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Warden is Poised to Beat

Tucson Officials in
Arizona Supreme Court
“Alan Merritt is a Loser,” says Mexican
Flag Burner

CSII Press
Tucson Arizona
March 14, 2010

Ever since the Riot in Armory Park on April 10, 2006 when 15 Americans spoke
defiantly and burned 2 Mexican Flags in opposition to Tucson City Open Border
Policy and 15,000 Left Wing, Pro Raza Mexican Flag waiving marchers who
chanted “today we march, tomorrow we vote,” a David-and-Goliath battle for the
American Constitution and rights secured by the First Amendment has raged in
the Tucson City Courts.

For the past four years the Tucson Police Department and Tucson City Prosecutor
Alan Merritt have ignored clearly stated constitutional limitations of the powers
of government and initiated 14 separate arrests and prosecutions of political
activist Roy Warden, aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner.”

Warden now believes the Tucson City Court and the Arizona Supreme Court are
now poised to deliver a series of rulings on free speech, assembly, limitations on
judicial powers, and the right to burn Mexican Flags in symbolic protest of Open
Border Policy which will deliver a crushing blow to four years of effort on the
part of the Tucson City Establishment to silence his right of public speech.

“Throughout four years of public demonstration I’ve worked very hard to frame
the constitutional issues,” said Warden. “They could not be more clearly stated.”

1. Does the right to publically burn an American flag in symbolic protest of

the American government also protect the right to burn a Mexican flag in
public protest of Tucson City Open Border Policy?

2. May a Tucson Municipal Court suspend First Amendment rights to speech

and assembly in violation of express U.S. Supreme Court rulings?

3. May a citizen violate a “transparently invalid” Order of the City Court?

4. May the state capriciously and arbitrarily employ Disturbing the Peace and
Making Threats and Intimidation Statutes to decide who may speak and
who must remain silent?
5. May Arizona Courts refuse to protect First Amendment rights when judges
disapprove of the content of the political message?

Irrespective of the impending Tucson City Court and Arizona Supreme Court
rulings, Warden says he will resume his public demonstrations, and Mexican
Flag Burnings, down at the corner of Pennington and Stone within the next
several months.

“The City of Tucson will not stop the public’s right to assembly and political
speech,” Warden says. “I will go to federal court and get an injunction to stop
their arrests if I must.”

Warden also promises to return to Armory Park to confront the Brown Berets
and the rest of the Left Wing, Open Border Pro Raza crowd whenever they march.

“The days of brown shirted, jack booted thugs waving Mexican Flags, marching
in our streets and demanding Amnesty are over.”

Roy Warden