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How Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing
Can Transform Your Life

Carol Roberts

Everything flows towards life

AT THE beginning of your biological existence, how did your fathers very
determined sperm know where to go and what to aim for?
How did they know when to drop their tails when no longer needed? And
once inside the egg, what incredible intelligence guided them to merge
to become a single unified cell,
then 2, 4, 8 and so on?
How did they know how to develop
into specialised bone cells, brain
cells, liver cells, organs, hands &
feet and finally become you, that
beautiful human baby with innate
talents and characteristics?
existed at the foundation of
your biological self, perhaps you
should trust that your body has
an incredible healing intelligence which naturally flows towards life and
it knows how to heal itself where needed.
Weve all experienced how our body instantly goes about repairing a cut
on our finger, or a cold without our conscious participationbut then if
this innate healing intelligence is true, and the body always flows towards
life, then why do we degenerate and show the signs of ageing over time?
The answer to this lies in the state of our consciousness. Each and every
cell in our bodies is conscious and aware of what we are thinking and
feeling each second. If we are continually giving our body negative
messages such as Im stressed; Im exhausted; Im old; Im ugly; I
hate myself; Im nothing; Ive had enough this negativity becomes
registered within the cells and our body has no option but to respond by
A woman who attended one of my courses told me she had always
hated her fat stomach for as long as she could remember. On going
into her body more deeply, it brought her to tears as she realised she
had directed so much hatred towards her stomach, this was the reason


Words of love and encouragement are

symmetrical and pure like snowflakes

Words of hate, anger and criticism are

discoloured and malformed

she was having so many digestive problems. Her stomach told her it
was unable to digest this continual onslaught of negativity and had shut
down. It had had enough and just wanted to shrivel up and die.
Im sure youre all aware of the experiments on water crystals by Dr.
Masaru Emoto from Japan. When words such as I hate you, you are
stupid etc were directed towards water, the crystals that formed when
the water was frozen were ugly, distorted and malformed. The water
that received loving thoughts however formed beautiful symmetrical
crystalline patterns. Remember, the nucleus of your cells is made up of
nearly 75% water. Imagine what your negative thoughts and feelings
could be doing to you.
But it may not only be your own consciousness that can be bombarding
your cells with negativity, you may also be shouldering the burdens of
others, tapping into negativity from the world around you or, as science
is just now finding out, be affected by the fears and traumas of your
ancestors passed down through your DNA.
Im sure that every one of you wants to create a wonderful life for yourself,
enjoy satisfying relationships and stay young and healthy as long as you
can, so this book is about the unique ways Genome Healing can help.
From my years of study and experience in many consciousness-based
healing methods, I believe these are some of the fastest and most
powerful mind-body transformational techniques available anywhere in
the world.


The gist of Genome Healing in a nutshell

PERSONALLY, Im not one for reading long eBooks so I want to explain to
you what these amazing techniques can do for you in a nutshell.
I believe some of the main questions you might want to have answered
are: What is special about this method; how can it make a difference in
my life; and what is it that I can experience with these techniques that I
wont be able to find anywhere else? So here goes.
On learning these techniques you would be able to:

Easily get in touch with core subconscious negativity within yourself
and transform it virtually instantly

Provide your organs and systems with optimal functioning blueprints
and experience the shifts within your body as this happens

Release and resolve your whole life time of traumas e.g. abuse,
loss of loved ones, accidents with ONE powerful exercise

Transform your telomere functioning for greater health, youth and
vitality and experience the difference within you as this happens

Reprogram your stem cells for optimal functioning and strengthened
immune system

Unburden yourself of genetic fear and trauma passed down in
your DNA

Restore harmonious relationships with planets negatively affecting
your life within a 5 minute exerciseand more

Allowing your organs to speak

I WOULD SAY one of the most important aspects of the work is having
tools to be able to have clear communication with your bodily organs,
as if you are speaking to a person in front of you. Not only can you ask
questions of these organs, but they will communicate back to you.


So why is this so important?

