance were not disappointed by the performers, but transportation could use improvement.

of the tickets, these were phenomenal artists worth the money.

Newcomers and veterans enjoyed the artists, with each of
them bringing their own spin and
expertise onto the music being
performed. As the EDM scene is
growing in general, DJs and producers are getting more respect
for their chosen musical genre.
Last weekends performers have
not only the expertise and practice
to gauge their audience, but the
ability to apply this newly gained
However, there were definite
costs to all of this fun. Ticket

prices started at a moderate $150.

Furthermore, the cost of pregaming and transportation can easily
add another $100 to the expenses.
This does not even account for all
other expenses at the festival itself.
TomorrowWorld used its own
currency, which was given the
moniker of pearls. Pearls were
sold nine at a time for $20. Patrons could exchange pearls for
food, liquor and various trinkets
at the TomorrowWorld gift-shop.
This unique currency seemed to
have two important points which
could be easily overlooked.
First, pearls gave those in at-

Lives, which most likely will have

to fade into a more serious tone as
the student-run theatre prepares
for its second mainstage show
of the semester, William Shakespeares Othello.
The one-act production of
Parallel Lives captures the essence of social satire without losing the intimacy that is so often
cast aside in the midst of fun and
Parallel Lives opens with
two Supreme Beings creating the
human condition as we know it
in the manner of someone decorating a house or choosing a prom
dress that feels just right: The color
palette is of the utmost concern.
After this absurdly funny
scene, sketches of the day-to-day
lives of ordinary men and women
are put under the spotlight as the
Supreme Beings take a look at
the long-term outcomes of their
design. In these sketches, controversial and sensitive topics such
as gender roles, racism, religion,
abortion and AIDS are touched
upon in a fairly lighthearted manner through the lenses of diverse
Although the portrayals of the
characters are infused with humor and energy, at no point do
any of the performances feel like
caricatures. On the contrary, the
actors bring out the humanity and

complexity in each character. This

is an especially impressive feat because, being symbols of specific
demographics, the characters in
Parallel Lives could very easily
have been reduced to one-dimensional stereotypes for comedys
Additionally, the nuances of
the play-viewing experience were
so subjectively shaped that one
could not help but think that
both the writers and the director
were dead, as Roland Barthes, a
literary theorist and philosopher,
would have described it. The show
was continuously created and recreated by each individual in the
audience in a way that does not
happen with many of the plays
that follow the traditional narrative arc.
The audience leaving a performance of Arthur Millers The
Crucible will probably be unanimously interested in the same
turning points of the play. However, if the unsynchronized laughter coming from the audience is
indicative of anything, each spectator of Parallel Lives seems to
relate to a very different part of the
show compared to the person sitting to either side of them.
Originally a two-woman show,
Parallel Lives was altered to be
staged by six actors of both sexes
by DramaTech. This casting ob-

tendance the illusion that they

were not spending as much money
as they actually were. The second,
perhaps more interesting note
on the use of pearls, was that if
someone did not spend all of their
pearls, TomorrowWorld was offering to give a refund for the unused
currency at a 2.5 percent charge.
Perhaps the worst part of TomorrowWorld would have to be
returning to the real world and
home, wherever that may be for
each festival goer. Due to the inconvenient rain and decidedly
poor planning, the shuttles to take
patrons back to the Uber and taxi

pickup spots were unceremoniously cancelled with limited information. This meant that patrons
were forced to walk about four
miles in the woods of Georgia just
to have the pleasure of waiting for
their rides in the parking lot.
In addition to this less than
appreciated setback, Uber drivers
started taking bribes from patrons
before leaving instead of charging
the flat rate of $60. Most people
were not able to get back to their
homes or any other destination
until 7 a.m. the following morning.
Early Sunday, as the last of
the stragglers were finally pulling themselves out of the muddy
transportation debacle, festival
organizers announced that, due to
mother nature, only those in the
DreamVille camping area would
be able to attend that days festivities to much outrage online.
With this in mind, TomorrowWorld would have benefitted in
guest satisfaction by providing the
appropriate accommodations for
patrons; however, through oversight or other reasons, this did not
come to pass.
The costs of TomorrowWorld
as well as the general debacle that
was transportation may make potential festival attendees hesitant
to participate in TomorrowWorld;
however, in spite of all the trouble,
TomorrowWorld still remains the
festival to attend for EDM. The
company has already issued their
apologies and started looking into
refunds, and this is quite a strong
indication that this years transportation incident was simply a
misstep in the long run.

