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-----+ Added
- Deleted
x Correction
#number is the identifier of bug report (B), requested feature (F) or patch (P)
bug reports and feature request are here:
Version 0.7.77, 2015-08-31
-------------+ #B941, MXF: files having only a video stream and an ancillary data stream were
having incorrect second video stream
+ MOV: detection of r210 CodecID as raw RGB
+ Ancillary data: detection of all metadata blocks (previously: only the first o
ne was detected)
x MPEG-TS: Wrong demux of TSP (188+16 TS) files having PES with only padding
x MediaTrace #2: XML malformed with Flags items (hotfix, flags meaning disabled
in XML output)
x MediaTrace #3: XML malformed with some MP4 files
x MediaTrace #6: XML duplicated attributes
x MediaTrace #10: versioned xsd, creating library name and version
x MediaTrace: XML content was not escaped
x #B947, Amazon S3 support (REST API v2), CLI/DLL only and if compiled with libc
url support: Analyze file on s3 was not working if secret key contains / charact
Version 0.7.76, 2015-08-06
-------------+ XML output: line breaks and indents in between attributes for readability
+ Trace feature: XML trace update, only if compiled with trace feature
+ Amazon S3 support (REST API v2), CLI/DLL only and if compiled with libcurl sup
+ FFV1: improved slice analysis (currently activated only with trace feature and
for 1st frame)
x MXF: optimization of the parsing, reading a lot less data (e.g. can be reduced
from 1 GB to 10 MB with some UHD files)
x MXF: wrong frame count with files not having the video stream as the first str
x Dolby E in MPEG-TS: "SMPTE ST 302" information was accidentally removed
x MPEG-TS: avoid filling delay from file name, not applicable on MPEG-TS
x MXF: better handling of huge padding blocks, better handling of descriptors wi
thout link to a TrackID
x IMX: streams claiming that they are IMX are actually pure MPEG Video, probing
both IMX and MPEG Video
Version 0.7.75, 2015-06-30
-------------+ MXF: consideraing 60 fps timecode tracks with 2 components having a difference
of 2 frames as a single timecode
+ EBUCore 1.6: switch to the link of the final XSD
x XDCAM: some directory structures were wrongly detected as XDCAM structure havi
ng a XML file
x MXF: SDTI 60 fps times were wrong
x #B927, DPX: date/time specific DPX format was used instead of the ISO-like one
x #B927, EBUCore: invalid content in attribute startDate
x ProRes: streams with apcs CodecID were displayed with an incoherent bit depth
instead of no bit depth
x IMX: streams claiming that they are IMX are actually pure MPEG Video, probing

both IMX and MPEG Video

Version 0.7.74, 2015-05-25
-------------+ FIMS: Preliminary version (not for production)
+ D-10 audio: display of real bitrate beside the encoded bitrate
+ VC-3: detection of CDP packets (608/708 captions), created by Nexio, inside th
e VC-3 private data
+ AES3: generic term AES3 replaced by more precise SMPTE ST numbers (302, 331, 3
+ NUT: basic detection
+ FFV1: more parsing of the bitstream, support of any version of FFV1 in MOV and
+ DPX: color space and frame rate
x #B906, Matroska: duration was missing if Info block is at the end of the file
x #B908, AC-3: bit depth removed
x #P86, MPEG-4: moov_trak_edts_elst Atom was ignoring version of the atom
x Dolby E: the MXF channel count value was sometimes reported instead of the rea
l channel count
x VorbisComment: WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE_CHANNEL_MASK "0X" ("x" in uppercase) is ac
cepted now
x EBUCore: TotalProgrammeDuration was wrongly filled with IdentClockStart value
x EBUCore: Source/Material moved from timecodeStart to timecodeTrack
x MPEG-4: info is missing for some streams in some specific cases
Version 0.7.73, 2015-04-09
-------------+ BPG: basic support, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ CAF: basic support of Apple Core Audio Format, sponsored by FlavorSys
+ JPEG-2000: Display of profile (Rsiz)
+ JPEG-2000: detection of XYZ colorspace (based on D-Cinema profile)
+ FFV1 in MOV: more details (version...)
+ MOV/MPEG-4: handling of clcn (little endian nclc) Color parameter type
+ #P84, Matroska: Add TEXTST support to the MKV Parser, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ #P85, MPEG-TS: Add TEXTST support to the MPEG-PSI Parser, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ MediaInfoDLL interface: clean up, more debug features added
+ MediaInfoDLL interface: Giant threads lock removed
+ #F460, VC-3/DNxHD: detection of RGB 444 and other SMPTE ST 2019 (2014) new CID
+ VC-3/DNxHD: version number (HVN)
+ Clean aperture size is move from width/height to its own field
+ HEVC: tier
+ MXF: writing library and writing application fields are cleaned up
+ ProRes: support of 4444 profiles
+ CAP: detection of CAP files from Cheetah and Lambda
x B886, XML and HTML outputs were broken
x B902: EBU AspectRatio invalid in case of non classic numerator:denominator for
x #B758, VC-3/DNxHD: wrong color space and subsampling in case of unknown CID, n
ow empty if format version is not known
x #B903, MXG: Incorrect timecode track used for AS-11 DPP MXF files
x #B904, MXF: Handling repetition of Header Metadata in MXF files
x MXF: AFD value was wrong (displaying the complete byte, but AFD is only 4 bits
of this byte)
x DTS: some streams in Little endian were not detected
x MPEG-4: some files were having an incorrect frame count
x AVC: Some SCTE 128 caption streams were displayed twice
x BMP; accepting files with file size information set to -1
x RF64: samplesCount was not always right
x MOV: avoid wrong parsing in case of "colr" atom with "prof" color parameter ty

x DCP/IMF: ID has now the AM/PKL CPL order in order in all cases (not only when
there is more than one CPL)
x #B893, MXF: Crash with Panasonic P2 3.0 files
x DPX: time information was with native ":" character
x Images sequence: "Delay" field is filled from the number in the name of the fi
rst file
x FLV: some files were not having the right duration
x DPX: Cineon files were detected as DPX Version 1, version number was not corre
sponding to the real version
Version 0.7.72, 2015-01-07
-------------+ MXF: MXF version (e.g. "1.3")
+ Option "File_IsImageSequence" for being able to skip frames in a sequence of f
+ EBUCore: EBUCore 1.6 draft output, sponsored by EBU
+ EBUCore: AS-11 to EBUCore mapping, sponsored by EBU
+ EBUCore: more technicalAttributes, sponsored by EBU
+ MXF Acquisition Metadata (RDD-18, EBU Tech 3349) basic support
x EBUCore: time code tracks moved to their own "format" block
x EBUCore: audioTrackConfiguration removed (not the expected behavior)
x EBUCore: OverallBitRate information changed from technicalAttributeString to t
x PBCore: invalid output in case of time code stream, fix thanks to Dave Rice
x PBCore2: codecid changed, thanks to Dave Rice
x OP-47/SDP/Teletext: some streams were not detected
x Previous version was built with SSE2 instructions, switching back to SSE instr
x AVC: infinite loop fix
x AVC: trying to avoid the wrong detection of AVC in the case of invalid (e.g. e
ncrypted) streams
x Crash on Windows Vista and Win7 pre-SP1 and a CPU having FMA support, due to a
bug in MSVC2013, since 0.7.72. Thanks to Pavel Pimenov for the report and patch
x MXF: AS-11 Typo (SerieTitle changed to SeriesTitle), TotalProgrammeDuration ad
x ID3v2: support of 3-byte ID3v2.3 tags
x CEA-608 in MPEG-4: demux PTS was wrong in case of multiple blocks in one frame
x MOV: better Grey scale files and color palettes handling, with help from Vitto
rio Giovara
Version 0.7.71, 2014-11-09
-------------+ AS-11 (Core, Segmentation, UK DPP items) display
+ MXF: support of TTML (SMPTE ST 2052) detection
+ MXF: option --File_Mxf_TimeCodeFromMaterialPackage for using the time code tra
ck from Material package instead of Source package (CLI/DLL only)
+ Duration in HH:MM:SS:FF format (hidden by default)
+ AVC: detection of Intra profiles
+ MXF: both Material and Source package time codes are displayed
+ MPEG-TS: more information for Teletext subtitle e.g. "For hearing impaired peo
+ Detecting sidecar XML files for captions (e.g. TTML/DFXP), option for CLI and
+ AVC and HEVC: colour_range information (Limited/Full), thanks to Vittorio Giov
+ OP-47/SDP/Teletext: detection of magazine numbers
+ MOV/MPEG-4: basic support of iTunMOVI tag
+ MOV/MPEG-4: support of track title and few other track related tags
+ MOV/MPEG-4: detection of Dolby E in a stereo track

+ AVC: using the first pic_struct as fallback for scan order if other methods fa
il, thanks to Smit for the idea
+ IMF: better compatibility with packages from different vendors
+ PBCore 2.0 technical metadata output option, thanks to Dave Rice
+ WMV: Time code track and value of first frame display, sponsored by AVCOM
+ MPEG Video: Open/Closed GOP status
+ HEVC: Support of Pixel Aspect Ratio in VUI, thanks to Kurtnoise
x SMPTE ST 331: wrong channel positions
x B872, MOV: StreamOrder field was wrong in case of chapter references
x More coherency between the File interface and the By buffer interface
x Matroska: wrong dection of video/audio delay in case of B-frames before the fi
rst I-frame
x Time code striped/not striped information is moved from "Format_Settings" to "
x SMPTE ST 337: infinite loop during scanning of some non ST 337 streams
x MP4/MOV: Using less data during detection of Dolby E hidden in a PCM track
x Matroska: some crashs after file name of attachments update
x MXF: MXF time code track was not displayed with some compilation options (e.g.
the default Windows build)
x WMV: reviewing the frame rate detection, with e.g. report of difference of rea
l 23.976 fps and thoritical 24.000 fps
Version 0.7.70, 2014-09-03
-------------+ DTS Neural Audio: display of DTS Neural Audio descriptor information (matrix e
ncoded channels count and position), sponsored by Numericable
+ FFV1: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 0 to 3, sp
onsored by NOA Audio Solutions
+ HuffYUV: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 1 to 3,
sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions
+ PDF: basic detection (goal is to detect PDF/A profile)
+ HLS: support of encrypted streams (key must be in FileName.FileExt.key or prov
ided via the library API)
+ CDP: using CDP service descriptor for the list of 708 services + language info
+ MXF: showing the real bit depth ("Quantization bits"); the count of bits store
d in the file is in a new field "Stored bit depth" if it differs
+ MXF: Audio "frame rate" (how PCM content is split in packets) information
+ MXF: Audio block alignment byte size (hidden by default)
+ VC-3: adding the commercial name "DNxHD" + bitrate class
+ MXF: SMPTE ST 377-4 (MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework)
+ MXF: "ChannelLayoutID" new field (hidden by default) containing the MXF Channe
l Assignment Label
+ Wave64: Duration
+ CDP: frame rate
+ IMF: improvements (still work in progress)
+ QuickTime: ia13 CodecID
+ CDP: using ccsvcinfo_section() for service presence and language information
+ MXF/CDP: law rating (from CEA-608 XDS) information added (other containers wer
e already supported)
+ CEA-608: Program name information
+ BMP: support of OS/2 headers
+ HLS: com.apple.streaming.transportStreamTimestamp support
+ ISM: ISMT / text (TTML) streams support
+ MXF: detection of buggy BlockAlign from some muxers, so PCM bit depth is corre
ctly detected despite the buggy metadata
+ HEVC: library name of some encoding libraries
+ MPEG-2 Video: picture structure for interlaced content (interlaced content can
have a frame structure)
+ HLS: support of some encrypted files (AES-128 with default IV and per segment)

, key is provided by the command line --File_Encryption_Key=(Base64 data)

+ HEVC: adding support of x265 library name and x265 encoding settings
+ ProRes: more details about ProRes in AVI or Matroska
+ DV: support of AVd1 CodecID
+ CMake: scripts improvements, thanks to Ivan Romanov
+ Matroska: file name of attachments, thanks to Marshall
x HEVC: some streams with VUI were not parsed
x MPEG Video: was not correctly handling 1000:1001 frame rates and NDF time code
s combination during frame count computing
x MPEG Video: was not correctly detecting the time stamp of the first frame in c
ase of closed GOP with first frame not the I-frame
x XDCAM: information about the MXF header presence was not provided if MOV heade
r has a glbl atom
x Some specific C++11 code is removed for full compatibility with older C++
x MXF: Time codes values were buggy in case of MXF with pre-charge ("Origin" not
x MPEG-4 Visual: wrong analysis in case on video_object_layer_shape not set to r
x MPEG-4/MOV: trying to display the summary differently when there is a differen
ce between container and raw stream channels count information (long term method
to be discussed)
x Non-Unicode version was not building anymore
x DyLib: trying to have a better support of pure C compilers
Version 0.7.69, 2014-04-24
-------------+ MPEG-TS: support of HEVC streams with stream_type of 36
+ EBUCore 1.5: update with support of more fields and valid against final XSD
+ Added interlaced content store method (Separated fields or interleaved fields)
+ HEVC: Better support of the different containers (including MP4/MKV/FLV)
+ #B844, Matroska: detection of covers, thanks to Max Pozdeev
+ Sequences of files: optimization of the detection of sequences with 200k+ file
+ Sequences of files: File_IgnoreSequenceFilesCount option for speeding up the d
etection of sequences (con: no detection of the latest file in the sequence)
+ Sequences of files: File_IgnoreSequenceFileSize option for speeding up the det
ection of sequences (con: no detection of total size of the sequence)
+ Sequences of files: detection when there is additional characters after the nu
mbers (e.g. "filename[000001].png")
+ MPEG-TS: detecting sequences of files
+ ADTS: detecting sequences of files
+ MediaInfoList: removing files detected as part of a sequence
+ Arri Raw: basic detection
+ DDS (DirectDraw Surface) support
+ OpenMG (.oma) partial (Atrac3 only) support
+ WebVTT detection
x #B841, QuickTime TFF/BFF: using now Technical Note TN2162 as the reference doc
umentation for 'fiel' atom
x Matroska: slow parsing of some files
x MOV/IMX: IMX was not detected when glbl atom is present
Version 0.7.68, 2014-04-02
-------------+ QuickTime: new field ScanOrder_Stored, displayed when display and Stored order
s are not same (replacing ScanOrder_StoredDisplayedInverted field)
+ IMF: better support of IMF files having more than 1 ressource per track
+ IMF: better support of IMF files EntryPoint and SourceDuration fields
+ MPEG-TS: EBP detection
+ Excel VBA example (32 and 64 bit), in contrib directory
+ Node.js examples added, in contrib directory

