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A very good morning to Ms.Evon, I am Yeow Chii Yunn.

Giving someone else equal rights does not infringe or take away rights from
you. It just makes it illegal to enforce your prejudice and hate. Its that
This is a quote that posted on tumblr on 2012, by someone unknown.
It is true that everyone has their rights and opportunities in doing everything
and we should always put justice in the first place considering the rights of
Today I am here to talk about the equal rights and opportunity among
children, especially to those who are under disabilities.
Children with disabilities often being discriminated under the laws and rules
that is said to be protecting them.
However, the standard rules and rights that being applied now in the world is
still not approaching the real needs of the children.
Taking good care of disabilities is not an easy job but trying to comfort them
is what a public should do, we should teach our public to be gentler in
treating them.
Generally, equal rights and opportunities is a stipulation that all people
should be treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices
and preferences.
Under the Rights of the Child in United Nations Convention, children under
the age of 18 are given 3 general principles of children rights: having the
rights in development, being non-discrimination, and access the needs on
Here, I hope that we can improve the awareness of public in protecting the
young generation who needs our help.


First, children have the rights in getting a full education.

In most low and middle income countries, children with disabilities are more
likely to be out of school than any other group of children; even they do
attend school, children living with disabilities are often more likely to drop out
and leave school early.
Research proves that, in Malawi and Tanzania, child with disability is twice as
likely to have never attended school as normal child.
In Burkina Faso, being disability increases the risk of children being out of
school by a two and half time.

In Bolivia it is estimated that 95% of the population aged from 6 to 11 years

are in school, while only 38% of children with disabilities are having the
chance of being educated.
Tackling this severe discrimination is a matter of urgency on several counts.
We should realize that the denial of the right in education robs the children
future benefits and the opportunity to access other rights.
Without a proper education, the employment rate of disabilities will definitely
been restricted in their civic affairs later in life.
It also limits their full participation in society, exacerbating exclusion and
limits their chance of escaping poverty.
The barriers in having a proper education faced by people living in disabilities
are the cruelest way the reality that pushes them to be the poorest among
the poor.
And here, the government should take the full responsible and awareness in
taking care of the rights of the disabilities children in having proper and full


Other than that, discrimination is like a killer without a knife.

It kills people in the way that people wouldnt even realize.
In the world today, discrimination has become one of the issue that face by
the disabilities children.
What really happens was people harass those who are disabled with
examples like giving nicknames, teasing, pulling faces, jokes or pranks which
make them feel upsetting.
Some of the children who dont have a strong consciousness will eventually
face the situations which make them frightening, degrading, humiliating or
As an example, a boy with multiple sclerosis feels that he is being harassed
by his Scout Leader who constantly asks him if he is feeling alright, even
though his parents have asked him not to do this in front of the other boys.
Even though the Scout Leader might think he is being kind and has no
intention of hurting or humiliating him, this could still count as harassment if
the boy finds it distressing.
A lot of similar situations happened all over the world around us, yet people
doesnt seem to realize the poor result that the way of discrimination they
have make that brings the negative effects on the poor kids.
Disable children should have their own rights and opportunities in voicing
their opinion and feelings they should have given equal chance to being
treated fairly in life.


Disabilities children often face barriers while having activities in class.

They may be left out from some activities which are said that will cause
dangers in their life.
However, the way that people are taking away their rights in participating the
activities that others are able to carry on is actually one of the inequalities to
the disabilities.
Children with disabilities should be given a lot of care, their feelings must me
take in the first concern.
They are often found to be a little more afraid than the normal kids while
exploring the new world.
In here, the public should play a good role in aiding them to go through the
process of finding their identities and comfort them by giving
Children with disabilities should be given chance in getting the goods and
services that same to the normal kids.
We should always bear in mind that children with disabilities have heavy
sense of insecure while giving them special cares and provide suitable
services and facilities could greatly help them in daily activities.
It is sad to say that in reality there are lots of people who doesnt really
respect or obey the rules in providing the privilege to those who are in needs.
We often see that the facilities that are prepared for them are being
sabotage, or the special toilets are being use by those who dont really in
We should look serious into those cases in order to keep the equal rights and
opportunities to those who are in needs.


In a nutshell, every single child should hold an equal right and opportunities
without considering their status.
They should have held their privilege in having proper education, being threat
with fair and justice, and access the needs in living.
Fair and justice should be voice out for the kids in the world, and that not only
should be strict by rules and laws but most importantly to create the
awareness of the public.
Adults should be aware in avoiding being discriminate towards disables and
always remind themselves in making sure that their children have the correct
information on how to treat the other who are unfortunate.
Only then, all the children will have the same right to develop their potential
in all situations and at all times.
Every child should have equal access to human rights regardless of the
childs gender, race, nationality, religion, disability, or any status.

The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal
rights upon it, said Chief Joseph.
Everyone is born to be given the rights in having a good quality of life.
We shall always respects others rights and keep reminding ourselves to be
fair to others, to keep the equal rights and opportunities for everyone.
Thank you.