Play portrays the human condition humorously


Parallel Lives
WRITER: Mo Gaffney and
Kathy Najimy
DIRECTOR: Connor Kisling
PERFORMER: Jessica Cline,
Lexie Scott, and William
DATE: Sept. 25 - Oct. 3


Parallel Lives is an amalgam
of several thematically connected, yet narratively independent,
sketches based on Mo Gaffney
and Kathy Najimys Off-Broadway show, The Kathy and Mo
It is rather obvious that feminist sensibility brings Eve Enslers ever-popular The Vagina
Monologues to mind while its
experimental nature is reminiscent of sketch comedy shows
such as the popular Saturday
Night Live.
Last Friday, Sept. 25, DramaTech started its busy season with
the spirit of comedy in Parallel

Photo courtesy of Michael Boatwright

Parallel Lives began DramaTechs season with a humorous

performance. This show will play until the end of the weekend.

scured the humor that is inherent

in reversing the dynamics of the
traditional male impersonation of
women and the political undertones of gender-bending acting.
Still, this is an understandable
choice given practical reasons and
could even be said to have provided the audience with a wider spectrum of subjectiveness through
the actors.
Although the two Supreme
Beings are not pleased with how
white people and men turned out
to be, it is almost certain that they
enjoyed every minute of DramaT-

echs Parallel Lives and were

very proud of themselves for finally getting something right.
Fortunately for those who have
not been able to see DramaTechs
rendition of Parallel Lives this
passed week, the show will continue to be performed through
Oct. 3.
On a rather unrelated note,
if able to find a way to step back
from the hilarious performances,
try to spot the toaster so inconspicuously waiting for the
sympathetic nod of the audience

technique October 2, 2015 15



Bubble Cafe
LOCATION: Northside Dr.
CUISINE: Bubble tea, coffee
COST: $3 - $6
HOURS: Mon-Thurs 7 a.m.
- 11 p.m., Fri 7 a.m. - 12 a.m.,
Sat 8 a.m. - 12 a.m., Sun 8
a.m. - 11 p.m.


Joining the ranks of restaurant catering to the bubble tea fad like Honey

Bubble and Sweet Hut, nestled between

a strip of popular restaurants on Northside Dr., Bubble Caf is a hidden gem
for bubble tea lovers.
The restaurant has an inviting exterior, slightly contrasting the spacious
and minimalistic interior. While sleek
interiors have a tendency to be cold
and uninviting, Bubble Caf counters
this atmosphere by having warm purple
panels of light all around the restaurant.
Additionally, it is study-friendly with
plenty of tables, couches and, most importantly, outlets.
The staff is incredibly patient and
friendly while customers crowd around
the counter to read the menus plethora
of options. They are personable, and
willing to take the time to answer questions about and suggest toppings that
would compliment each drink.
Customers can choose the sweetness,
amount of ice and toppings in each

drink. Customers may be disappointed

that the first topping is complimentary
and additional toppings are extra.
Unlike other bubble tea shops, the
flavors of drinks Bubble Caf offers is
plenty and unique with options such as
rose, lavender and red bean.
The taro milk tea was delicious, flavorful and the right amount of sweet.
The drink was incredibly creamy, and
had an almost whipped consistency unlike rival bubble tea shops.
Unfortunately, not all of the milk
teas could be held to the same standards
as the taro. The popular Thai iced tea
was sub-par. It was incredibly watered
down and lacked the creaminess that
is common in milk teas. However, the
sweetness was not overpowering and
had a pleasant flavor. Additionally, the
bubbles were top quality.
The rose honey green tea more than
made up for the disappointing Thai iced

tea. However, despite expecting a bitter flavor that is associated with floral
essences, the rose honey green tea was
surprisingly sweet and heavenly.
In addition to the wide range of tea
selections, Bubble Caf also offers many
coffee options. The single shot espresso
had a nice, deep red crma and a brightly acidic taste.
With so many selling points, Bubble
Caf is selling itself short by closing at
11 p.m. If it stayed open later, it is sure
to be a hit amongst college students.
Bubble Caf sells a few pastries;
however, the options are measly in comparison to the list of drinks they offer.
This is arguably a positive aspect to the
restaurant because it is specializing on
producing quality drinks as opposed to
offering a range of mediocre options.
Ultimately, this restaurant is incredibly underrated, and should market itself better on Techs campus.
Design by Brighton Kamen Student Publications

New show screams its unoriginal horror plot


Scream Queens
WHEN: Tuesdays at 9 p.m.
STARRING: Emma Roberts,
Skylar Samuels and Glen