+ GXF: support of DVCPRO HD

+ GXF: Media Type is reported
+ HEVC: added support of scaling_list_data
+ HEVC: deactivated general_profile_compatibility_flag validity test because som
e encoders do not implement it correctly
+ MPEG-4/MOV: Speed improvement, especially for full parsing of 100+ GB files.
+ File reading: Speed improvement of big files, especially for full parsing, wit
h the help of a dedicated reading thread
+ Java binding: adding support of memory buffer as input, example with InputStre
am class (from RandomAccessFile or from FileUrl, including Amazon S3 authorizati
+ PTX: more files are supported
+ Ancillary data: more fomats are detected (OP-47 WST, OP-47 Multipacket, WSS, C
EA-608, MPEG-2 Recoding Information...)
+ EBUCore output: update, with EBUCore 1.5 support
+ MXF: detection of Sony RAW SQ (by reverse engineering, not sure)
+ F432, AVI: detection of MPEG Video with Codec Id 0x02000010
+ AVI: detection of captions inside MPEG Video
+ MPEG-4/MOV: showing non-media streams (e.g. hint/rtp tracks)
+ #P81, HEVC: raw stream frame rate info, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ AIFF/Dolby E: detection duration of hidden Dolby E increased from 0.1 second t
o 1 second
x #B833, FLV: some (out of specs) files were no more fully detected
x #B828, HEVC/H265: parsing of final specification (vui_parameters() specs were
x #B835, HEVC/H265: bug fixes, thanks to KP Lau
x #B838, AVC/H264: bug fixes, thanks to KP Lau
x #B831, MPEG Audio: files with MusiFile header/trailer are correctly detected (
but header/trailer are currently discarded)
x #B836, XCode 5.1 compilation issue fixed, thanks to masterkain
x STL: better support of non-English characters during decode
x MXF: some properties were not displayed with OP-Atom files
x JPEG-2000: wrong implmentation of COD parsing, with undefined behavior for som
e files
x MXF: potential crash with small files
x AAF: potential crash with small files
x HLS: potential crash with small files
x MXF: some video streams were wrongly detected as MPEG-2 video
x MXF: better detection of some weird cases with interlace JPEG-2000 content
x MXF: better support of files with more than 16 MB per frame (2.5 Gbps bit rate
x configure.ac: removal of problematical typos, thanks to Dmitrij D. Czarkoff
x Files with the wrong extension: the file was sometimes fully read (very slow!)
x AVI: Huge files (2GB+, with OpenDML) were sometimes parsed slowly
x MOV: better display of metadata when tvsh atom is present
x AC-3: some dependent streams ere not correctly detected
Version 0.7.67, 2014-01-10
-------------x MXF: duplicate display of some time code streams in ancillary data
x B814, AAC: Wrong detection of audioObjectType==29
Version 0.7.66, 2014-01-09
-------------+ EBUCore 1.4 output support
+ IMF AssetMap (AM), PackageList (PKL) and CompositionPlaylist (CPL): improved s
+ Channel layout information for AAC, AC-3, E-AC-3, DTS, Dolby E
+ MXF: CodecID field (EssenceContainer-EssenceCompression)
+ Pro Tools 10+ Session file (.ptx) support, by reverse engineering (=it may not

+ Playlist files: trying to detect language and channel layout from file names
+ QuickTime: new field ScanOrder_StoredDisplayedInverted, set to "Yes" when disp
lay and Stored orders are inverted
+ Wave: Detection of wrong byte rate in header in order to provide right duratio
n of some PCM streams
+ ARIB captions: detection of captions in ancillary data (tested with MXF)
+ AAF: basic support of playlist files
x QuickTime: false-positive detection of incoherency between container and raw s
tream scan order due to inverted display and tored orders
x MXF: Dolby E stream not detected in some cases
x #P78, HEVC: general_level_idc shall be set equal to a value of 30 times the le
vel number, not 10 times, thanks to Kurtnoise
x C# binding example: was not working with 2GB+ files, was parsing sometimes the
whole file
x #B802, AAC: Infinite loop, thanks to Sbastien Michel
x #B805, AC-3: Segfault on files falsely recognized as AC3 files, thanks to Gild
as Desnos
x #B808, PCM: Infinite loop, thanks to Gildas Desnos
x #B809, APE tags: Infinite loop, thanks to Gildas Desnos
x #B810, AVC: Infinite loop, thanks to Gildas Desnos
x #B813, CLI_Compile.sh bug ("eats all resources" while compiling)
x LATM: false-positive detection of some files
x MXF: Crash with some files
Version 0.7.65, 2013-11-20
-------------+ MXF: forcing detection of MPEG Video in case EssenceCompression is not present
but MPEG2VideoDescriptor is present
+ GXF: detection of some captions and time codes event if they are not present a
t the beginning of the file (testing middle of the file)
+ DASH MPD: basic support
+ HDS F4M (Flash Media Manifest): basic support
+ DCP AssetMap (AM), PackageList (PKL) and CompositionPlaylist (CPL): basic supp
+ IMF AssetMap (AM), PackageList (PKL) and CompositionPlaylist (CPL): basic supp
+ Mac dylib: looking for the dylib in @executable_path and CFBundleCopyExecutabl
eURL dir
+ AAC: option for instantaneous bitrate in fast detect mode (MediaInfoLib only)
+ FTP (custom builds only): support of UTF-8 file names
+ Colour description: colour_description_present added, better separation betwee
n bitstream values and container values
+ MPEG-4: RLE, color space and bit depth
+ Law rating: support of CEA-608 XDS Content Advisory in MPEG-PS, MPEG-Ts, LXF,
+ MPEG-4/MOV: Bug found in one file, sample size is 16 with a 32-bit CodecID ("f
l32"), correcting the output of MediaInfo
x #B775, AVI: AVI can use negative height for raw to signal that it's coded topdown, not bottom-up
x #B780, MPEG-TS: crash with some files having PAT/PMT change between begin and
end of the file
x #B782, PBCore 1.2: some fields were not in the right order
x #B784, some humain readable strings were not removed when the corresponding fi
eld is removed
x #B787, MPEG-4/QuickTime: Erratic appereance of Bitrate Mode
x #B798: setlocale() remove from DLL
x #B785, DVCPRO HD: streams can be 8 or 10 bit, removing hard coded value from D
V parser (MXF header value is used instead when applicable)
x MPEG-4: wrong demux of some E-AC-3 streams

x AAC: detection of HE-AACv2 was missing if the library is configured with fast
x MPEG Video: wrong computing of duration of raw stream in case of drop frame ti
me code
x Automation, StreamKind type was set to integer, it is text
x MPEG-4: was reading lot of useless bytes from disk when the raw stream format
is not known
x AVI: crash with some malformed text streams
x Reference/playlist files were not supported from FTP (custom builds only)
x MPEG-4/MOV: ScanOrder was using "stored" value instead of "displayed" value
x MXF: Detection of Dolby E was not working in some cases (regression in 0.7.62)
x MPEG-4/MOV: freeze with some files having mono 32-bit PCM
Version 0.7.64, 2013-07-05
-------------+ New canonical URL of the website: http://MediaArea.net/MediaInfo
+ E-AC-3: support of streams having substreams (e.g. more than 6 channels)
+ JPEG: detection of YUVA, RGB, RGBA and YCCK color spaces
+ MPEG Audio: detection of Id3v1 inside an MPEG Audio frame
+ Matroska: support of HEVC/H.265 (based on specifications draft from DivX inc)
+ Canopus: detection of scan mode, scan order, pixel aspect ratio
+ MD5 generation option (work in progress)
+ Id3v2: reading of all Id3v2 blocks (no more only the first one) at the beginni
ng of the file
+ MPEG-4: support of few additional iTunes tags, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ AVI: detection of Ut Video, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ MXF: detection of Dolby E even if EssenceCompression is not SMPTE 337
+ AIFF: detection of Dolby E
+ AIFF: detection of not aligned Dolby E
+ ARIB B24/B37: Caption_conversion_type display (HD, SD, Mobile)
+ MPEG-TS: displaying CEA-708 service and CEA-608 presence if the corresponding
ATSC descriptor is present
+ MPEG-TS: quicker analysis in the case of quick parsing option
+ #F412, Matroska: Handling of files having no DocType
x #B761, MPEG-TS/ARIB: crash with some streams, thanks to maki
x #B765, Matroska: was parsing the complete file if a stream indicated in the he
ader is not present
x #B763, MXF: detection of incoherency of channel count between bitstream and wr
x #B762, Matroska: detecting 23.976 frame rate (instead of 23.962 fps due to imp
recise timestamp)
x #B759, QuickTime: detection of time codes having tcmi not embedded in tmcd box
x #B766, RMVB: a/v delay is incorrect, currently disabling it
x #B768, MPEG-4, crash with some MPEG-4 files
x #B769, MPEG-4, crash with some MPEG-4 files
x #B764, AVC: wrong parsing of some streams having pic_scaling_matrix
x AVC, crash with some AVC streams
x AAC, infinite loop with some AAC streams
x FLV, infinite loop with some FLV files
x Matroska: crash with some malformed files
x MOV: crash/long parsing with some malformed files
x AC-3: crashes and freezes fix
x Java 64-bit: Count_Get(StreamKind) was always returning 0
x Python 64-bit: Count_Get(StreamKind) was always returning 0
x DTS: some streams were not detected
x DTS: some memory leaks with 14-bit streams
x SMPTE ST 302: memory leaks
x SMPTE ST 337: memory leaks
x Total failure if MEDIAINFO_REFERENCES_NO #define was used
x QuickTime: Time code name is in "Title" field

x MPEG-4/QuickTime: handling of weird "negative" frame duration is stts

Version 0.7.63, 2013-05-13
-------------+ Switched to a BSD-2-Clause license
+ LXF: AFD (from ancillary stream) support
+ Detection of some side car files and showing them as a single package (optiona
+ MOV: more channel positions information
+ TTML: detection
+ SAMI: detection
+ ID3: updated list of genres, thanks to Mats
+ .so: search a local copy of the library before trying default path
+ AVI: Support of Adobe PARf (Aspect Ratio) chunk
+ VC-3: Scan order
+ #P65, Flac/Ogg DISCTOTAL metadata support, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ #P67, MOV, add Hap Video to the database, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ #P67, Matroska, add VP9 to the database, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ #P68, FLV, add HEVC detection in the FLV parser
+ #P66, MOV, tref/chap handling, with chapters information, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ #P72, MOV, HEVC/H265 detection and basic support, thanks to Kurtnoise
+ #F382/P75, PMP format detection
+ MPEG-TS, HEVC/H265 support
+ 16:10 DAR known value
x #B742, MPEG-4/MOV, crash with some truncated/invalid files
x #B746, MPEG-4/MOV: crash with files having moof atom and no moov atom
x #B747, Inconsistent hang with buffer API
x #B757, MediaInfoDLL.py MediaInfoList was not working, thanks to Elbenfreund
x #B740, XML: dt:dt is replaced by dt (for binary data)
x MXF: Dolby E streams starting only at the second or third frame were not well
x MPEG-4/MOV: reducing analysis time for I-frame only video streams
x CEA-708: weird behavior phantom streams are displayed) in case of buggy CEA-70
x AVI: crash with audio delay and AvgBytesPerSec of 0
x Wrong demuxing of the caption stream in the case of AVC streams without frame_
mbs_only_flag but having 2 fields in one slice.
x DPX: parsing was very slow with a sequence of files.
x MXF: Pre-charge duration was not read, time code of the first frame was wrong
if "Origin" is not 0
x FLV: file was sometimes (e.g. most of the file padded with zeroes) fully parse
x VC-3: Using values from specifications (based on compression ID) instead of SB
D/SST/SPL/APLF from bitstream
Version 0.7.62, 2013-02-22
-------------+ ARIB STD B24/B37 caption detection (both Japanese and Brazilian versions)
+ LXF: support of AVC, VC-3, MPEG audio, AC-3, Dolby E, and AAC detection and an
+ AC-3: support of 22.05 kHz streams (out of specs but they exist)
+ MOV: AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) scan type detection
+ MOV: support of AVID metadata (interlacement information)
+ Time code dedicated tracks (MOV, MXF, GXF)
+ Time code track (MPEG-4/MOV, GXF, MXF)
+ Time code in SDTI (MXF)
+ Time code in System scheme 1 (MXF)
+ Time code in SMPTE RP 188 (aka SMPTE ST 12-2 aka ATC aka VANC) (GXF, LXF, MXF)
+ Time code in SMPTE RP 196 (aka HANC)
+ MPEG Video Time code

+ MPEG-TS: format_identifier, pointer_field, section_length (hidden by default)

