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O-BBS 24-1080 and 48-540

Outdoor Battery Backup System

Key Features
High capacity passive hydrogen
ventilation system reliable
ventilation capacity exceeding
industry standards to minimize risk
of hydrogen build up
Two separate compartments,
battery and electronics no
risk for arcs or sparks to ignite
hydrogen gas as electronics
compartment is located below
Outer skin made of 1/8" thick
powder coated aluminum
corrosion resistant and shot gun
Heavy duty foil backed
insulation in battery
compartment minimizes
environmental impact and cooling
Multiple and flexible cable inlet
positions simple adaptability to
site conditions

Outside Plant for

Business-Critical Continuity

The system includes innovative temperature control for the ultimate in reliability and long
life time. The O-BBS is state of the art engineering with extensive software analysis as well
as extensive agency testing and verification to the highest industry standards. Further
engineering focus was on installability/serviceability and cost.
DC Power
+24VDC or 48VDC configurations flexibility to connect to all common DC power
Integrated Battery Breaker Module, BBM flexibility to choose up to four feeds with
circuit breakers up to 200A each
Cooling and Heating
Thermoelectrical cooling/heating
(Peltier) high reliability and low maintenance cost
No refrigerants used environmental friendly and no requirement for specialized
refrigerant service technicians
DC operated cooling/heating, i.e. no AC power routing required saves site
installation cost and time
Low Voltage Disconnect device automatic disconnect and reconnect of Peltier unit
maximizes backup time and minimizes recharge time
Thermostatically controlled by solid state circuit high reliability and precise control

Emerson Energy Systems O-BBS is a high
performance battery backup system for
outdoor applications. Usage can be for, but
not limited to:
Extended RBS/BTS/data/telecom outdoor
battery backup
Replacement of diesel generator sets
Replacement of existing battery backup
solution to increase system reliability and
battery life
Outdoor enclosure and shelter sites

OSPDS-124100 / 0207

O-BBS 24-1080 and 48-540 Outdoor Battery Backup System

System Characteristics
Nominal system voltage

+24VDC or -48VDC

Backup capacity
Up to 4h at 6kW and 1.75V/cell

Up to 1080Ah (+24VDC version)*

Up to 540Ah (-48VDC version)*

Agency approvals

Telcordia GR-487-CORE and UL 50

Grounding, single point

2-hole lug for 1/4" screw and 5/8" spacing

Environmental Classification
Operating temperature (nominal)

Maximum: 115F (46C) with 753 W/m2 solar load

Minimum: -40F (-40C)

Sound level

55 dB(A) at 5 (1.5m)

Hydrogen outgassing capacity

500 cc/min (less than 2% H2 concentration)

Degree of protection

NEMA 4 (electronics compartment)

NEMA 3R (battery compartment)


Telcordia GR-63-CORE, Zone 4

Environmental Control Unit, ECU


Thermoelectrical (TE) modules (Peltier), forced air, closed loop, filterless, non-refrigerant

Cooling and heating capacity

Cooling 200W, heating 250W

Thermostat control (solid state)

Cooling, set point 77F (25C), +/- 3.5F (2C)

Heating, set point 50F (10C), +/- 3.5F (2C)

Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)

with disconnect/reconnect of ECU

25.0 / 26.0V, +/- 0.5V (+24VDC version)

50.1 / 51.0V, +/- 0.5V (-48VDC version)

Repair time

< 10 minutes (non-specialist)

Power consumption 11.2A (+24VDC version)

5.6A (-48VDC version)
Dimensions (H x W x D)

57" x 36" x 30" (1448 x 914 x 762mm)


880 lbs / 400 kg (excluding batteries)

2700 lbs / 1200 kg (including batteries)

Lock system

3-point, padlockable


Open door (NC)

High/low temperature (NO or NC)
Circuit breaker tripped (NO or NC)


Front access (rear access not required)

Bug screens (on all openings)

0.1" (2.5mm) mesh hole size

External material

Aluminum 5052-H32, 1/8" thick

External color, powder coating

Medium gray, polyester semi gloss hytex

Cable inlets
Exchangeable cable inlet plates

Conduit connections, 11/4", 2", 4" etc.

Cable grommets and glands, various sizes
Roxtec, CF16

Safety Compliance



C22.2 60950-00




NEMA 4 for electronics compartment and NEMA 3R for battery compartment

OSPDS-124100 / 0207

O-BBS 24-1080 and 48-540 Outdoor Battery Backup System

Battery Specifications
Optional Equipment *
Top terminal type


Front terminal type, 22" deep

FA 12-150
EnerSys 12V165F
Fiamm 12 FAT 155
East Penn-Deka 12AVR-150ET



Factory installed and pre-wired

Battery acid drip prevention

Plastic tray for each battery

Battery Breaker Module (BBM)

Circuit Breakers (CB)

Up to 4 CBs, 100 to 200A each

Lug size (external side)

Up to 4/0, 2-hole lug for 3/8" screw and 1" spacing

Interrupt current

50 kAIC

Safety Compliance


* Additional equipment types can be fitted.

OSPDS-124100 / 0207

O-BBS 24-1080 and 48-540 Outdoor Battery Backup System

State of the art engineering with extensive software analysis,

testing and verification

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