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On the job training which is commonly known as OJT is said to be one of the best training method

because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employees worksite, OJT is done by
students like me to comply in a particular course requirement; it is not just simply complying but
also it helps the student like me to assess and experience the feeling of working in the corporate
world. I am Maria Jeanette L. Daet a BSBA- Accounting Management student who completed a
total of 300 hours of work at Philippine National Bank from April 14, 2015 until June 5, 2015.
Before my OJT has been done, I could say that from the day that a person would apply, it is not
an easy thing but I believe that thinking positively helps a person get a job. For me, searching for
the company that I wish to go on training is hard but it is given at the time I least expected. I
assume it is the right place at the right time which God has given. During my first week at work is
exciting and challenge because I know it is my training as an individual to develop my skills in
contributing to the companys growth. In the first day of my first week at the bank, orientation has
been done including the introduction of employees, awareness in policies and rules, how to
callback, scanning of accounting files with their software and sorting of checks that will be used in
the bank statement of the clients. On the second week of training, it is the mastering of the things
that had been oriented to us. Those things are scanning and saving the accounting documents in
the banks used software. Those accounting documents or files are bills payment slips, deposit
slips, credit memos, debit memos, withdrawal slips, encashment, due from transactions, paid over
the counter checks, incoming checks, outgoing checks, FC transactions, interbranch transactions
and general ledger tickets. Aside from mastering those things, there are also codes that are being
used in every account like in the savings account, checking account, cash card account and on
the negotiable order of withdrawal. Trainees are advised and guided under the BOA or so called
Branch Operations Assistant. Trainees do it every day what is being taught from the past few days
or week. So aside from paper works the branch manager let us come with him in meeting clients
and see what it is like to be a branch manager of a bank. It is a nice experience working outside
the bank to verify customer information and just talk about business but in a cordial manner that
will feel the client comfortable and secure in banking with PNB. An employee also needs a break
so as a trainee and being part of the company or bank, trainees are also required to join in their
company outing to relax and chill. This is done to know each one of co workers deeply, not only
with their field of work but their personal lives outside to be able to understand one another and
work together as a team. Third week, back to work again, so aside from the things that we used to
do like scanning, sorting, call backing the accounting documents, trainees including me is being
instructed to be at the New Accounts department and see what happens there and what
transactions is being done every day. Questions are freely asked and good for us, trainees,
because people at that bank are approachable and they treat each other as family. After being at
the New accounts, we are taught to do clearing of checks to be sent at the Philippine Clearing
House. Another, we trainees are taught how to answer phone calls politely. Fourth week, it is the
month of May, me together with my co-trainees sorted, scanned, saved and filed the accounting
documents; putted a validation in it after checking at the ledgers or journal. We are also taught to
make an Interbranch transmittal slip, and do the bank statement for the month of April. We are
also able to sort checks which are stale checks, postdated, outdated and antedated for clearing
and accounting purposes. And as a part of the bank, employees together with the trainees are
also required to pass credit card applications; this is an order from the head. The following weeks
had been the same work being done. Aside from those work stated above, we also made 02
which is the tellers account. We also have to know the banks product like Healthy Ka Pinoy, car

loans, housing loan, trust and investment, business loan, life insurance, car insurance, ATMs,
credit cards and many more. Balancing and recording of accounts under BOA. Trainees are also
needed to familiarize the New Accounts files like SSD, IDD and others. I was able to use what I
learned in my accounting subjects regarding the transferring of cost of each supply used. I
learned also to make late checks using the debit and credit tickets and searching for BRSTN for
tellers usage and was able to dispatched checks from the volt.
With all those things I have done as part of the company, I learned to be more careful with every
transaction and learned to act professionally in a cordial way in facing clients. Working in a bank
requires a full understanding of work or field being assigned and there are a lot of acronyms to
know to secure their files and to make things better. In every work it is important to be always
positive, alert, patient, and do things before deadlines. Always be motivated to get things done
under pressure and have the time management. Do the job ethically and it requires teamwork and
must create good coworker relationship. All in all, as a trainee in the Philippine National Bank I
had a great experience and I can say that I learned a lot being a part of that corporate world.