+ CEA-608/708: caption detection duration is increased to 15 seconds (or 64 MB)
in order to miss less caption content
+ Image files as a video stream: file name of the last file
x #727, MOV: crash with some malformed files (Time scale set to 0)
x #728, AAC: crash with some malformed streams
x #681, AVI: was not analyzing VBR streams without bit rate info in header
x #736: Division by 0 with 0-byte files
x Id3v2: crash with some malformed tags
x Bit rate display was "0 bps" if the real bit rate is more than 4 Gbps
x Division by 0 in case of 0 byte long file
x MPEG-4: wrong muxing mode information in case of A/53 captions in MPEG Video i
x P2 Clip: wrong uppercase/lowercase in the file name of source files.
x MOV: PCM endianness was sometimes wrong
x MPEG-4: JPEG interlacement was sometimes wrong
x MPEG Video: wrong DAR information in case of DAR change between begin and end
of the file
Version 0.7.61, 2012-10-22
-------------+ MPEG-TS: SCTE 35 and KLV streams are better displayed (in Menu part)
+ MPEG-TS: Menu part contains the list of PID with unknown format
+ MPEG-TS: Menu part lists PID in the PMT order instead of increasing order
+ Display of both container and stream scan type and scan order
+ DV100: scan order
+ MXF: scan order
+ MPEG-TS: Maximum and minimum overal bit rate (only if parse speed is set to 1)
+ MPEG-TS, MPEG-S, MXF, AVI, WM: StreamOrder field added
+ MXF: better support of malformed VANC streams
+ MPEG Video: improved detection of the GOP (more frames are used), "Variable" v
+ MPEG-PS: FirstPacketOrder info added
+ SkipBinaryData option
x #3564456, Matroska: some (other) streams were wrongly detected sa VFR
x #3570092, Id3v2: support of old COM and ULT fields
x CEA-708: crash with some malformed streams
x MPEG-TS: crash when PCR is corrupted (same value at different offsets)
x QuickTIme: wrong channel count report in case of buggy chan atom. Now the stre
am description has priority over chan atom
x E-AC-3: duration was wrong in some cases
x Matroska: random wrong analysis in case of SimpleBlock mode
x #3574436, MOV: hang on files having buggy "alis" atom
x MPEG-TS: bit rate mode detection was sometimes too much strict about CBR
x DV: wrong detection in case of buggy audio header (if present and set to 0xFF)
x MPEG-4: crash in case of buggy aperture size atom
x MediaInfo_Const.h was missing in the DLL package for Mac
x MPEG-PS: detection of phantom streams
x WAV: detection of malformed >4GB WAV files was no more working
x DTS: computing bit rate from frame size instead of targeted transmission rate
x DTS: setting the bit rate to "unknown" for Master Audio instead of instantaneo
us bit rate
x DTS: Display of endianess and word size was not coherent
Version 0.7.60, 2012-09-02
-------------+ MPEG-TS/PS: improved detection of buggy time stamps
+ DPX: color primaries and transfer characteristics
+ MPEG-TS: Added support of scrambled streams without transport_scrambling_contr
ol bit set (e.g. PlayReady)


MPEG-TS: Name of some scrambling algorithms

MPEG-TS: detection of CBR/VBR at container level
MPEG Video: better detection of variable GOP
MPEG-TS: average, minimum, maximum PCR distance (hidden by default and you mus
parse the whole file with --ParseSpeed=1 option)
Matroska: some streams were wrongly detected sa VFR
#3538378, XML output: invalid characters, now if there is an invalid character
data is transported in base64
LXF: wrong video bit rate with some files
AC-3/E-AC-3: hang up with some Little Endian streams
AAC: wrong min and max bit rate in case of partial (default) parsing, disablin
AVC: crash or hang up with some malformed/scrambled streams
Opus: wrong duration in case of non-48kHz stream
MOV: 25 fps + drop frame time codes were not handled correctly

Version 0.7.59, 2012-08-08

-------------+ License: Switched back to LGPLv2+Exceptions
+ #3555183, PCX support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3555182, PSD support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3555181, Matroska: ALAC detection, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3540425, OGG/MKV: Opus speech format support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3531808, AVI: detecting more inconsistencies in stream durations
+ GXF: crash with Time code tracks without frame rate info
+ MPEG-4: stream order (hidden by default), in order to provide the same numbers
as mkvtoolnix 5.2+ Track ID
+ QuickTime: default channel map is "L R" for stereo streams (as it seems to be
in QuickTime player)
+ MPEG-4: support of WMA (version 1, version 2, Pro, Lossless) in MPEG-4
+ FLV: handling of metadata with an underscore before the real metadata name
+ MXF: support of files with header missing TrackNumber in the descriptor (if it
is present only in footer)
+ MXF: Language from DMS-1
+ ProRes: analysis of the ProRes raw stream (including scan order for interlaced
+ colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients: canonicalizat
ion of results
+ MPEG-4 Visual: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
+ ProRes: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
+ GIF: Display Aspect Ratio
x #3533984, different behavior depending of compilation options (so Linux versio
n was missing some info)
x MPEG-4: audio/video delay was wrong in case of negative delay
x CEA-608: Memory leaks removed
x AVC: crash in case of analyzing some invalid SEI
x MPEG Audio: crash with some files having Lyrics 2 tags
x MPEG Audio: crash with some files having APE tags
x AVI: secondary genre comes after primary genres in the "Genre" field
x FLV: better handling of files containing more than 1 meta chunk
x MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: was aborting during full parsing in the case of very damaged
x Vorbis: infinite loop if codebook_entries>=256
x Id3v2: crash with some unsynchronized frames, especially with UTF-16 comments
x Id3v2: Wrong mime type of covers
x MPEG-PS: crash in case of language info in descriptors
x Java binding: crash with MediaInfo::Inform() (Windows 32-bit only)
x MPEG-TS: false-positive in case of some MPEG-4 files with wrong extension
x FLV: crash in some specific cases (malformed files)
x 3548314, MVC: Scan type was wrong with MVC-only (without the underlying AVC st

ream) stream
x 3553588, MPLS: stream duration was wrong with standalone (without the referenc
ed M2TS) files
x 3553588, MPLS: incoherent behavior with MPLS having more than one PlayListItem
x 3554154, MPEG-TS: crash with some corrupted streams
x MOV: all EIA/CEA-608 captions were not well detected
x Matroska: Trying to better detect VFR streams, frame rate was wrong in case of
interlaced content
Version 0.7.58, 2012-05-28
-------------+ AC-3: Little Endian streams support
+ LXF: AVC streams support
+ ISM: better support
+ File referencing other files (HLS, ISM...): menu in case there is more than 1
stream per referenced file
+ MPEG-TS: option for keeping streams detected at the beginning then disabled in
a an update of the PMT (activated by default)
+ MPEG-PS: program_map_section support for uncommon streams embedded in MPEG-PS
x Referenced files (MXF, HLS, MOV, P2, XDCAM...): issues with source name, track
order, files size
x MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: regression, some files with AC-3/DTS/DVD subtitles were not w
ell analyzed anymore
x MPEG-4 channel mapping: Lt and Rt (matrix-encoded) channel mapping were missin
x GXF: handling of buggy files having non-PCM AES3 codec identifier but actually
having PCM
x MPEG-4: better support of MPEG-4 files having corrupted metadata atom
x 3529510, EIA/CEA-708: was not detected if the stream was not present at the be
ginning, thanks to Pete Chapman
Version 0.7.57, 2012-05-02
-------------+ #3513490, Vorbis comment (Flac, Ogg): more tags are supported
+ XML-based formats (P2, XDCAM, DCP, ISM, HLS...): support of UTF-16 encoding
+ MPEG-4: for buggy PCM, prioritizing the codec ID "in24" = 24-bit against the b
it depth field
x #3516900, Vorbis comment (Flac, Ogg): trying to do better mapping of PERFORMER
and ARTIST tags
x MXF: wrong video frame count in some cases
x #3517374, GCC 4.7: compilation issues removal, thanks to SpepS
x MPEG-PS: some files were not well demuxed so analysis was sometimes wrong (esp
ecially macroblock parsing)
Version 0.7.56, 2012-04-08
-------------+ Better support of machines lacking of std::stringstream
+ Better support of machines requesting explicit stdc++ library link option (e.g
. some ARM embedded devices)
x #3515515, MPEG-4: crash with MPEG-4 container + H264/AVC video stream
x #3515393, MPEG Audio: infinite loop (freeze) with some files
x #3514677, Video: Well known 1.85:1 display aspect ratio was incorrectly displa
yed as 16:9
x #3513908, File interface: No output if filename contain a colon
x #3515893, MPEG-4: some specific files were not detected
x AVI: infinite loop (freeze) with some files (having index containing 0-sized c
x AVC: memory leaks
x libcurl support: libcurl config from MediaInfo is compatible with libcurl+gnut

Version 0.7.55, 2012-04-05

-------------+ AC-3: support of little endian streams
+ LXF: support of format version 0
+ HLS: support of .m3u8 index and sequence referencing a bunch of MPEG-TS files
+ MPEG-4: Added support of glbl atom and corresponding 4CC (ai12, ai15, ai1q, ai
+ MPEG-4: Added detection of files with mx5p files wrongly filled with raw MPEG
Video instead of MXF
+ MPEG-TS: Detection of 20-bit Dolby E even if the SMPTE 302 M header is set to
x #3513490, Id3v2: mapping of "Encoded by" and "Encoding library" is conform to
the specs now
x MXF: hang up with some clip-wrapped files
x MPEG-4: AVC-100 bit rate was not coherent depending of the container (MPEG-4 o
r MXF)
x reVTMD output is disabled due to its non-free (point of view of FSF and DFSG)
Version 0.7.54, 2012-03-13
-------------+ #3480111, Matroska: parsing of WebM-style frame rate info
+ #3499859, ALAC: parsing of the alac atom, for real bit depth / sample rate
+ #3487601, DV: fields order (TFF/BFF)
+ MPEG-4: more video 4CCs binded to MPEG Video
+ H.263: raw stream parsing (width, height, aspect ratio), comparison with conta
iner data
+ Speed improvements
+ MPEG-PS: supporting parsing of some non-conform files
+ Full support of CEA-608 (separation of CC1-CC4, T1-T4)
+ #3494722, MPEG-4: trying to detect wrong duration in track header
+ MPEG-4 with embedded MXF track (XDCAM...): separation of video bitrate and pad
ding bitrate
+ Compound streams (e.g. DV): separation of video bitrate and audio bitrate
+ Blu-ray: LPCM mono real bit rate is separated from the encoded (stereo) bit ra
+ Support of https, sftp scp protocols (custom builds only)
+ AVI: vprp (OpenDML) display aspect ratio support
x #3480111, Matroska: some frame rates are incorrect in the file, trying to dete
ct this kind of malformed file
x #3479494, AVC: segmentation fault
x #3440638, AAC: wrong detection for some malformed AAC streams
x #3440638, MPEG-4: wrong analysis of some files having track header after media
x #3480111, MXF: Height was wrong for MXF with FrameLayout = Mixed fields
x #3468235, Blu-ray: displaying PGS in all cases (even if PES is not detected, t
hey are too much rare)
x #3498846, MPEG-4: delay between audio and video was no more detected
x #3495573, MPEG-4: crash with some files having fragments
x MPEG-4: channel position in case of channel atom is configured with ChannelBit
x MPEG-TS: crash with some buggy files (a PID indicated as PSI and PES at the sa
me time)
x AES3: not detecting Dolby E stream if there is guard band before the Dolby E f
rame, in MPEG-TS
x DPX: some files with some invalid fields were not detected
x DTVCC Captions: crash with some buggy streams
Version 0.7.53, 2012-01-24

-------------+ DV: option for ignoring transmitting flags (TF1/TF2/TF3) (DLL and CLI only)
+ Matroska: ProRes detection
+ MPEG-4: official DTS CodecIDs (dtsc/dtsh/dtsl/dtse) support, thanks to Lionel
+ Matroska: stream order (hidden by default), in order to provide the same numbe
rs as mkvtoolnix 5.2+ Track ID
+ #3471516, BLu-ray: wrong channel count for mono/3-channel/5-channel/7-channel
PCM streams
+ AVI: ISMP (SMPTE Time code), Tdat tc_o/tc_a (Adobe Premier time code) support
+ reVTMD output
x QuickTime: crash and sometimes wrong info with some files having compressed he
x MPEG-4: commercial format typo error (EX422 instead of HD422)
x MXF: handling wrong MXF header having frame height instead of field height
x #3471053, Tags: Id3v1 tag was used instead of Id3v2 if the file is short
x #3463117, MPEG-TS: crash if Conditioal Access PID is same as the PES
x Custom output: better handling of cases with special character strings (\n...)
in the file content
x #3440664: Audio only AVI file is missing duration
x #3453476: detection so incorrect duration information in tkhd atom
x Detailled XML output was producing duplicate xml-tags
Version 0.7.52, 2011-12-19
-------------+ MXF with referenced files: if the referenced file is not available, trying to
open local files
+ MPEG Video: GOP size for I-Frame only streams
+ MXF: support of CEA-608 in ancillary data for some other formats than MPEG Vid
eo, if there is no B-frame
+ LXF: support of SMPTE ST291/CDP/CEA-608/CEA-708 in ancillary data
+ WAV: better handling of files not having word alignment
x DV: crash (division by zero) in some cases
x DV: DVCPRO HD was sometimes not detected (low bitrate)
x MXF: Crash if AFD field has an invalid value
x MXF: Wrong endianess for some big endian PCM streams
x MXF: some MXF referencing files have wrong duration
x MXF: duration was wrong with some specific files
x DVD-Video: detection of 20-bit and 24-bit PCM
x XML output: it was sometimes containing some invalid characters
x MPEG-4: considering default char set as ISO-8859-1
x MXF: better handling of referencing files having the same ID for all tracks
x MXF: Handling of MXF files with wrong FooterPartition field
x MXF: Some captions (not starting at the beginning of the file) were not detect
x WAV: duration was missing is some cases
x RMP3 support was broken
Version 0.7.51, 2011-11-11
-------------+ #2872918, MKV: add support for default and forced track flags
+ #3418881, RK Audio format support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3418883, LA: version field, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ MPEG-4: basic support of Aigo .3dv files
+ MPEG-2 Video: color display info (colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics,
+ QuickTime: color display info (colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, mat
+ QuickTime: ProRes LT, Proxy, 4:4:4 profiles detection
+ QuickTime: mpeg CodecID support

