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At the end of the lesson, 75 % of the students are expected to:

explain the principles in meat processing:

identify the ingredients in tocino making and their function;
prepare tools, materials and ingredients in tocino making :
follow accurately the procedure in tocino making: and
evaluate the finished product


a. Topic: Meat Preservation
b. Subtopic: Pork Tocino Making
c. Concept/Idea: To variate meat products and to help students engage in
insuprevesion activity especially those students that are self supporting
students .
d. Materials: Tools and ingredients used in tocino making


A. Preparation
3 Checking of Attendance
4.Review of the Past lesson
Last meeting youve learned on
how to make bacon, right?
Yes, Ma,am
Again, what are the ingredients
needed in preparing bacon?

Yes, Angelic

Very good!
How about the utensils needed?
Yes, Huggies

Thats right!
Those are the ingredients and
utensils needed in preparing bacon.

These are pork belly, curing salt, salt
and phosphate.

These are measuring cups and spoons
weighing scale, mixing bowl, knife, chop
ping board and meat slicer.

Is there any question with regards

to our past lesson?
None, Maam
B. Motivation
Class, what other cured meat product have you tasted?
Yes, Xyrene
What else?
Yes, Trisha
C. Presentation
Ok! Our topic for today is about
making a pork tocino.
Juicy and delicious pork is one of
your assets in tocino making; your
customers will like and patronize your
product if they are pleased and it will
your good start for business.

Longganisa or Native sausage

Ham and Tocino

D. Lesson Proper
Class before we go deeper in our
discussion, let us first discuss the
principles in meat processing.
Who wants to read the first principle?
Yes, Angelene
Thats right!
This will prevent/minimize bacte
rial action until meat can be cured.

1. Chill meat immediately after slaughtering.

Second principle, kindly read?

Yes, CJ

Thank you!
Fat improves flavor in the meat,
but too much fat it makes meat

2. Choose meat which is not too fat/too thin.

Next principle is, exercise strict

sanitation during the slaughtering of
the animals. To prevent bacterial contamination.
Last principle, kindly read and
give idea about it?
Yes, Marycris

Very good!
This will give a very salty pro-

4. Do not over cure the meat. It means that
too much cure the meat becomes salty.

duct .However do not attempt a very

wild cure because insufficient salt
maybe retained in the meat and spoilage is likely to occur.
Those are the principles in meat
processing. Now, let us proceed to the
basic ingredients and its function use
meat preservation.
First is salt, what do you mean

Yes, Ivy

Thats correct!
Salt is the most important curing ingredients. It dehydrates the tissue
of meat and cells of microorganisms.


Salt dehydrates the meat by altering the

osmotic pressure.

Second is sugar, it adds flavor

because it overcomes excessive saltiness
Next is vinegar, kindly read?
Yes. Generose

Thank you!
It is added flavor but it also have
some antiseptic value.
Another is nitrates/nitrites. What
do you mean by these? Any idea?
Yes, Shela


Vinegar improves meat flavor and prolong the shelf-life of meat.


Nice idea!
It develop proper color and flavor in the meat. Next is ascorbic acid, it
speeds up curing action and stabilizes
the color of cured meat.

Nitrates/nitrites change the anaerobic

condition of the meat.

Another ingredient is phosphate,

Kindly read?
Yes. Kathrina

Thank you!
It also gives good product yield.
Next is spices, it consists of pepper, pap
rika, cloves and anise. It improve flavor
of meat products.

Phosphate prevent meat from drying

through loss of moisture during curing.

And last ingredient is binders and

fillers. What does it mean?
Yes, Maribeth

Thats right!
Binders such as skim milk, starch
and cereal flour. And fillers such as
cereal grain.
Those are the basic ingredients
used in meat preservation.
Class do you want to know on

Binders and fillers improve the texture,

appearance and plumpness of processed products.

how to make a pork tocino?

Thats good!
The preparation for making a
tocino is similar with that of making a
longganisa. The difference between
the two is the pork because the pork
used in tocino is not ground while in
longganisa is ground.

Yes, Maam

This afternoon ,I will demonstrate to you how to make a pork tocino

Class are you familiar with the
ingredients needed in making a tocino?

What are those?

Yes, Angeline

Very good!
Class, in every kg of pork you
need to measure tsp of refined salt,
tsp of curing salt, tsp of phosphate
1/8 tsp of vit. c, c of refined sugar, 1
tbsp. of anisado wine and 1/8 c of pineapple juice.
On the board are the procedures in
making a pork tocino. Who wants to
read the first procedure?

Yes, Maam


The ingredients needed in making a

tocino are pork, refined salt, curing salt,
phosphate, vit.c , refined sugar, garlic
chopped, anisado wine, and pineapple

Yes, CJ

Thank you!
In choosing your raw material it
must not too fat nor too thin.

1. Select good quality raw material, trim

and weigh.

Next procedure is?

Yes, Trisha

Thats right!
Separate dry ingredients from liquid
ingredients. Then mix with four ingredients (salt, curing salt, phosphate and
vit. c.). And add the rest of the ingredients

2. Slice the meat into inch thick across
the grain. Then measure all ingredients.

Next procedure is?

Yes, Marecon

5. Cure at room temperature for 8-10 hrs/

1-2 days at refrigeration.
Thank you!
Then measure into kg and pack in
polyethylene bag. Then make your label
and store in freezer until ready for use.
And now, we have our finished product, our pork tocino.
So class,do you have any question
with regards to our topic for today?

None, Maam
When processing or curing meat we
need to remember the principles of meat
preservation to assure good quality in
your products.
Proper storage of processed items is
very important. Many processed products
may be stored in the freezer. They are
wrapped in plastic or foil to prevent freezer burn as well as absorption of odors
and flavors from other foods
Now, if you dont have any question
go to your respective groups and make a
pork tocino.

( The students apply what they have

Criteria for evaluating pork tocino
External Characteristics
1. Thickness- even thinness inch all
over; attractive and neat
2. Size/Form- uniform sizes
3. Color- pinkish-reddish with white fat
4. Overall impact preservationpackaging and labeling


Be ready with your ingredients in ham




making for tomorrows activity.