Well, these organs are parts of you that have never been given a voice
and it is within the cellular memories of these parts that you have buried
negative emotions that could be taking a toll on your body, blocking your
happiness and robbing you of a wonderful life.
It is your physical body that is the culmination of all of your present and
past lifes experiences. Your bodily organs will tell you everything about
yourself if you allow them.
Im sure youve all experienced how unresolved emotional pain can take
away your inner peace and stop you from living life to the fullest. You
may also be aware that negative emotions such as grief and resentment
can often manifest as physical disease over time. But Genome Healing
is not just about emotional and physical wellness though. Its more than
that. It gives you the opportunity to know yourself at the deepest levels
of your being.

Hearing yourself is loving yourself

WHAT IF, as well as being able to communicate with your organs, you
could also communicate with your chromosomes, telomeres and stem
cells to gain valuable insights about the patterns that are controlling your
life? And better still, what if you could reprogram yourself at these deep
levels AND experience the difference within your body as this happens?
You see, if you have never taken the time to listen to yourself, there is
no possibility of truly knowing yourself. And if you dont know yourself,
then how can you truly love yourself? If you cant love YOU, then how
can you expect anyone else to love you?
I can almost hear what some of you are thinking: Oh no, not that stuff
about having to go within and listen to yourself again. Ive tried it, it
doesnt work, its all too hard, I just fall asleep!
Well, what if you had a process that would allow you to connect with
the deeper parts of yourself virtually instantly. And what if you could
experience the shifts within your body as you transform whatever
negativity is found there? What has been so interesting to me is that
everyone I teach seems to be able to do this within a few minutes of
learning how!


Imagine the difference to your life if after a five-minute exercise you

could see your past traumatic events through totally different eyes? Even
after working with just with one bodily organ, people tell me they feel a
new wholeness and contentment within their entire being in a way they
have never felt before.

It is your subconscious thoughts and feelings that

create your reality
in your body are affected
by the messages you
give them through your
consciousness. However,
again, its not so much
the conscious thoughts
broadcasting that creates
the state of your life, its
the subconscious ones
the ones you are often not
even aware of.
So how do you get in touch
with these? The simple answer is: You have to get out of your head and
into your body to allow this information to be revealed.

Our bodily organs are dying to be heard

OUR BODY has a way of getting our attention when something isnt right
within us at the deeper levels. When we are out of alignment with the
truth of what we truly know within our souls, we feel dis-ease or pain
and it is the body reaching out to get our attention. Its like an alarm bell
that goes off to tell us of a fire in the house.
How crazy would it be to turn off an alarm bell and ignore a raging
fire? But this is what is happening to so many of us. We pop a pill or a
tranquilliser and think the condition will go away. But repressing feelings
of dis-ease may eventually have serious consequences in the form of
depression or a debilitating sickness. Theres a saying: The universe will
tickle you with a feather and if you dont get the tickle, you might get a
brick thrown at you.


So the point Im making here is that for optimum wellbeing we need to

honour the signals of our bodies and take good notice. When we have a
way to communicate with our bodies, we will learn so many things about
ourselves and well be able to correct the informational and energetic
imbalances at their source before they manifest into something more
serious on the physical levels.

Harmony within your family of organs

NOT ONLY are your organs able to communicate with you, every part of
you is conscious and has valuable information to share.
So how exactly do we go about this with Genome Healing? Firstly, the
person were working with is asked to embody a particular part of
themself, e.g. the liver.
He or she actually becomes the liver. Certain questions are asked, not
to the person directly, but to the liver itself. When questioned about its
condition, the liver communicates in a way unique to that person. It
might respond with images, impressions or feelings, but the information
will be meaningful to them. The person then communicates the message
out loud, and the deeper questioning process continues. This questioning
can also be done for oneself.
Within a minute or two students are often astounded at what is revealed
when they allow this subconscious information to come forward. Many
are deeply moved as they get in touch with these parts of themselves
for the first time.
Just like family members, each of our bodily parts has their separate
personalities understandably they are all different aspects of ourselves.
I have assisted many hundreds of people to connect with themselves in
this way and the revelations and healings have been extraordinary. One
thing that has amazed students is that they realise the same family
dynamics theyre experiencing in the world around them, is being played
out within their family of bodily organs.