+ Template inputs are now insensitive to carriage return kind (Windows \r\n, Mac
\r, Linux \n)
+ MPEG-TS: Support of ISO 8859-2 in EPG
+ MPEG-4: more CodedIDs supported
+ GXF: more info about DV streams
+ GXF: Handling of files with more than 1 Time code
x #3414326, GXF: using only the first map chunk for duration calculation
x #3414513, Id3v2: was not able to extract covers with UTF-16 description
x #3417908, video from several files: crash if there is not enough place for the
frame number
x #3433602, DVD-Video (IFO): Crash when scanning some malformed IFO files
x Matroska: parser hanging in case of huge zero-padded files
x MPEG-4: was not providing some info about tracks with sample table before medi
a header
x MXF: better support of corrupted indexes
x #3429831, MediaInfo library: unload wrong DLL, thanks to McSpecky
x MPEG-TS: Better handling of EPG running_status flag
x MXF: Handling of "file:///" in Network loacators
x FLV: audio delay was sometimes wrong
x H264: Buffer size was in bytes instead of bits like with other formats
x #3429196: no output if absolute file name, on Linux
x #3187050, FLV: wrong detection when FLV header is corrupt
x BLu-ray: crash if MPLS files are on the root of a disk
x Blu-ray: parsing was very slow if MPLS was pointing thousands of times on the
same file
x #3292830, Matroska: crash if AAC sample rate is not provided by the container
Version 0.7.50, 2011-09-23
-------------+ DVB Subtitle: region_width / region_height / region_depth (hidden by default)
+ MPEG-4: hdv6 and mx4p CodecID support (MPEG Video)
+ AVI: v210 CodecID (YUV) detect
+ #3411596, CDDA support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ MXF: support of AC-3
+ #3411999, AVi: detection of GeoVision MPEG-4, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3411999, MPEG-4: detection of VC-1 (WMV3), Nellymoser and WMA2, thanks to Lio
nel Duchateau
x AVI: Better support of 2 video streams (e.g. "3D AVI") in a file
x MPEG-TS: Duration was not provided in some cases
x FLV: Delay and duration for AAC was wrong if delay was not 0, thanks to Justin
Greer http://zencoder.com
x #3408005, IFO: crash with some files
x MPEG-4: some bitrates where wrong if smooth streaming is used
Version 0.7.49, 2011-09-09
-------------+ AES3: analyzing AAC, AC-3, MPEG Audio embedded in AES3 stream
+ GXF: detection of DolbyE in AES3 in GXF
+ WAV: detecting AES3 non-PCM audio inside WAV
+ MPEG Video: more precise duration for 29.97 fps material having time code with
out drop frame flag set
+ MPEG-4/MOV: delay from time code track conforming to Final cut (using integral
frame rate value if frame drop flag is not set)
+ Overall bit rate mode (CBR or VBR)
+ DVB Subtitle: region_horizontal_address / region_vertical_address (hidden by d
+ MPEG-TS: option (--ParseSpeed=0.8) for testing the stream until all advertised
streams are detected
x MXF: some files with SDTI were not well demuxed (frame number) or were crashin


Some files where wrongly detected as MPEG-PS without streams

AC-3: non-48 KHz streams were not analyzed
3164893, JPEG: issue with some JPEG files with no/incorrect extention
3403338, crash with four character filenames

Version 0.7.48, 2011-08-16

-------------+ ISM (ISM/ISMV/ISMA/PIFF...): more attributes (frame rate, frame count, duratio
+ MP3: support of VBRI header in a corrupted frame
+ Active Format Description: muxing mode (A/35 or SMPTE ST 2016-3)
+ MP4/MOV: Displaying info about first description atom of a track (instead of a
ll of them)
x MP4/MOV: scan order (Top/Bottom) from container, thanks to Peter Chapman
x MP4: Channel layout was not filled in some cases
x libmms: default behavior is using official libmms API only
x Vorbis comment: album performer data was in performer field
x Captions in AVC: some captions were not detected and decoded
x AVC: GOP structure info was often wrong
x MXF: IndexTable search was buggy (parsing the whole file) for some rare files
(index present twice)
Version 0.7.47, 2011-07-14
-------------+ ISM (ISM/ISMV/ISMA/PIFF...) support
+ SCC (Scenarist Closed Captioning) support
+ #3201768, BMP: BitmapV4Header support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ MP4: enda atom support (Endianess)
+ MXF: expliciting PCM endianess
x #3354384, Vorbis in AVI, version 3+ was displayed as 2+
x MPEG-4/MOV: files with big "free" atom were not parsed
Version 0.7.46, 2011-07-04
-------------+ MXF: TrackName
+ DCP: Basic support (video and audio streams), both Interop and SMPTE versions
+ P2 Clip: Supporting directories with wrong letter case
+ MXF: detection of AES3/Dolby E in mono PCM streams without compression scheme
+ MP4: first frame duration difference if first frame has not the same duration
than all other frames
+ MP4: frame rate set as CFR if only the first frame has a different duration
+ MP4: Handling of track duration smaller than media duration (track duration an
d stream size have priority)
+ #3348936, MXF: OP-Atom profile
+ Matroska, Stereo Layout support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
x libcurl (FTP/HTTP): seek request was buggy, invalid data was read
x MPEG Video in MPEG-TS or MP4: streams were wrongly detected as VBR or CBR, any
bit rate mode is removed until a working solution is found
x AES (S302M): was no more detected if the packet was split in several PES
x #3325235, Vorbis: streams were wrongly reported as CBR
x EXR: Width/Height were 1 less than real value
x #3344635, MP4/MOV: Delay missing if timecode track found before audio/video, t
hanks to Peter Chapman
Version 0.7.45, 2011-06-15
-------------+ QuickTime: Support of EIA-608 streams created by Final Cut
+ Matroska: Support of Matroska tags
+ Matroska: parsing of tags at the end of the file (previously: only tags at the

+ MP4/MOV with uncompressed streams: scan type (interlaced/progressive)

+ YUV4MPEG2 (Y4M) support
+ GXF: more information about AES3 audio streams
+ EXR: Basic support
+ E-AC-3: dialnorm/dynrng (first frame / first block) information
+ LXF: support of DV PAL
+ DPX: Support of Cineon old format
+ DPX: Support of file with Little Endian configuration
+ MPEG-4: better support of file with more than one mdat or moov atom
+ WAV: more details from bext chunk
+ MXF: AFD (in both descriptor or ANC) support
+ MXF: Support of AES3 / Dolby E in 2 mono channels
+ MPEG-4: support of some malformed (without mdat atom) files
+ MXF: Better detection of streams without Essence Compression descriptor
x MPEG Video: Custom matrix detection was broken
x DPX: Industry specific header was not well decoded
x JPEG-2000: Chroma subsampling 4:2:0 was recognized as 4:4:4.
x Matroska: Handling default values for TrackVideoDisplayWidth and TrackVideoDis
x MPEG-TS: private audio streams with 0xCO stream_id were not correctly detected
x FLV and RIFF: Changing Sorenson H.263 to Sorenson Spark because this stream fo
rmat is too much incompatible with H.263
x MXF: Some specific files (including AFD in descriptor) were not well parsed
Version 0.7.44, 2011-04-19
-------------+ AVI: support of some corrupted files (RIFF size set to 0)
+ AC-3: support of streams with 16-byte time stamp between frames
+ MPEG-TS: creation of index files, seek feature
+ GXF: seek feature
+ MXF: seek feature
+ MPEG-TS: detecting wrong stream registration information and skipping it
+ NTSC: accepting 483-line streams as NTSC
+ MXF: Parsing speed improvement, especially for high bitrate (>300 Mbps) stream
+ TGA file basic support
+ libmms: MMSH support (Linux/Mac only), thanks to RGB Networks
+ libcurl: HTTP header option and Time to live, thanks to RGB Networks
+ Id3v2 and MPEG-4: possibility to customize tag mapping
+ TIFF: more details
x MXF: some specific files were not analyzed, fix sponsored by http://maxnine.co
x LXF: random crashes
Version 0.7.43, 2011-03-19
-------------+ MPEG-TS: detection and display of real time PAT/PMT change improved
x EIA-708: crash with some specific files
x MP4: crash with wiles including mix of PCM and other audio formats
x AAC: crash with some malformed streams
x FLV: crash with some specific files (longer audio than video at the end of the
x MP4: wrong framerate information with some specific files (track header after
media information)
Version 0.7.42, 2011-03-03
-------------+ AES3: bit depth of AES3, bit depth of compressed audio stream, endianess
+ Id3v2 and MP4 tags: better mapping with iTunes fields
+ Tags: removal of technical only fields


MPEG Video: intra_dc_precision information (in advanced mode)

MXF: detection of raw pictures
MXF: support of URL encoded locators
MXF: color subsampling
DXW format support
#3171468, ADIF: crash in some cases
#3169916, IFO: crash in some cases
#3173391, Id3v2: was using local encoding instead of ISO-8859-1
MPEG Video, discarding bad (always 0) group_start
AVC: crash with file having big log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4 value
AVC: wrong GOP information in some cases
Ut Video: Color space information was wrong
MPEG-4 Visual: Advanced Simple@L0 was detected as Advanced Simple@L1
AVI: Crash with some AVC streams (not sized blocks)
MPEG Audio: crash with some files
AAC: crash, infinite loop or wrong result with some files
Trying to quicker reject a junk file
AVI: OpenDML indexes were no more parsed
Windows installer: OpenCandy library is updated and Microsoft agrees it is not
dangerous for user privacy, it does not alert anymore. We do not transmit or co
llect personally identifiable information.
Version 0.7.41, 2011-01-24
-------------+ MPEG-TS: random cases with full parsing of the file
Version 0.7.40, 2011-01-24
-------------+ QuickTime: detection of AES3 and Dolby E
+ QuickTime: Apple CEA-608 and CEA-708 (in CDP) support
+ JPEG 2000: Chroma subsampling
+ JPEG 2000 in MXF: Color space
+ JPEG 2000 in MPEG-4 and MJ2: Color space
+ MPEG-4: mx5p CodecID support
+ ISO 9660 (CD/DVD/Blu-ray dump) detection
x MPEG-TS: wrong detection (as encrypted) of some streams with a lot of transmis
sion errors
x MPEG-TS: wrong management of some PAT/PMT updates (real time parsing)
x MPEG Video: wrong duration with some raw streams
x FLV: wrong duration with some files
x libcurl: crash if requesting a libcurl URL but libcurl library not present
x MPEG Audio: crash with some malformed files
x MPEG-4: error between recorded date and encoded date
Version 0.7.39, 2011-01-03
-------------+ OGG: more CELT attributes, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ DV: better detection of display aspect ratio for specific (non standard?) stre
+ MPEG-7: support of ISO-IEC 13818-2 / H.262 (MPEG Video) version 2000 (multi-vi
ew / 4:2:2)
+ MXF: Clean aperture size support
+ D-10 (AES3) in MXF: real channel count
+ MPEG-TS: detection and analysis of ADTS in stream_id_extension
+ #2943900, MPEG-4 Visual: count of maximum consecutive B-frames
+ MP4: Handling of Nero library information atom
+ Id3: TAG+ support
x #3140453, MKV with AAC: support of HE-AAC v1/v2 detection even if AudioSpecifi
cConfig is missing
x #3138883, ID3v2: crash in some cases if Data length indicator is used

x #3139417, MPEG-PS: duration for caption detection was shorter than expected
x #3139276, H.263: more precision about the different flavors of H.263
x AVI and MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3: error if audio stream duration estimation
x FLV: better handling of weird bitrate metadata
x D-10 (AES3) in MXF: Bit rate was wrong
x AC-3: crash if false-positive detection of AC-3 and CRC is valid and bsid is w
rongly set
x #3141059, FLV: trying to detect partial files (so metadata are wrong) and usin
g timestamps instead
x #3141052, AVI: wrong duration, no detection of rec chunks, with some files
x #3145968, RealMedia: not integer frame rate handling + HE-AAC filling
x Id3v2: bad handling of some tags
x MPEG-TS/PS: Frame count / duration accuracy of some very specific files
x MPEG-TS/PS: Not counting non-decodable frames (without the corresponding I-Fra
Version 0.7.38, 2010-12-16
-------------+ uClibc compatibility, thanks to Metin KAYA <metin@EnderUNIX.org>
+ MPEG-TS: ID in all streams if a TS streams contains several substreams
+ JPEG in MOV: Scan type
+ AAC: implicit SBR and implicit PS detection (complete HE-AAC and HE-AACv2 dete
+ AAC/LATM: more details (channels, profile...)
+ AAC/SL: more details (channels, profile...)
+ MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS with trace feature activated (Linux/Mac by default): speed
+ DTS: indication of HD and Core configurations if there is an HD part
+ #3118446, MXF: VC-3 (DNxHD) detection
+ VC-3 (DNxHD) raw stream support
+ VC-3 (DNxHD): Bit depth
+ TrueHD/MLP: Duration (only in full parsing mode)
+ MPEG-TS: option for ignoring ATSC transport_stream_id indication
x MPEG-TS: some teletext and DVB subtitles were not detected
x #3111584, MXF: phantom track with weird result if an unknown track is found
x #3116952, DTS and AC-3: was set as lossy in all cases (DTS Master Audio and AC
-3 TrueHD are lossless)
x #3137160, ADTS: some files with wrong extension were not correctly detected
Version 0.7.37, 2010-11-22
-------------+ DPX format support
+ Compression mode (Lossy / Lossless) information (note: JPEG 2000 "profile" is
moved to this new field)
+ #3095129, AVI: MLC Lossless codec support
+ #3095136, AVI: AMV Video Codec support
+ IFO: chapter information (thanks to Bastian Wegener)
+ MPEG-4: header size / data size / footer size information (in advanced mode)
+ MPEG-4: AVmp CodecID (.mov referencing .mxf) support
+ MPEG-TS: option for setting maximum scan duration
+ MPEG-TS: option for forcing stream info display even if not found in the strea
m (data from PMT)
x MXF: avoiding infinite loop due to circular reference
Version 0.7.36, 2010-10-24
-------------+ HDV 720p/1080i/1080p commercial names support, sponsored by http://www.chyro.f
+ Raw TrueHD support
+ MP4: "lpcm" (PCM from DVD) Support (with channel positions)