There seems to be little that

Ryan Murphy, Ian Brannan and
Brad Falchuk cannot do with
television. Their newest addition
to the world of entertainment,
Scream Queens, is a mixture
of horror typical of their previous
series American Horror Story,

speckles of humor from their bafflingly popular Glee and social undertones typical of Mean
The premise of the new series is
a murder mystery which involves
the sorority sisters and pledges of
Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT) at Wallace University. The women are
haunted by the murder of one of
the pledges from the 90s. In a
stereotypical plot, characters must
work to quickly figure out who
the killer is before all of the sorority sisters are brutally murdered.
The main cast includes queen
bee the of KKT Chanel (Emma
Roberts, American Horror Story), pledge Grace (Skyler Samuels, The Stepfather), fraternity
brother Chad Radwell (Glen
Powell, Red Wing), and Dean
Munsch. Before Munsch, KKT

was the elite sorority where only

the prettiest of girls were allowed,
but now, under new rules, they
must accept any pledge who wants
to join.
This new onslaught of pledges
includes Hester (Lea Michele,
Glee), a girl who is obsessed
with death, Zayday (Keke Palmer, Akeelah and the Bee), who
seems to be the first African
American pledge of KKT, and
Tiffany (Whitney Meyer), a girl
whose only purpose is to provide
humor about her deafness and obsession with Taylor Swift.
While the show is great, there
are definitely aspects that are lacking. One such aspect is with the
horror. Scream Queens relies on
humor for their deaths.
Horror fans will appreciate
how surprisingly mysterious some

of the deaths can be, considering

some who died may not actually be dead. There are only hints
of this plot point, though, so the
show is not quite a Scream ripoff yet.
Another aspect that is lacking
is the shows humor. First, viewers should not expect to be laughing because of every scene. Most
of the jokes are cruel or racist.
The sororitys maid is addressed
as White Mammy, Chanel describes the new pledge class as
filled with fatties and ethnics
and derogatory words addressed
towards the sisters of the house
seem to be coming out of Chanels
mouth in every scene.
Scream Queens also relies
heavily on stereotypes. One of the
uglier pledges is portrayed as
an outsider with no friends who

is obsessed with candles. Denise

Hempville (Niecy Nash, Horton Hears a Who!), the African
American security guard, is used
to provide an over-the-top portrayal of blackness.
Scream Queens premiered
with the pilot episode, as well as
the second episode entitled Hell
Week. That episode relied less on
stereotypes, which, presumably,
were used only to create an outlandish picture of who the characters are.
With a masked killer, stellar
one liners and plenty of plot twists,
Scream Queens is definitely a
show that will be on many viewers radars over the next couple of
months; however, those interested
will soon find that the new show
certainly caters to a specific type
of audience member.

Philanthropy at Work
The Deans Scholarship
enabled me to study
abroad, and to develop
my analytical and
problem-solving skills
which are highly relevant
to my chosen career of
Elana Burton, BA 2015
Alice Neal Deans
Scholar, Scheller
College of Business
Support from the Deans Scholarship
made it possible for Elana Burton to
complete the 21-hour minor in Engineering
and Business through the Steven A. Denning
Technology & Management Program in the
Scheller College.

Burtons study abroad experience included a month of

language immersion in Spain; upon her return to Atlanta,
she volunteered as a Spanish medical interpreter at the
local Good Samaritan Health Center.
Hometown: Peachtree City, Georgia
Current favorite hobbies: Foreign language study and
finding new restaurants in Atlanta

Endowments supporting undergraduate scholarships and

graduate fellowships, including the Deans Scholarship
program in the Scheller College, are a top priority for
Campaign Georgia Tech, the $1.5 billion effort to enable
Georgia Tech to define the technological research
university of the 21st century.

technique October 2, 2015 17


Taste of Atlanta persists despite unwanted rain


Last weekend marked the 14th
annual Taste of Atlanta festival.
From West Peachtree to Techwood, Tech Square was filled with
delightful aromas and delicious
food. The event featured over 90
restaurants from across Atlanta,
and the VIP experience offered
tastings of many different alcoholic drinks. Patrons spent Taste
Coupons to purchase small portions of a restaurants selected
dishes and to get a feel for what
food Atlanta has to offer.
Unfortunately, the weather was
not kind on Saturday. Throughout
the day, there was a fine mist and
light to heavy drizzle the kind
that fell sideways and ignored umbrellas. There were 40,000 people
expected in attendance, and noticeably fewer showed up on Saturday, preferring Sundays more
optimal forecast.
Despite the precipitation,
festival-goers seemed to be in
good moods overall, uplifted by
the rising scents of cooked meat.
New this year was an entirely paperless system: wristbands with
RFID chips inside were mailed to
the pre-orderers or bought at the
gates. These functioned as tickets
to enter the event and Taste Coupons to purchase food from the
booths, though some ended up
not working at the gate.
With WiFi hosted in the nowdefunct Wal-Mart, two taps of the
wristband on the scanners was all
it took to get some food from anywhere in the event. All wristbands
started with 10 points, and refilling cost one dollar per point.
Taste of Atlanta was kicked off
late Friday afternoon with a party
featuring live music and many
chefs and restaurants serving
food. Part of the proceeds for this
day went to The Giving Kitchen,