Bodily organs at war

YOU MAY be surprised to learn that some bodily organs are literally at
war with other organs and they seek revenge. A liver might tell us it
feels like exploding because it has been left to clean up all the mess and


the other organs arent helping! Some bladders say they are peed off
because nobody is listening or wants to cooperate to get the job done.
When overburdened by other sick organs, hearts might say they are
holding so much grief that they just want to disappear into nothingness;
and tired ovaries just want to shrivel up and die because theyre over
the hill and have no more purpose in life.
Even chakras, stem cells, telomeres and chromosomes have their issues.
Sounds like familiar worldly dynamics? It seems its not the world that
needs peace, its people!
If we cant create peace within our own internal universe, how then can
we expect to experience peace in the world around us?
Former student Gail, a 40-year-old business owner, had ongoing
problems with her teenage sons. They had been angry, disrespectful and
uncooperative for a number of years since she and their father divorced.
After connecting with and healing the anger and disrespect she found
within herself which was lodged within her bodily organs, the whole
family dynamics changed. When phoning her sons after a few days into
the course, she knew miracles were happening when one of her boys
was being unusually kind and helpful. She almost fell off her chair when
the other son, after borrowing her car, had put petrol in it and refused
to be reimbursed!
Many of my students have
experienced similar things.
As they harmonise their
family of organs, their
harmonises as well.
They get to understand
at a very deep level
experience in their outer
world is a direct reflection
of themselves and that the
only real work that needs
to be done is within their own consciousness. They stop the blame game.
They come to know themselves as powerful CREATORS rather than
victims of circumstances. They understand that when they create peace


within themselves, the world has no choice but to mirror that harmony
back to them.

Do the male and female aspects of your organs love

each other?
GENDER is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine
principles. Gender manifests on all planes. The Kybalion.
The Principle of GENDER is manifested within all of life. This is true not
only of the physical plane but also of the mental and even the spiritual
No creation physical, mental or spiritual is possible without this
principle. Without creating yin/yang harmony within your body, it is not
possible for it to fully regenerate.
Students are surprised, often amused and sometimes astounded, when
we take our communication with organs a little deeper.
Every part of you has both
a male and a female
aspect. Your organs, your
chromosomes, even down
to the positive verses
negative polarity of the
atomic structure of your
between your male and
female aspects is crucial
in breaking the spell of
separation and duality
within you. Human duality in its truest form is expressed in the higher
dimensions as divine polarity.


From separation to oneness

EVERYONE wants to attract that perfect soulmate who is just right for
them, who really understands them and who truly loves them. Dating
sites are full of people looking for that deeper loving connection. But if
you havent deeply connected with yourself, then how can you expect
someone else to truly connect with you? You have to create loving union
and wholeness within YOU first to be able to experience this in your
On communicating with the male and female aspects of their organs,
students are often quite amazed at what they discover. Each aspect has
a different story to tell.
Id like to give you an example of this so you can better understand.
When questioning the feminine aspect of an organ, such as a persons
heart, the female might say she is angry at the male and wants nothing
to do with him.
He, on the other hand, is tired of her complaining. She wants him to
listen, but he cant be bothered anymore and has shut down.
They might even say that they hate each other and some confide they
literally want to kill their other half.
Despite this outward show of anger, however, at the deeper levels they
are both hurting and can find no way out of their pain except to go numb
or to hide. Some have shut down so much they dont even know that
they have a male or female counterpart. Remember this scenario is
happening within the same bodily organ. The organ itself is split and in
separation from itself.
In such an atmosphere of conflict and subsequent shut down, there can
be no question of peace and continual regeneration at the cellular levels.
The body needs peace and harmony to thrive. Where there is chaos
and dis-ease, there can only be degeneration. Stress hormones will be
produced, the immune system will start to break down, and the happy
life-giving hormones will diminish.
So what to do about this sorry state of affairs? How can we restore a
new zest for life and get some chemistry happening again between this
unhappy pair?