+ MKV: compression mode (zlib...) display

+ WAV: support of AAC (ADTS) with CodecID 0x8180
+ WMV: Handling of weird Aspect Ratio information in Extended Content Descriptio
+ File interface: possibility to indicate begin and end offset of the analysis (
partial analysis)
+ #3082158, .m4b file extension support
+ #3087674, Ut Video Lossless support
+ #3087677, WebP: basic support (detection only)
+ #3072929, MP4: DTS Express support
+ MPEG-4: Handling of external files referenced by "code" atom
+ M-JPEG and M-JPEG 2000 are renamed JPEG and JPEG 2000
+ MP4 and HDV 1080i: detecting containers lying about width (saying 1920 but it
is 1440)
+ DTVCC Transport and SCTE20: Option for displaying empty streams
+ DPX format detection
x #3034092, MPEG-TS: hang up if program is modified (zapping) in the file
x AAC: removal of empirical detection of SBR and PS (too many problems)
x AVI: trusting in priority frame count from index of indexes with broken files
x MKV: AVC "unknown profile" removal
x AVC: some frame rates were reported as twice the real frame rate
x #3029308, Id3v2: support of frames with Unsynchronisation bit set
x #3065114, MPEG-Video: duration calculation issues with raw streams and open GO
x AFD: crash with malformed streams
x MPEG-7 output: missing references for MPEG-4 Visual and RF64
x #3086701, ID3: freeze/crash with ID3 tag at the end of the the file
x LXF: some files were not completely analyzed (missing video)
x JPEG: Chroma subsampling value was always set to 4:2:0, wrong
x MP4 with MPEG Video: do not trust anymore raw stream timecode
Version 0.7.35, 2010-09-05
-------------+ Teletext subtitle support
+ DVB subtitle support
+ CEA-608/708: language
+ Library: "Per frame" interface, like ffmpeg
+ AFD: AFD (Active Format Description) value and detail
+ MPEG-TS: SCTE35 detection and parsing
+ MXF: Ancillary data (S436M) support
+ MPEG-TS: Codec ID (stream_type)
+ MXF parser improvements
x #3036119, MKV: default language value is eng
x DV: weird display with some DV with synch problems.
x AVC: wrong detection of bitrate mode for AVC in MP4
x MPEG-TS: crash and wrong detection of some non MPEG-TS files
Version 0.7.34, 2010-07-09
-------------+ WebM support, sponsored by http://digi-metrics.com/
+ LXF (Harris/Leitch) support
+ #3008704, IVF (Indeo Video Format) support
+ #3002376, Blu-ray: Source (.m2ts) for the .mpls parser
+ DV: handling of unsynched streams
+ Basic view, Bit Depth is added to the audio part
+ FLV: Framerate info for some not yet supported weird files
+ Demux (library only): demuxed packets can be forced to contain 1 complete fram
+ XML output: MediaInfo version
+ Parsing speed (Library only): option for a quicker analyzing, but with some mi

ssing features
+ AVI and Huffman (HFYU): Colorspace
+ AVI and Fraps: Colorspace
+ AVI and Lagarith: Colorspace
+ MPEG-4: Channel map basic support
x CEA-708: Skipping some malformed streams
x JPEG/M-JPEG: Resolution was in some random other field
x #3001707, AAC in MP4: mono aac file detected as stereo
x AVI: crash with some malformed files
x AVI: Stream identifier was not filled in some cases
x MPEG-PS: some files were not well detected
x WAV: Bit Depth is back
x WAV/PCM: Byte sign was wrong if Bit depth >8
x Decimal point issues with some specific compilers/OS
x MPEG-4: removing support of btrt atom for average bitrate, too many wrong valu
x AVI: crash with some specific files (avc1 CodecID)
x MPEG-4+AAC: Trying to better detect the (non)presence of PS if there is no PS
x MPEG-TS/PS: more precision on duration
Version 0.7.33, 2010-05-14
-------------+ Colorimetry field is replaced by Color space and Chroma subsampling
x Some words were not translatable
x Solaris port was broken
Version 0.7.32, 2010-05-02
-------------+ MPEG-7 output improvements
+ DV: Better detection of DVCPRO 50 and 100 (again), especially in MXF
+ P2: support of P2 XML files and P2 directory structure
+ XDCAM: support of XDCAM XML files and XDCAM directory structure
+ N19: More attributes
+ ISO-639-2 3-letter standard for language field (for third-party software)
+ Additional commercial name of a stream or container (XDCAM IMX, DVCPRO, AVC-In
tra 50...)
+ MXF: support of detection of files without Track number in the headers
+ MXF: Operational Pattern
+ MPEG-4: Aperture size support
x AVC: some files were wrongly analyzed (frame rate...)
x AVI: better support of files with only one big data chunk (professional camera
x MPEG-4: Huge memory usage with some files (files with DV and PCM)
x DVR-MS: width/height was wrong in previous version
Version 0.7.31, 2010-04-16
-------------+ SCTE 20 closed caption support
+ Difference between width/height in the container and in the raw stream
+ AVC: GOP structure
+ MXF: more raw stream formats are detected (MPEG-4 Visual, A-law...)
+ DV: Better detection of DVCPRO 50 and 100
x DV: less files without the right extension wrongly detected as DV
Version 0.7.30, 2010-03-26
-------------+ AVC: Multiview Video Coding (MVC) basic support
+ AVI: better handling of some RGB or RLE codecIDs
+ Solaris package creation files update (with relocation)


MSVB: better handling of C pointers

WAV: Skipping wrong sample count values
GXF: Caption in ancillary data detection
#2970227, WAV: a file was wrongly detected as DTS
CEA-608: some captions were wrongly detected as active
MPEG-7: some corrections in order to be valid
FLV: Duration for video not starting at Time 0
WMV and MPEG-TS/PS: some crashes are fixed
MSVC2010 and MSVC2008 project files were missing some files

Version 0.7.29, 2010-03-08

-------------+ GXF (SMPTE 360M / RDD 14) support
+ GXF: support of CDP (SMPTE 334-2) in Ancillary data (SMPTE 334-1) (not complet
+ AAC in MPEG-TS: Profile/Level
+ PCM in MKV: format name, channel positions
+ MPEG-7 and PBCore 1.2 output (pre-release)
+ MPEG-7: more metadata
+ Solaris package creation files
+ MPEG-TS overall bit rate is more precise
x Channel positions: more coherency in the naming
x DVD-Video (IFO): ID name was in hexadecimal only, now in Decimal+Hexa
Version 0.7.28, 2010-02-19
-------------+ AIFF: ID3v2 tags support
+ AutoIt3: MediaInfoList interface
+ RIFF: Handling of INFO chunk in hdlr chunk
+ VorbisCom-based comments (FLAC, OGG...): support of new fields
+ MPEG-4 Visual: Duration for raw streams
+ Display Aspect Ratio 3:2 instead of 1.500
+ Detection of N19 (EBU Tech 3264)
+ MPEG-2 Video: new profiles (4:2:2, Multi-view)
+ MPEG-2 Video: GOP structure
+ MPEG-4: handling of video streams with a different last frame duration
+ RIFF: Skipping OpenDML frame count (not always valid), when index is available
+ AMR: more attributes (Sampling rate, duration...)
x MPEG-PS and MPEG-TS: crash with some files
x MPEG-4: some bitrates to zero with a null bitr or btrt atoms
x MPEG-4: managing different kinds of compressor name format
x AMR in MPEG-4: crash with some specific files
x #2952623, Id3v2: USLT with ISO-8859-1 charset was not well read
x #2952637, Id3v2.2: PIC tag was not well read
x #2952638, XML output: sometimes empty tags
x #2920138, XML output: invalid char in XML tags
Version 0.7.27, 2010-01-03
-------------+ MPEG Audio: Emphasis
+ MPEG-TS: PCR timestamp can be extracted in real time
+ Linux library: visibility is now limited to the official API
x MPEG Audio, AAC, Vorbis: removal of irrelevant Resolution field even from cont
x MPEG Video: error in calculation of frame rate if sequence extension is used
x MPEG Audio: some VBR files without VBR header were wrongly detected as CBR
x #2921999, unexpected quotes in the text output
Version 0.7.26, 2009-12-18


MXF: support of external files parsing

MLP support
TrueHD: more details (channels, sampling rate...)
TrueHD: display of both core and TrueHD details
#2905950, MPEG-4: Cover extraction
ADTS: better bitrate estimation
#2910579, MPEG-4 Visual: data_partitioned and reversible_vlc display
#2910572, MPEG Video: BVOP presence display
Internet Media Type (aka MIME-Type) display (but hidden by default)
ADTS: Id3v2 support
#2897584, ID3v2: Crash with some malformed UTF-16 strings
MXF: Better handling of interlaced content (height and frame rate)
Homogenization of Video resolution (ie no more 24-bit resolution, but 8-bit)
MPEG-TS: less false-positive detection of encrypted streams
MXF: better management of complex files (with references)
MOV: better management of complex files (with references)
Digital Video: better management of DV50, more bitrate accuracy
Digital Video: better management of DV100 (Width, Height, BitRate)
Digital Video: Some Colorimetry (4:x:x) were wrong
FLV: some files were not detected
MPEG Audio, AAC, Vorbis: removal of irrelevant Resolution field
MPEG formats: some Profile renaming, for more coherency

Version 0.7.25, 2009-11-13

-------------+ MediaInfo (customized) with HTTP input: User Agent setting
+ #2896693, MPEG-TS: skipping some malformed PMT (with elementary_PID=0)
x #2844911, AAC in 3GP: false detection of SBR and PS (again)
x #2894411, MPEG Audio: UserDefined Covers replace other covers types
x MPEG Audio: Some profiles were not displayed
x RealMedia: Some Titles were not displayed
x Matroska: Wrong detection of 6-channel Wavpack (detected as 2-channel)
Version 0.7.24, 2009-10-30
-------------+ MPEG-4: DVCPRO HD detection
+ WAV: better handling of Wave Extension codec IDs
+ MPEG Audio: profile and extension display
+ MPEG-TS: More information for ADTS in non-audio PES ID.
+ FLV: test of video bitrate info integrity
+ MPEG-4: "sbtl" subtitles support
+ MPEG-4: old-style Apple language codes support
+ MPEG-4: XDCAM support
+ MPEG Video: vbv_buffer_size info
+ AVC: cpb_size_value info
+ VC-1: hrd_buffer info
x #2882376, AVCHD: reports some incorrect AVCHD framerate
x MPEG-4: some Pixel Aspect Ratio settings were not handled
x Customized output: respect of carriage return from the platform
x MPEG-TS demuxer: more tolerance of bad blocks
Version 0.7.23, 2009-10-16
-------------+ OGG: more details for MPEG-4 Visual, MPEG Audio and AC-3
+ MPEG-4: more information for MPEG Audio streams
+ MPEG-4: more information for ADTS streams
+ MPEG-TS: more information for ADTS streams
+ QCP (RFC 3625) format support
+ Refactoring of parsers, for more speed and less false-positives
+ WAV: INFO chunk parsing


Blu-ray directory analyzing was broken

VC-1: some streams were not detected
AMR in MP4: Resolution set to 13 or 14 bits instead of default 16 bits
Help, Known parameters was hanging up
AVC: frame rate was wrong for progressive streams with frame doubling
MPEG-TS: crash while parsing some streams with specific ATSC event_id

Version 0.7.22, 2009-09-25

-------------+ MPEG-TS: KLV data detection
x #2859504, 3GPP: some files were not detected
x Some corrections about AVI Display Aspect Ratio
x QuickTime: external files were completely parsed, too long
x DV: Support of 4 mono channel configuration
Version 0.7.21, 2009-09-04
-------------+ More permissive license for redistribution only
Redistribution license is intended for companies
with legal issues (if they can not deal with LGPL)
+ AVC: Support of frame doubling/tripling
+ AVC: Colour description
+ QuickTime: support of external files parsing
x #2828430, Quicktime: 180 degrees rotation display was not displayed
x MPEG-TS: whole file was parsed (long)
x MPEG Video / MPEG-4 Visual: new algorithm for library name detection
x #2844911, AAC in 3GP: false detection of SBR and PS
x MKV: some chapters had timecode issues
Version 0.7.20, 2009-07-31
-------------+ TAK format support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #2822681, Quicktime: Rotation display (from iPhone...)
+ ASP.net web application example
+ Java/JNA, Linux: dynamic load of libzen if not in LD_PATH
x MPEG-PS: Some durations were a bit too long
x MPEG-PS: Better handling of PTS/DTS for private and extension streams
x ADTS: Handling of SBR and/or PS streams
Version 0.7.19, 2009-07-17
-------------+ ALS raw files support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ LA (Lossless Audio, old) support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ SLS detection, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ AAC: forcing SBR/PS when it is implicit (if <=24KHz, if 1 channel)
+ AVC: Closed captions detection
+ #2813919, APE: CompressionLevel
+ XML output: track names are changed, for a better usability by XML parsers
x MKV: Original display aspect ratio was not displayed
x #2817479, Blu-ray/M2Ts: crash with some specific file names
x MXF: the whole file was parsed, parsing now only the useful part
Version 0.7.18, 2009-07-03
-------------+ MXF support
+ Blu-ray: BDMV directory parsing
+ Blu-ray: clpi/mpls files support
+ M2TS: Language if the .clpi blu-ray file is found
+ OpenSolaris support
+ MPEG-4 Visual: support of Sony SMC (security video) tags

