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Ali un Wali Ullah

Fathemah binte Asad

Was expecting Ali (a.s)
She could tell that this child
Was a hero to be
She prayed near the Kaaba
Oh God will you please
Help me to deliver
This baby with ease
The walls of a corner
Split opened a crack
Then entered the lady
There was no turning back

The people around

Saw the walls make a shut
They tried to unlock
The doors, with no luck
Four days had passed by
There was cause for alarm
Soon emerged the great lady
With Ali (a.s) in her arms
I was helped by dear Maryam (a.s)
Lady Aasya (a.s) was there
There was food from the heavens
I was seen to with care

Abu Talib rejoiced

Banu Hashim did too
Mohammad (s.a.w) was cheerful
I was waiting for you
My uncle, this child
May I take him with me?
Hell be under my wing
In my custody
He was influenced well
He was nurtured with love
Had a brilliant mind
He achieved way above

The Prophet (s.a.w) invited

His kith and his kin
Accept this religion
And you shall all win
Ali (a.s) was the first
To willingly submit
There is no God but Allah
I believe and admit
Mohammed (s.a.w) is Saadiq
He does not ever lie
If he says hes a messenger
Theres no questioning why

Ill be your devotee

Your helper and aid
Ill support you forever
A promise was made
As a young boy of ten
He was smarter to know
What is right? What is wrong?
And then which way to go
Mohammad (s.a.w) declared
He is loyal to me
I conclude as of now
Ali (a.s) is my Wali

The word of the Prophet (s.a.w)

Is always sublime
Each sentence thats said
Is a notice Divine
There were some that approved
They would gladly accept
The others denied
They would only reject
Abu Taalib decided
Mohammads not safe
Lets move to the ravines
To protect him, in case

The kufaar were harassing

The Muslims so much
They were banned from transactions
They had no food as such
They survived in great hardship
With no means to fight
Subjected to boycott
With no voice for their right
Khadija (a.s), her wealth
Was useful indeed
She gave it this time
To sustain them in need

Three years had passed by

Ali (a.s) was with him
Consoling Mohammed (s.a.w)
Through thick and through thin
At last they came back
To their homes they returned
They sought compromise
It was duly confirmed
They continued to preach
In the next few years plan
No one else would reform
Not even a man

They were worshipping Idols

For all of this while
We dont like to give up
Our used to, life style
It is time we moved out
We need to progress
Islam needs to blossom
We are just too suppressed
People from Madina
Came to trade in the land
Impressed by the teachings
Gave Mohammaad (s.a.w) their hand

We acknowledge the Oneness

Of the God of Islam
You are a true messenger
We accept with eemaan
This religion has beauty
Theres justice, theres peace
Do come to Madina
And stay, as you please
Welcome to our city
Oh do be our guest
Arrangements are made
For your comfort and rest

Many Muslims migrated

They were safe and were fine
But Mohammed (s.a.w) was waiting
For instructions Divine
The All-knowing informed him
Youre surrounded by foe
It is time to leave Mecca
So now you must go
They are planning to kill me
Tonight on my bed
Ali (a.s) will you lie down
And sleep here instead

Put on these, my clothes

Pretend you are me
It will give me the time
To get out and to flee
At once, my dear cousin
Whatever you say
It gives me great pleasure
To make smooth your way
Mohammad (s.a.w) was touched
He had tears in his eyes
He hugged and he kissed him
They said their goodbyes

The Angels protected

Ali (a.s), as he slept
The enemies approached
And silently crept
About to attack
The person they thought
It was not Mohammad (s.a.w)
But Ali (a.s), that they caught
Where is Mohammad (s.a.w.)?
How come you are here?
Lets go on a search
He must still be quite near

Our dearest Mohammad (s.a.w)

Escaped in good time
He was close to Madina
Was well and was fine
Ali (a.s) was to follow
He would always obey
He escorted the ladies
Soon went on his way
Oh people of Madina
God bless you, we pray
We are grateful to you
You relieved us today

From now we are brothers

He assigned each a pair
We will help one another
Well respect and well care
Ali (a.s) I choose you
As my partner and heir
I feel so at ease
When I know you are there
Ali (a.s), oh my brother
Oh the closest to me
You provide me with comfort
In all misery

Ali (a.s), my best friend

Oh the strength of Rasool (s.a.w)
You will serve us with water
At the great Kausars pool
Moosa (a.s) had Haroon(a.s)
For support in his case
Ali (a.s) I have you
To brighten my face
He has many fine virtues
Uncounted, untold
He is known to be Hayder
He is born to be bold

I will offer my daughter

Lady Fathemah, to you

There is no man more worthy
So what can I do?
I accept this great honor
Oh my Master Rasool (s.a.w)
Shes a great noble lady
Your daughter Batool (a.s)
I will love her, protect her
With all of my heart
I will cherish her forever
Till death do us part

