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Aarthik Kanal

Masters Orals
Capt. Rob Jackson
Time: 1315 1450
First attempt - Pass

List all docs u will prepare for annual ISM Audit. He left me for about 10 min.
Listed about 30+ docs but yet missed out on many.
1) After he returned, started with last vessel. Told him it was Oil / Product
Carrier. Where will you find the list of products you can carry?
2) What kind of LSA I had on my last ship? Told him TEMPSC / L/R and R/B
3) Drill Matrix. Frequency for launching R/B.
4) How will you go about launching of R/B. FPD and stuff. Dont forget to
mention about the dummy run
5) Why do we need FPD
6) Any regulation about phasing out of FPD?
7) Back to ISM docs list. Had missed out on the statutory certificates, officer
& ratings cert.
8) What is ISM all about?
9) Masters responsibility
Everything and anything about ISM. Probed deep into it cant
remember all the questions. But, he spent nearly about 20 min on it.
Buoyage Region A against the flow Wants only light,
characteristics, top mark and u navigate the vessel thru the channel. Cone
Special mark, Isolated danger mark, S Cardinal mark, Safe water mark,
Port Lateral mark.
Back to ISM documents. Had mentioned about records of Musters
and drills but he wanted the drill Matrix.
How will you prove that the vessel is seaworthy. Dont just mention
about having on board valid statutory certificated. You have to mention
each and every thing such as SMD, How will you prove that the crew is
competent and all
How would company implement the ISM code on board.
2/E signing on. Docs to check? Dont forget about the Security
training certificates as per the new requirements of ISPS
STCW 2010 Manila amendments.
2/E joining with Liberian CoC will u sign him on? CeC and CRA (if no
Entries to be made in the OLB upon departure port. Told him about
the drafts on departure, freeboard, date and time of departure and next
port of call. Still he wanted to hear something else. Started mentioning
him about the general entries in log book but he interrupted that
everything is fine and running smoothly. Started running him through all
the contents of OLB but again he stopped me and moved on. No idea what
he wanted with regards to entries in OLB before departure.
MAIB reporting procedures

What all to report?
Asked me to tell him all the statutory certificates necessary to carry.
Its not easy to say it out and not miss out on any certificates. I missed out
on almost 5. Suggestion: Segregate the certificates as per their
convention. Its comparatively easier.
What is Masters obligation with respect to Intl Sewage pollution
prevention certificate?
What is the validity?
What will you check on the certificate?
Discharge criteria of Sewage?
On sea voyage, OOW calls and reports VDR alarm. Actions? All
equipment are fine and VDR is completely dead. Told him all the stuff but
missed out on increase in frequency of posn and weather plotting. Also, u
can add as to a portable recording device to be used to record the audio
(Told by Capt. Jackson).
AT 0630 hrs C/O calls and reports C/Ck not found in cabin and last
sighted at 2200 hrs Actions.
This was a referall question
Make sure after establishing the datum and arriving at the point, start with
Expanding square search (we will discuss this in class).
Fire on main boiler. Water mist system activated. Actions?
Radar Plot. Own vessel 200 (T) x 6 kts
Tgt 1 Co 020, CPA 1.9 TCPA 15min Spd 18 kts
Tgt 2 fine on stbd qtr Co 190 T, Spd 15 kts TCPA 18 mins
A/C to Port

Note: Capt. Jackson wants a structured answer. And very particular about ISM,
ISPS and Emergencies. So basic formula, if you dont kill anybody and do not
pollute the environment then you have a good chance. Although the no. of
questions might seem small for the time period I took to convince him but, he
goes in depth and tries to extract the answer out of you. He does give you hints
at times.
I extend my gratitude to all the staff of STC college who guided me through the
crash course.
And my friends and family for their best wishes.

Good luck.

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