+ MPEG-4 Visual: ASP profile was wrongly displayed

+ Mac OS X: Creation of universal and 10.4 compatible binaries option
x Mac OS X: no more double-carriage return in Text view
Version 0.7.17, 2009-06-19
-------------+ Python : adaptation for version 3
+ XML output (thanks to Steen Jost Jensen)
+ MPEG-PS/TS: ATSC Closed captions (both EIA-608 and EIA-708) detection
+ MPEG-PS/TS: Language of closed caption (ATSC)
+ DV: camera settings
+ DV: Closed captions detection (raw DV, or in .mp4 and AVI container)
+ JPEG 2000 support
+ MPEG-4: support of JPEG 2000 embedded in a MPEG-4 container
+ MPEG-4: support of ProRes 422 / ProRes 422 HQ codecs
+ MPEG-4, AMR: Vendor and version
+ Blu-ray: support of PCM (Frequency, resolution, bitrate)
+ MPEG-TS: speed improvements
x #2803396, sometimes crash with tiny (40-79 bytes) files
x #2801211, MPEG-4/3GP: support of 3GP tags
x #2795345, MPEG-4 Visual: crash with some specific user_data
x #2793960, MKV: some MKV renamed as .ac3 were detected as AC-3
x #2796417, MPEG-4: Some files with Camera user data were not detected
x so interface was not working since some releases on Linux
x MPEG Video: better detection of 2:3 Pulldown
x MPEG-4: Forcing AMR to 8KHz/Mono whatever the container says
Version 0.7.16, 2009-05-20
------------+ MPEG-4: More information for Avid DV streams
+ MPEG-4: more complete parsing (raw stream) of files with compressed headers
+ VC-1 and MPEG-Video: displaying the original framerate for streams with 2:3 pu
+ WMA: Handling of Mutual Excluded streams
x MPEG-4: some files with compressed headers were not parsed
x MPEG-4: Kodak files with EXIF data were not parsed
x MPEG-4 (Quicktime): some files with compressed header were not well parsed
x MPEG-4: Some files with a TimeCode track had wrong duration
x MPEG-PS: some files with wrong timestamp were not well parsed
x MPEG Audio with APE tags: crash with big tags
Version 0.7.15, 2009-04-30
------------+ Wave64 (.w64) support
+ MPEG-4: Better handling of 4GiB+ files
+ MPEG-4: audio parts from a DV stream are displayed
+ MPEG-4: better DV analyzing
+ DV: parser improvement (speed, accuracy)
x DTS: 768/1536 Kbps streams are corrected to the real bitrate (755/1510 Kbps)
x MPEG-TS: some stream durations were not well computed (few seconds only)
x AVC: freeze with some malformed encoder settings
Version 0.7.14, 2009-04-17
------------+ #2738780, local time display for modified/created date
+ DLL installers (both 32 and 64 bits)
+ WAV: RF64 (Wav files >4 GiB) support
+ AVI: Audio delay from the container
x #2734021, E-AC-3: some files were not detected
x FLAC: some files with big attachments were not well detected

x MKV: some huge video (3840*2160) were not well parsed (no encoding settings)
Version 0.7.13, 2009-04-03
------------+ #2635230, MPEG audio: Lame encoder settings
+ #2706146, WMV: detection of container wanted aspect ratio
+ #2611726, MKV: Audio delay detection
+ #2721811, MKV: TrueHD detection
+ Java: JNA (Java Native Access) binding
+ Exported "stream" interface for analyzing streams in memory (beta)
+ SHN (Shorten) detection
+ TAK (Tom's lossless audio compressor) detection
+ MPEG-TS parser optimizations
+ SWF: better handling of videos
+ WAV: better handling of 4GiB+ files
+ WAV: Extensible Wave support
+ MKV: Handling of chapters in multiple languages
+ Stream size for all streams when 1 video and all audio streams are CBR
+ Chapters are moved to menu part for better coherency with MPEG-TS, developers
see Changes.txt for more info
x #2712761, AVI: unsupported SalmonSoft text codec makes MediaInfo silently fail
x #2719534, MKV: handling "modified" headers (zero padding)
x #2720822, MPEG Audio: was freezing with 1 malformed file
x #2721949, IFO: some stream IDs were false
x #2725808, MPEG-PS: some "OTA" files were detected with TrueHD instead of norma
l AC-3 audio
Version 0.7.12, 2009-03-20
------------+ Complete refactoring of the code for speed improvements and future features
+ #2686943, MPEG-4: ISMV (IIS Smooth Streaming Media Video) basic support
+ MPEG-4 Visual: distinction between MPEG and H.263 default matrices
+ MPEG-TS: ATSC and DVB EPG support
x MPEG-PS: duplicate stream infos with some AC-3 streams (with program map)
Version 0.7.11, 2009-02-13
------------+ OGG: Better Kate and CMML codecs support
+ AVI: Detecting wrong aspect ratio from a broken AVI header
+ DTS: Handling of Little Endian and 14-bit streams
+ WAV: ID3v2 tags parsing
+ MPEG Video: frame order even for progressive sequence
x #2559346, MKV: Detection of framerate in MKV without framerate header
x #2474280, OGG: some streams had bad stream size
x MPEG-TS: some buggy file may corrupt memory
x MP3/Id3v2: crash with one malformed file
Version 0.7.10, 2009-01-30
------------+ Mono (C#/Linux) binding
+ MPEG-4: Encoding library name
+ #2474280, OGG: Old version of Dirac identifier support
+ MPEG-TS: Encoded date for HDV
+ DVR-MS: Delay between two tracks
+ WAV: EBU Broadcast Wave format v1 support
+ CMP4: Basic support
x #2529963: Infinite loop on one file
x #2473140, DTS: error preventing 96/24 DTS detection
x MPEG-4: Better support of Aspect ratio
x Output was unstranslated and weird when $LANG is not set

x C++ binding error in 0.7.9

x Python binding improved and corrected (no more crash with Linux)
Version 0.7.9, 2009-01-19
------------+ OGG: Dirac support
+ OGG: Speex support
+ OGG: other formats (JNG, Kate, MIDI, PCM...) detection
+ SWF: detection of more audio streams
+ MPEG-PS: Handling of PlayStation2 audio
+ #2474119, Minimal MZ (PE) and ELF detection
+ SMV (WAV/ADPCM+JPG files) file format support
+ DPG (Nintendo DS) file format support
+ QuickTime: TimeCode track analysis
+ MPEG-4 subtitles: difference between 'text' and 'tx3g' codecIDs
x Python binding update for more compatibilty
x #2474280, OGG: handling of files with Skeleton Metadata
x #2445654, OGG: better false-positives detection
x #2493685, AVI: Wrong video duration for some malformed 4GB+ AVI/DV files
x #2516007, "Language" raw tag was sometimes 3 letter long instead of 2-letter l
x Floating point overflow correction
Version 0.7.8, 2008-12-09
------------+ Changing version schema, only 3 numbers (next versions will 0.7.9, 0.7.10...)
+ Better Linux integration
+ rpm stuff (thanks to oc2pus http://packman.links2linux.org)
+ deb stuff
+ #2259421, FLAC and OGG: Encoding library name and version
+ FLV: version 10 support
+ FLV: duration of files without metatags
+ MPEG-4: Delay (useful when multiple videos are present)
+ Dirac: profiles updated from the latest specification
+ MPEG-4: more precise detection of OGG based codecs
+ MKV: better newest codecs handling
+ MKV: RealVideo/Audio support improvements
+ mipsel CPU support
x MPEG-PS: Trying to have a better precision for duration
x WMV: crash with some malformed files
x MPEG-TS: some channel names where not shown
x MPEG Video (version 2): some streams were misdetected as CBR
Version, 2008-11-10
--------------+ #2216498, LPCM in VOB: more attributes (channels count, sampling rate, bitrate
+ #2182135, Wavpack: support of multichannel files
+ AVC: detection of the newest profiles
+ DTS: detection of DTS-HRA, DTS-MA, DTS-Express, thanks to http://madshi.net
+ AES3 PCM in MPEG-TS detection
+ Wavpack: Encoder settings
+ WMV with "WVC1" codec identifier: video interlacement
+ MPEG-4: E-AC-3 support
x #2186682, MPEG-2 Video: Wrong PAR and DAR for Panasonic MPEG2 Files
x MPEG-4: some AC-3 and AAC specific files reported wrong channels value
Version, 2008-10-17
--------------+ Support of VP5 file format

+ MPEG-4 Visual and MPEG Video: can now display the custom matrices data
+ WM: interlacement detection for VC-1 based codecs (WMV3...)
+ #2148321, PNG: more info
+ AVI: Better association of abcAVI tags to MediaInfo tags
+ PureBasic binding
+ Delphi binding: dynamic load (by default) of the library, thanks to Icebob
x #2142995, MPEG-4: handling the Display Aspect Ratio from the track Header (tkh
x #2141277, MPEG-PS/TS: Audio ID was hex for MPEG-PS but decimal for MPEG-TS str
x #2109107, Tags in Flac or Ogg: modification of the tag types priorities
x #2120224, MPEG-4: some specific files were not parsed completely (missing info
x MPEG-TS with Dirac: some specific files were not parsed completely (missing in
x MPEG-4: Crash on MPEG-4 Visual format without DecDecoder stuff
x Command line: was not reading custom template in UTF-8 codepage
x DV: some files were not well detected
x MPEG Video: some files were badly detected with 3:2 pulldown
x AVS (Chinese): some corrections, thanks to Tom's translation of documents
Version, 2008-09-12
--------------+ [2088009] Flac: Picture tag support
+ Flac: Support of Id3v1&2 in a Flac file
+ WM (ASF/WMV/WMA): detection of wrong framerate in header, trusting now the tim
estamp instead of the header
+ WM (ASF/WMV/WMA): detection of framerate from the timestamp when the framerate
info is not available in the header
+ MPEG-4 with AVC: Added information about buggy files readable by all players e
xcept iPods
+ OGG: OGG with FLAC (pre- and post-FLAC 1.1.1) support
x FLI/FLC: were not correctly detected
x MPEG-TS without PAT/PMT: the complete stream was parsed, may be very long
x Wavpack: duration and bitrate were false
x #2071681, MPEG Audio: handling of truncated MPEG audio frames at the end of a
x #2032760, MPEG Audio: handling of MPEG Audio files with junk at the end
x #2085149, Id3v2: was crashing with some malformed tags
Version, 2008-08-22
--------------+ #2044174, AVS (Chinese Audio Video Standard) support
+ #2030684, AVI: Support of malformed chunks
+ Matroska: delay between audio and video calculation (for AC-3, DTS, MPEG Audio
+ Full Replay gain support (gain/peak, track/album) for Flac/Ogg/MP3
+ MPEG-TS without PAT/PMT (example: stream captured by some satellite TV receive
rs) support
+ MPEG-TS: Service info (name, provider, channel number) for both DVB and ATSC t
+ Dot and thousand separator localized
+ Matroska: Handling of audio Delay
x #2023872, DV: Crash with floating point exception on some files
x #2024706, BDAV: Some QuickTime files misidentified as BDAV
x #2033307, MPEG Video: Some raw files with high bitrate were not detected
x #2040411, Id3v2: Crash with some malformed Id3v2 fields
x #2036580, Id3v2: Problem when parsing big (>1M) Id3v2 tags, file was no more d
x #1893830, WMA/WMV: there was textual info (Linux/Mac only)

x Video, Resolution/bits per pixel was sometimes per color entity, sometimes per
pixel, now always per pixel
x MPEG Video, the "Component" video standard was not detected
x DLL only, the "by buffer" interface was broken
Version, 2008-07-11
--------------+ #1995653, AVI: Delay of interleaves (example: "64 ms (1.53 video frames)")
+ #1995574, AVI: Report if the audio frames are split across or aligned on
+ MPEG-Video (raw): handling of "not started at the beginning" time_code
+ MPEG-PS: Trying to prevent errors with time code reset in the stream
+ AVC: Trying to detect raw AVC streams without SPS/PPS
+ [2013746] AAC in MPEG-TS: complete parsing of ADTS stream for more info about
+ AAC in MPEG-TS: complete parsing of IOD based stream for more info about AAC
+ MPEG-TS: better detection of PCR time code
+ AAC: specifying the muxing mode (ADIF, ADTS or LATM)
+ MediaInfo DLL: NetBeans java binding example
Version, 2008-06-27
--------------+ MPEG-TS: Detection of scrambled streams
+ #1995566: AVi, Identify ODML files
+ AC-3/DTS/AAC: Added another Channel configuration string (example: "3/2.1") in
advanced mode
+ #1995569: Added proportion of each stream in the file (example: "500 MiB (90%)
x MPEG-TS: Handling of multiple programs in one PMT PID
x MPEG-TS: Handling of streams in multiple programs
Version, 2008-06-13
--------------+ FLV: detection of AVC and AAC
x #1981032, Visual C++ 2008 binary is not compatible with Win9X, coming back to
Visual C++ 2005
x #1964299, Never-ending 100% CPU if input file doesn't exist
Version, 2008-05-30
--------------+ MPEG Video: Detection of 2:3 and 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3 Pulldown
+ VC-1: Detection of 2:3 and 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3 Pulldown
+ AVC: Detection of MBAFF
+ Translations: more words can be translated
+ MPEG-4 files: More info (profile, format settings, encoder name, x264 settings
) for some well-known stream formats
+ MPEG-4 files: Better handling of not common formats (ALS, PNG, AC-3, DTS... in
+ Bluray: detection of subtitles
+ Additional formats detected: Module, Extended module, Impulse Tracker, Scream
Tracker 3
x #1967663, mp4: some specific iTunes atoms were not correctly parsed
Version, 2008-05-16
--------------+ Third-party developpers: some MediaInfo fields have changed, please look at Ch
anges.txt for more info
+ Python (Windows) binding
+ AC-3 TrueHD in bluray detection (even if the stream is splitted in 2 sub-strea
+ Original framerate is shown if the framerate from the video stream and the one

in the container are different

#1955061, Bluray: Duration
#1953908, FLV with audio delay detection
Linux with UTF-8 locale was not accepting non-English characters in filenames
#1954663, Some mono HE-AAC audio track detected as 2 channels with PS
VC-1 in TS detection even if the stream_type is not declared
xxxBSD compatibility