Photo by Tyler Meuter Student Publications

Pictured above is the wild boar tenderloin with hazelnut and champagne vinaigrette which was offered by Polaris. This interesting dish was but one of the many culinary options offered as samples at Taste of Atlanta last weekend.

which provides emergency grants

to Atlanta restaurants.
Saturdays and Sundays events
began at noon and featured the
restaurants in addition to a silent
auction, whose proceeds went to
the Cooking Matters charity. In
addition to Tech Square favorites
Waffle House, Gyro Bros and Tin
Drum, The Melting Pot, Bartaco,
Jim n Nicks BBQ, Zola Italian
and several dozen more restaurants lined 5th and Spring Streets.
There were about 10 different
barbecue joints, some seafood
places, a few East-Asian-cuisine
options and several sweeteries,
totalling to about 75 restaurants.
Additionally, there were several

event stages where chefs would

cook food while describing their
process, ingredients and motivations. These included Rock Your
Taco at The Chefs Table, How
to Grow Your Garden at Eat GA
Stage and Girls Who Grill at
the Big Green Egg Stage.
Events in The Kitchen Workshop were focused around letting
the patrons cook their own meals,
and Carnivals Kids Corner offered family-friendly recipes and
kid-friendly treats.
For those who snagged the limited VIP tickets, the space behind
the Conference Centers parking
deck opened up the Grand Tasting Experience where nothing




cost points to consume. An additional 19 restaurants became

available across both days, featuring Maine lobster rolls, miniature
chocolate peanut butter pies and
the crowd-favorite Braised Brasstown Beef Short Rib and Udderly
Cool Grilled Cheese by American Food & Beverage.
There were also wine and beer
tastings throughout this space,
but the locus of inebriation lied
in the Barcraft Atlanta tent,
where several Barcraft semifinalists whipped up cocktails and
where patrons could vote for their
favorite to be Taste of Atlantas
Best Bartender. While parts of
the VIP experience were on paved

the techn

ground, the Barcraft tent and the

live music were both on grass
more specifically, mud.
This lessened the experience to
the point where the only people at
the live music area were the band
on Saturday. Wooden boards were
set up in the Barcraft tent to walk
on, but sandals and heels were the
literal downfall of several people
in the muddier regions.
Despite the drizzle and mud on
Saturday and the clouds casting
shadows on Sunday, the mood of
the crowd having eaten food could
not be dampened. The tastes of
Atlanta were not the only things
featured last weekend: the spirit of
Atlanta was also on display.





to become a part of
a lively intellectual


to exploring
innovative ways to
address problems

to take their
education beyond
the classroom


visit www.honorsprogram.gatech.edu, click
on Admissions Process, and download the
Applications are due
Thursday, October 15th by 5pm





18 October 2, 2015 technique




1. Narrow escape from encounter with sharp razor?
9. On reflection Val is hard but generous (6)
10. Gran gets ring back in very short time (10)
11. Person revered by one pretty girl mostly (4)
12. One who foretells financial advantage for the auditor (7)
15. Cuts around university floodgates (7)
16. Irritable character in Grahames story (5)
17. Rocks and Ecstasy impounded by judge (4)
18. Prevent vessels returning (4)
19. One following strict diet, say, in the lead (5)
21. Territorial dispute causing conflct at the racecourse? (4,3)
22. Left with beam after show (7)
24. Metal item used to control pet (4)
27. Symbolic tales spreading lies galore (10)
28. Striking single, move faster than opponent (6)
29. Forced away gentle bird (5,5)





2. One departing bar is heard (6)
3. Northerner puts son on bed (4)
4. Around lake theres poor protection (7)
5. Above taking part in wildcat operations (4)
6. Ageing tree starts to look yellowish (7)
7. One justifying V-sign (10)
8. Could be holy popish thinking (10)
12. At sea patrol boat loses a little time in Welsh seaside town (4,6)
13. Responds excessively when engineer gets stuck
into ham (10)
14. Sailor takes exercise to become thinner (5)
15. Reversed roles for band (5)
19. Homeless person in Virginia given allowance (7)
20. Is familiar we hear with happy bunch... (7)
23. ...a toff, too (2,4)
25. Predatory creature rising with tide (4)
26. A danger to swimmers in Oregon and California

