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This Course lays a foundation for the ASSASSINS


Lesson 1 takes you through sportsmanship and character.

There is also a basic

Atlas style training program. One thing I like though is that they also show the
relationship from self-defense techniques to common exercises. In this lesson you
also learn about the body's vulnerable areas.

Lesson 2 shows you how to use every part of your body as

a weapon. It also goes into the use of ordinary objects and the clothes you
wear as weapons. At the end is a section on some of the common "hood" items
that were used as weapons in the late fifties and early sixties. Contents: Know
your Attacker by his Fighting Style!; Every Part of your Body is a Deadly Weapon;

Beware of these Hoodlum Weapons!;

Look for these Defensive Weapons; Use these Dangerous WeaponsClothes you wear/items you carry; An analysis of this lesson - main points
to remember. Vivid two-color (red and black) illustrations. [You can
supplement this lesson with studies in Assassin back-up and
Your Body is like an Armored Tank!;

concealable weapons, and OSS and SOE Spy Weapons/You should

also study knife-fighting, the use of flexible weapons and Silent
Kiling as taught to British and American Intelligence operatives
during the 2nd world war ]

Fundamentals of Boxing

Lesson 3 delved into the manly art of boxing.

It was basic
footwork and basic combinations; all solid useful stuff. At the end was a section on
how to defeat a boxer using karate style techniques and street fighting.

[Supplement with the study of Jack Dempseys Power Punching

Methods and the study of FISTLOAD weaponry with]

Combat Wrestling.

Lesson 4 is combat wrestling and starts off with some basic psychology
and basic weight training. The wrestling techniques are divided into smash down,
ground wrestling, and get behinds. Once again, very solid, and basic techniques.
There is then a section on conditioning and a section on how to defend against a
grappler with some very vicious and nasty techniques. The Saga of Wrestling;
Wrestling 'Round the World; Know Your Body; Practice Your Footwork!; Learn This
Basic Monthly Stance; Practice These Eight "Smash-Down" Holds; Crippling
Ground Holds; "Get Behind" Holds; How to Fall Without Injuring Yourself; How to
Knock an Opponent Senseless - Even When He's Twice Your Size!; List of Do's and
Don'ts. Boldly illustrated in black and red.

Judo and Jujitsu

Lesson 5 is Judo and Jujitsu.

Here the emphasis is on sweeps, trips,

armbars and throws. Once again, things that are basic to Judo, but not commonly
known or practiced. There is also a section on falling and on conditioning for Judo.
How to Smash Down the Toughest Attacker in Seconds by Following these TerrorFighting Techniques of the Judo-Jujitsu Warriors; Make Your Body "Judo" Tough; Be
On the Alert - Guard Against These Sudden Attacks That Can Cripple You Quickly
in Judo and Ju Jitsu; Sure-Fire Judo Defense Tactics; How to Annihilate your
attacker with these dazzling foot and leg throws; Knock'em Cold with these
Pulverizing Hip-Throws; Frightful Terror-Fighting "Hip, Shoulder and Foot Throws"
to Swiftly Finish off your Attacker; Paralyze your enemy in seconds with tese
"Strangulation Holds" and crippling "Joint Locks"; An analysis of what you must
remember to be a "Judo Warrior". Boldly illustrated in black and red

Rough and Tumble street fighting

Lesson 6 is Rough and Tumble street fighting.

You learn
some very wicked infighting techniques and some tips on defending against
knives, guns, chains, broken bottles and dogs. This one also delves into the
mind/body link of controlling fear. Contents: The Saga of Rough-and-Tumble
Fighting; 29 Vital Areas to Hit Hard!; How to Defend Yourself From These Vicious
Rough-and-Tumble Tactics; Protect Yourself from these Devastatingly Dangerous
and Viciously Rough-and-Tumble Tactics; Self-Defense Tricks that can mean Life or
Death to You!; "In-Fighting" - Use your attacker's clothes and body to demolish
him; Use these brutal rough and tumble tactics to smash down your toughest
tormentor in seconds!; Use a Stick and Finish Off your Savage Attacker with one

blow or jab to these 23 areas; Vital Life-Saving Things you Learned in this Lesson.
Boldly illustrated in black and red.


Lesson 7 is about Thuggee Stranglers.

You learn the anatomy of

the throat area, how to defend against a strangler, classic judo chokes using
clothing, and some very nasty and deadly counters. This is not practice on your
little sister stuff. The Stranglers of the Far East; Your Throat - the vulnerable areas
you must learn to protect; Strengthen Your Neck to Prevent Strangulation; Avoid

Attacks from Modern Thugs; Apply These Modern Scientific Strangle Holds;
Annihilate the Toughest Man with these Rigid Pressure Strangulations; How to
break out of the sure-death strangle holds of the Demon Hand-Strangler; Defend
Yourself from a Demon Strangler who uses a Rope, Chain or Similar Devilish
Device; [Supplement with a study of Ligature Homicide, stealth, Sentry
Removal, Defense Band, Garrote techniques, and Stick Strangles to use when
fighting for your life.You need never again fear the kill-happy Strangler! Boldly
illustrated in black and red.