Ali (a.s) would assist

His wife in her chores

The Prophet endorsed
Youve earned blessings in scores
They were kind to the needy
The orphans, the weak
They wanted Gods pleasure
Thats all they would seek
Many aayats descended
In praise of Ali (a.s)
The aayat of tat-heer
Honours his family

All doors of the masjid

Were told to be shut

Except for Alis (a.s)
Cause I love them so much
Each morning the Prophet
Would stand by their door
May Peace be upon you
Gods blessings and more.
The Meccans were angry
They wanted a war
They brought a great army
To settle the score

They came close to Madina

And were stopped on the way

The Muslims were waiting
At Badar, on that day
We Muslims are few
Only three-one-and-three
Our morals are low
We are worried, you see
Have faith in your Lord
You just do your best
You prove yourself worthy
And Hell do the rest

You will win in both cases

If you die or survive

If youre martyred, dont worry
Youre forever alive
Death has been appointed
It has to be faced
Come sooner or later
We have to embrace
If only you knew
What death is about
You would run to your graves
Without any doubt

The Angels are waiting

With bouquets in their hands

To welcome you, Momin
They respectfully stand.
The Muslims were heartened
We will do what it takes
For the love of Rasool (s.a.w)
For Islam and its sakes
There were one-to-one battles
In single combats
And the Muslims did manage
To beat their attacks

Allah o Akbar

Was the call out aloud

The Muslims prevailed
And felt, oh so proud
Ali (a.s) was the strength
He was bravest of all
He killed most of the enemies
And prevented a fall.
The battle of Uhad
Was the next one to be
There were archers assigned
To guard and to see

The Muslims were winning

They took over the field

But got pre occupied
In collecting the yield
The archers were told
To stay put on the stand
But tempted by booty
They left and they ran
The rivals returned
They continued attack
They saw a great chance
To resume and get back

What a terrible mishap

Muslims were at loss

Mohammad (s.a.w) was injured
In all this chaos
Ali (a.s), he was firm
He fought all the way
Though injured severely
Then too, saved the day
Jibraeel (a.s) thus announced
There is no match by far
No brave heart like Ali (a.s)
Nor his sword Zulfiqaar

Though Muslims did triumph

Many lives were still lost

Not patient enough
Had to pay a big cost
The Meccans were furious
We need to get back
They included some tribes
And re-planned an attack
Mohammad (s.a.w.) was anxious
How do we defend?
Madinas at risk
We have limited men

Lets make a wide trench

Around this city

The enemies cant cross
Said Salman Farsi
Khunduq was soon ready
An idea so great
Lets pray to Almighty
To favour our fate
The forces from Mecca
Arrived near the town
They saw the deep pit
That stretched all around

They said to themselves

So, now what shall we do?

We can no way go over
This tactic is new
Then Umro and his men
They circled the ground
They looked for a way
And soon it was found
The dig was quite narrow
They motioned their steed
They jumped over the ditch
And crossed it with speed

Umro was well known

For his valour and might

He challenged with pride
Who dare comes to fight?
I am waging this war
To vanquish you all
Islam will be ruined
I will make sure you fall
Ali (a.s), then responded
I will fight back with you
But first, heres an offer
Accept what is true

Mohammad (s.a.w) pronounced

Today, in this duel

All-eemaan is against
The all-infidel
There was a rough clash
Like a thunder so loud
Not much could be seen
In the sand dusty cloud
A struggle was heard
All hearts beating wild
Then appeared our Ali (a.s)
His face wore a smile

The Muslims delighted

Daredevil is done
All thanks to Ali (a.s.)
The battles been won
Ali (a.s), I confirm,
Your one strike of this kind
Is greater than worship
Of all jinn and mankind
The Meccans were thinking
Now how will we cope?
Our champions been killed
There is left little hope

Then struck a great lightening

A storm hard to bear

The winds were a gushing
Things flew every where
Abu Sufyan then decided
The conditions not right
They could only withdraw
And return home that night.
The neighboring tribes
Of Jews, were a pain
They were bothering the Muslims
Again and again

They were safe in a fortress

Khyber was its name

Sent Mohammed his men
Take control and then tame
Each time that they tried
They had to retreat
The Jews were determined
Were firm in their feet
Tomorrow I will give
This banner to him
Who does not leave from Khyber
Until he does win

He is loved by Almighty

And His Prophet as well

The feeling is mutual
One can easily tell
The Muslims were wondering
Oh who could he be?
The Prophet (s.a.w.) recited
The Naad-e-Ali (a.s)
Within a few moments
Ali (a.s) was nearby
I cant see too clearly
There is pain in my eye

No worries, oh Ali (a.s)