technique October 2, 2015 19









20 October 2, 2015 technique


Golf competes in Collegiate Challenge


Techs mens golf team had
a busy weekend in Franklin
Springs, Tenn., at the Dicks
Sporting Goods Collegiate Challenge. The weekend was packed
full of close competition as the
Jackets did their best to break
their ties that developed early on
in the tournament.
By the end of the first day of
the tournament, the Jackets were
all tied up. Sophomore James
Clark ended the first day of the
tournament with a five-player tie
for eighth place at a two under par
140. Junior Vincent Whaley tied
with six others for No. 16, sophomore Chris Petefish tied for No.
29, junior Michael Hines for No.
36 and sohpomore Jacob Joiner
for No. 45.
Trapped in ties, the Jackets
finished day one anxious for day
twos competition.
It was a positive day in a lot
of ways, said head coach Bruce
Heppler, courtesy of ramblinwreck.com. We made 19 birdies
in the morning round but had too
many big scores. This afternoon,
we struggled to make birdies,
but we stayed away from the big
numbers. The course is a challenge, and our guys complete all
36 holes.
We just need a couple of guys
to get under par and give us some
momentum. Im looking forward
to see how we handle tomorrow.
Day two did not disappoint.

Whaley shot a 4 under par 67, the

best individual round of the day
and the best round of the fall for
him personally. Petefish left day
two in a tie for 29th place. Joiner
tied for 55th at 230. Hines also
completed day two locked in a tie
for 36th place. With the only win
for the Jackets on day two, Clark
broke his tie for eighth place. As
a team, Tech finished the second
day in a tie for No. 7 with Florida
at 15 over par 867.
Still unable to break their ties,

the Jackets went into day three

looking to rally for a win. Things
looked hopeful as Clark defeated
Floridas Ryan Celano early on.
He led from the start of the match
with a birdie on the par three 10th
hole and extended his lead four
holes to the seventh before Celano
rallied. However, the rally wasnt
enough to prevent Clarks eventual victory.
Whaley also had a successful
day. Tied almost his entire match
with Sam Hopkins, Whaley

earned another half for the Jackets. Hines played a close match
against Ryan Orr, but was not
able to earn a victory. The Jackets,
unable to come from behind, lost
to Florida in the match play portion of day three.
With time left to prepare,
the Jackets are hoping to make
a comeback at the United States
Collegiate Championship. The
three-day tournament begins October sixteenth at the Golf Club of
Georgia in Alpharetta.


The mens and womens swimming and diving teams open their
seasons this afternoon at the CRC
as they host Liberty University
and Penn State. All home meets
are free and open to the public to
The softball team is 1-0-1 in
fall action after a two-game series
with Emory over the weekend. The
team will continue its fall slate this
upcoming Sunday at home with a
doubleheader against Anderson.
Brothers Casey and Michael
Kay won the doubles tournament
over Arkansas at the Georgia Tech
Invitational over this past weekend. Tech also won four out of five
singles matches on the final day of
the three-day event.

Photo by Danny Karnik GTAA

Junior Vincent Whaley has emerged as a strong leader for the Jackets, shooting a personal season best 67, 4 under par, on day two of last weekends tournament.

Playoff games for all Fall Phase
1 intramural sports are set to begin this week. The flag football
playoffs begin at 6 p.m. on Monday with three games in the independent division. Division champions in the sport will be crowned
Thursday night, with the school
championship bracket commencing the following Tuesday.

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22 October 2, 2015 technique


Before the start of the season,

if you were to say my Atlanta Falcons (who went 6-10 last year)
would start off 3-0 against the
three best teams of the dangerous
NFC East, I would have politely
laughed in your face. This is the
team that Ive watched embarrass
themselves over and over again in
the past two seasons. This is the
team that could not even beat out
the seven-win Carolina Panthers
to win the division. My emotional
scars, my trust issues, my pessimistic outlook on life can all be
blamed on this team this Godforsaken, pitiful excuse for a team.
But not this year. This year,
theyve changed. This year, the
boys have become men. This year,
the darkness has turned into light.
They have taken off the cloak of
failure and put on the breastplate
of glory. This year, they no, we
are going to the Super Bowl.
While watching the first three