Lesson 8 is Savate with a street application as opposed to sport. Years in Hapkido

and Kajukenbo have made me less than enamored with oriental style kicking. It is O.K. when
you are young, but as you age it takes a toll on your joints. The Savate style of kicking
seems more natural to the way a human being actually moves. There are also defenses
shown against a kick. [Supplement with splits, and flexibility exercises. Muay-Thai
Style Round Kicks and Knee smashes] 12 pages. "The most terrifying secrets of selfdefense ever known to man - gathered from confidential sources throughout the world - and

published here for the first time!" - from front cover. Contents: Joseph Weider's Personalized
Private Correspondence - The Savage Art of Foot Fighting; High Kicks; Medium Kicks;
Low Kicks; Put Cyclonic Speed in your Spins with these Savate Pivots-Toe and Heel
Pivots; Savate Muscle-Building Exercises; Practice these Leg Movements for
Blinding Kicking Speed; Kicking Skill Drill; Terrific Heavy Bag Kicking Exercises;
Basic Kicks; Flatten the Toughest Bully with these Paralyzing Knee Kicks;
Devastating Front Kicks; Destructive Side Kicks; Crippling Rear Kicks; Devastating
Surprise Kicks; Frightful Savate Kicks to Finish off your Attacker when he's on the
ground; How to protect yourself from a vicious hoodlum's treacherous boots; You
learned these Deadly Explosive "Kill-Kicking" Secrets in this frightfully destructive
lesson. Boldly illustrated in black and red.


Lesson 9 is defense against vandals.

It covers defense against

clubs, chains, bats and other common street weapons. There is a lot on the Do's
and Donts of not becoming a victim. It also covers some of the bait and attacks
predators have used for centuries, but are still used. There is also a first aid
section. Contains 12 pages. "The most terrifying secrets of self-defense ever
known to man - gathered from confidential sources throughout the world - and
published here for the first time!" - from front cover. Contents: Joseph Weider's
Personal and Private Correspondence - How to Defend Yourself Against the
Senseless Wanton Attacks of Vandal Destroyers; Protect yourself from being
Knocked Out by Club, Stick, Bat or Blackjack Attacks to these Vulnerable Areas of
Your Body; Watch Out for these Deadly Weapons Used by Vandals to Attack You;
What a Weider "Terror-Fighter Does in case of Emergencies; Flatten your "Vandal"
Attacker in Seconds; Defend Yourself Against Vandal Attacks by doing this; Avoid
Vandal Attacks With These Defensive Counter-Attacks; Fight off a Hockey Stock,
Baseball Bat, Lead Pipe or Blackjack with these defensive tactics. Vandal
Attackers are a "Push-Over" When you Follow these 6 Golden Fighting Rules.

Boldly illustrated in black and red.

Commando and Secret Service Police


Lesson 10 is Commando and Secret Service Police Tactics.

Can you say WWII combatives? [This section delves into the methods of
SILENT KILLING] However, the knife and gun defenses are for the most part
very good, simple, and easy to execute. " Save Your Life With These Secret Police
and Commando Fighting Secrets!"; You Must Protect These Vital Targets from
Knife Attacks; Six swift destructive defenses against knife attack; Defend yourself
against knife attacks with these secrets from Commando and Secret Service
Manuals; Secret Service Defense Tactics Against Deadly Pistol Attacks; Demolish
the toughest gunman with these devastating Commando tactics; Beat off the
Gun-Slinger and Switch-Blade Artist with the Brutal "Sudden Death" Techniques
you learned this week. Boldly illustrated in black and red


Lesson 11 is Karate; except this isn't strip mall dojo karate.

This is down
and dirty, Okinawan take out their eyes, crush their throat, separate their testicles
type stuff. A lot on hand conditioning and developing your hands as weapons. All
the things they don't teach anymore, but that work. The Deadly Art of Hand
Fighting; Finish the most Ruthless Attacker with one Karate Blow at any of these
vulnerable "Paralyzing Spots"; Karate Blows That Kill!; Build Hands of Steel This
Way; Toughen Up Your Body the way the Karate Masters Do; Get the Jump on the
Other Guy with these Terrific Karate Stances; Convert Your Hands Into Weapons of
Atomic Destruction!; The Ten Commandments of Deadly Karate Defense; Any One
of these Blows can Annihilate the Toughest Attacker in a Flash!; Make Your
Fingers and Hands Karate-Tough with these super-strength-building exercises.
With your Bare Hands you can Annihilate the Toughest Attacker in Seconds Here's How; - Shuto, Hiraken, Nukite, Seiken, Empi. Smash him to the Ground with
these Devastating Karate Chops; A Karate Fighter must always be on the Alert!
Boldly illustrated in black and red.


Lesson 12 is how to defend against group attacks and

prowlers. Some of the advice is good. A few of the techniques (very few) came
from watching old movies and are ridiculous. Basically I was taught and have
learned from experience you don't try to fight two people at the same time. It
doesn't work. Instead you work angles and get the attackers in each other's way.
Some of the advice against prowlers is good. There is also advice how to escape if
you are tied up. Contents: How to Crush Gang Attacks; Beware of These
Dangerous Gang Attack Situations; How to Demolilsh Two or More Armed Thugs
with the Speed of a Guided Missile; How to Cheat Death if you are forced into the
back seat of a car by a Gang of Professional Killers; How to "Drop" Two Sadists at
the Same Time; Use These Terrifying Weider Terror Tactics to Flatten Any Cowards
Who Gang Up on You! - how to pulverize the treacherous gutter rats who jump on
your back and try to pound you to death; Pound Two Attackers into Oblivion - with
these special Gang-Defense Counter-Attacks!; Beat up the Toughest Gang of

Attackers Single-Handed with these Devastatingly Destructive Defense Tactics;

What to do if you are Smashed to the Ground by a Gang of Hoodlum Attackers
who intend to Pound You to a Pulp; How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
from Prowlers; How to Annihilate Two or more Bums in the Flick of an Eye. How to
get the most out of This Course. Boldly illustrated in black and red.