Here let me help you

My Prayers to Allah
Will cure your eyes too
A miracle indeed
We just dont know how
Ali (a.s) is all well
It happened just now
Oh Pillar of Isam
My savior Ali (a.s)
Go take over Khyber
Do this favor for me

I will do what you say

By the power of God

He gives me the strength
For He is my Lord
The walls of the forte
Were like a big brick
The door of the entrance
Was heavy and thick
Ali (a.s) took Allahs name
And held on to that door
He ripped it right out
And removed it for sure

He made an announcement

Were coming inside

If there are ladies around
Go indoors as to hide!
The Muslims then entered
And started their fight
They charged on the enemy
With all of their might
Ali (a.s) helped them take over
Each forte after forte
He used the big door
As a shield of some sort

Then Marhab approached

He weighed a big ton

He possessed many swords
Look at me everyone!
He wore a huge armor
Had a helmet of stones
Just the sight of this man
Sent a chill to our bones
He made a loud summon
So where is Ali (a.s)?
If you think youre so strong
Come and contest with me!

Ali (a.s) gave a reply

Do you know my fame

I am a brave lion
Hayder is my name!
I will take up the challenge
That is easy to do
With a skillful maneuver
I will overcome you.
Allah is the Greatest
Was the cheer of the crowd
Marhabs sent to hell
They called out aloud

They thanked the Almighty

Khyber has been won

Lets get back to Madina
Our job here is done.
We have grown a big number
Were a stronghold today
Lets proceed towards Mecca
And see what they say
In the eighth year of hijrat
We collected a group
There were twelve thousand men
That had joined in our troop

When we reached close to Mecca

In our multitude score

The kufaar lost their morals
And were struck with great awe
They surrendered to Mohammed (s.a.w)
We have wronged you by far
Were accepting Islam
We now know who you are
You can punish or pardon
You know well what to do
This place is all yours
Its entirely for you

Mohammed (s.a.w) is Mercy

He will surely forgive

We will not take revenge
Youre at liberty to live
And so Mecca was conquered
Without any war
Bloodshed was prevented
On this holy floor
Mohammed (s.a.w) announced
All people are free
This day is for Muslims
A great victory

There were loud calls of kalimah:

Allah is just one

He is worthy of worship
Besides Him theres none
Come here to this door
Of the Kaaba Divine
Come climb up my shoulders
And you will do fine
Destroy all these statues
That are standing within
Remove all the idols
Worship only Him

Bilal stood on the roof top

Of the Kaaba revered

He gave an Azzaan
Which was clearly heard
They faced to the Qiblah
And did their salaat
They performed an umrah
And made their tawaaf
Mohammed (s.a.w) was in Mecca
For a while after that
Introduced the new system
Constructed what lacked

It was time to return

To Madina again
On the way they encountered
An attack at Hunain
The enemies, this time
Lay in ambush at night
The charge was so sudden
Gave the Muslims a fright
There was only a handful
Defending Nabi (s.a.w)
The nine Bani Hashim
Including Ali (a.s)

A loud call was made

Your Prophet (s.a.w) is here

Come back my good men
And fight with no fear
The Muslims returned
With a courage newfound
They defeated the enemy
And stood a firm ground
Lets charge all our people
Relieve them of stress
Lets prosper the Muslims
Lead them to success

Mohammad (s.a.w) convinced

The various tribes

They entered Islam
And adjusted their lives
The Christians of Najran
They refused the invite
Lets collect at some place
And then see who is right
We bring forward our closest
The ones that are near
The ones that we love
The ones that are dear

We present with our selves

Our women and heir

Then well pray to our God
He will do what is fair
Mohammed (s.a.w) agreed
He brought forward Ali (a.s)
You will come as my nafs
You will represent me
My sweet daughter Zahra (a.s)
You come with us too
The Chief Of All Women
Is a tribute to you

Hassan (a.s) and Hussain (a.s)

Grand children of mine

Your beautiful faces
With Noor they do shine
When the head monk of Christians
He saw them come near
He witnessed the glory
And felt awesome fear
Give up, oh my people
We need to withdraw
If they happen to curse us
We will be no more

I have seen a connection

With Almighty, so strong

They are speaking the truth
There ways cant be wrong
They all have the power
To make mountains move
I am sure of this fact
We dont need to prove
I have heard of these five
Each one is a star
I know now for sure
Who the Punjetan are

Mohammed (s.a.w) subdued

The Christians this way

Mubahila is cancelled
We will do what you say
Islam was predominant
In Arabia from now
We need to spread further
This message somehow
In the tenth year of Hijrat
He performed farewell Hajj
Do you all accept that
I am your best judge?