games, there were times where

previous feelings of disappointment crept up. Each game, the
Falcons were behind in the fourth
quarter. They had either given up
a double-digit lead or were trying
to come back from a double-digit
deficit. Either way, signs of the
Falcons-of-old seemed to be everpresent.
But in 2015, something is different: They finished. They played
strong until the end and stayed
resilient, and they finished. Is it
pretty? Hell no! Theyve had about
six quarters of ugly football. But
for three weeks in a row, they have
continued to silence my doubts.
Let us start with the offense.
Its absolutely amazing. I dont
think Ive seen anything more
majestic. This year, Matt Ryan
has the opportunity to hush any
doubters and thrust himself into
the coveted category of elite quarterbacks. So far, hes making the
most of it. Not only has he orchestrated three fourth-quarter
comebacks, but hes doing so with
the poise and gracefulness of a
Mongolian gazelle. Look at the
numbers: He is currently top 10
in passing yards, touchdowns and
completion percentage.
Let us not forget about his
partner in crime, Julio Jones. Unlike Matt Ryan, Julio is already in
the elite echelon at his position,
but is he good enough to be the
best of the best?
Absolutely. Right now, he is the
top receiver in receiving yards and
yards after catch, and he is also
tied No. 2 for touchdown receptions. He is managing to do this
all while opponent defenses are
focusing their efforts to neutralize

him. They know whos getting the

ball, yet they still cannot stop this
beautiful specimen. While he may
lack the flash of last years posterchild Odell Beckham Jr, his sheer
talent and consistency are secondto-none in the NFL. Along with
the creative genius of offensive
coordinator Kyle Shanahan, Ryan
and Jones are on course to be the
most dangerous duo in the league.
Next, let us look at the defense.
Good God, the defense. Yes, Im
talking about the defense that has
been nothing short of awful for
the past two years. In terms of
giving up points and yards, they
have been living at the bottom of
the barrel. But after this seasons
start, they have been just below
average. They are No. 16 in giving up points per game and No.
23 in giving up yards. Allow me
to rephrase: Theyre not the worst
Now let us focus on the magical wizard behind it all: Firstyear head coach Dan Quinn has
changed the mentality of this Falcons squad. From watching multiple interviews and press conferences, his energy, focus and love
for the game is certainly contagious. The discipline and intensity
of the Seattle Seahawks, for whom
he was defensive coordinator, has
carried over to Atlanta, and it
Unlike in years past, the Falcons defensive squad can take the
field on third down expecting a
stop, finally approaching the level
of their high-powered offense.
The 2013 and 2014 Falcons never
would have been able to win these
past three games. However, there
is a new level of toughness we At-

Photo courtesy of Keith Allison

The Atlanta Falcons are off to a 3-0 start this season with wins against the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

lantans havent seen in a while.

They arent even in their best
form right now. Quinn and Shanahan have only been here eight
months. The offensive line was
assembled just days before opening kickoff. Devin Hester and
Tevin Coleman have been out

Taste of Germany
11am to 1pm
Skiles Walkway

Day 2015


German Career Fair

2pm to 4pm
Student Success Center
Pres. Suites A-D

Roundtable discussion

A Global Education with a Career Path Vision

4pm to 5pm
For more information, contact: Student Success Center
Allison Noffsinger | allison.noffsinger@oie.gatech.edu Clary Theater
Bettina Cothran | bettina.cothran@modlangs.gatech.edu

with injuries. Imagine how much

more dangerous they could become by winter. Along with one
of the leagues easiest schedules,
these Dirty Birds are looking at
a future brighter than Rihannas
diamonds. Personally, I dont see a
reason they couldnt go 19-0.

technique October 2, 2015 23



The Tar Heels run a spread offense quarterbacked by senior three-year-starter Marquise Williams. He was responsible for over 3,800 yards and
35 touchdowns for UNC a year ago and lit up the
Jackets secondary with 390 yards and four touchdowns in their last meeting. His performance in
2014 also earned him a second-team AllACC selection, behind only FSUs
Jameis Winston. However, he
was benched in the second half
of last weeks game against
FCS Delaware, and there was
some speculation that he would
lose the starting job to Mitch
Trubisky, who threw for 312
yards and four touchdowns in the
second half of that game. Head
coach Larry Fedora assured the
media that Williams will remain
the starter heading into this
week. Either way, the Tar
Heels have the ability to
put up some gaudy passing numbers.
Williamss primary

the brunt of the work at the B-back position. Aback Broderick Snoddy only saw two carriers last
week at Duke as he had suffered a hand injury, but
with an extra week to recover, he should provide
a spark to a Tech offense that desperately needs it.
UNC possesses a lockdown defensive secondary,
so do not expect too much through the air from
Tech in this game. Consequently, the Tar Heels
may commit more players to stopping the option
than usual, making it harder for the Jackets to set
their own offensive tempo.