Well, you will be surprised how quickly this can be done. Within minutes
of clearing the painful past, including ancestral burdens in the DNA and
restoring new energetic blueprints, these different aspects of the organ
give us clear images of the shifts that have happened within them.
They now see themselves through different eyes. The anger, resentment,
sadness and despair have magically disappeared. There is no more
In its place is a newfound
harmony, wholeness and
oneness they have never
experienced before. Some
themselves as dense, dark
and shrivelled and now
they are expanded and
Many tell us the love
has returned, they see
themselves as bright, free
and dancing with joy.
From working with numerous people and communicating with many
hundreds of bodily organs, in my opinion there is only one thing that is
missing within a body that is sick, tired and degenerating and that is
LOVE! The fundamental regenerating principle at the foundation of all life
is love. Where there is enough love, degeneration, sickness and decay
cannot exist. And no one can do it for us no one outside of ourselves
is responsible for giving us that love we have to give it to ourselves.
Another course participant, Georgina, a 35-year-old computer
programmer, felt stuck in a very unhappy and emotionally abusive
relationship. She knew she should leave but didnt have the strength to
get out.
On coming to the course and working with many of the male/female
aspects of herself and bringing them back to wholeness, she felt stronger
and happier within her entire being. As she now felt more love for herself
as well, her partners criticisms seemed to have little effect on her and
instead of usually falling in a heap, she found herself doing things she


She was able to move

away from her abusive
partner and called me
about four months later to
tell me how much in love
she was. She has now
attracted a beautiful man
into her life who treats her
with the love and respect
she has created within

Rapid healing of life traumas

ONE OF THE OTHER very special aspects of Genome Healing is that it
provides rapid and unprecedented tools for releasing and resolving lifes
traumas, such as relationship break-ups. Understandably, no one wants
to bring hurt from an old relationship into a new one.
Other traumas such as loss of loved ones, having to cope with long-term
sickness, physical and sexual abuse, can also be easily resolved.
In fact as mentioned earlier, one of the methods I teach in my Intensive
Course collapses the entire matrix of a persons lifetime of traumas using
ONE powerful exercise! There is no need to talk about, rehash or relive
previously traumatic events. All is resolved easily and gently. Imagine
how your life would change if you no longer viewed it through past
painful experiences!
Ray was a 45-year-old corporate banker. For years he lived with the
trauma of having to dismiss hundreds of his employees when his bank
collapsed. He had everything money could buy, an attractive wife and a
prestigious home.
After the collapse, when he looked out of his living room window at his
Jaguar parked in the driveway it made him feel sick. He felt he didnt


deserve all this opulence when so many of his employees now had
He spent long hours at the office each night trying to make things
right, but it ended up in his wife wanting a divorce. During the divorce
settlement, due to his overwhelming feelings of guilt, he decided to give
almost everything he had to his wife, despite his lawyer telling him he
was crazy.
Even more than seven years later, on asking his body for a number on
the extent of the trauma and guilt within him, he gave an intuitive rating
of 10 for both.
After a five-minute trauma clearing exercise he was astounded at the
outcome! All of the trauma and guilt he had lived with for years was
gone. He could now see things clearly.
He realised he had always done his best for his employees and the closing
down of the bank was not his fault. In hindsight he acknowledged he had
done himself a great disservice in giving all he had away and that this
one action blinded by trauma and guilt had cost him dearly.
This subsequent layer of sadness was also released in less than a couple
of minutes. Ray has since told me that after learning to use the Genome
Healing tools for himself, he has been able to move through every lifes
drama that has presented itself with ease, and has now created another
very fulfilling and successful career.

Unresolved traumas linked to physical disease

A GERMAN SURGEON by the name of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer contracted
prostate cancer after the sudden death of his son. He intuitively knew his
trauma and the cancer were related.
He then went about interviewing many hundreds of his previous cancer
patients and found they all had one thing in common. Each had undergone
some kind of shock or traumatic event usually one or two years prior
to the cancer appearing. He could even see a clear correlation between
the type of emotional trauma they had undergone and where the cancer
showed up in the body.