We adore you our Prophet

We surely agree
We will follow your rulings
Whatever they be
Oh people that have gathered
Today on this plain
There is something important
Im about to proclaim
Listen, my dear Muslims
With your heart and your soul
You must forward this message
Thats about to be told

Remember my words

Each sentence I say

Is an order from Allah
That I have to convey
Record all my sayings
In the form of hadeesth
They will brighten your life
Bring you solace and peace
And this final decree
That Im about to fulfill
This is Allahs choice
It is Allahs will

Today I intend

To perfect this, our deen

This notice is crucial
You know what I mean?
This great missing link
Is just what you need
To achieve all your goals
And help you succeed
If I fail to deliver
This notice in time
I will certainly perish
For a sinister crime

Were attentive dear Prophet

Please give your command

Rest assured well comply
And observe your demand
If I am your Mawla
And your ruler is me
Then Ali (a.s) is your Mawla
The next one to be
Allah has selected
His servant Ali (a.s)
He is my successor
Just soon after me

Jibraeel (a.s) has descended

With this statement Divine

Respect Alis (a.s) words
As you would do mine
Pay allegiance to him
And give him your hand
At Ghadeer-e-Khum
This auspicious land
Ali (a.s) is most suited
For this office for sure
He is total Islam
He will keep it secure

He is pious and just

Hes not tempted by greed

Considerate and kind

He will see to your need
His insight is thorough
His wisdom complete
You cant even come close
So dont try to compete
If I were the city
Of knowledge to be
Then Ali (a.s) is its gateway
Of entrance to me

Hell help you develop

Your practice in faith

His guidance is proper

With him you are safe
Hes cautious and prudent
Hes on the right way
You follow his footsteps
So you dont go astray
He is humble in nature
Polite in his ways
You must listen to him
For the rest of your days

My people, I leave you

Two things hold them tight

Dont ever let go

And youll be alright
The first is your hujjat
And that is Ali (a.s)
He has the solutions
To all enquiry
He is the best person
In matters of faith
He is the best person
In matters of state

Hujjats are to follow

Till the day of the doom

They are your true leaders

Perfect and Masoom
Therell be twelve khalifas
Is a golden hadeesth
They will rule the whole world
And bring about peace
The first is Mohammad (s.a.w)
The last one is too
They are all like Mohammad (s.a.w)
Especially for you

The next is this book

The Holy Quran

These two are required

To maintain your eemaan
Ali (a.s) is a master
He knows every art
He knows the true meaning
Of every aayaat
Hes sincere in his worship
Perfect in salaat
He does not get affected
Hes pure in the heart

Hes knows his Creator

Conscious of his Lord
Wary of his Master

In love with his God

So involved in his prayers
Oblivious to all
In the state of rukoo
He answered that call
Wait for the right time
When hes praying again
Remove then the arrow
That causes the pain

I ask for no thanks

I ask for no task
You must love my dear family

Thats all that I ask

Allah will bless those
Who help out Ali (a.s)
So give him support
As best as can be
The People confirmed
They said Be it done!
So they met with Ali (a.s)
And gave hands, one by one

Ameer-ul-momineen (a.s)
This name you deserve
The Leader of Faithfuls

It is you we will serve

Ali (a.s), youre our Head,
Youre our rightful Imam
Designated by Allah
To preserve His Islam
Well comply with your orders
Till the end, we submit
We vouch for this fact:
Youre the best, we admit

They trusted his knowledge

They sought his advice
His judgment was sound

He made the right choice

His verdicts were based
On Quran and Hadeesth
Had it not been for him
Many rights would be seized
He followed the sunnat
Each act of Rasool (s.a.w)
He made no innovations
To the original school

He was fair to his people

He was always concerned
The rich and the poor

Will all get their turn

All humans are equal
He would care for their rights
He would laden his back
To feed poor in the nights
Not a grain from an ant
Would he ever remove
Any kind of injustice
He would never approve

He would safeguard the treasury

And not use it in vain
He would not light a candle

For personal gain

Whatever he did
He did for Islam
Those that sided with him
Were close to eemaan
Ask me any question
While I am with you
Increase in your knowledge
Its your duty to do

He resolves all our issues

Of this world and the next
Call Ali (a.s) for assistance

In trials and tests

Call Ali (a.s) in your troubles
In all misfortune
He will help you recover
Bring relief to you soon
And even for strength
To worship and pray
Read Naad-e-Ali (a.s)
At least every day

Lets ensure our namaaz

Is said with khushoo
Lets remain all the time

In the state of wuzzoo

We will see him for sure
At our last dying breath
Hell be waiting for us
At the stations of death
He will offer us drink
To quench all our thirst
We must prove with our actions
To deserve it, all first

May Allah excuse

Our shortcomings we plead
Through fourteen Masoomeen

We do intercede
May Allah bestow
His choicest salaam
On Ali ibne abi Taalib (a.s)
Our first Imam.