Sophomore running rack Elijah Hood missed

the Tech game last year due to an injury. He is the
Tar Heels primary running back, averaging 6.5
yards per rush and just under 100 yards per game.
Williams will run the ball himself on quite a few
occasions throughout the game, testing the discipline of the Jackets front seven.
The defense is performing much better
this year under defensive coordinator Gene
Chizik compared to previous seasons. The
team ranked near the bottom of the nation in 2014 with an average of 39 points
allowed per game but is surrendering just
14.8 points per game so far this season.
The pass defense ranks third in the nation at 114 yards per game and has twice
as many interceptions (four) as touchdowns
allowed (two). However, the team gives up
twice as many yards on the ground compared
to through the air and will have to find an
answer for the Jackets option attack. Since
the Jackets do not have much of a downfield threat, expect the Tar Heels to keep
more players in the box committed to
stopping the run.

The defensive
secondary will
have its hands
full trying to
cover all of
UNCs weapons. The unit
much of their efforts on stopping wide
receiver Ryan Switzer. The undersized yet
speedy junior torched the Jackets a year ago in
Chapel Hill, amassing 136 yards and two touchdowns on nine receptions. Switzer also has the
ability to make explosive plays on special teams,
an area in which the Jackets have struggled as of
With the UNC defense surrendering a lot of
ground yards but few touchdowns, the kicking
game will be a factor. Harrison Butker recovered
from a mediocre outing in South Bend to hit
both of his attempts against Duke from 48 and
52 yards out. Hopefully for Tech, the home environment combined with the confidence from last
week will allow him to convert on his attempts.


The Jackets are coming off two straight losses

to formidable opponents
in Notre Dame and Duke
and are looking to rebound
against another ACC opponent. They will need to develop a consistent rhythm
on offense and eliminate their
mistakes on special teams in order
to have a chance in this game.
The same offense which looked so potent earlier in the season has sputtered against stronger
competition. They will face another tough test
this week against a revamped defense that allows
just 14.8 points per game. After looking unstoppable in the first two games, Justin Thomas has
put up pedestrian numbers on the ground. He has
also looked out of sync on the option, making a
few poor reads and pitching the ball behind his
A-backs on multiple occasions. This week should
be an opportunity to improve against a bendbut-dont-break defense that has surrendered 914
yards on the ground already.
Patrick Skov and Marcus Marshall will receive

target is junior wide receiver Ryan Switzer, who is

also in his third year as a starter. He can accelerate
quickly off the line of scrimmage and is very elusive
in open space. Expect receivers Bug Howard and
Quinshad Davis to also see a significant amount
of targets.







Showcase, Present, and Inspire





Jon Long


Joe Sobchuk


Here Comes Carolina

The Technique previews Tech's

upcoming game against the North
Carolina Tar Heels.423



October 2, 2015

Volleyball grinds to 2-0 start in ACC play


The Tech volleyball team
played with authority and nerve
this past weekend, opening
ACC play with a 3-0 sweep versus Clemson on Friday, Sept. 25,
and a come-from-behind 3-2 win
against Boston College on the
following Sunday. With these
victories, the Jackets posted an
impressive 11-3 record, which
is third best in the conference.
Opening up conference play for
a third straight year on the road,
the Jackets were hampered little, if
any, by Fridays road trip to Clemson, S.C.
Tech had not won in Clemson
since 2009, but that was meant
to change this year as the Jackets
match against the Tigers was a
poaching. In the first set, Tech
took a very early lead at 2-1 and
never looked back, winning easily
by a score of 25-17. Sets two and
three proved to be slightly more
difficult affairs, but the Jackets
still won comfortably by scores of
25-20 and 25-19, respectively.
Its always a hard place to
play here, so it was nice to have
this performance on the road,
said head coach Michelle Collier,
courtesy of ramblinwreck.com.
I think it was a good team win.
The best performance of the
match goes to the usual suspect
Teegan Van Gunst, who had a
double-double with 18 kills and
13 digs. The Jackets were thrilled
to open conference play in the

winning column, but they could

not celebrate for long as their
match against the Boston College
Eagles in the OKeefe Gymnasium was scheduled two days later.
After having flown south from
Boston to Atlanta, the Eagles
showed no signs of migrationsickness as they jumped out early
on the Jackets by a lead of two sets
to zero.
Fortunately for the hometown

crowd, the team was not fazed.

Late in the third match, the Jackets found themselves under pressure, down 27-26 and just one
point away from losing the match
in a sweep. However, the Jackets
refused to fold by rallying back to
win 28-27. In the fourth set, the
Jackets once again bent but did
not break, overcoming a late deficit en route to a 25-23 victory to
keep their hopes alive.