Version, 2008-04-27

--------------+ About the library : Java/Linux binding is available
+ DV (raw) files support
+ Better support of DV in AVI container (type 1 and 2)
+ AVC: Handling of SEI which is before a SPS
+ AVC in AVI: reading more info (Profile, Cabac...) from streams created by FFMp
+ Vorbis in AVI: reading more info (Max bitrate, tags...) from streams created b
y FFMpeg
+ Detection of VC-1 in MPEG-TS from MainConcept encoder
+ MediaInfoLib is now thread-safe
x #1943743, AVI with MPEG-Audio VBR and delay: delay was incorrect
x Pixel Aspect Ratio was sometimes inverted (1/x)
x XviD CodecID was redirected on Koepi website, no more available, changed to of
ficial XviD webpage
x #1946098, DV in AVI: DV aspect ratio errors
Version, 2008-04-12
--------------+ AVC: Count of reference frames
+ AU: Comments
+ Some global speed improvement
x #1931844, Id3v2: Unsynchronized frames support (v2.3 & v2.4)
Version, 2008-03-28
--------------+ MKV: handling of files created for streaming
+ MPEG-4: Handling of corrupted stream size info with some PCM streams
+ DVD video: Hebrew patch ("iw" code is mapped to Hebrew)
x MPEG-4: better handling of bitrate mode (VBR or CBR)
x AVI: MediaInfo reads now the framerate value from the container rather than th
e stream value
Version, 2008-03-14
--------------+ AC3: TrueHD detection
+ MPEG-TS (or Bluray): VC-1, AC3+ and AC3 TrueHD detection
+ AVC in MKV: all SEI userdata infos from x264/eavc in Writing library settings
+ EVO: Better detection of duration
+ Dirac: raw files parsing
+ MPEG-TS: Dirac management
+ MPEG-TS: DVB subtitles/Teletext management
x MPEG-4 Visual (DivX/XviD): writing library name was missing
x MPEG-Video: some DTS files with wrong extension were detected as MPEG-Video
x SWF: Compressed SWF files support is back
x "Inform" option with file as parameter was not well parsed
Version, 2008-02-29
--------------+ ID3v2 cover reading
+ Id3v2.2 (yes, it is old...) support

+ Id3v2: TXXX tags support

+ RMP3 (japanese MP3 based format?) support
+ SAMR in .mp4: some files have wrong sampling rate, forcing it to 8000 Hz
+ File_Created_Date and File_Modified_Date tags added (in advanced mode only)
+ MP3 encoded by Lame: Minimal (VBR) or Nominal (ABR) bitrate
x Better detection of Lame encoder
x AVC Display Aspect Ratio was not well detected if AVC is in a .mp4 container
x Matroska Display Aspect Ratio was deleted if AVC aspect ratio was set, now Mat
roska has priority
x "Subwoofer" term has been replaced by "LFE", more relevant
Version, 2008-02-08
--------------+ AVC: CABAC detection
+ #1886241: AVC: all SEI userdata infos from x264/eavc in Writing library settin
+ ADPCM: compagny which created the stream is now shown in the codec section
+ PCM: precision about Little/Big endianess, Integer/Floating point method
+ #1882691: AC3+: raw files are now detected
x AVC: FPS were sometimes 2x the reality
x RealMedia parser was brocken
x FLV parser was crashing
x FLV: Better detection of Nellymoser audio
x FLV: Disabling Framerate estimation if a VFR file is detected (estimation was
false in this case)
x Better false-positive MP3 detection (NSV files are no more detected as MP3)
x IFO: there was a mistake betwwen NTSC and PAL framerates
x Win9X support was (again) brocken in
Version, 2008-02-01
--------------+ Matroska: Full parsing of DivX/XviD/H264/AVC settings (profile...)
+ AVI: Full parsing of AVC settings (profile...)
+ AVI: Added a tag "OpenDML" (for example, the PlayStation 3 doesn't support Ope
nDML files)
+ AVC: Framerate, Interlacement, writing library (only for eavc, x264 and MainCo
ncept encoders)
+ TwinVQ : channels, bitrate and sampling rate
+ Musepack SV8 support
+ Musepack and Musepack SV8: tags support
+ AIFF and AIFC format support
+ MIDI format detection
+ FLV: FrameRate even if the tag is not in the header
+ AU/SND audio formats support
+ Vodei encrypted AVI files detection
+ Linux/MacOS: support of 2GiB+ files
+ FLV: Video parsing even if the container says there is no video
x APE Tags v1 are detected again
x MPEG-PS: some malformed files were not well parsed, fixed
x AVC: Cropping was not well handled (example: height was 1088 instead of 1080)
Version, 2008-01-09
--------------+ SWF: Tags version 9 support
+ MPEG-TS: DegiCipher 2 (DCII) support
+ DVR-MS format support (with MPEG Audio or AC3)
+ WMV: language tag
+ MPEG-2 Video: Nominal bitrate
x AVI: some speed improvments

Version, 2007-12-10

--------------+ AVI, Interlacement for M-JPEG codec
+ AVI, Interleaved tag
+ Better showing of well know values ("44.1 KHz", "22.05 KHz"...)
x AVI, was parsing the whole file in case of non-interleaved files
x MP3, was freezing on specific files
x #1838202: Flac, Resolution was 1 less the the real value (15 bits instead of 1
Version, 2007-11-09
--------------+ #1799859: Flac, tags are case insensitive
+ Matroska format parsing improvements
+ .mp4 speed improvement
x BDAV (Bluray) parser compilation was forgotten in the previous version
x AVI, Bitrate and stream size were false
x #1825218: IFO parser was brocken
x #1825521: .mp4 chapters times were wrong
x #1801549: DLL was crashing during Delphi/C# debugging sessions
Version, 2007-11-02
--------------+ Aspect Ratio is renamed Display Aspect Ratio
+ Pixel Aspect Ratio added (in advanced mode)
+ More attributes for AC3+
+ More attributes for VC-1
+ Profile and level for MPEG-4 Visual based formats (DivX...), AVC and VC1
+ Speed improvement for MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, DVD-Video (.vob), HD-DVD, BluRay
+ MPEG-4 AAC, Channels position
+ AAC (ADIF), More info
+ AAC (ADTS), More info
x FLV, there was bad dates on some specific metatags.
x #1818404: WAV with "float" PCM, bad detection
x CDXA (.dat) files parsing is back
Version, 2007-10-08
--------------+ Better OGG/OGM parsing
+ Better .ifo (DVD-Video) parsing
+ .rmvb files are now detected in Windows Explorer
+ Win9X/98/Me support does not request Microsoft unicows.lib anymore
x Win95/98/Me support was brocken since It works again.
x #1798997: MPEG-4, some Apple codecs were wrongly reported
x Lot of memory leak correction, you can now parse 1000+ files without problems
Version, 2007-08-16
--------------+ Now accept AVI files with junk at the end
x #1770477: Video info for some low-bitrate MPEG files were not shown
x #1770509: MPEG 2 Audio Layer 2 was not well detected
x #1763282: FLV, wrong playtime on PPC based machine
x #1734113: IFO, crash with some specific files
x Tooltip extension was requesting development tools since No more requ
Version, 2007-07-23
--------------+ AVI: 24/30 fps (aka 120 fps hack or dual frame rate video) detection
+ TruAudio (.tta) support

+ Wavpack (.wv) support

+ MPEG-4 based containers: Codec/CC tag support
+ #1754143: AC3 & DTS detection in a .mp4 container made with the Haali's gdsmux
+ #1754140: AC3 detection in a .mp4 container from Nero Digital
+ #1754905: iPhone files support
x #1750275: HD-DTS was no more detected in a .m2ts (bluray) file
x AVI: AAC profile name was no more detected
Version, 2007-07-09
--------------+ Licence changed from LGPLv2 to LGPLv3
+ More information about mpeg-4 based (Nero...) files
+ MediaInfo analyses longer a .vob file to be able to find hidden tracks (subtit
+ #1747633: Encrypted WMV detection
+ FLV: more attributes
x Memory leaks correction
x #1720404: MPEG, rare crashes with some files
x #1721846: AAC ADTS were no more detected
x MPEG Audio: No detection if there is some specific junk before the real audio
x #1728059: Delphi DLL overflow with big files
x Crash with Youtube FLV files
x AVI: Delay for AC3, DTS and MP3 is back
Version, 2007-05-14
--------------+ OGG Vorbis, "Floor" value (useful for some players which don't support Floor 0
+ MPEG-Audio, Lyrics3v1/v2, ApeTagv1/v2 parsing
+ MPEG-TS, handling of complex files (multiple programs, 8+ channels...)
+ #1704008: handling of AVC or MPEG-4 Video in a MPEG-TS file without program ma
+ VC-1 basic parsing
+ DTS True HD detection
+ AC3+ detection
+ HD-DVD (decyphered) support
+ BluRay (decyphered) support
x MPEG-TS, Duration calculation problem on very rare files
x MPEG-4/iTunes, Tags where not well parsed in
x FLV, freezes or crashes with some files
x #1718269: MPEG-4 Video, Framerate of 65535/2733 is transformed to 23.976
x Windows Media (ASF/WMA/WMV) with file size more than 4GB were not well handled
x MP4 with file size more than 4GB were not well handled
Version, 2007-04-28
--------------+ Windows 64-bit version of the command line tool and DLL
+ Linux 64-bit version of the command line tool
+ More Musepack properties
+ Detection of Musepack v8 files
+ Complete parsing of Real Media files (all tags)
+ Improved Windows Media (ASF/WMA/WMV) parsing
+ MonkeyAudio tags (APETagv1/v2, Id3v1) parsing
+ Ogg/Theora : Video bitrate
+ MPEG audio : More encoder detection (bitstream parsing)
+ SWF (Flash) parsing
x #1665981: Mov - PCM audio (digital camera) was detected as RGB
x #1672896: Wave file with .mp3 extension was detected as MP3

x #1689570 and #1633237: Better JPEG parsing

Version, 2007-02-23
--------------+ Program file size reduction
+ WAV : Support of some special tags at the end of the file
+ AVC : Display Aspect Ratio
x #1653325: Wrong Resolution with AVC High Profile
x #1662890: Problem with tag adaptation parser (mainly for ID3v1 genre)
x Better support of corrupted MOV files
Version, 2007-02-05
--------------+ FLV format support
+ Basic support of multiple programs in a MPEG Transport Stream (Satellite broad
+ Basic detection of TwinVQ (.vqf) files (+tag parsing)
+ Better handling of corrupted .mp4 files
+ Better handling of corrupted .avi files
x Crash with corrupted "COMM" Id3v2 tags
x Crash with some audio files
x #1633524: MOV, Crash on files with corrupted Descriptors
x #1630907: MP3, Crash on files with corrupted (empty) Id3v2 tag
x #1637838, 1634549, 1635131: Crash with some audio-only files
x AVI, Better detection of writing application found in a "JUNK" chunk
x AVI, sometimes wrong playtime
x #1637191: AC3 delay in AVIs is back
x #1635134: some freezes with MPEG-7 files (but this format is not yet supported
x #1635087: some files were wrongly detected as AC3
x Russian (or other non-latin language) AVI tag parsing is back.
Version 2006-12-22
--------------x #1622477 : Wrong Time Values for Chapters in mp4 files
+ Linux shared object available
+ MPEG-TS : Detect encrypted stream, and show the codec
+ id3v2 with UTF-16 frames
+ AVC in MPEG-TS AVC parsing
+ AVC : Width and Height
+ MacIntel version
x Matroska, some crashing files (with chapters)
Version 2006-12-09
--------------+ Encoders database updated with 20 new encoder versions
+ Codecs database updated with 100 new codecs (video or audio)
x Matroska, sometimes wrong Playtime
x MPEG-4 : some Titles were not well parsed
x MPEG PS : some video stream were missing
x Crash with some malformed files
x Some debug files were created
Version 2006-12-08
--------------+ MPEG Transport Stream : Video info (Standard, Chroma, Interlacement...) and Pl
+ CDXA : PlayTime
+ MPEG-4 Video embedded in MPEG Program Stream support
+ MPEG-1 stream embedded in a Quictime file

+ MPEG-4 AAC Parametric Stereo (SBR-PS) detection

+ Detection of encrypted MPEG-4 (like iTunes)
+ Support of MPEG TS with lot of synchro errors
+ AVI : Exact Stream size calculation (but currently OpenDML files are not suppo
+ MPEG-4 : Exact Stream size calculation
+ Basic support of Korean mobilephone provider Sky (.skm)
x MPEG Program Stream : PlayTime, Delay are corrected
x #1601787 : MOV tracks issues (and crash)
x MOV : was stopping on too big "free" atoms
x MOV : Aspect Ration of DV is corrected
x MPEG : Handling of negative Delays between Audio and Video
x Musepack parser was doing too much "false positives" with some MPEG files
Version 2006-11-24
--------------+ Linux i386 version
+ AutoIt example
+ AVI with AAC-SBR : detection of real SamplingRate (not the sampling rate in he
+ AVI with DV : basic information about audio
+ AVI with DV : detection of duplicated audio stream
+ Google Video : metadatas
+ AVI : now able to read metadatas at the end of the file
+ AVI : Bitrate computed is based on filesize in header instead of real filesize
(for broked files)
+ AVI (DivX) : Menu detection (yes or no)
+ AVI : detection of VBR MP3 (useful for DVD players, sometimes they don't accep
t it)
+ AVI : detection of Delay between Audio and Video (for MPEG Audio, AC3 and DTS)
+ PlayStationPortable MPEG-4 files support
+ 3GPP5 files support
+ MPEG-4 : Detection of MP3, Vorbis streams embeded in a 'mp4a' atom
+ MPEG-4 : Detection of AVC streams embeded in a 'mp4v' atom
+ MPEG-2TS with MPEG-4 and AC3 detection
+ Speed improvements
+ MPEG-4 with Variable FrameRate detection, min and max
x #1551482 "\n" in filename get replaced by newline in "Text" output
x AVI : infinite loop on one example file
x AVI : some bad detections corrected
x MPEG-PS : infinite loop in intra Matrix on one example file
x MPEG TS : better detection of streams
Version 2006-07-30
--------------+ MPEG-1/2 PS : more files have a duration
+ AVI with MPEG-4 Video based codecs (DivX, XviD...), more encoder string detect
+ Microsoft Visual Basic binding : wrapper class added around methods
+ Microsoft J# binding : wrapper class added around methods
+ Microsoft C# binding : default values for methods, to cleanup code example
x Matroska, crash with big (>4GB) files
Version 2006-07-19
--------------+ MPEG-1 and 2 Transport Stream support
+ MPEG-1 and 2 Video : Custom Matrix detection
+ MPEG-4 Video : Custom Matrix detection
+ Google Video (GVI) support
+ AMV/MTV (Chinese) detection (if you have specifications of theses formats, ema