His tests showed the cancer started to heal immediately these clients
resolved their past traumas through certain psychotherapeutic processes.
Using the Genome Healing method, there is no need for lengthy talking
sessions or reliving of painful situations. The story doesnt even need to
be told.
We simply work at the informational
level to heal the trauma at its source
connected to it, freeing up the body
to do what it does naturally to
repair and regenerate.
How would your life be different if
you knew how to quickly and easily
move through any lifes drama that
would present itself without being
dragged into a downward emotional
spiral? Imagine being able to release
yourself from all past emotional
baggage that could be weighing you
down and free your bodys cells to
experience the unlimited love, joy
and fulfilment that you intuitively
know is your birthright. Well this
can be done easily with the Genome
Healing techniques, and when you take the reins to do this for yourself,
I have no doubt your body, mind and soul will love you for it.

Transform your consciousnessheal your body

WE HAVE TALKED about just a few of the many energetic and emotional
shifts that have happened for people and how their lives have changed
for the better, but now I want to tell you about some of the amazing
physical healings that have occurred.
Peter, a 60-year-old retired journalist, used the methods to heal a 2cm
BCC invasive skin cancer which was interfering with his sight and tear
duct. He was diagnosed by three specialists and was expecting a difficult
and risky surgery which could have resulted in loss of sight in his right
eye. It took about six weeks of using Genome Healing techniques for a


few minutes a day for the cancer to totally disappear and his doctor was
very surprised he no longer needed his scheduled surgery.
Another man, a health practitioner also named Peter, was in the last
stages of kidney cancer which had spread to his lungs, when he came to
my Intensive course.
A couple of weeks before he felt that the upcoming Christmas would
be his last. After attending and using the methods over an eight-week
period, his is now free of cancer and living a normal life.
Lisle, a lady in her 50s, was able to heal herself of a painful kidney stone
attack. The last time she had an attack she landed in hospital for two
weeks with complicated infections. Upon having another attack, she did
not want to go back into hospital this time and trusted she could use her
Genome Healing tools to heal it herself. She used the methods over a
period of a couple days to diminish the pain and all associated symptoms
These are just a few of the many wonderful results that have happened
for people who have used these methods for their own self-healing. If
you would like to read more or watch video testimonials you can go to
my website www.genomehealing.com.au

Mind Power
REMEMBER, all of the methods taught at the workshops are done through
the power of the mind alone and almost everyone who attends is able to
apply them virtually immediately upon learning how and get measurable
There is so much more to write about regarding some of the other
aspects of Genome Healing mentioned above such as lengthening of
your telomeres for youth and vitality, transforming your stem cells, DNA
and chromosomes for optimal functioning, being able to communicate
with and restore harmonious relationships with planetary bodies affecting
each and every aspect of your life and more! But to keep this eBook
short this will have to wait to be elaborated on in my next book.
I hope what you have read so far will inspire you to learn more about
Genome Healing and to attend one of my training courses to gain first-


hand experience for yourself on what these amazing transformational

methods can do for you.
In closing, as the founder of the Genome Healing method, it has been a
great pleasure to be able to share my realisations, student experiences
and my passion for this work with you. If you have enjoyed this Ebook
please take a few moments of your time to pass it on to others. It could
be just the thing that could change a friends life forever.

Carol Roberts

About Carol
CAROL ROBERTS pioneered the teaching of
Thought Field Therapy energy psychology in
Australia in 1999. As an advanced Theta and
Intuitive Anatomy instructor, she taught TFT
and Theta Healing Australia-wide for over
a decade. She is also a licensed trainer in
the methods of Russian scientist and healer
Professor Grigori Grabovoi and a director of
Humanergetic Therapies Wellness Clinic on the
Gold Coast, Australia.
Her Genome Healing courses are the culmination
of more than thirty years of study and practice
under a number of powerful spiritual teachers
and healing masters. Since early 2010 Carol
has been teaching Genome Healing self help
as well as practitioner certification courses to students from throughout
Australia and New Zealand as well as the United States. More courses
are planned for the U.K. and the U.S. in 2015 and beyond.
To read more about Genome Healing and to learn about upcoming courses
please go to www.genomehealing.com.au
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