Tech then dominated Boston

College in the final set, winning
15-9 and securing their comefrom-behind victory.
Collier was impressed by the
teams refusal to accept defeat.
It was an amazing team effort, Collier said, courtesy of
ramblinwreck.com. We knew
we were so close to winning those
first two sets, and we had to stay
together and keep our mind in

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Teegan Van Gunst celebrates a point against Siena last month. She was awarded ACC Player
of the Week honors for the second time this season for her performance over the weekend.

the game. Im proud of the players that came off the bench and
helped us change things up. Im
proud of how we fought.
The Jackets sensational win
was a team effort led by Teegan
Van Gunst, who tallied 22 kills
and 12 digs, giving her eight
double-doubles on the season, and
Anna Kavalchuk, who was the offensive spark the Jackets needed,
as she got the rally going in the
third set and finished the match
with 12 kills.
Libero London Ackerman
reached the 1,000 career digs
threshold in the match against
Boston College. After her great
weekend performance, Teegan
Van Gunst was named ACC Player of the Week, her second time
this season receiving the honor.
Coming off of this great first
weekend of ACC play, the Jackets move forward looking to keep
the winning streak alive. Heading
into a weekend of two difficult
match-ups, the Jackets will be
concentrating all of their practice
time in preparation for their away
matches versus a tough Miami
team on Friday, Oct. 2, followed
by an even tougher, No. 17 Florida State team on Sunday, Oct. 4.
This years volleyball team
looks much better than any other
Tech team has looked over the
past few seasons. Given the right
amount of practice, preparation
and luck, this group of girls has
the best chance do something
Tech has not done since 2010: upset Florida State in Tallahassee.

Mistakes continue to haunt Techs offense


After Techs first two games,
junior quarterback Justin Thomas
looked to be en route to his deadliest season yet, eluding hapless defenses and making decisive reads.
Two weeks later, the scene
could hardly be more different.
Fresh off a difficult defeat at the
hands of Notre Dame and a stinging conference loss to rival Duke,
Tech fans are justified in wondering what exactly has happened to
the offense Thomas has skillfully
directed. Whether the Jackets
contend for an ACC championship or finish in middle of conference hinges upon how well Coach
Johnson and the offense can
answer that question.
A significant issue that the
Jackets have faced in the last two
games is the offensive lines inability to open lanes in the run game,
typically a hallmark of that unit.
In wins versus Alcorn State and
Tulane, the team did not look as
though it would miss the stellar
play of All-American right guard
and draft pick Shaq Mason, but
the poor play by the veteran offensive line and the inexperience
at the skill positions has been exposed in recent weeks.
The team was held to its lowest rushing total in almost two
years. That is a serious concern
for a team that prides itself on

playing clock-chewing, smashmouth football. Coach Johnson

has not been afraid to criticize the
unit. After the Notre Dame loss,
Johnson mentioned that the team
missed over 70 assignments on
offense. His comments after the
teams loss this past Saturday were
even more critical. Against Duke,
the blocking was once again subpar, and the team couldnt handle
Duke safety Jeremy Cash.
Another potential cause of
Techs inability to run the ball
against high-profile opponents
has been an inability to throw the
ball efficiently.
Historically, quarterbacks in
the Paul Johnson offense pass to
make running the football easier.
When a defense must respect a
teams ability to make deep completions, its ability to stop the run
is weakened.
Last season, Thomas completed 51.3 percent of his passes for
9.2 yards per attempt and a 153.9
rating. The past two games, his
completion percentage is 31 percent, and he is averaging only 5.8
yards per attempt. The past two
games have been the lowest completion percentages of his career.
Granted, the presence of any
sort of pass blocking has been
nonexistent, but the lack of reliable targets such as former wide
receivers DeAndre Smelter and
Darren Waller certainly contributes to the issue.

With junior receiver Michael

Summers missing time due to an
upper-body injury, Tech is in dire
need for a second receiver to step
up to go along with sophomore receiver Ricky Jeune.
Despite these issues, Techs offense statistically ranks as one of
the better units in the nation, although these numbers have been
skewed thanks to the two early
drubbings to start the season.
Additionally, the defenses admirable performances versus both
Notre Dame and Duke have been
After losing to Duke, Johnson
said the defense in the second half
was as good as it has ever been in
his time at Tech. Stellar defensive
play will make it much easier for
the offense the rest of the year.
Fortunately, the offense faces
an easier defense this weekend.
UNC has yet to surrender more
than 17 points in a game, but
theyve played inferior competition. Their defense allowed Delaware to run for 279 yards last
After losing two consecutive
games last season, Thomas and
his teammates went on a torrid
run that returned Tech football
to national relevance. If the offensive line solidifies and Thomas
acclimates well to his new weapons, there is no reason to believe
the same success is not possible in

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Redshirt freshman A-back TaQuon Marshall carries the ball

against Tulane. Marshalls role has expanded due to injuries.