il me)
+ AVI/DivX/GoogleVideo and MPEG-4 Video : packed bistream detection.
Now you can know if your DVD player can read the file before burning. Next ste
p: a database of DVD player capacities ;-)
+ Java binding
+ C/C++ dynamic loading (instead of static linkage) binding
+ MPEG-4 : Language
+ MPEG-4 : Text streams (subtitles)
+ C# binding : wrapper class added around methods
x #1523005 : C# crashes because I did not use PtrToStringUni() to handle char po
x #1485003 : MP3, "Title" tag was sometimes forgotten
x #1485804 : Wrong bitrate and time in PCM files
x #1485810 : wrong playtime on CBR MP3 files with big id3v2 tags
x #1485803 : some WMA tags were forgotten
x #1488449 : crash on very rare buggy MP3 files
x #1482686 : ShellExtension, crash when moving a directory
x #1488770 : PlayTime, some "minutes" formating were forgotten
x #1485044 : some .ico files were detected as MPEG Audio
x AVI, handle some malformed timestamps in tags (carriage return at the end...)
x MPEG-1 and 2 : incoherancy of PlayTime
Version 2005-05-08
--------------+ MPEG-4 : Chroma ("4:2:0"...)
+ MPEG-4 : Interlacement mode ("Top field first", "bottom field first", or "Prog
+ MPEG-2 : Chroma ("4:2:0"...)
+ MPEG-2 : Interlacement mode ("Top field first", "bottom field first", or "Prog
+ MPEG-2 : Profile and Level ("Main@Main"...)
+ MPEG-2 : Standard (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, or MAC)
x #1482346 : Incorrect playback time in OGG files (was not enough precise).
x #1482602 : MPEG-4 video false positive files
x #1479344 : Problems with DLL interface, ToolTip shell extension DLL extension
are in another DLL to keep compatibility
x #1479317 : stop if debuging in Borland IDEs when opening an AVI file
Version 2005-04-30
--------------+ ToolTip shell extension (if you have the mouse on a multimedia (AVI/MKV/OGG...
) file, a ToolTip will be showed
+ AVI with DivX or XviD : Encoder name, GMC/QPel/B-frames indicator if present (
+ AVI and WAV with MP3 : encoder name, precise version and layer number, VBR ind
+ Matroska: support of anamorphic videos (right Aspect Ration even if pixel aspe
ct ratio is not 1:1)
+ AVI/WAV : support of extended wave files (20 bit per sample and more than 2 ch
annels) and channel position
+ AVI : support of Exif tag format
+ AVI : more tags are supported
+ Genres can be translated by translators
+ Real : detect RealAudio Lossless Format
x #1454009 : AC3, sometimes wrong AC3 playtime
x #1469423 : MP3 with cyrilic filenames, Id3 tags can be read
x #1464066 : Hang ups with raw h264 streams
x #1462647 : Quicktime files with preview image, crash
x #1445150 : crash with some malformed MusePack files (workaround, this is a the
Musepack bug, not yet corrected)

Version 2005-03-10

--------------+ #1438441: show TV format (PAL/NTSC) for DVD and DV
+ #1343147: Matroska, Show Chapter names
+ MPEG-1 and 2, more precise playtime
+ MPEG-1 and 2, Added Encoded_Application if it is in video user data
+ Quicktime: Support of Quicktime "wide" (header at the end of the file)
+ MPEG Audio: Detect small (examples, less than 200K) MPEG Audio files with Id3v
1 tag
+ #1441661: AVI, Handling of DV Type 1
x #1440480: No Audio Found in MPEG-2 after
x #1438987: Infinite loop with some Matroska files
x Matroska, Recorded date is now in UTC format, rather than the number of second
s since 1970
x AC3 noted 5 channels (because of 5.1) are now noted 6 channels (more realistic
x Quicktime: "ima4" or "twos" codecs were detected as Video stream instead of Au
dio stream
x Crash of third-party softwares with some specific files
Version 2005-02-24
--------------+ Now ~900 codec names (Audio/video/Text) are known (instead of 500)
+ Matroska : Framerate is now for all kinds of codec (and not only FourCC based
+ MPEG-4 (m4V, Quicktime...) with unicode filename are now handled (before : cra
sh on htis kind of file)
+ #1326802: MOV with 3GPP datas.
+ Meta-tags of Quickime HD files
+ #1244215: bit-rate details for MPEG-1 Video (VBR) (calculated with other CBR s
+ Detection of MXF files
+ #785338: Huge work on RealMedia parser (bitrate, channels, sampling rate, fps.
x #1435086: Translation problems if the program is launched directly with a file
x #1361647: Complete rewrite of MPEG-4 (newest Quicktime, 3GPP, iTunes...) parse
r to be more robust.
x Some minor (but crashing :( ) bug fixes
x AVI with DV was not well parsed
x ActiveX DLL was forgotten
Version 2005-02-12
--------------+ Speed improvements
+ #1383832: support of last version of Quicktime files
+ Support of Musepack files
+ Support of Flic (FLI/FLV) video files
+ Support of files with more than 8 audio streams or 32 text streams
+ Support of DTS-HD (DTS at 96 KHz / 24 bits)
+ Support of ID3 tags (v1 and v2) in .AAC files
+ Support of all Tags in AVI files
+ Detection of QuickTime image files and QuickTime compressed archives
+ Detection of AVC files (3GPP, 3GPP Mobile or JVT)
+ Detection of iTunes protected files
+ Detection of H264 files (Raw, 3GPP or JVT)
+ Detection of Dirac raw video files
+ Detection of TrueAudio files
+ Detection of WavePack files

x #1420672: No WMV bitrate

x Crash with some corrupted MPEG files
x Crash with some MP3 files with corrupted ID3v2 tags
x Crash with some Quicktime files with corrupted tags
x #1257550 (again:) ): with AVI, rounding of FPS had an impact of FrameCount, ba
sed on FPS. Now based on AVI file (better ;-) )
x #1381652: Reported some GIF files as Mpeg audio
x #1381619: UPX compressor is no more used, to prevent Virus checker to use 100%
x 2nd Video framerate forgotten
x Video languages were not parsed (example: "en" should be "English")
x FrameRate/String was forgeting measure (example: "at 25" should be "at 25 fps"
x Some case sensitive problems (example: "KBps" instead of "Kbps", 8 times more)
x DTS and AC3 channels position names were changed to be more human readable
+ Added .lib files needed for Borland and MS C++ compilers (no need to use "impl
ib" anymore)
+ Added Contrib directory: ActiveX component (warning: no support from me)
Version 2005-10-25
--------------x Matroska: "ID" and "UniqueID" tags were not assigne to the right stream.
+ Text: URL for Text codecs
Version 2005-10-17
--------------+ Support of ISO-639 language names (more than 200 language names can be transla
+ Support of "multilanguage" language name (ISO-639 "mul")
x #1260619 Delphi Example was incorrect
Version 2005-10-17
--------------x #1323208: Video Bitrate for OGM files with VBR audio was incorrect
+ Better detection and handling of DivX container
+ #1327902: More meta data properties for RIFF files
x #1327468: RIFF (AVI) files with not-padded (INFO) sub chunks can't be parsed
+ More "generic" tags added
x Some other minor bugs
Version 2005-07-24
--------------x #1257550: rounding of FPS was 2 digit precise, not enougth, upgraded to 3 digi
ts, and exact number is given (23.97 before, 23.970 or 23.976 now)
x Better false positive detection (mainly in MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3)
x some memory leaks if you use MediaInfo a long time
x MPEG Audio: VBR bitrate corrected for MPEG **1** streams
x MPEG Audio: VBR bitrate corrected for monochannel streams
x #1274999: mp3Pro timing was wrong (2x the real timing)
+ "BitRate_Mode" with MP3 (VBR or CBR)
+ "PlayTime" with AC3
+ "PlayTime" with WAV
Version 2005-07-23
--------------+ DLL: New(), Delete() added. Open() modified. WARNING: this break the interface
x Some changes in the name of Get() varaibles. WARNING: this break the interface
+ Better documentation (still in beta version), with a quick "How To"
+ DLL: MediaInfoList interface (multiple files with one Handle)
+ DLL: C++ wrapper

Version 2005-06-25

--------------x Open Folder option is comming back
x File with an unknown format were detected as MP3
x Corrected hang up on Matroska files
x Corrected crash on AVI with subtitles only
x Corrected crash on some corrupted or unknown files
+ Added 3GPP files support
Version 2005-06-23
--------------+ #1210433: in WMVA, Genre
+ #785349: Added Video->FrameCount (in advanced mode only, and developers)
+ #785349: Added BitRate mode when the codec is know to be only one (AC3 is CBR,
Vorbis is VBR...)
x in WMA/WMV, Tags>255
x #1210425: bugs in MP3 (Genre, Track) (thanks to Ingo Brueckl)
x #1210412: MS Windows DLL didn't work under Win9X (no crash, but "Not a good fi
le" reply) because of UnicoWS.dll linking problem.
x #1209291: IFO, Incorrect BitRate_Mode and Resolution (bit shifting), example 7
x #1209293: Incorrect Month in General/Date (UTC stamp was 1 month earlier) (th
anks to Ingo Brueckl)
x #1215142: SamplingRate for MPEG audio streams in MPEG container was false
x #1222414: Video BitRate for AVI is back
x #1215939: Added a Format "MPEG x" if MPEG version can't be detected
x #1215840: Better version detection of MPEG Video. But still a workaround, if y
ou know how to detect MPEG1 or 2 in a video only file, please contact me!
x #1210546: For developers, you can know which type is the value returned (Text,
Integer, Float, Date, Binary)
Version 2005-05-18
--------------+ PCM support in VOB files
+ Complete rewrite of MPEG1/MPEg2 (and DVD) parser
+ Complete rewrite of AVI parser: internal parser in place of Win32 API
+ #1123025: Escape codes at custom text (for comma, [, ], parenthesis...)
+ Begin of adaptation with GCC: tested with MinGW and Knoppix (Core library, and
x (I hope) all CSV bugs (quotes...) are corrected
x Unicode decoding in WMV/WMA/ASF formats
x #1195325: Memory leaks of 500 KiB/opened file
x #1192446: Incorect duration in some AVI files
x #1172817: Options in Inform method was "forgotten":(. Warning: this modificati
on breaks compatibility with older DLL (this is why this version is named 0.6 in
place of 0.5.x)
x #1201430: Should work with files having broken video stream header
x #1183702: Should work with files having broken video stream header
Version 2005-02-09
- Better management of Inform() options
- Added more language names decoding for audio and text streams
- Language names for audio and text streams are translated
Bug fixes:
- Inform: hangups in Inform() with customized Option("Inform") settings
- Options: inversion between Infos_Parameters and Infos_Parameters_CSV

- Some problems with CreateFile: if CreateFile doesn't work, I use WxFile instea
- MPEG Video and MPEG Audio: bug between version 0.4 and version 0.5 corrected
- PlayTime Calculation for OGM was false
Version 2005-01-10
--------------Bug fixes:
- Win95/Win98/WinMe support again! (problem with Unicode)
- AVI files were not well released (file locked)
- Better MPEG4 support
- Better coherency tests: no more file with 10 MP3 streams ;-)
Version 2005-01-10
- Developpers, you can exactly choose the format you want support (wit #defines)
- UNICODE support (you should use it) (thanks to Jasper van de Gronde)
- UNICODE filenames support (problem with wxWidgets:( )
- APE support (thanks to Jasper van de Gronde)
- FLAC support (thanks to Jasper van de Gronde)
- AAC support (but no tags, too rare)
- DTS support
- AC3 support
- MPEG4 support
- CDXA (XCD) support (with partial subformats, no Matroska for example, too rare
- A lot of rare and old audio formats: aiff, aifc, au, iff, paf, sd2, irca, w64,
matlab, pvf, Fasttracker, sds, avr...
- Visual C++ 7.1 support
- Visual C# 7.1 example
- Visual J# 7.1 example
- Visual Basic 7.1 example
Bug fixes
- All C++ classes are in the namespace MediaInfoLib
- OGG format: UTF8 was not well decoded outside of US-ASCII codepage
- Better handling of language files (but really not perfect)
- Better handling of Real media files (encoder, codec)
- #936964: Error handling no video or no audio files
- #899692: WM, File Properties Object: Preroll was not used (usualy, playtime wa
s 2-4 seconds too long)
- #868365: PlayTime - 2h12s is 2:12.00, not 2:00:12.00. PlayTime is better handl
- #840508: OGM crash if file is corrupted
- #1026978: Bitrate --> BitRate, OveralBitrate --> OveralBitRate
Version 2003-08-25
--------------Bug fixes
- .Lib for Visual C++ compilers was forgotten
- History and Licence was forgotten
- Compiler changed from Borland to Microsoft for size efficiency (help for reduc
ing code in Borland compiler would be appreciated)
Version 0.4.0 2003-08-01
- Open-Source (GPL)
- Matroska partial Support

- Better interraction with a FrontEnd Interface

Bug fixes
- MPEG1 and 2: huge bugfixes: now you can believe what it say:)
- Files > 4 GigaBytes (OK for file size, but duration calculation is sometimes N
- Quicktime: bad codec in Audio if based of Microsoft 2cc
- Quicktime: sometimes don't handle compressed headers
- multiple video streams: second streams was not displayed
- A lot of other minor bugs...
Version 0.3.0 2003-03-03
- New engine for having a lot more format available and be able to write in file
- MPEG2 support (.MPG and .VOB)
- AC3 support
- DTS support
- DVD Video (IFO files) support
Bug fixes
- Too much...
Version 0.2.1 2003-01-12
- MPEG support
- WAV support
- OGG/OGM duration
Bug fixes
- Too much...
Version 0.2.0 2003-01-05
- List of 400+ codecs (audio or video)
- Multiple files opening
- Multi-language (English / French)
- OGG/OGM: Video bitrate, Play time
- More tags (OGG/MP3)
Version 0.1.1.c, 2002-12-31
--------------Bug fixes
- OGG/OGM, comments: bug if comments were not in the same order than streams
- Summary: problems with roundness of audio bitrate (was floor method, now it is
a round method)
Version 0.1.1.a, 2002-12-30
--------------Bug fixes
- OGG, audio stream except vorbis: the bitrate was in byte in place of bits
Version 0.1.1, 2002-12-29
------------Bug fixes
- MP3: Url tag not well implemented

Version 0.1.0, 2002-12-28

------------Initial public release

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